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FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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BigD (4 hours ago)
Pure fantasy to think everyone can get along. Look at all the problems coworkers have working with each other and they're all getting paid. People form member only cliques where no one else is welcome.
MMKKK 999 (7 hours ago)
If that guy asked me that question this would have been my answer. What men are better at-math,chess, science, tech,being tall,taking out trash,running the country, inventing anything important, oppressing women, making decisions and being kings of pop, being religious leaders, women beating, being criminal leaders, fighting wars, climbing trees, cooking as chefs and being fun to hang up with,being parents inventing facebook, google, internal combustion engines, nuclear power, dealing with women's debt, not having periods, dealing with their own shit. Being useful in a house fire, able to piss standing up without using extra body enhancements, earning respect. Conributing from top most position of the society to the lowest. What women are better at- nagging,bragging,whoring,hiding behind make up, getting pussy pass, breaking families, gold digging, looking like shit, farting, legal extortion through child support and alimony, pretending to be nice, hiding grossness, being cowards,complaining, getting free shit, etc 😊😊 I'm pretty good eh?
GBATD (1 day ago)
If ALL of us Men throughout the world suddenly vanished for exactly 1 year, We would come back to most of the Female population being dead, They have been brought up in a fantasy and really don't realize that Men build and maintain everything on this planet.
Southpaw Hammer (2 days ago)
We built the entire city you're standing in. Cars, rockets, planes, trains, guns, books, pencils, hell I'm making car parts as I write this comment. Grow a brain ladies, you live in and enjoy the world that men built, continue to build and maintain. And we do it without having to by coddled and carefully kept from any emotional distress. Women make babies, not without men you don't. Men are the best at everything, now I have to get back to work so you can have quality cars to drive.
Bärenjude A230385 (2 days ago)
Ther are only 2 Things women are better:blowing and becoming fat
L.A. Chacin (3 days ago)
Rumor has it the girl with the scarf is still trying to come up with something men are at.
Dunlap Music (3 days ago)
The WNBA is not incredible.
Paddle Man (3 days ago)
Every reason they gave is associated with women but in reality is a person to person basis unless it physical strength cause on average men are stronger pound for pound then women.
Erik Breitenstein (4 days ago)
Mature men are 1000000 times better than women
Erik Breitenstein (4 days ago)
This is bullshit men made fucking everything they made viacal electricity houses buildings and women are not better than men they haven't done anything better for this earth than men and if men let women take control bro And men are better drivers ok!
Lydia Nyakundi (4 days ago)
Men are good at: Multitasking is not always good tasking Best chefs Confronting confrontations i.e protectors Making women feel beautiful because other women can’t or few women do Without men There would be no women on earth first place!...going way back to Adam the first MAN Inventing feminine products Longer fertility Being fathers because mothers don’t have fatherly influences Women who grow up without fathers have daddy issues and visevarsa You need men to make daughters who become women like in this video God is not a woman Some male species perform female roles but humans know better Women don’t get pregnant by themselves and if not that sperm came from someone Women care about being judged Thts why most leaders are men T Most men died in wars Men can concentrate while women’s mind are all over Thts why they invented everything When women have kids Thts their focus while guys can multitask on that! These women’s dads are shit then Out of thousands of years it took women 60 years to get their shit together and am a woman...let’s accept we are both different for a reason even God and angels know that they are not on the same level just like a boss and an employee or the food chain.
Engel Konan (5 days ago)
*American women* Did you really expect something different..?
Joey Barz (5 days ago)
Girl: "My gut reaction is everything" Naw your gut IS everything!
Shakti Man (5 days ago)
*Let the poor women think they won*
Chaim Falkowitz (5 days ago)
Most of the women are sexist
Lucky Trident (5 days ago)
"Science!" you say? What an interesting pick...
Green Panda (6 days ago)
Can i do a french version of this "social experiment"... I will credit you ;)
Engel Konan (5 days ago)
Please, do it *!* I bet the answers of the french people will be worse...
Glerii (7 days ago)
They know the truth they dont want to say it men are better then women at everything
OgLoc (7 days ago)
We are better in everything bitches, accept it
senkoun sylla (7 days ago)
Men are better at wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more
deee327ify (8 days ago)
Compassion and empathy and generosity of the heart Thats basically all the same.
