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American Gods | First Look at Season 1 Starring Ian McShane | STARZ

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Check out this sneak peek of the new STARZ original series American Gods coming in 2017. Get your free trial of the STARZ app: http://starz.tv/WatchSTARZYT Subscribe now for more: http://bit.ly/1kalhP0 Connect with American Gods online: http://starz.com/series/americangods Follow American Gods on Twitter: http://twitter.com/americangodsstz Follow American Gods on Facebook: http://facebook.com/americangodsstarz Follow American Gods on Tumblr: http://americangods.tumblr.com When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Little does Shadow know, this storm will change the course of his entire life. Left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife, and suddenly hired as Mr. Wednesday’s bodyguard, Shadow finds himself in the center of a world that he struggles to understand. It’s a world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear both irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods, like Technology and Media. Mr. Wednesday seeks to build a coalition of Old Gods to defend their existence in this new America, and reclaim some of the influence that they’ve lost. As Shadow travels across the country with Mr. Wednesday, he struggles to accept this new reality, and his place in it. Like STARZ on Facebook: http://starz.tv/STARZFacebookYT Follow STARZ on Twitter: http://starz.tv/STARZTwitterYT Follow STARZ on Instagram: http://starz.tv/STARZInstagramYT American Gods | First Look Trailer | STARZ http://bit.ly/1mkHKgZ
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Text Comments (2761)
E B (27 days ago)
Deuses são reais se acredita neles
-Malik- (28 days ago)
should i start watching this?
Lincon 💗👏
DR_MANHATAN_ (1 month ago)
the book is so good
Lucy Smith (1 month ago)
They stole our Lincoln :( RIP Lincoln
Miss Harris X (1 month ago)
Just for the Lincoln ❤️❤️❤️
Davin Brooks (1 month ago)
This show weird asf
Rhea Jane (2 months ago)
pablo schreiber! next wolverine!
Jeremiah Valeska (2 months ago)
Ready for 2019.
Dounia Ait kaouch (2 months ago)
Moonlight Drown (3 months ago)
Hmmm..... I want to see thsi but..... are the Greek gods in it too? If so are they represented well?
MTA (3 months ago)
ese negro es una madera actuando, una piedra, tiene la misma cara en todas las escenas
hongry life (3 months ago)
I'm a bit put off by the total lack of feminine feel. It is a cold hard, rough, tough, manly series through and through. Booze, fights, money, sex, violence is all there is in here. Oh, and some other males and other world's males as well.
ShellyShellz Wellz (3 months ago)
Oh rah that’s Calvin from hollyoaks!
Johan Echeverria (3 months ago)
0:56 Narrator = «you know who that is?» Me= Of course, thats fking Lincoln!!
Mark L (3 months ago)
There is one God. God and Jesus are real. God and Jesus are loving and forgiving. God is Almighty. Read the Bible. Go to Church. Do not sin.
• M • (3 months ago)
I wanna watch it but does it have violence or horror scenes? Cause i cannot handle those
ThePeoplesChamp (3 months ago)
This trailer shows a number of well shot scenes and set pieces. Are these spread throughout the entire show or just the pilot?
Brendan Milburn (3 months ago)
ThePeoplesChamp Yes, it is a great adaptation of the first 1/3 of the book.
ThePeoplesChamp (3 months ago)
Brendan Milburn I’ll definitely check it out if that’s the case. Do you recommend the show?
Brendan Milburn (3 months ago)
ThePeoplesChamp Right now there is only 1 season and yes that entire season is beautifully filmed.
moody owl corp (4 months ago)
C u in 2019
Making Things Easy (4 months ago)
At first I'm hesitant, that this will be a boring show, but guess what I've finished it within 3 days recently. When will be the season 2 release?
Brendan Milburn (3 months ago)
Making Things Easy 2019, there were some behind the scene shake-ups that held production back. However they're finally filming.
envious (4 months ago)
come back to me plz its been 2 yrs
Brendan Milburn (3 months ago)
Bawni Art 1 year; season 1 was in April 2017 and it's now April 2018. Season 2 is filming now most likely for a 2019 release.
abel carreon (4 months ago)
This is a great show!, but they only made one season.
Brendan Milburn (4 months ago)
abel carreon Season 2 is filming now.
Kami Kaze (4 months ago)
This is the stupidest STARZ series ever made. It's based on a fantasy story i know but here God (God is one, we just know him by different ways or names) has disgraced many time like He is nothing. All the fault we do in our life, God is responsible for that. But where we all have our free will. I'm sure the writer of this novel "Neil Gaiman" was to much disappointed toward his life and hated God for all his fault that he has done in his life. There is a dialogue in episode 8 or 9, where Salim (taxi driver) was taking his prayer by the road side and Laura moon was staring at him. When he finished his prayer he said "God is great" on the relpy she said "No, life is great". Obviously life is great but i think it has no meaning without a belief and the belief of God. And obviously it is not great when you are sucking another men's dick while your husband is in jail for your fault.
