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FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Text Comments (20086)
Brain washed culture
Nessmess (6 hours ago)
I... don't understand how physical strength never came up as a thing men are better at?
Lem0nsquid (8 hours ago)
"Being levelheaded." have you ever spoken to another woman before? lmao
Raghavendra Rao (12 hours ago)
This is quite the eye opener of the state of the society!
Lily is (15 hours ago)
** Men are naturally protectors, (in personality ) and men are naturally born with more physical strength. ** Women are naturally nurturers (all that empathy stuff) and are naturally born with bigger capacity to strategise and plan. . Both of these things I wish I could be, and struggle with accepting that I can't. I am a competitive person/ physically stronger than the average woman my age, and many times in my life I have wanted to be a man, ( for the physical aspect.) . I think if people take a moment to think about things they are naturally inclined to believe about themselves, and be honest about it, I think that we will get somewhere with finding a middle ground. We will start to understand that men and women are not equal, but we are different. Our strengths and weaknesses are different. . This video made me take a step back and remind myself that no one, man or woman, can "do it all."
Lincoln Latimer (17 hours ago)
When the hambeast began with "my GUT instinct" hahahah
Der ATZE (17 hours ago)
Wow those women are so arrogant and the mans are all beta. Of course Every sex has some benefits. Looking at those women makes me love my girlfriend even more.
X-treme (18 hours ago)
3:03 Did someone just say that women are good at non competive relationship??
The Fox (21 hours ago)
I loved this but disagree with sasha's commit about males being better at make war when throughout history it was proven woman leaders are more "blood thirsty" and willing to go to war. Mind you not all women but if you chart out the number of females rulers throughout history and men then you can see it for yourself.
MrTHEMONEEMAKER (22 hours ago)
2:06 That's a big gut reaction
Lee Everett (22 hours ago)
My God...
C N (23 hours ago)
Just a quick thought came to mind watching this. Is it possible part of the reason they can't come up with anything men are better at is partially due to how men are projected on and in mainstream media? We are always portrayed as to buffoons on tv and in commercials. We are the but of the jokes and made to look like we are totally inept at almost everything. Comment below.
Zntii (1 day ago)
Wow, this video reflects perfectly how biased "feminist" really are, most of this people believe they are in a never ending quest for equality, but end up disparaging men without realizing that nowadays in most countries women have more opportunities and certain privileges than men have. If "feminists" want "equality" why they don't call themselves "Humanists" and figth for equal rights for everyone.
Weird Activities (1 day ago)
First girl making decisions Me: babe what do you want to eat Babe:I cant choose oh my god Me: you do this everytime were getting subway
Why can't Helen Keller drive?
Flying Dutchman (1 day ago)
Here is something men are good at: Admitting when somebody else does something better than them (apparently). Something women can learn from them.
Rayo Auditavia (1 day ago)
Women are better at being painfully unfunny.
Hrithik Ravi (1 day ago)
Being level-headed ahahahahahah
0Zolrender0 (1 day ago)
So next time I see a women stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and no idea how to change it I am going to just drive by and yell "You are better then men at everything, You got this". or..... The next time a women askes me to help her lift something "heavy" that only weighs 20kg (44 pounds) Ill say. You can do anything I can do. Go for it, and I'll walk off.
Jo Mama (1 day ago)
apparently its spatial reasoning.. but science said that not me
napoleon (1 day ago)
You guys are crazy. You forget your MOM is a woman. You disrespect women.
banu prakash (1 day ago)
men are better at seeing good in others.......BITCHES
With Wilk (2 days ago)
Well clearly the fat girl hates men because they reject her. Pretty obvious.
Cody Hummel (2 days ago)
3 things women do better. Complain. Give birth. Argue.
TheNemesis442 (2 days ago)
did that land whale really dress herself in clothes that make her look even fatter and then have the gall to say that women dress themselves better than men??? really????
NATUR-OSKAR ft. ARVID (2 days ago)
"thinking they are better at driving" hahah
Eduarda Claro (2 days ago)
I get it you saying men are better at lifting things, and muscle related things, but inventions and science being put in the list of things men are better at than women is just moronic. There's no way to evaluate that until women are put in the same position than men to do those things. And even though we are getting closer to that situation, there's still a long way to go. Women simply were not allowed to do science, to get an education, to work in those fields. And still, there are plenty of discoveries and inventions that came from women, such as Kevlar, the cause for AIDS, Radiation, the syringe that's operated with one hand as we use it today, the dishwasher, the software for torpedoes that became the base for gps, and wi-fi... So think before you say stupid things.
