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Daily Street Magic: Day 30

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Text Comments (74)
Khaldon Akram (8 months ago)
never do a long boring magic trick in the beginning Use simple and easy one
Marlo knows sisi (8 months ago)
I hate Ppl like her n the blue top just shut the fuck up lady 😂 😂 😂
Nichole Iwao (8 months ago)
I like this guy!I like how quickly he thinks when he messed up the first trick!
Illusions for the Blind (9 months ago)
4:47 The most satisfying snap <3
Tabaraz Tabaraz (9 months ago)
Thanks for the video sir jarek .. I've learn a lot from your videos👍 even if I dont have any items, they still entertain with the magic by using your routine. Thanks sir I'm from phil.
tlcarpediem (9 months ago)
I also agree that this magician is better than the last one in the sense that he is humble and listens - important factors in being a professional in any area. I love the advice you gave him. I would also tell him to use a quick opener. Something flashy (normally visual) and to the point. Almost every pro and book recommends this because of crowd control and establishing yourself as a professional among many other reasons. As magicians we have poetic license to perform how we want but in my experience this works a lot more than starting with a long and complicated trick. I hope this can help somebody out there. Thank you again for these videos and your dedication, take care!
ImproperMonster (9 months ago)
The blonde is fucking annoying
abood alazzam (9 months ago)
I don't like this trick at all .. It's too long and people could lose track of what you're doing right ? If you want to go to a group of people you don't know , just do a simple quick easy trick that will empress them . Look at 3:20 ,The girl is eating and not paying attention to what he is doing cuz it's kinda boring .
Gux (9 months ago)
Yeah I liked this dude. Seems like a chill guy. I thought the save was pretty good. Hardly realized he messed up until he mentioned it.
hollywoodtiger182 (9 months ago)
Another great video, want to do magic here in Vegas now that the police have finally stopped harassing street performers, videos like this are a great help in getting started.thanks jarek😎
Bartholstan (9 months ago)
Even if he messed up, it didn't feel like it. Great performance, he mastered the situation perfectly 😁
Area50Cards (9 months ago)
I just uploaded my first magic trick.:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32uC3ePyxog
BartekHCOL (9 months ago)
Fail+moving on=WIN! :D
Ryan Jeskie (9 months ago)
Love how you’re promoting aspiring magicians. Love what you do keep it up!
Casual Gamer Thrai (9 months ago)
Great opener, but this performance.... there's too much of an empty gap where you're just watching him going through and setting up the cards which was was pretty bad, the audience may lose patience/interest.
deathunleeshed (9 months ago)
Casual Gamer Thrai but did they?
Anthony Cain (9 months ago)
I really like this guy, i noticed the mistake, only because i know the magic trick, but because he played it off and went straight into a different trick i thought it was just a different routine and that there really was no mistake. I wasnt for sure that his mistake was real until you said it at the end.
PLATIPLE (9 months ago)
Hi Jarek, just earlier today I was at the gym and the was an old man, a considerably younger one and a blonde girl (the blonde was he the incentive tbh). For about 10 minutes I was walking about a bag of nerves and then he made conservation with me and I walked away after and to cut a long story short I walked up and spread the cards in front of him. I finally approached someone and I only can thank you (the blonde girl was impressed so good times)
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
Thanks for the story buddy!
kris Cain (9 months ago)
Ambitious card and two card Monte is still great tricks but everyone does them. There has to alternative for us the viewer.
SCHAND_GTO (9 months ago)
Abit slow I reckon
Justin J (9 months ago)
For me there wasn't much wrong with the performance it was the first trick, it was too long and too much playing with the deck. I have had this happen to me before, you have to keep their attention if you are doing tricks to new people do a really quick trick first to get them onside Long winded tricks just lose them
Nizar Hukic (9 months ago)
Great performance but in begining it s better to give her to shuffle the cards because it doesn't matter and it look more imposible :)
deathunleeshed (9 months ago)
Nizar Hukic that's a good idea man, I'll be sure to do that next tinr
Naveed Handsome (9 months ago)
Tutorial please
random scg (9 months ago)
7:43 what is that kid doing in the background ..??😂😂
DiemCarpe (9 months ago)
how did you noticed that. I was watching only her cleavage
Bartholstan (9 months ago)
random scg they see me rolling
Rodzel Qhaidir (9 months ago)
Hi jarek I really love your contents in the video really insipired me to do magic in the street frequently in my place.
kartik negi (9 months ago)
I usually don't perform for people who are eating cause they are like very distracted and sometimes they do not even remember the card or they don't know what happened..
