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Friday Livestream With Yo Boy PH

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I’m Parteehard the Trucker. I have been driving trucks for 2 years working the same trucking job living my dream I trained my fiancé and we team drive on my channel we will show you our day to day in the trucking industry and we go home sometime and show you how truckers do off the road I hope you enjoy the trucking vlog and follow and comment any trucking question we try to respond to your trucking question so please be patient https://www.paypal.me/ParteehardNKeeDeeWee
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Justin Mays (6 months ago)
hey my bad you pull a reefer I have been trucking for 27yrs hot shot dry van pull reefer the money is good I am thing dry you have to put money up for breakdown I hear what you are saying it's making money truck trailer first I know it cost me $40,000 for motor
Justin Mays (6 months ago)
ezrider now do like dry van
Payne Killer (10 months ago)
The stress is real. My blood pressure is rising just watching lol
Ray David (10 months ago)
Ur work ethic & appreciation of the fact that u will grow . That's what keep u successful person. Excellent talk 👍
William Vaughn (10 months ago)
Damn I keep missing you
Lewis NASH (10 months ago)
Facts Bro
Patricia Chatman (10 months ago)
Very good content. Just became a owner operator and loving it, but the struggle is Real.
Ricochet (10 months ago)
I liked your reference to chess and the trucking game. So true. 🖒

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