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Our Return to Magic (Day 711 - 11/5/11)

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Non-Magic people: the first 5 minutes are for you! Magic people: enjoy the full vlog! :D ==OTHER AWESOME STUFF== LET'S PLAYS http://youtube.com/stephenplays ASK QUESTIONS http://www.formspring.me/xfisjmg1 FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/georg.stephen TWITTER http://twitter.com/xfisjmg1 WIKI http://stephengeorg.wikia.com
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Text Comments (58)
Twilight Pikmin (4 months ago)
A Magic card game ad came on at the beginning of the vlog! What good timing!
Sybato (6 months ago)
If I had a dollar for every time Stephen said "Mal beat me in Magic," I'd have enough to build my very own cube and Winston draft against myself because I have no friends
SupernaturalPirate1 (2 years ago)
Stephen... This vlog answered my tweet I sent on Thursday
Danny T (3 years ago)
Paladium? So you are iron man... It all comes together... Stephenites assemble....Avengers assemble...
spiritomb108 (4 years ago)
Why is Mal *so adorable* when she's murdering Stephen in a card game?
MrHangman56 (4 years ago)
Mal twitched her nose to use her magic when you weren't looking to make it taste better
Big Mean Squeeze (5 years ago)
i got a deck at pax, so i learned how to play. #bloodrushmarshallsjosh
Oar (5 years ago)
I wish I could find a girl to play magic with. Im not completely new to magic but I get absolutely whooped by everyone at friday night magic haha :/
light9715 (5 years ago)
S'cuse me, but Mal's ring was beautiful :) I love it! And also, I seriously need to get into Magic again XD I haven't played Magic since fifth grade...and I am in eleventh now.
ThatGamerGirbel (6 years ago)
that's completely possible i HATE bananas but then my mom makes banana bread tells me to try it and i loved it
Cole Mollica (6 years ago)
u live in bc
Ryujin76 (6 years ago)
Tyler Alexander (6 years ago)
Opnauticus (6 years ago)
You sit in front of the TV because you are American; we are all guilty.
Angelblade717 (6 years ago)
Yay, thanks for letting us non-Magic watchers know how much of the video is magic xP
Tundra Itegami (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you saw the lie.
Tundra Itegami (6 years ago)
00:58 THE CAKE.
flameingneji (7 years ago)
That DOJ Is amazing v-v I didnt start playing in time to ptq grind for them
danny66442200 (7 years ago)
Wow. I live kinda close to you. Im in NC and im about an hour from Myrtle Beach.
SirAnonymity (7 years ago)
1:02 is a lie.
Jace Nazaren (7 years ago)
@discblizz yeah, i just bought MTG duels of the planewalkers 2012 off steam
discoo (7 years ago)
@RelentlessMicrosoft if you can wait that long, its fun to play with friends, otherwise take a look at MTGO
NyCe85 (7 years ago)
@stephenvlog super cool, looking forward to it :)
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@FinalStarmanDX We've always been interested in DnD as well, but Magic is great since you and another person can sit down and finish a game in 20 minutes, as opposed to the many months a DnD campaign could take.
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@NyCe85 I did, and it's a good idea! We don't plan on letting Daily Pack go to waste anyway, though. Hopefully by December we'll be putting up Magic battles on the channel.
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@MrAbood900 If you enjoy trading card games, possibly! It can be a very expensive hobby, though.
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@nightretard Watch Day 554!
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@StevenRHaz In terms of value? I have no idea. I don't really have cards that are worth much anymore. I've sold off a good bit of the "better" cards.
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@ursi8850 I went with it primarily because platinum was going to be super expensive. It was a nice alternative.
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@itszachV We had EDH decks but we've since disassembled them. We like the format, but no one else was really playing it. I'm sure that's changed now that Commander exists.
Jace Nazaren (7 years ago)
@discblizz not that i know of but i have friends who said they might start playing after christmas
Jacob Zandanel (7 years ago)
@stephenvlog thanks, i'd love to see it, i love cube-ing. i just cubed a few hours ago at a local store, someone has an amazing one for our tuesday night casual magic
discoo (7 years ago)
@RelentlessMicrosoft hm does your school have a gaming club? If not you may want to try playing online
Jace Nazaren (7 years ago)
@discblizz the closest one that does is about 2 hours away
FlamingBlueYoshi (7 years ago)
I wish I liked sweet potato, Sadly i dont....
Joshua McGrath (7 years ago)
girls play magic? since when?
XtasicRider (7 years ago)
i have magic cards and i semi-know how to play but i have no one to play with :(
greendrago14 (7 years ago)
i wish i had money... that is all
Mags (7 years ago)
we found a witch! may we burn her? also MALLORY MAGIC!!!
NyCe85 (7 years ago)
I don't know if you picked up my idea from one of my comments to daily pack of showing you and Mel playing Magic against each other again or not, but it's cool to see you both in magic action! More Cube-Poweeeeer!
MrAbood900 (7 years ago)
do you think i should get into magic oh and i'm @abood900 on twitter
pehdfjf (7 years ago)
im good right now lol hahaha
GinGubGame (7 years ago)
Glad that you have gone back to magic world. XD it's my favorite card game of all time.
discoo (7 years ago)
@RelentlessMicrosoft I'd go causal then, is there a local shop/hobby center near you that does FNM?
bich (7 years ago)
I haven't played Magic in sooo long. Last time I played was in Summer, when I first got introduced to it.
Bennyino (7 years ago)
Magic again!! :D
Jace Nazaren (7 years ago)
@discblizz any whatevers good for starting with really
StephenVlog (7 years ago)
@frootinator I'm in the process of getting it typed up into an excel spreadsheet, and from there I'll get it online.
Jacob Zandanel (7 years ago)
can you post a list of your cube somewhere?
4th Dimensional Bubble (7 years ago)
You could dom mtgo drafts on stephenplays to get more back into magic...
discoo (7 years ago)
@RelentlessMicrosoft tourny level, FNM level, or causal?
Kellen Bergeron (7 years ago)
Well Magic is what in some strange way led me to the VLOG so seeing more magic is always exciting.
NoSkillManiac (7 years ago)
YES! More Magic, please.
Digital Food (7 years ago)
I never understood the cube system. now that I see an example I feel like playing magic again
ursi8850 (7 years ago)
I have never heard of palladium jewelery. Is this common somewhere, because I know some things about jewelery, but probably less than I thought.
TheSprello (7 years ago)
It is so awesome that you play magic Stephen!! I was just recently introduced to magic by my teacher, and me and my friends all love it! keep it up Stephen!
Jace Nazaren (7 years ago)
i was thinking of starting playing magic, How hard are the rules to understand
Kaseklotz (7 years ago)
looks like such an awesome cube stephen!! im glad yall are getting back to playing magic! yall looked so happy while playing :D

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