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Earlier this year we did something that we thought we would never be able to do again -- we went on tour -- with our babies. I don't know what we were thinking, we would have been kicking ourselves forever had we not done this! It was us and the boys along with the husbands and two good friends who came along to help out with the little gremlins. What we thought would be utterly impossible was quite possibly one of the best experiences of our lives. It was 4 cities in 2 weeks, 6 shows, 10,000 fans. When our first show sold out within minutes, we called each other and cried over the phone. After almost 2 years of going MIA with no particular explanation that we were indeed alive but barely, thanks to our new lives as mum, you guys were nothing but supportive and welcoming of our return back on the road and to music. Thank you for showering us with love from back in the day when we recorded our first videos in our room wearing bummy PJs, through to our married lives and now in this new season of motherhood. Our boys are so blessed to have so many uncles and aunties that love them so much. One day they will get it and hopefully become people who also inspire and love others! Anyways, getting a little caught up in dem feels! But you guys already know how much we love you and are grateful for your support. Thank you x 1000000! Much love, Janice and Sonia PS. Hope you enjoyed our latest cover of "Problem" by Ariana Grande. We ain't gonna lie, it wasn't easy but we're so willing to try our best to keep the videos coming! So watching this space. x FILMED BY | Andy Yang (http://www.andyyangfilms.com) JAYESSLEE EP DOWNLOAD | http://bit.ly/VZGtwc WEBSITE | http://www.jayesslee.com FACEBOOK | http://www.facebook.com/jayessleemusic INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/jayessleeoff... TWITTER | http://www.twitter.com/jayessleemusic MUSIC | http://bit.ly/14EB03z
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Text Comments (333)
Angelica Iskandar (4 months ago)
And cannot wait for tomorrow’s lalala festival2019 with you guys. I believe that it was meant to be that tou guys’re coming to Bandung, Indonesia this time. I’ll see you 😉
MC Mickey米鼠 (11 months ago)
moved to tears watching this... to think about the journey, from the humble, candid, low-res "Officially missing you" cover you guys did in 2009 to selling out shows and performing live in front of your fans, what an inspiration
Sherina Garcia (1 year ago)
Lie Cuadra (1 year ago)
So cuuute. <3
Chloe Matthews (2 years ago)
Watching this in 2017... 😔
Sandy Choi (2 years ago)
How about another tour with the four babies? <3 Love from Hong Kong. I was there the both time you guys came <3<3
kiss my ass (2 years ago)
Ciao from Italy!
Emily Tai (2 years ago)
Ahhhh, can't til one day, Shane and Jordan grow up and realise how amazing and talented their mums are!
Shieldsver (2 years ago)
I love you guys so much
Julia S. (3 years ago)
Amazing video...still watching it.
Rowena Denise Castillo (3 years ago)
I love your videos, voices and personalities jamae. 😘😘 Please visit Philippines if you can. 😊
Star en marketing TV (3 years ago)
Pffff mais aucun mérite elles font juste des covers y'a aucune composition
Chandra Jaya (3 years ago)
The song behind this video is The Changing of Seasons by Tony Anderson.
데코3겹 (3 years ago)
한국에도 오셧으면 좋겠어요~~!ㅠㅠ
Kevin joseph (3 years ago)
lol making lots of money and fame for cover song,thats great??? do they original song or just sing someone else song.
amber (3 years ago)
they don't use autotune which many little people do
Gia Nguyên (3 years ago)
Best video ever. I can watch over and over and over again ❤️❤️❤️ Great job Andy Yang!!!
Lady Winterfell (3 years ago)
Katherine (3 years ago)
where are they from? Korea?
Charlotte Ng (3 years ago)
They are Korean but they are born in Australia :)
please visit indonesia. i really waiting you to come.....
Niitatha purple (3 years ago)
OMG!! 2016 Indonesia please.... :'D
Jeff Lee (3 years ago)
蔡竣安 (3 years ago)
i saw myself in it!!!!!!
Rayneefied (3 years ago)
Thank you for coming to Singapore! It was so magical seeing you guys live~ And I really enjoyed it so so much! I love you guys!
How old are you two?
