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FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Loronzo Hutton (6 hours ago)
That black guy should go have sex a change. He forgot he is a man. Pathetic!
2:10 that girl is gonna be the one who starts ww3 like she's probably gonna kill all men.
A girl in school always punch me *for fun* she says and i just think to myself "u must be pretty fucked of u think that's fun" and i don't resist because u know #metoo and that stuff. And she says "u dont resist because im to strong". And im like girl i could beat ur ass if i wanted to... Or not beat her ass thats a litlle bit pevert but u know wut im saying
Kavitha Sri (21 hours ago)
if men and women weren't socially programmed to engage only in separate sets of roles,and if they had been provided with opportunities to do things outside of their given roles without facing judgement and criticism from the society,I feel everybody can be better at everything.
Eugen Lang (1 day ago)
Building civilizations and other shit that seems unimportant to strong independent Whaman.
Ryan Ferris (1 day ago)
Men in general are better at everything! Apart from childbirth, men are stronger make more money better at sports we are better cooks better musicians braver etc , no matter what a woman has done there will be a man that’s done it better and been more successful! It’s nature, don’t get me wrong there are plenty of women better than plenty of men in many ways but there will always be a man taking the top spot in every game every time
FreshPrincce (1 day ago)
Snap City (2 days ago)
Men are actually better than woman at everything, pure facts
Cedric LM (2 days ago)
How about in general a mathematical-analytical way of thinking, science, physically demanding shit I don't mean all sciences but things like mathematics and physics
Rachael Gargagliano (2 days ago)
Is it really that hard to say men are stronger then woman physically Jesus Christ what a world we live in
Topics (2 days ago)
Glad men are waking up to women’s BS
olanrewaju Talabi (2 days ago)
I will not watch this video,I just dropped by add my comment,there is nothing that women are better than men,absolutely nothing’s
Kubik Sahara (2 days ago)
Ah, women... so less smarter than men
wally west (2 days ago)
Basketball maybe, sometimes... wow
R.O.T.C SEEM (2 days ago)
I can name 3, Lie deceive and rob
Lord Belial (2 days ago)
They should take up politics then.
alan karamalian (3 days ago)
Women are insecure about men. They know men are the superior gender but they dont want to give us credit.
Josh Pan (3 days ago)
I know what men are better at: fitness, science, going to war, creativity, tormenting feminists with facts, body building, team working, YouTube editing, courage, confidence, boldness, business meetings and negotiations, deep math, OPEN MINDED( this video proves it), trying not to be sexist( this video proves it), technology, crafting, electronics, innovation, letting women spend men's money AND MOOOOOORE STUFF. This video proves how people can be so stereotypical and close minded, how people can have such a feeling of superiority. This in fact hurts our society and makes me wanna cut my gains every time I hear a women complaining how they complain about nowaday's society and sexism despite being sexist and ignorant themselves. The woman that said doing more money than us is completely closed minded, so closed minded that I think she comes from the medieval age, we men do almost all the dirty work in the world, we sustain factories, we go to mining fields and possibly die from toxic gases and earthquakes just to let ignorant womwn that take everything for granted buy some stones that they almost NEVER USE IT. We go on and build skyscrapers just to let your asses sit down on a chair and have air conditioning just for a low paying salary. I am not calling every woman sexist and stuff like that, in fact there are a lot of women that are better than men, but this is for the minority of the women: stop being sexist yourself, you are making your own gender look bad, you need to sit down and think what men have done to you, built your home, made your clothes, etc. I hope that our kids can get a better view of this world and can be well educated, I hope this nonsense that is happening right now ends for good.
Terry Gunzales (3 days ago)
Men are better at loving real women and women are better at loving real men. Sexual protests are stupid.
Meg Jewelz (3 days ago)
Picking out cloths! That women’s outfit was horrible!! Lmao
Jhil Ortiz (3 days ago)
It's scary. Liberals for you.