Hector Erquiaga (8 days ago)
Men created everything you see around in the world
Icelandic Banks (8 days ago)
Your message at the end seems so disingenuous compared to the rest of the video. Also, look at the community you are fostering. No one is even talking about what you said at the end about coming together despite differences, they are mostly just shitting on women and saying men are better. You've done a bad job here if you intended to unite anyone with this.
AltoPatrao Gee (8 days ago)
04:50 So its probably politically incorrect to express areas where man a naturally better that women....really...how fdup is our generation.
AltoPatrao Gee (8 days ago)
Just listen to the song "This is a man's world"
*At most things*
RISHIrocks123 (9 days ago)
a sweet message to american men stop being pussy and man up
Eva Grande (9 days ago)
Af my brother is 15 and I'm 16 we always fight but we ended this fight with my tears i can't hit him without help from my dad WTF😭😭😭😭💔
HornetUK1 (9 days ago)
but you do look like your going for man hating girls. guys lets try not to make it worse than it is. that would be the manly thing to do i think
Kevin Mckenny (9 days ago)
The female liberty bell does hate men.
Kevin Mckenny (9 days ago)
So, basically nothing. Ask any real man and the answer will be given without hesitation. Nothing.
rajeshwar chinna (9 days ago)
"Basketball may b, sometimes" All the remaining times women r better, yesssss
Mario Morua (9 days ago)
The cell phones they use, made by a man. The sidewalk and streets they use to commute, put together by men. Housing, buildings in general, put together by men.
Aesthetic Yi (9 days ago)
Gay alien skull
Seferino (10 days ago)
Americans are so rude.
3 things women are good at: Fucking, Blowjobs, and Boob jobs
Lily Rose Well, if you don’t like it, just ignore it. How hard is that?
Lily Rose (8 days ago)
Google is a Snowflake And you are too okay I suppose I could have commented instead “some jokes are just rude”.
Lily Rose oh Jeez. This comments was supposed to be a joke. You commented trying to argue
Lily Rose (8 days ago)
Google is a Snowflake And you are too okay then, what are your thoughts? Apparently now we can add to the list that women are better at interpreting sarcasm
Lily Rose Didn’t agree.
shashank singh (10 days ago)
It's just me or everyone thinks that nowadays women are getting over confident.
Lily Rose (5 days ago)
Engel Konan how?! We are as confident as we need to be
Engel Konan (5 days ago)
It's pretty obviously that women are getting over confident.
Lily Rose (9 days ago)
Nope it’s just you
A.3 (10 days ago)
There is chess championship for both gender and the other one only for females I guess that gives us a lot🌝
MR Moon Gaming (11 days ago)
So this is what humanity has evolved into No wonder aliens stay the flying fuck away
Jahid GALIb (11 days ago)
3:13 that's a land whale.
Mickale's man cave (11 days ago)
Women are better at causing drama, being irrational, being self centered, never taking responsibly, being narcissistic, lying and cheating!
Mickale's man cave (5 days ago)
@Lily Rose Women had the same rights as men in the 70' and 80's! You say you are trying to be equal? More like women are trying to act like men and pushing for dominance/ female supremacy! Fyi the pay gap is a lie/a fairy tale, women earn the same per hour as their male co-workers! Ovcourse men want sex, there needs to be some pay off for putting up with all the mood swings, irrational behavior and crazy shit we have to put up with!
Lily Rose (5 days ago)
Mickale's man cave we are just trying to be equal to men legally. We already are in almost everything else, if not superior in some things. And yup can’t generalize women. If you did that I can generalize men as uncaring sex seekers who only care about themselves and their muscles, who don’t care if a women says “yes” or “no”. And I could go on and on
Mickale's man cave (6 days ago)
@Lily Rose The women of this generation are very different to the generations before, they have been poisoned by femanisim, they are bossy, agressave, violent, self centered, entitled and try to act like men. Thats why the marriage rates and birth rates have been dropping in western countries. Men don't want to be with women like this!
Mickale's man cave (7 days ago)
@Lily Rose You are a Jew and you fight for Islamic rights! WTF! Do you fight for Nazi rights also? Because Islam preaches to kill all Jews! You are clearly deranged!
Lily Rose (8 days ago)
Mickale's man cave Mickale's man cave I’m not “siding” with women because I am one. I fight for African American Rights, and I’m white, and immigration rights and I was born in America, and Islamic rights and I’m Jewish. Maybe you’ve heard from the wrong men. Would your mother do that? Would your grandmother do that? All of us know many women who don’t do any of the things you say we do.