Charleone (2 days ago)
this is sad to watch. Beginning to think females now are born with inherent hate for males.
IBroLLyI SephirothI (2 days ago)
Men are better than women in:- 1. Making decisions 2. Sports 3. Physical strength 4. Hard labour 5. Dealing with extreme situations like in Army, fire, etc. 6. Driving 7. Concentration 8. Taking care of family 9. Thinking logically 10. Being selfless 11. Cooking Women are better than men at:- 1. Compassion 2. Being selfish (little absurd, but true) 3. Multitasking 4. Home management 5. Taking care of Kids 6. Cat fight That's on top of my mind. No offence to any woman, but this is due to the process of evolution. I'm surprised that these women are actually Fake-feminists. As soon as the question came up, their defence was up & they deliberately didn't answer anything. The actual problem was that they started comparing to an ex boyfriend or husband. Can't you Women answer based on what your Dad is good at?
Mr. Monster (2 days ago)
That short haired dyke at 2:11 was hilarious. She hates men but does her best to look like a man.
IBroLLyI SephirothI (2 days ago)
the irony haha
Cody White (2 days ago)
Men are better at all sports
Atiharsh Singh (2 days ago)
5:51 "We pretty much did most of that stuff"  Erm.. Well sorry to disappoint you, here are some really amazing and important inventions by women.  Elevated Railway - Mary Walton Apgar Tests  - Virginia Apgar Dish Washer - Joshpehine Chochran Fire Escape - Anna Connely Medical Syringe - Letitia Geer Computer Software - Grace Hopper Modern Electric Fridge - Florence Parpart Wireless Transmission Technology (which resulted in creation of Wifi) - Hedy Lamarr CCTV - Marie Van Brittan  Central Heating - Alice Parker Choco Chip Cookies - Ruth Wakefield Stem Cell Isolation -  Ann Tsukamoto Earth's Inner Core  - Inge Lehmann Nuclear Shell - Maria Mayer DNA Structure - The GREATEST Rosalind Franklin What else???  Oh!! Yeahhhh Beer - Legend has it it was developed and sold be ancient Mesopotamian women.
Ffion Jones (2 days ago)
Ok, so I'm a woman and basically all these women annoyed the crap out of me. Especially the one with the chewing gum and the one with the grey scarf
terron monte (2 days ago)
@3:43 lmao this dude said idk
terron monte (2 days ago)
@3:15 i think we found free willy
chetan singh (2 days ago)
We both are Humans but God make us different physically ..... Man have more 1to 1.5 million RBC per micro litre than woman .... So women tired quickly than man ....... Scientific reason ....
khatack (3 days ago)
Did that blonde just say that women are better at making decisions? xD Jesus these broads are deluded, or if they're right then we're utterly screwed. Just how pathetic are western men these days?
I’m A Giraffe (3 days ago)
Everything, bitch if you bench more that Brian Shaw I will completely agree with you
Chantal X (3 days ago)
C'mon guys! How about spational reasoning skills, directions, sticking to longterm career goals, physical competitions, just to name a few. It's simple if you just keep up with the current studies, to know these kinds of things.
Lmao making more money , then they are good at almost everything 😂😂
Emotions , dancing and baking lmao 😂😂
Prezlie Olson (3 days ago)
I'm not trying to be hateful, but women are not just a pretty face, or a pretty body, but we are strong mentally and physically, you are being extremely sexist and it hurts me.
indy ribus (3 days ago)
5:24 Beluga wale in action...
Desu Panda Desu Chan (3 days ago)
As a female, I am ashamed.
Hmm i wonder what percentage of men are responsible for nowadays life.Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton,Leonardo da Vinci,Nikola Tesla,Charles Darwin,Stephen Hawking etc...
Lester Burnham (3 days ago)
Omg. Such a very nice doughters...
