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Day[9] vs. Allie Brosh Gag Reel: Spellslingers

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Get your "May You Draw Well" Shirts! ☼ http://www.mtgmerch.com/men/hsb-mgc-draw-well-tee.html#.U8hEq41dWSZ ☼ Here's some of the best outtakes from episode 3 of the new season of Spellslingers with Hyperbole and a Half's Allie Brosh! Find her incredible blog here: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/ Buy her book here: http://bit.ly/1pBCFCd Spellslingers is a show based on the phenomenally popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. In each episode, geek icons will take on our expert Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match, while you learn the tips and tricks to become a MTG expert! Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundryhttp://geekandsundry.com/community
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Text Comments (100)
kheaven82 (4 months ago)
@ 2:37 is strangely relevant now that rdr2 has been released
Luke Hawkins (5 months ago)
More please!
jerodast (2 years ago)
Cool little detail here, I guess Allie tried to concede (the pro move), and was told not to. Watching this series you would not know it's common (or even possible) to do so.
Le Wutz (3 years ago)
i wished there were more bloopers in the original episodes :D
Guilherme Zerati Alves (3 years ago)
Where is that selfie??
Paul Hogan (3 years ago)
2:36 LOL
Toast (4 years ago)
The one "Gavin?" gets me every time
Edeinawc (4 years ago)
Can anybody tell me what manner of camera is that? I just wanna know the make and model to research the hell out of that monster. It seems to be just some sort of case but...still! If anyone knows about it, do tell.
Edeinawc (3 years ago)
+mcgoo721 Ohh! That does give me some hints. I'm not a camera-phile by far, probably why I couldn't identify this from the get go but...I do appreciate a nice piece of hardware like that. Thanks a bunch! :D
mcgoo721 (3 years ago)
+Edeinawc http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/about_canon/newsroom?pageKeyCode=pressreldetail&docId=0901e02480fb7db6 not exactly it, but, some sort of boxed up dslr thing. Just with an insane iso. Might give you something to work off of? Idk. I saw two camera-phile friends talking about this just before watching.
But dat "gavin?!?" tho. You sounded like a seal who trapped its flipper in a door :P
Michael Bauers (4 years ago)
Watching this make me think there needs to be another Allie match.  She's fun and pretty and seems smart and other good qualities, etc.
strictly1becca (4 years ago)
wow, allie brosh is not just smart and funny but also hugely entertaining and enjoyable to watch! this was fantastic. (more! more!)
jack triper (4 years ago)
                                 ''WHEN IS SEASON 3''
Joki9121 (4 years ago)
Great synergy between the two. Better than other guests. It was cute too. Maybe allie was the girl giggling in the background of one of Sean's day9 videos??
qPhoenixTTTT (4 years ago)
watchingrob (4 years ago)
It's general good advice though: "Avoid f*ck"
MoxxyPrime (4 years ago)
I smell a co-host in the making!  Allie Brosh is awesome with Sean!
M1st3rB3nn (4 years ago)
So if they ever did a special episode with Sean and three previous guests for a round of free for all, who would the best guests be? I would pick Allie + Josh + Jessie!
Aliff Marzuki (4 years ago)
Daniel (4 years ago)
So Funny! I think I may like the gag reels even more than the original episodes which is saying a loooooot!
mocoman55 (4 years ago)
Sean and Allie should just hook up already and make bunch of little 2/2 kithkin soldier babies with first strike
DJ Darmanin (4 years ago)
Sexual tension much? ;D ;D ;D
Cony (4 years ago)
(sean is gay)
Nazareadain (4 years ago)
Only if you mean between me and them.
wwaxwork (4 years ago)
The flirt is strong with these 2. 
Ba0binga (4 years ago)
Oh I completely agree, these two need to be dating if they arent already...They fit together so well.
canebro1 (4 years ago)
Awesome gag reel, and really glad that it was more gags and less bleeping Day9 cursing :)
Kaiju384 (4 years ago)
Sean x Allie OTP
GoldPhoenix99 (4 years ago)
I love Allie Brosh.  She's amazing.
Dm Gray (4 years ago)
Squeeeeeeeee! I love Hyperbole and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flippin amazing <3<3<3
Palko Goupil (4 years ago)
Day9 matimi0 challenged you for the ALS ice bucket challenge
NJ (4 years ago)
I love how knowledgeable she was when she played.  Such technical skill. I'm still learning this game, but her forward thinking was amazing.  =D
ShaneDesiree (4 years ago)
oh no i'm starting to starting to giggle
DS B (4 years ago)
allie brosh is awesome. love the book and website. write more!
MarioMetroid (4 years ago)
D: Gavin?!
Novacification (4 years ago)
This show is fucking amazing and Sean is the perfect host!
Szymon Z (4 years ago)
Moooaaaaarrrr!!! :) +Geek & Sundry How long does it take to film a full episode? :-)
Mad Hatters in jeans (4 years ago)
These two were so good together on screen. Would love to see them do more matches in each of these. Like a best of 3?
StarshipMaximus (4 years ago)
Allie Brosh <3
MrLlewlits (4 years ago)
Geek & Sundry need to find something that Allie and Day9 can host together
Lincoln Noronha (4 years ago)
lost my shit at the selfie
Sidorio (4 years ago)
I'm conflicted cos I want to watch the new episodes but these gag reals make me cry with laughter, Sean makes me laugh so much :'D
MonarchsFactory (4 years ago)
She's just so cool! She's like what I imagine a real world Veronica Mars to be like!