JDiculous (12 days ago)
This video is so disturbing, are women in America really that sexist now? I really hope those interviews were cherry-picked and don't represent the views of the average women there. In any case, this video makes me glad I left NYC.
kamal ks (12 days ago)
The alien at 05:33 claims she does NOT HATE men Of course she doesn't Aliens are known to LOVE men In fact .. everyone loves their favorite food, don't they ?
kamal ks (12 days ago)
The star of the show, no doubt was the cute boy, from 2:09 to 2:25 Most MEN who have adversely commented about women here .. would happily turn GAY .. just to get intimate with that beautiful boy Except .. that he prefers women .. & hates all men
amir ojaq faqihi (12 days ago)
they are better at everything but they have been dominated by men for thausands of years lol
Kelly Waggoner (12 days ago)
Women think before they do and are much more understanding and empathetic to feelings others’ feelings. They’re better communicators and are mentally strong. Men, in general, are physically much stronger then women. My husband is much better at directions and gets ready a lot faster than I do. 🤷‍♀️.
Gabor Hatz (2 days ago)
That is a sick fucking joke. Men's feelings are dirt to women. Most women genuinely believe that men do NOT HAVE feelings. That men have less of a soul, are less of a human being. And you tell yourself that you do not lack compassion, but that instead, there is nothing in men you can have compassion with. Men are not fully human to most women. And EVERYONE treats little boys that exact way from the day they're born. What do you think how sensitive girls would be, if everyone treated them like they do not have feelings all the time?
king morons (12 days ago)
whe are better at EVERYTHING! let me punch thes bitches in they face and let them realize how inferior they are psychologically and physically
king morons (8 days ago)
@Lily Rose you must be troll or really stupid , i will send you to a trip in middle eastern lets see if womens are better your place is in fucking cage and in the kitchen rising childs . you bring nothing to this world except chaos and immorality with your fucking submissive mindset
Lily Rose (9 days ago)
Also learn how to spell
Lily Rose (9 days ago)
Men aren’t better at everything. In America at least, the men run it and our country is going to the ground so uhhhhh
Palinka Suede (13 days ago)
5:06 that girl was cool
This guy looks like a mix between Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon
J.C. Puga (13 days ago)
@3:06 her friend does a silenced clap lol
Heather Morgan (13 days ago)
Its not the fact that men are better my friend...men are completely different from women. To try and compare us is ignorant. I'm not saying your stupid. Men are built differently from women period. Fact: Mens skin is thicker than a woman's. Fact: men can not twist their wrists as far as women. The bones In the wrist of a man is different from a woman's. There are literally tons of differences I could name off but I just dont want too. I like that you asked this question. I follow the Bible. God made woman from the rib of man. God made woman for the sole intention of helping-(which is love) man and for procreation of the human race. These feminists laugh at real women who know their role and place as a woman. They have devalued the role of a real woman, especially those with kids. And they have forced men into looking and acting feminine. And wanting them to stay home and to raise the kids as well. And now these fake women say that chivalry is dead, yeah it's dead because the feminists have hunted them into extinction. Feminists have ruined more than just the man, they are ruining other young ladies perspective on men and how they go about socially incorporating men into their lives to make good relationships and marriages. This is an extremely important wrong that must be righted immediately! The damage the lgbtqialbbvgjdfhjhugdtugstkofdk community is even worse! The damage this community has done is irreversible for a lot of folks that believed their nonsence and its only getting worse with their full attention aimed towards the very young. The transgender community is pure evil! The lack of morals and values have ruined so many innocent kids so far, how many more are gonna fall into this horrible trap these immoral folks have set for them? This has to stop now! I say these folks should be considered terrorist and put to death.
The old fella knows best
Arcturus Mengsk (13 days ago)
I think that on a mental level both genders are pretty much the same. When it comes to making important decisions and thinking clearly, I believe your character determines your ability to think critically often. Emotional wise; men are generally a little more dialed down then women. I think we both can easily be moved emotionally but females tend to "ride the emotional wave" longer then males. That's why they make excellent mothers and bring extra love to people they care about. Physical wise; ...... Yeah I don't know a popular sport that's not dominated by men. Football, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, track and feild, all of that is purely dominated by men. That's why there are female divisions, women just can't compete with men physically espescially if they don't have same amount of training time. Women have pros and cons, so do men. We're not equal but equally respectable.