Kambez Saidi (3 days ago)
the blonde girls the coolest ever, love her spirit and her answers
Rowland Marshall (3 days ago)
Men are better at making tough decisions without letting emotions get in the way
Leisure Larry (3 days ago)
Whamen are better deceivers..Hillary nuff said
Leisure Larry (3 days ago)
Multi tasking is a myth
Natalie Putnam (4 days ago)
I was just thinking about how men bring so much to the table and then thhhaaaat made me think about how men have historically been the provider and literally bring food to the dinner table! Just a silly connection lol
Natalie Putnam (4 days ago)
Wow I was shocked! I mean I know that any survey stuff like that can leave out or pick to show certain responses BUT the fact that so many people or anyone at all answered like that did surprise and make me think, and then I thought about it more and it’s really not that surprising at all lol I’ll answer for those men (I’m a girl just so ya’s know). Men are fantastic at leading people and being great influencers(not saying that women can’t duhhh). People can find great security in a male figure. Yeah duh men can lift heavy stuff. I consider myself a feminist in the true sense of the word, equally and one gender is not better than the other. Both are different in wonderful ways so that we we come together we bring different things to the table and work better as a diverse group. My faith as a Christian has taught me that over and over again. Thank you for reading my small book😁
Abhijeet Kumar (4 days ago)
Fake-feminists. As soon as the question came up, their defence was up & they deliberately didn't answer anything. The actual problem was that they started comparing to an ex boyfriend or husband. Can't you Women answer based on what your Dad is good at? I'm sure you admire your Dad.
Abhijeet Kumar (4 days ago)
Men are better than women in:- 1. Making decisions 2. Sports 3. Physical strength 4. Hard labour 5. Dealing with extreme situations like in Army, fire, etc. 6. Driving 7. Concentration 8. Taking care of family 9. Thinking logically 10. Being selfless 11. Cooking Women are better than men at:- 1. Compassion 2. Being selfish (little absurd, but true) 3. Multitasking 4. Home management 5. Taking care of Kids 6. Cat fight That's on top of my mind. No offence to any woman, but this is due to the process of evolution. I'm surprised that these women are actually Fake-feminists. As soon as the question came up, their defence was up & they deliberately didn't answer anything. The actual problem was that they started comparing to an ex boyfriend or husband. Can't you Women answer based on what your Dad is good at?
Cenk Tüneygök (4 days ago)
Prostitution. Women are way ahead of men on that profession.
Russell Butler (4 days ago)
deep shit man
Another Guy (4 days ago)
What are men better at?-Sports. Of literally any kind. How can no one else see this? Lol
Iyce Phoenixx (4 days ago)
4:25 What's so ****ing hard? Lmao, the ignorance these people have 😁 What would modern day civilization, that you take for granted so much, be without men? It wouldn't
H P (4 days ago)
“Let’s come together and love one another” how nice and easy to say this! Yet you were asking all these questions 🙄
Kihisu Chisho (4 days ago)
Women are good at being housewife. Men are better than women at everything.
pinknekochanears (4 days ago)
This is so sad to see as a woman. Both men and women have good and bad sides. But people now are too focused comparing each other
James O'Hehir (4 days ago)
fk me that fat b*tch at 5:16 only said non-complementary things about men when answering what men are naturally better than women at
James O'Hehir (4 days ago)
sad reacts to those few man haters in this video
allornothing432 (4 days ago)
"at aaaa......" Error 404 =D
allornothing432 (4 days ago)
"Science" Whaaa????
kris kan (4 days ago)
Man and women must have equal rights it is there rights .eg same pay for same occupation , education for both gender, etc But feminist ads campaign represented it differently. Problem is it’s been represented as women are no less then man vice versa. And this ignored biological boundary. Shame !!!
Nukri Samyurashvili (4 days ago)
you know u gotta see a doctor when you are out of breath after talking!
Aissatou Leye (4 days ago)
That fat girl is a perfect example of what western feminism looks like.
Paul Boccuti (5 days ago)
Any time i see some with hair died a ridiculous color, I know instantly that they are a fucking idiot.
goof verdinus (5 days ago)
that black dude was such dishonest piece of shit what a total bitch
relic realm (5 days ago)
Sports, Games, minecraft,
raxmarrone (5 days ago)
This dude said "Science" lmfao
eliza beth (5 days ago)
Oh my God what the woman at 2:20 says makes me cringe and makes my whole body sink and my soul sad - as a woman myself. I am so sad about the answers that the women give in this video, I hope they'll deal with their inner issues and cross paths with men that prove them they are wrong! so to all men out there: YOU ARE GREAT! WE NEED YOU BECAUSE YOU COMPLEMENT US IN LIFE. That is what I believe. I think the women in this video either felt hurt by men and /or are afraid of trusting them because they are afraid of losing themselves to men and rather take the empowerment of fending for themselves. Seriously that's what it sounded like. Not one woman said something actually positive about men. I am so sorry to every man who felt sad watching this video. So just in case you care, these are the things that I think men are better at than woman: - being spontaneous and not overthinking - being honest and not hiding feelings - fixing things that broke - physical strength -> and physical protection & creating a safe space for woman to blossom (again this is my opinion so it's ok if you disagree) - being practical and solution oriented - humor - being chilled and these are just the things that initially came to my mind I like men. I'm sometimes too shy to talk to them but I really like men. Life would be so boring and dull without you men! <3
Blair Adkins (5 days ago)
5:59 that's the face of an feminist
Blair Adkins (5 days ago)
3:41 disgrace to our gender
Blair Adkins (5 days ago)
3:08 this fat ass thinks she's so fucking superior.