Rodel Aguas (3 years ago)
good to know my favorite singers are back on the road ... miss you so much ... so proud to be Asian and Christian. Do you have a new album? God bless you more.
Gatot NugrohoP (3 years ago)
What was the background music they used in the video?
JT Lasam (3 years ago)
I wish you'd come the philippines 😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘
Jaz (3 years ago)
I hear The Muttons in the first 1 minute hahaha Didn't know they came to Singapore :/
amber (3 years ago)
+Jazzy P. yeah i knew it, i saw a video on them live in the studio at the MITM thing.
Lia Isnawati Lia (3 years ago)
please come back to indonesia at jakarta please 😢
ons Kim (3 years ago)
항상 응원합니다 한국에서 공연하는걸 상상해요 눈물이나내 ... 난 남잔대.... -_____-
Eztargut 2 Zero (3 years ago)
I have been a subscriber for 7 years and counting
KaOuTaR ISLAM (3 years ago)
i love you jayesslee
Lyrics Melody (3 years ago)
Erdenebat Uugantuya (3 years ago)
Girls shine this World like a light & salt, Pray and Bless you :) JAYESSLEE From: Mongolian christian Uuganaa
sokchetta vudh (3 years ago)
Please come to Cambodia 🇰🇭🇰🇭☺️
Lyrics Melody (3 years ago)
Ningnong Mini (3 years ago)
Edwige Malinet (3 years ago)
I'm french ans I love you!!
nadhirafication (3 years ago)
Windi Retya (3 years ago)
Pls come to Indonesia 😊😊😊
Mintz S (3 years ago)
Plz come to Japan😭😭😭 I love Jayesslee😭😭😭💕
Mileidy Queiroz (3 years ago)
Please sing Oceans
lhg9106 (3 years ago)
Lian H Simte (3 years ago)
coming across Jayesslee has been one of the most beautiful things that has happen to me..
FunFun InTheSun (3 years ago)
bangkok Thailand 😁
Kim taetae (3 years ago)
Bangkok wait U
Kim taetae (3 years ago)
Bangkok wait U
Salsa (3 years ago)
Nadya A. (3 years ago)
ahh u should come to indonesia as well 😔😔
MJ A. (3 years ago)
Can you guys do a cover of This I Believe (The Creed) or Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) - Hillsong, please? :)  Thanks!  More power and more blessings to you guys!
Knungnit Unnonjarn (3 years ago)
รอให้มาเมืองไทยอีก TwT
Come to LA please..
Kayee Lai (4 years ago)
Fu_kingSone Bit_h (4 years ago)
Thailand pleaseeeeee I love you so so much. ♥️♥️
Belle Dantas (4 years ago)
Please, you need to come to Rio, Brazil!! <3
Poy yippy (4 years ago)
Please come to Thailand!
Bethel Grace Luna (4 years ago)
Please come to Philippines! I'm so blessed with the both of you. Anointed singers and worshipers of God. God bless you and your family!
loneliestgirlever (3 years ago)
Hello....miss you Adam... I hope you like this song from me...Hannah Halidi
Reyza Bonaobra (4 years ago)
oh my geeeeee im crying while watching this :') we love you guys! hope to see you here in the PHILS again :)
Sabrina Clarissa (4 years ago)
Come to jakarta, indonesia Pleaseeeee
Luisa Martins (4 years ago)
My dream is that you came to Brazil ... The accompany from the beginning and see how God has been with you. ..Por Means of praise, you have brought God's message to thousands of people! I wish all the best for your lives! I love you so much girls♥♥♥♥ Hugs from Brazil !!!!
Kate (4 years ago)
Omg how come I missed the show??? Please come hk again!
Dellazia Clarissa (4 years ago)
Please come to Indonesia next time <3
Alice Hsia (4 years ago)
I love you guys , you are so talented,your music are very “you”。 love you and good luck😚
Chritine Grace Abiog (4 years ago)
cheerio (4 years ago)
You're my big inspiration to practice my English through songs and very big big inspiration made me want to be an exchange student in USA . You're very impress and meaningful once big step in my life THANKS!
cheerio (4 years ago)
Please come to Bangkok I will wait to see you Please Love From Thailand
ttba musik (4 years ago)
Bangkok?? When???