2dthoughts (14 days ago)
Lol 4:40 Acting like they are in control as she grabs at microphone
mrridikilis (14 days ago)
2:09 I feel sorry for this woman. She has obviously experienced some trauma perpetrated by a man or men, and has therefore become untrusting and even hateful toward an entire identity group (i.e. 3.5 billion people worldwide). Her bigotry is on paar with racism, just in another form. We need to stop judging people by their immutable characteristics and stop lumping people of one persuasion into an arbitrary monolith. Wouldn't that be the "progressive" thing to do?
what a bunch of fucking idiots
ELSGaming (14 days ago)
Basketball was a good answer
Rodel Jagad (14 days ago)
The fat chick's attitude was god-awful
Letucces Satan (14 days ago)
1:03 When you so desperately try to find out how everyone in your class got 26 but you got 34.876
ykhs (14 days ago)
For everyone freaking out in the comments 6:30 Sasha summs it up perfectly
bla (15 days ago)
Honestly some and if not most older men believe that a woman’s place in life is behind a man it makes me sad and As humans we Sexualize the female body and make us Women seem less strong we literally give birth to Beautiful baby’s the size of water melons and yes it’s a two person job but as humans we must remember that we are all Equal and I’m not saying all older men It’s a large part of the world and it has to be brought up as a thing that should not be done one Time I was talking with my family and my grandfather was saying something like how god only created Women as a doll for men to control and that woman should walk behind the man and do what he wants when he wants it Pissed me off especially when the man next to him agreed and then they started talking about how women and men shouldn’t be allowed to be with the Opposite sex and that’s what made me get mad I’m sitting there and I’m only 15 and even i know everyone should be equals and they are grown ups talking about how men are the owners of are Beautiful world and women are only here to populate it and especially when his grandson is gay and right next to him I’m sorry about ranting but I’m sure you get my point I’m just mad but idk
Xolani Ngubane (15 days ago)
You don't need men you need a salad
Xolani Ngubane (15 days ago)
Ben Affleck lookin ass dude
Genda Sarmett (16 days ago)
Men and women are better but this people says that they don't know well men are better in inventions look Tesla,Thomas edison,Galileo,issack newton,Stephen hawking like seriously u don't what men a good at well strength,power,tough decision
Roy D (16 days ago)
Lots of idiots living in USA
Jake Banack (16 days ago)
Men are better a building things. simple answer all women could agree on
Shruti Thorat (16 days ago)
Sexism at its finest!!!!! Some women take advantage of feminism to make men feel like shit. And according to them, that is not sexism but empowerment. You cannot empower someone by stomping on someone else.
Osaed Hasan (16 days ago)
Women are better at thinking that they are better than men..but infact aren't
Dan DCC91 (16 days ago)
See which is more credible: Him: "What are men better at than women?" Her: 5:13 "self-importance? uuuuuh socialiiiii..... uh, socialized sense of dominance? Uuuuuhm, and aggression. I don't hate men... I REALLY don't." Him: "What are women better at than men?" Me: "1. Arts, like, music, singing, dancing, painting... 2. Being more compassionate and sympathetic... 3. Social skills, social conduct, public speech, that kind of thing, and this is coming from a guy who kind of despises women these days, really." You at least WOULD believe me if I said I hate women.
Dan DCC91 (16 days ago)
You know, now that I think about it, maybe they really ARE that sexist that they think that there is nothing that men are better at than women, but also, maybe some of them are afraid for their life to bad mouth women on a youtube video. Maybe they are thinking "holy shit, what a trap I found myself in. I can't back out now after answering the first question, but I can't say something. With everything going on in the year 2018, if I say a single thing that men are better at than women, maybe I will lose my job, people will bury me as a bigot. Holy shit, what a mess I'm in." You know? lol
Skytech92 (17 days ago)
That elderly gentleman is spot on.
This man's eye contact could slice a boulder in half
Clagg Growtopia (17 days ago)
Notice that even though it's usually women's job to cook at home, the world's best chef are men
Skull Kid (17 days ago)
Wow easy questions I like how no one think woman are better at you know giving birth
Bastardo _-_ (17 days ago)
To that black dude, Yo on what planet are u leaving? 😂😂 Men are best at Everything!! Wake up Mr. 🤣
MyPackMyPower (18 days ago)
sasha asking me question : what are things where men are better than women ? me: look around you and whole civilization everything was created by men even the makeup women are wearing was made by a men. sasha: so what are things where women are better than men me : Dramaaa, crying, nagging, blaming, manipulation and beauty.