Oliver James McGregor (4 months ago)
Who's Lincoln? That's Calvin Valentine.
Richard Jackson (4 months ago)
Australia had the Almighty Johnsons a show about reincarnated gods this is America's response to that show is what it would seem
Brendan Milburn (4 months ago)
Richard Jackson Not at all. For one it's adapting a 2001 book. And second this story is about the old gods (Odin, Anubis, etc.) going to war against the new gods (media, technology, etc.).
moody owl corp (4 months ago)
Where the #### is season two
moody owl corp (4 months ago)
Oh what will happen next, in that year.._.And dont ask me.._.Not a clue till then.._
Brendan Milburn (4 months ago)
Paul Hopkins Filming now, most likely won't be done until 2019.
Alex Aguilar (4 months ago)
Andrew Ryder (4 months ago)
1:17 Lincoln still think about Octavia
Eduardo Saboya (4 months ago)
Waiting for the second season!
Kevin (4 months ago)
For those looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.
khunii (4 months ago)
I think it's the best horror/comedy series ever.
cindylou (5 months ago)
Um, no
Jesus is God MAGA (5 months ago)
Get rid of foreign actors - they just sound silly and makes the show look cheap
GuyC7 (5 months ago)
Sevan Bomar brought me here
Crappy HR (5 months ago)
This show is surprisingly fucking great lol
JoeyBoyNation (5 months ago)
This is a great show. In my opinion, it's up there with Westworld in terms of its production value, ensemble cast, soundtrack and overall entertainment. Now I got two great shows to look forward to in the future.
Jon Snow (5 months ago)
shadow looks how I always pictured him. Mr Wednesday not so much
Clare D (6 months ago)
Nikolae Timosh (6 months ago)
All evil comes from Americans.
moody owl corp (6 months ago)
I have been watching this show and so far i met a guy named shadowmoon, another guy named mr wendesday, a crazy Irish leprechaun named mcsweeney, bilquis a godess who make people disappear up her vag,(sigh it not fair) and i had the #### kicked out of me by crazy robot people and almost die by a hanging next to shadow and my best friend , what the #### has he got me into.._..._####!!!!
Alexandra (6 months ago)
what a shit show! 8.1 on imdb?! hilarious! this must be the most overrated show ever, a complete waste of time, money and talented actors.
Piyush InfoUna (6 months ago)
Just completed reading this wonderful masterpiece...
one day of the day (6 months ago)
Lincoln❤❤❤ Ahhhhh
Hashmat Alikozay (7 months ago)
This is legit the greatest shit I've seen; it's very interesting, just crazy.
Jenny (7 months ago)
Reincarnation 😭😂
Political Nonsense (7 months ago)
Bullshit choice for Shadow. At least two references in the book (I'm halfway through the book right now) to him looking like a native American, and Gaiman himself has indicated Jason Momoa as basically what Shadow looks like to him. So Shadow is not black, he's not white. He's mix-race with a solid Native American influence. Also, he's got hair. I hate it when TV shows screw up their casting.
Brendan Milburn (4 months ago)
Political Nonsense Gaiman himself approved of this casting. Gaiman had a lot of control on getting this show made, and that included visual changes.
Shrouq Tarek (7 months ago)
Bad مسلسل
Flipnote Cloud (7 months ago)
Mario (7 months ago)
looks boring, im watching this trailed 3rd time in last 6 months and everytime im not convinced to watch this tv show
Meredith Seifoleslami (7 months ago)
OMG not how I imagined these characters at all!
Dalton Johnson (7 months ago)
yes sir (8 months ago)
Such a good show . I knew I’d like it when that lady shoved a man in her vagina .
Joe Carroll (8 months ago)
Currently still reading it. Definitely watching once I'm done
SongBird (8 months ago)
Ommggg!! Doesn’t sound good :( RICKY was better in the 100..
cbr 900 rr no (8 months ago)
American God's..... Hahahahaha. What a joke
aleksandra filipovic (8 months ago)
majku vam jebem pedersku.sve je dobro do trece epizode a onda pihhh,sve vam u crno majku vam bolesnu jebem,zapalili se sve od reda govna.
HISOKA (8 months ago)
guys go watch riverdale its better than this i swear
Chris Coombs (8 months ago)
When is season 2 releasing? This show is fucking good
Chris Coombs (7 months ago)
Brendan Milburn ugh I hate when things like this happens, I hope season 2 is as good as season 1
Brendan Milburn (7 months ago)
Chris Emile- Højbjerg Probably late 2018, the showrunners of season 1 left do to creative differences with the studio. So they're still looking for a new showrunner.
Sajida Hussain (9 months ago)
That's Calvin from hollyoaks!!
Bro, Do I look stoned? (9 months ago)
I need this on Netflix, and I need it now.
Brendan Milburn (9 months ago)
Bro, Do I look stoned? Starz shows usually don't go on Netflix, try to see if you can rent the DVD if you don't want to buy it.
