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Trucking pay the real numbers Parteehard

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sandeep singh (2 years ago)
4000 miles in a week bro or lil more
James Hannah (2 years ago)
Parteeeeee=So can you park in any grocery store parking lot that's big enough and most Walmart's as well? Some and not all onramps and off ramps allow parking,depending on State? Thank You,great vid Parteeee
Shmir Buchanan (2 years ago)
Good company too.
Shmir Buchanan (2 years ago)
I applied to your company & safety told me to wait until july because of my felony.
Parteehard da trucker (3 years ago)
Zello like bruh said best way to catch me don't really have the time to email bruh you know I be driving
Tavonte Battles (3 years ago)
get them dollars bro
DC CHANNEL VLOGS (3 years ago)
Make that money !!!!!!
hey bruh i got a few question for u concerning some stuff my brotha need to know abt what he got on his record. here's my email [email protected]
chris-style405 (3 years ago)
say you can talk to him personally on the zello app. download it from the play store on your phone and got to team rg nation. hope this helps ✌

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