Blair Adkins (5 days ago)
So many fucking feminists... The world is coming to an end.
Hallenor (5 days ago)
crazy brainwashing...
Young Morgan (5 days ago)
bitch says women are better in everything while trying to look like a man
Charles Barrett-Smith (5 days ago)
This is proof of how the culture is boast towards women. It is a sexist culture for women and against men. Not the other way around. Stop complaining that women have it hard. We all have bs in our lives.
Jewels (5 days ago)
Let's take a poll: What percentage of these snowflakes didn't have a father growing up?
WASH POPPIN (5 days ago)
It’s this thing called feminism which if you believe is equality you are deluded
Great Briton (5 days ago)
4:44 What a beautifully honest soul! Way to go lady! :) Compared to 5:20 who can only thing of ways men are better than women at being worse than women, lol
George Kehagias (5 days ago)
I thing at aaa at aaa ..building the intere world you live in to !
William Levy (5 days ago)
I would've said flexibility, Submissive sex, crying, sinning and wearing high heels. lmao
ipsygypsy16 (5 days ago)
Men are better at focussing. We go all over the place with our multitasking, but a man, even when he's watching a football match is doing the only thing that matters to him at that point of time. We women tend to think of too many things at one time. Men are better at doing hard tasks that require lots of physical labour. Not that women can't, but it's easier for men. Men usually don't sweat the small stuff. Their world doesn't end if they forget to charge their phones or keep the wet towel on the floor all night. Again, we overthink. P.S. these are Generalisations, just like the video.
Lorne Chevalier (5 days ago)
This is why the West is dying. I married an amazing women. She from China. She would never lower herself to behave so arrogant and self absorbed. Few Asian women would behave this way. They are confident in their femininity. Our culture is sick and depraved!
Captain Thunder (6 days ago)
Men are better than women! How hard is it for everyone to understand that?
Richie Hyacinth (6 days ago)
5:15 Lady I'm pretty sure males are far more likely to commit suicide than females in pretty much all age groups; nevermind the obvious fact that women seem to be valued higher than men in the current society, not without good reason of course but still my point stands, your statement is horrendously false.
Dagmar Andersen (6 days ago)
I think skill depends on every individual person... I've met people who you could put side by side and one might be better at something than the other and vice versa. So, I think it's hard to say.
Frank Morrish (6 days ago)
I'll give my un PC opinion. Unbiased. And here's what I think. The best man at one thing (literally anything) is better than the best woman at one thing. However, if you did it by average it would be different. For instance, if I think of the first human activity that comes to mind - cooking. Every great chef in history has been male. But, if you think about it, the average woman in the world is a better cook than the average man. Probably. But what really pissed me off about this video was two things actually. One, imagine the horror if a dude had listed off everything men do better (which is a lot) and then nothing that women do better. This is literally exactly what all the women in this video did, only for their own gender. And second, all those idiot broads had to do to see what men were better at was look around them. The world they are standing in was built and designed and paid for by a man. Almost invariably.
KillBill Grill (6 days ago)
That video turns you gay
J LUC (6 days ago)
Her gut reaction is right
LARRY P (6 days ago)
3:01 that girl was like "PREACH SISTER" 😂😂😂
LARRY P (6 days ago)
What's that song in the intro
Ross Coe (6 days ago)
Construction, car repair, renovation, electrical, inventions, security and on and on. Fuck the brainwashed twats are unbelievable. We are doomed. The fat one is definately better at sitting and eating.
CactusRose (6 days ago)
See all the men were nice! What’s wrong with the women!🤦🏻‍♀️
Asif Khan (6 days ago)
2:02 "My gut reaction was everything" And that's a whole lot of gut!
MrTHEMONEEMAKER (22 hours ago)
LOL I made the exact same comment before seeing yours
Hezafo (6 days ago)
I can easily name 3 things women are better at: 1. Giving birth 2. Breastfeeding 3. Having periods
kornflakes2020 S (6 days ago)
Uhhhmmmm, making more money?🤣🤣

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