Lord Belial (3 days ago)
Some of the things Men are better at than Women: Science Medicine Inventing Driving Combat Army Training Boxing Leadership Skills Mechanic Computers Construction Being Able to Pee Standing Up Trucking Comedy Decision Making (can be applied to all of the above) Keeping Emotions In Check (can be applied to most of the above) Some of the things Women are better at than Men: Damaging Vehicles They're Driving (the accelerator is not the brake) Over Emotional Being Two-Faced (that can apply to only a small minority of men) Being Vague (but expecting men to know) Pushy (no it's not a leadership skill) Claiming Superiority (see the idiots in this video) Stubbornness Picking Fights (especially ones they want their BF or Husband to finish for them) The list could go on.
Allen Karabina (3 days ago)
Women are better than men in 1. Taking care of kids 2. Everyday cooking. 3. Being more emotional. Men are better at 1. Sports. 2.Video games. 3. Anything that has to do with generating a lot of strength (other than giving birth)
Fanta2014 YT (4 days ago)
Strongest Person-Man Fastest Person-Man Richest Person-Man Smartest Person-Man Man of the year-Man Woman of the year- Man These people are so dumb I swear 😂
غوريلا (4 days ago)
first, that duude tho ! he must have grown btween lot of sisters. second, just saying "women are better at everything" proves how small your brain and scores a big point for men. men can plan wisely, take decisions based on logic and situation, not emotions, man can fight in wars to defend ur asses, men invent, mostly, men are honest and not toxic and hateful, want some more ? :) Women are better at kitchen, babysitting, maybe backing up men some times, some of men's weak times, and better at.... u know :) Just stop ur toxicity, u can't beat God and nature's rules, everyone is better at some things. Period.
Michael Wirth (4 days ago)
What a stupid political correct world we live in! Men have created the world as we see it today (nearly every important invention) and those stupid lunatics can't mention one thing men exceed women.
daveh16 (4 days ago)
People in cities have no perspective of anything.
Michael Arnett (5 days ago)
Men........... Create ...... WEALTH!!!
Niklez (5 days ago)
the chicks dont need us... apparently
wise thoughts (6 days ago)
i laugh at west hehe haha hhhh jajaja xaxaxa
D (6 days ago)
1:42 Generosity of heart Give me a break Yh real generous when you come home one day early to find her banging the neighbour and then she says she wants to take half your shit in a divorce settlement
Megablademe (6 days ago)
“I don’t need men” bitch no man would ever want you and your 500 pounds.
Harry (6 days ago)
When does the woman in the striped shirt stomach end?
Princesshumbletor (7 days ago)
men are good at war. At machine building. At rationalising with no emotions. yes we are different but men has to heal what he has done . men did invent western civilisation that excluded women ad kept her under his tyranny taking advantage of her fragility .Men failed and need become more humble .So there is an imbalance that was created by men. Still being created. Women have to lead men not the other way around .Only after that there can be established equality.
Pierre R (8 days ago)
5:30 Jesus she must have just walked 100m
iopa tiadra (8 days ago)
i think these women are blind plz look around u see is what men has built
iopa tiadra (8 days ago)
that girl that looks like a boy says it would be 'paradise' im pretty sure it would be hell all of yous would be dead without men
iopa tiadra (8 days ago)
the reason men get payed more is because the work harder
iopa tiadra (8 days ago)
women drive better men are you having a joke they may drive safer but naturally men are better drivers
Peeyush Paul (9 days ago)
the big chick had a "gut" feeling
Teun S (7 days ago)
The fat chick had fully controle of her diet hahah
Solö Ðolô (10 days ago)
people are saying that people are scared to say anything because of political correctness but growing up in new york city i can tell you that these people are not scared, they actually believe men are not good at anything, they are sexist and believe woman are superior.
M H (10 days ago)
This is the modern day equivalent of Arians asking someone what white people do better than black people.
Seamus Donaghy (10 days ago)
Women cannot win a war Everyone forgets that to have choices throughout time War was what decided things. Women have choices because men fight the wars but get zero thanks for it.
