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Jamaican Breakfast from Vanny's Kitchen.

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This is a three meal Jamaican breakfast cooked Vann'y style. She cooks Callaloo, Liver & Onions and Ackee & Salt fish all at once. CAUTION: this video is very graphic (Just kidding).
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Althea Malcolm (8 months ago)
I like tomato in my ackee and codfish
The Thoughts of Microdac (8 months ago)
I do too!
Freddy K (1 year ago)
Are those portable ovens that she is using to cook the food with?
Sherri Barrett (1 year ago)
Callaloo and Spinach is not the same
rblenian (1 year ago)
Liver and Onions is a Jamaican meal?
fullc0de (1 year ago)
I am impressed that Vanny can cook all these dishes at once. When I try to cook a couple of things at the same time I always mess something up.
fullc0de (1 year ago)
Thank you - where should I send my comment?
She rarely looks at her videos. I think she is great but she doesn't always believe that her cooking is fantastic. Would you like to see more of her videos? Here are some more: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcunIdKpQLA&list=PL6drE6ajTulfNOju3uCLlfiRRa4dAdXsx>
fullc0de (1 year ago)
Won't she see my comment here?
Tell her yourself. She would like that!
Ras Kitchen (2 years ago)
Lookin good!
Jamaican Kid (3 years ago)
Im Jamaican but Ive never had aki and saltfish, love that hard dough bread though.
Hector Miranda (3 years ago)
that was delicious sure reminds me of Home please make more dishes thanksvanny kitchen and my name is Wayne God bless
Akemi Volcy (4 years ago)
Wow!! What a colorful meal. I love liver and use coconut oil in dishes too. I'll try this recipe. Thank for sharing.
Farida Ramdhanie (4 years ago)
Great recipes! One question! How long to cook the liver? Thanks!
andrew moore (4 years ago)
what type of cookers were you using
raswillyshow (4 years ago)
Had Me Some Ackee & Salt Fish Boiled Banana & Yellow Yam For Breakfast This Morning & Bush Tea. Vann'y Looks Good To Respect To You.  
Howard Johnson (5 years ago)
I love liver, but usually get it when I'm out.  Any reason to use beef as opposed to calves liver? Super idea to freeze herbs and Scotch Bonnet. 'Never seen nor even heard of Akee before. I'd like more information on the vessels in-which she was cooking.  'Not seen anything quite like that.  They look like the liner of a crock pot? Thanks
I think that in the USA, Ackee can only be purchased in a can. Then again, maybe it can be grown in Florida. 
She is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing cooks that I have ever known. The secret? She loves what she does and, to her and me, it is such an art. I know she uses only the best when cooking because it was what she does. I'll pass along your questions when next I see her. Thanks for appreciating her culinary skills. 
L D. (5 years ago)
Except for the liver,that breakfast looks amazing! I'm sure if you like liver,it was delicious too!
Samuraiofart12 (6 years ago)
Stop misleading folks callaloo and spinach is not the same.
Ewan Laing (2 years ago)
very true callaloo is way better and higher in nutrients
Martha Toledo (6 years ago)
Divinoamor (6 years ago)
Looks good
Eileen Naija (6 years ago)
See how her fingernails are so CLEAN! People, this is how you are supposed to cook...clean and in order!
ChoKolate Kisses (6 years ago)
apple cider vinegar
Marquita Ajibade (6 years ago)
@Elkaistudio apple cider vinegar
Marquita Ajibade (6 years ago)
Vinegar probably apple cider vinegar
247Imani (6 years ago)
What can I use in stead of fatback for a similar seasoning?
mega (6 years ago)
Outstanding video, Thanks for sharing these recipes and techniques .One love.
rohanedmonson (6 years ago)
Callaloo is way better than spinach.
That is an excellent question! I will go on my Facebook page (microdac) and ask the question.
carpelogg (7 years ago)
more of vanny please,the cooking reminds me of jamaica.
cory mack (7 years ago)
roxylaa (7 years ago)
That was awesome! Big ups to Vanny, from Roxy in Kingston!
logos2600 (7 years ago)
great video
kwacou (7 years ago)
Microdac as usual great video, and my compliments to the chef.
@Doone226 Vanny said that she soaks her codfish over night in the refrigerator in cold water.
Doone226 (7 years ago)
Vanny how do you reconstitute your salt fish? Do you soak or boil, or do you do both?
Balance of Beauty (7 years ago)
I have a funny story about my like of liver. When I was younger I use to love eating my mother's liver, rice and gravy. One day during daycare after school, I bragged, "MMM, when I get home my mom is making liver, rice and gravy." My schoolmates responded, "Yuck. Do you know what that really is?" Clueless I answered, "No". They proceeded to tell me the area of the body it is from & some of the functions. Angered, I confronted my mom & asked, "Why would you feed me that?" I never ate liver again

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