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PSY - Gangnam Style (Acoustic Cover)

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Matt Schwanke and I doing an acoustic cover of the huge hit song "Gangnam Style" livw at the University of Wisconsin Whitewatrs talent show. We took first place. Check out his channel for some of his covers and originals and check out my channel for Drum Covers.
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Diễm Nguyễn (6 years ago)
how he intimate Psy LOL, it makes me laugh sooo much. He should learn Korean
Gabe 60153 (6 years ago)
Tomotaka Cho (6 years ago)
this is really good guys, keep it up
Alex Merritt (6 years ago)
Can't get enough of this! haha IT'S GOING VIRAL!
jammm99 (6 years ago)
Wow! Nice!

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