Shanto Das (9 months ago)
some great pointers for young and aspiring magicians. and seeing Jordan perform i could see what i do right or wrong and rectify those
Fixest Winner (9 months ago)
Look His Subscriber.....it's going down
Adrian Lopez (9 months ago)
That pizza looks good af tho.
yohan markose (9 months ago)
One thing I just can't bare to watch is a bad double lift. I mean it's one of the most used move in card magic and if people think it's an easy move it's because they haven't practiced it enough. It just feels so cringy to watch a bad double .just wanted to get that out there
Gildas Dollo (9 months ago)
I believe it was in the live stream a week ago or so. Am I right?
jon sparrow (9 months ago)
That chick talks too much
dragoxl5 (9 months ago)
jon sparrow Probably trying to get him at ease. Giving lots of feedback and giving him confidence.
armon Prodigy (9 months ago)
I love how even when he was not doing a double lift, he still turned the cards as if he was. It really helped with the consistency.
runninghustler (9 months ago)
well done. a good easy line to get people to want to see the trick is just 'hey check this out' and then just hand them a card. do some small trick like make it vanish behind your hand and youre in... on to the main event trick
Manifestor (9 months ago)
So much went wrong for him, but he never showed it and somehow it all turned out well and the audience had no idea.
xDoubleLiftx (9 months ago)
Magic peformance is like playing the piano, when you messed up a note, you still have to continue to finish the song. Well done.
Esky (9 months ago)
i didnt even notice he messed up the trick. you guys should do a video where you "purposely" mess up and how to deal with that awkward moment
Am3thist (9 months ago)
Day 30: still going strong!!!
Ricardo (9 months ago)
That first line every magician wants to hear. “I would love to, I fucking love magic”
TheUnmaskedMagician (9 months ago)
I love these Daily Street Magic vids !!
AceOfPeter (9 months ago)
Ayyy I saw this live!!! This guy did great indeed, dealing with the situations
Jaden Salmins (9 months ago)
The girl in blue is really condescending I want to drop kick her in the fucking head
The Polished Gent (9 months ago)
What a pro move to keep rolling through the small botch. He lead the conversation well. I got caught up in the group banter and missed any mistakes. I thought he meant to flow into the next trick. Good crowd, good energy, good content.
Disturb Reality (9 months ago)
Exactly ;) Flowing into the next IMPROMPTU trick felt as though that's what he intended the entire time.
Matthew Ward (9 months ago)
This series is dope asf. I hope more magicians have tried the challenge. Can’t wait to see new episodes 😬
SuchyLiść13 (9 months ago)
Me too!
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
I like to try to do magic for people at bus stops. I did the one where you take the ring off your finger and cause it to reappear on your hand. It's tricks like that where people may believe you have mysterious powers. At least kids are like that. Take care and God bless.
Yami Marik (9 months ago)
That guy simply don't give a shit ! Just keep eating and don't give a f...
KAI MAGICIAN (9 months ago)
hahaha agreed with that :D
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
It wasn't her card because it's your deck.
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
What's the name of the card trick? Take care and God bless.
- - (9 months ago)
He tried to do burn em but messed up so he lead in into the ACR
Jeunell Poblete (9 months ago)
Jason Irelan its pronounced as "Junell" hahaha
Jason Irelan (9 months ago)
Jeunell Poblete Thank you kindly. Is your name pronounced Janelle? I have a niece with that name who's a pilot. Take care and God bless.
Jeunell Poblete (9 months ago)
Jason Irelan i think that was called the Ninja Card trick. The proponent was Chris Pratt if im not mistaken.
Yami Marik (9 months ago)
Classic chris pratt 😂😂
Yami Marik (9 months ago)
So funny !
I Am TWisM (9 months ago)
I find it easier to approach group than one person to be fair and if I can't find a good group I would usually go to people who are like adjacent or next to a lot of people so when they see that persons reaction I draw in bigger crowds that's my way of performing at least idk about anyone else. Reply on how you usually perform street and if you are more comfortable with one person or a group
I Am TWisM (9 months ago)
And a small tip for all magicians who perform a routine of tricks, don't do your big tricks first if you do that your other stuff seems weaker as well people won't know how to respond to it, its better to start off with something simple like a paint brush color change or here then there that way your other tricks look even better when you perform them
I Am TWisM (9 months ago)
TheMightyOdin yeah and im like 5'12 someone could easily feel threatened if they are by themselves.
TheMightyOdin (9 months ago)
K_ Frazz I agree. Especially a petite woman because I’m a giant dude.
I Am TWisM (9 months ago)
Prodigy I have a thing about approaching one person because I feel that they would feel threatened because I'm a stranger approaching you on your own it looks suspicious and people often say no so I usually stick to groups so they are comfortable because they are around people they know
armon Prodigy (9 months ago)
And when you aproach, one person saying yes would make most in the group ok.
Ron Thompson (9 months ago)
Really like this guy. I can identify with him being an introvert in school. I used humor, but magic may have been more effective. This guy was so much better than the last guy. At least he listens and is humble enough to know he can learn. Great advice!
Joseph Litman (9 months ago)
Love the way he fixed the trick
Ski llo (9 months ago)
what do u think aboout my freestyle share it with your freind and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vo-aIynqtv4
Avishka Indunil (9 months ago)
Goôd Job!!!!

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