Charles Zackary (4 years ago)
Its been years since i become a fan of you guys i remeber that all of the videos your going to upload im going to download it instantly. Im happy seeing you back now with your babies!!! Im super happy for the both of you! I wish that can you back to the philippines? I want to see you guys. I remember when i was 9 or 10 that was your first show here in PH im not able to go their cause im still young! No i can! HAHAHA hope youll read this! Love you twins! 😉
HANNA (4 years ago)
I'm zuid Korea and you
HANNA (4 years ago)
Qourraine Goza (4 years ago)
Hi Janice and Sonia, i'm really a big fan of yours, and i've been watching all of your videos from he very beginning, I hope we could meet one day, soon and i hope i can sing with you together one day, hahahaha Best wishes, and Godbless always :*
Manish Lama (4 years ago)
We all love u and hoping to see u in nepal
Alex Franco (4 years ago)
je n'arrete pas de vous ecouter, vous avez de joli voix ;)
Lay Off (4 years ago)
사랑해요 ^^jayesslee
Roy Kim (4 years ago)
Please come again to Malaysia next year! I hope so! I'm totally you guys fan : >
Barbie Liu (4 years ago)
awesome u guys ~~`
Yona Elina (4 years ago)
Jayesslee 👌💯💯 ♥♥
Eddy Sembiring (4 years ago)
PEI-CHIEH WU (4 years ago)
Come to Taiwan !!
Shoumisky (4 years ago)
I am French and I discovered you 2 years ago with your resumption of the song gangnam style. I have quite continuation liked and I listened to all your songs. I am great fan. I wish you a very long-lasting in your success. I hope to see you one day in live in one of your concerts. Thanks to you I found the smile and I found love of my life. To continue in you amuse and living your passion completely. You are magic, THANK YOU FOR all my HEART!!!:-):-):-)
A Jjoycedde (4 years ago)
Why havent u come to korea?
한세라 (4 years ago)
와 방 침대 옆에서 노래부르는 걸로 시작했는데 이렇게 많은 팬들 앞에서 공연하는 날이 오다니....처음부터 jayesslee 커버 영상 다 본 저로서는 진짜 가슴 벅찬 영상이에요!! 한국에도 제발 와 주세요ㅠㅜ
슈쥬샤이니 (4 years ago)
im so proud of you
Sonia Lee (4 years ago)
Come to americaaaaaaaaa
Klav Ulpato (4 years ago)
Manila, Philippines! Please! :)
betchaiialigoo (4 years ago)
I'm a forever supporter/fan/friend you haven't met yet (hihi)  --> just forever proud! You both are blessings to our lives! You inspire us. And we are the ones who must be thanking you. You and your families are forever loved! ^_______^ FOREVER - JAYESSLEE !!!* <3<3<3 (i really do wish, too, just like the others, I'll meet you one day*) I'm from the Philippines xD Philippines loves you!
Nadia Kartika (4 years ago)
i'am fan both of you.. ^^ please held concert in Indonesia please ^^
marielynne nichol (4 years ago)
I love u guys....
đau khổ bà già (4 years ago)
Come to Viet Nam one day. Pliz :)
chritrizzle (4 years ago)
wow the editing!
Aprillia Kartikasari (4 years ago)
Come to jakarta , please ....
Chihab eddine Lemouchi (4 years ago)
Very cool ....i don't know what i must say ...... You know both of you ...Very cute and the music what i must say just amazing..Maybe you will visit algeria ..way not ;)
chinelas (4 years ago)
come to New Zealand!!
Jonathan Hoong (4 years ago)
omg... I love you guys so much :) so sad that I missed out :( all the best in your future events ^^
Jessie Belle (4 years ago)
Why am I crying? Oh, I love you both ladies. Couldn't be more prouder. :) <3  #LOVE
Nisa Q (4 years ago)
Melanie (4 years ago)
Omg you guys came singapore?! Oh man i missed it again :(
Colleen Rosales (4 years ago)
that was so touching!! Come to the Philippines please!
Supakorn Pheechapand (4 years ago)
Bangkok pls....♡ :)
Julia Cheah (4 years ago)
My 23rd birthday wish will be meeting the both of youuuu! you both are just way too awesomeee <3

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