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Magic City Jai-Alai

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Live Jai-Alai from Magic City Casino! #LivetheJaiLife Magic City Jai-Alai showcases the best features of the sport, combined with a state-of-the-art court and the talents of our very own homegrown athletes for a Jai-Alai experience unlike anything else! If Jai-Alai is new to you - don't fret - we guarantee you will LOVE the sport!!! The exciting, fast action will leave you wondering why you've never seen this game before. Enjoy the fastest sport in the world - played with the most lethal ball in sports - from the comfort of your home or catch the games played LIVE every Wednesday - Sunday at 3pm & 7pm! "Most lethal ball in sports," really? - YES, it's true! *Jai-Alai • /hi-e-lie/*
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Pat Kowalczyk (9 months ago)
the chula area glass panel border metal isn't flush with the glass, wall, and floor ? State of the art court ?
Don Barone (2 months ago)
So wait...this is actually real and people bet actual money on players who have never played the game?

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