BNA Sain (9 months ago)
I wish Octavia was on this
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will this come to NetFlix ????
Brendan Milburn (9 months ago)
Roger Hill Not likely, Starz prefers you either buy the digital, disc, or sign up to them.
rock2418 (9 months ago)
When is season 2 coming out?
Brendan Milburn (9 months ago)
rock2418 Sometime in 2018, most likely in the fall.
Mary Lennox (9 months ago)
Was Shadow not Native American blooded? "Coffee and cream skin he called himself"
apostasy apologists (9 months ago)
Is shadow a god?
Abdelheq KEHALI (9 months ago)
One of the best series that I have earched.
cHiidOri15 (10 months ago)
I'm currently reading its book. So excited for to watch this. And Shadow's actor is the same as Lincoln in The 100
P Killa (10 months ago)
This is a very stupid show.
Concepts in 15 or less (10 months ago)
They killed a cow😫
James Han (10 months ago)
greeting folks, would folks mind their capitalization of in the spelling of god(s). be good. be well. psychokiller - international beggar.
Road to world Cup (10 months ago)
Lincoln and John Abruzzi this is Gonna be fucking good
NezTV (10 months ago)
SET TO RIVAL GAME OF THRONES!! .... ROFL, Bold claims, wind your neck in there son.
NezTV (9 months ago)
Brendan Milburn ROFL
Brendan Milburn (10 months ago)
NezTV Considering R.R. Martin praised this book and the show is very accurate to the book. So, yes, it can topple Throes pretty easily.
Rin sayuri Okada (10 months ago)
Whats the title of the song starting of the video yeah?
M1KA3L (11 months ago)
Just finished the book. Ambitious.
Lorent (11 months ago)
Just finished watching Lucifer. Looking for another Show with Gods. Is American Gods worth it to watch?
Lorent (9 months ago)
Just finished season 1... Damn american gods is crazy hahaha I love it!!
Brendan Milburn (9 months ago)
Dank Yes, but it's very different. This is a very story heavy show and also very artistic. It's nothing like Lucifer, which was a police procedural with fantasy elements, this is a full-on dark fantasy epic tale that is a slow burn and focuses on character development and world building this first season.
Ashi Aku (11 months ago)
My new Game of Thrones.
Jimsy (11 months ago)
Calvin Valentine and Lovejoy.... any other leftovers from crap English soap operas in this?
June2U (11 months ago)
This looks good
Lincoln kom Trikru (11 months ago)
Ricky Whittle is such a cool guy!
Rob THEVALLEE (11 months ago)
Just finished the book and Shadow looks exactly how I pictured him when reading the book.
dawn mathieson (11 months ago)
Such a great show! Hyped for another season!
Elias Zavras (11 months ago)
Finally finished the book and I'll be able to start the series. Hope this show lives up to the name
Grammatical Erorr (1 year ago)
I swear I don't understand this show. It seems like they are only showing off the cinematography but lacked on storytelling. Just my opinion though.
Brendan Milburn (1 year ago)
It's the new gods vs. old gods, as the new gods are getting more powerful and old gods are becoming more irrelevant, so Wednesday is recruiting old gods for war against the new gods, the big story is pretty much know by episode 5 and even more so by episode 8.
goodcat1982 (1 year ago)
looks utter shite
FreeDom (1 year ago)
It's Sevan Bomar's doppelganger! O_O
Babe Lemin (1 year ago)
Everybody Is A god Now
HarleenValmore (1 year ago)
I came to see what the show's about and I get spoilers for the 100 the FUCK
Soheb Ahmed (1 year ago)
Finallу I'vе found hd Аmеriсan Gоds moviе heееrеее => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/855964711329832961
sysispgm (1 year ago)
worth to watch it?
Bon Qui Qui (11 months ago)
sysispgm definitely..the cinematography alone makes it worth it
Il capo di tutti capi (1 year ago)
Nope looks like trash,main actor lacks charisma and acting skills
Kaçem Ben (1 year ago)
Now we need Lexa to come back to life again.
Mazrim Taim (1 year ago)
The best imagery in a TV series bar none.
Z. ARA (1 year ago)
James Goodhew (1 year ago)
Stopped watching midway through season 2, just more leftwing propaganda.
Lorvenjay Aldefolla (1 year ago)
Pornstache still be looking like pornstache. Hahaha
Vlad Alex (1 year ago)
who is performing the song? I've only listened to kurt cobain's version but I wanna know who that man who's singing is, ty
Zømbie KingUK (1 year ago)
american gods they all english wtf
Lộn Xào TV (1 year ago)
Wаtccch American Goods ooonlinеeee in hd qualitу herе => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/855964711329832961
Logically Awesome (1 year ago)
The first season finished and honestly it was so good waiting for the second. And fot the new comers, if you don't like shows that are more unique /mysterious but kinda slow,you won't like this that much but if you do like these type of creative series than you'll love it
Emily Rose (1 year ago)

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