Tegan Naidoo (18 days ago)
As you can see this is REVERSE sexism. . . Woman say they are better than men at everything BUT if men say they are better at anything its Sexist. . . T R O L L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L O L
Hadiyah Asma (18 days ago)
Yaay to women asking to be respected but couldn’t respect men
InfernalVision (18 days ago)
Repeal the 19th
xaj154 (19 days ago)
The worst person to ask was that ugly, bitter, feminist, human refrigerator.
Sham Maideen (19 days ago)
Him, talking while chewing that apple was annoying af. Dumb fool
Madea Simmons (19 days ago)
Trump 2020
J L (19 days ago)
I’m 4 minutes in and the stupidity of these people is making me fucking brain dead. How did he just randomly get the most retarded ones off the streets. Surely he just uploaded the idiots to prove a point. America is not that fucking dumb... surely 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Lucifer TV (20 days ago)
3:00 🤣🤣🤣
Chase Stevens (20 days ago)
That fat cunt can’t do a single damn thing better than a man other than eating
maya morom (20 days ago)
2:14, I just hate men, and earth will be a paradise without them, I will not care for anything even death, I will just eat flowers and sleep. You understand me girl.
JJE (19 days ago)
maya morom You’ll figure it out, you have a immature way of thinking. I don’t hate women even tho women like you exist. If I hate anyone it’s based on their actions and not by what they have between their legs. I’m just not a fan of shitty people.
maya morom (19 days ago)
@JJE thank you for the advice, I don't want to control anything, I want to be out of control. I still hate men and after reading your comment i hate them more.
JJE (20 days ago)
maya morom Women are far sexist towards men. That ONE guy must have traumatized you real bad for y’all to feel that way. A sign of weakness shows when you let your hate towards the opposite sex define your way of life. Control your emotions, grow up.
selftitled (20 days ago)
her gut
Taimoor Khan (20 days ago)
Newton, Einstien, Nikola Tesla, Stefan Hawking. All men.
King-Kes! (20 days ago)
most men are naturally stronger then women so anything with hard grafting, lifting or big machinery. Erm I couldn't really see the average woman working in a gold, silver, Coal or any kind of mine or an oil plant out at sea.
austin sellers (20 days ago)
That black guy is a BETA!!!
louise michel (21 days ago)
This video you did was dumb men are not better than women and women are not better than men The reality is we been told different things and been brought up differently so life looks the way it does You are no one to go around and say these things the reason why these people had more to say when ask about women being better is because it is said men commit more crimes The reason why they didnt have much to say about men being better is because this false statement have been used to scare women in to deffending them selfes when need to Please stop implanting rubbish in to people heads If you want to address an issue address why people think, and act the way they do Meaning women think women are better and more considerate cause how society have implanted that in their minds and men think they are strong dued to society implanting rubbish once again You look like the same man that did the video on rape culture Think about it by you doing this you are asking people to implant in to their minds that men can do what ever they want to women because they think they are stronger and woman need to take it because they think they are weaker Please address the issues of where all these sexistness have come from dued to dumb belief system and the harm it has caused If you have nothing good to say I pray your youtube channel get banned
Joe Bird (21 days ago)
2:26 the women is a BITCH
Michael Wirth (21 days ago)
The fact is men are bort smarter and dumber than women while they are more centrered in the IQ distribution curve. So more male genius and more extremely stupid men. The prisons are filled with the later.
ElephantsLover (22 days ago)
Overly privileged women saying they don’t need the construction workers part 207
InvaderCeeツ (22 days ago)
Sasha : “Name 3 things women are better than men at” Woman : Texting, Eating, Drinking... tHiNkInG
D Nelson (22 days ago)
Is it really that hard for a feminist to at least admit that men are physically stronger?
xd_ut-boi (23 days ago)
big oof
Boring Movin (23 days ago)
the best of everything is a man
iggs67 (23 days ago)
Women can give birth, that's it. Everything else men are better.
SuperThisen (23 days ago)
How can people be this brainwashed? Like i can´t even comprehend that a person can be so brainwashed. How can you allow yourself to so "programmed" to follow someone elses agenda? think for yourself people, you have a brain for a reason.

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