Adam Khoury (4 years ago)
Keep these in the actual show! Lol
Tyler Reeves (4 years ago)
I find myself getting all excited that it's Thursday and get to check out +Geek & Sundry's latest Spellslingers episode, but immediately think "Aww crap, it's gag reel week". It's so bittersweet because I love the gag reels, but totally had my palette set for 20min of awesome instead of 4m of hilarity. First world problems.
Maxwell Anderson (4 years ago)
best gag reel yet! laughed my ass off. @ 2:34 so funny . These two should date, :p 
Andy Malanca (4 years ago)
Duck lip selfie at 2:26, fyi.   Thank you and you're welcome.
MrBuda200 (4 years ago)
Felicia used Allie and Sean, it's super effective!
camrayment (4 years ago)
To draw then discard is to loot. Therefore to discard then draw is to tool.
Jeremy Trim (4 years ago)
It takes a manly arm to roll my hand forged steel Magic the Gathering dice.  But it was fun watching them try. :)  They certainly have some heft to them.  
Valgram (4 years ago)
Allie has been the best guest yet. She has amazing energy and great chemistry with Sean. She's got to be back in Season 3. 
Cihangir Gürbüz (4 years ago)
Kenneth Andrews (4 years ago)
come on +Day9TV and +Geek & Sundry the public demands the release of the selfie!!!
Laura Reads Sometimes (4 years ago)
sonofhades57 (4 years ago)
I missed Allie. :3
pixelKNIGHT (4 years ago)
I don't think anyone's beaten Day9 yet. D: In this season, at least.
Patrick Huemer (4 years ago)
No my Name is Patrick
Dainty Morsel (4 years ago)
No, Josh Barnett beat him. It was a good game though.
chronoflect (4 years ago)
I'm not sure which I like more: the actual show, or the blooper reels.
whitevader007 (4 years ago)
Ok I like te tension of the game, but I always always love the blooper reel. I know there are a lot of bleebs, but I don´t care. Btw nice shorts Allie. I know wierdly enough I always see details in stead of the usual thingies.
muu106 (4 years ago)
My sentiments exactly. The best part about the actual show is that it generates kick ass blooper reels.
magicrhombus (4 years ago)
I want 20 minutes of blooper reel. My all time favorite is the Bobak Ferdowsi blooper reel "flaccid cockatrice."
Isolus (4 years ago)
Oh my god the gag reels are almost better than the actual video
Ian G (4 years ago)
Where is the selfi on the Chernobyl Cam?
Brian Ortiz (4 years ago)
+Capeau You must be fun at parties.
MurrayTheMac (4 years ago)
+Brian Ortiz And also if there's an accident and it breaks, there'll be an unholy shitstorm.
Brian Ortiz (4 years ago)
+Capeau Because the radiation at Chernobyl makes things large and freakishly proportioned.
felrece (4 years ago)
Yeah, I was  hoping for a picture of the selfie on the chernobyl camera.. I was left severely disappointed. =(
Ian G (4 years ago)
+MurrayTheMac  My brother and I totally heard Chernobyl, thanks for the clarification. 
Gustcloak (4 years ago)
Allie is so cute! Damn..
Steven Moon (4 years ago)
this is as funny if not funnier than the actual spellslingers <3 day9
Daniel Otis (4 years ago)
Allie is easily one of my top 10 favorite people :)
LarynTube (4 years ago)
So much sexual tension.
Raven Elsworthy (4 years ago)
Allie Brosh! So much funny! <3
Useless Duck Company (4 years ago)
Dat thumbnail
just a weird person (4 years ago)
+Day9TV you have been challenged for the ice bucket challenge 
StubbornProgrammer (4 years ago)
Allie Brosh should come back every week. Maybe twice a week. Make that every day. In fact, here's the plan: Sean & Allie, I want you to both give up your everyday lives and just sit in front of that camera, forever playing MTG with comedic banter for the amusement of your audience. You can't refuse! After all, I'm a commenter on the internet; all of my demands are therefore both correct and perfectly reasonable! :P
TheDeathOfReaper (4 years ago)
She is lovely.
VAB0L0 (4 years ago)
She should come back every week, and also be in the first or last part in a second weekly video. It would be called "Allie Weekly and a Half"
nisc92 (4 years ago)
+CeilingNinja I second that :D
GMBigKev (4 years ago)
I think this is a grand idea
RiesenMumpitz (4 years ago)
"May you go forth and play Magic The Gathering and draw well and avoid  .... f*******k" :D
Spazatk (4 years ago)
Day[9] you got challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge by Battlefield Youtuber Matimi0 in his most recent video!
Evil Sasha (4 years ago)
Oh my god, this is gold. Sean's gag reels are always so funny I end up watching them several times instead of one. Keep it up Sean! xD
zabuma (4 years ago)
I like pie.
roflheh (4 years ago)
Allie seems like such a cool person!
LastDawn79 (4 years ago)
oriolesaltec (4 years ago)
This is wonderful.  Too bad they didnt keep the picking up your own card with another card bit.  That was awesome.
Geek & Sundry (4 years ago)
Turns out +Allie Brosh is ridiculously pro. +Sean Plott resorts to giggle fit. It's not effective. Oh wait, wrong card game. Check out the latest #Spellslingers  bloopers: http://bit.ly/1BGzAWJ Who do you think is the funniest Geek & Sundry host or vlogger?
Erik Nilsson (4 years ago)
Jake Everfree (4 years ago)
Somewhere between the single digits and 301. 
xGisbitus (4 years ago)
Second (?)
SwedishPioneers (4 years ago)

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