Seamus Donaghy (10 days ago)
Alida Green Yes in the present day its men who start the wars wasn’t like that through history though, plenty of women who started wars. I agree anyone who joins the army is stupid as you are just a puppet for pay hence why they recruit so young to get them when they aren’t mature. I just mean that feminists cannot win a war against men if it were to happen they need men for that but they pretend they can do anything on their own. They cannot win their freedom to spew garbage about men. There is no freedom without men no choices.
Alida Green (10 days ago)
Um who starts the wars? Women? No. Almost every male coworker I have has been in the army and they all speak badly of the experience. They know they got duped.
Platsa (10 days ago)
1300 feminists and white knights rebelled.
Ace (11 days ago)
Never have I ever seen a woman work for a moving company. I wonder why that is? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Blah Blah Blah (11 days ago)
Women are truly delusional. Other than giving birth, there is literally nothing women do that men can't do better.
Shamic Entertainment (11 days ago)
I get men are hated on, but these comments are pretty sexist in the conventional way. It's like the left go extreme against men, and then that annoys lots of people and they swing the other way and dislike women. Push back that goes too far. Same happened in politics
Kinkou Kinkou (11 days ago)
WHAT!!!!!!! Science - You CLOWN......... Look around you! Who created what you see.......
Igesb Pro (12 days ago)
Men created all creations on existence. Women created every human on existence.
Making better decisions? That's why there are more single mothers than single father's.
vinnade the gamer (3 days ago)
+Alida Green single mothers meaning the father left leaving her with the kids the father who left isn't a single father because he doesn't have the kids. Single mothers are single mothers because they have the kids it basically depends on who has the kids single mothers are made from a variety of ways the man cheats walks out of his kids lives the woman cheats etc etc... mostly because the dad walks out either for his selfish needs or the mother drives him out
vinnade the gamer (3 days ago)
+Alida Green well involving your personal story in this argument does nothing your 1 out of 7 billion people on earth and yes women do cause 70% of divorces for alot of reasons some for abuse some because they get bored of the man some because they have an affair and no women don't tend to divorce more when they have an affair that isn't even a fact soo yeah there are alot of single mothers and not alot of single fathers ill explain
Alida Green (10 days ago)
+Pikachu fan And tripolar fan I know no one stopped my dad from seeing me. He just chose alcohol over having a relationship with me while mom stopped all her partying ways when I was born. I was never exposed to strange men and she was single my whole life until she died. I'm 33 now and he still just sits around and drinks and I never hear from him. 70% of divorces are filed by women is a stat that gets thrown around but with no context or personal stories of the struggles they went through before they came to that decision. Men who have affairs mostly dont file for divorce because they want it both ways. They want a woman who helps bring in half the income and and the kids and they want a side chick for fun. Women tend to divorce when they have an affair.
+Shamic Entertainment well considering 75% of divorces are filed by women. Women are more likely to alienate the kids from the father. So who leaves again?
+Alida Green actually. Father's are less noticed due the fact that stastics prove they are the better parent. More women are walking away from there children now than men. Women are the most selfish and worse parents ever.
Zak Goedegebuur (13 days ago)
From personal experience I've found that men are better at staying quiet while having s**t thrown at them by SJWs.
SweetJello _ (13 days ago)
5:18 this woman aggravates me
Fredrik Johansson (13 days ago)
Picking out clothes says the beached whale! And the girl who prefer to spend her whole life not interacting with men....have you looked in the mirror?
Bastian thoning (13 days ago)
men are better at selling organs XD
America First (13 days ago)
I would say the women of today are worse at literally everything. Doing things to look and become as a man defies you even being a female in the first place. If you fail at simply being a woman because your busy trying to succeed at the things men do than you are a failure because you failed at even being a woman.
No Man's Son (13 days ago)
They are so damn ungreatful.. invention. Cooking building, fighting, hunting, caring, love... developing society.. basically everything we have was created by men
vinnade the gamer (3 days ago)
+Shamic Entertainment throughout history? what history women were under the control of men for awhile before then women and men suffered together and the only reason men had the upper hand was because they were creating most of the shit back then so they had more power because of more responsibility now that women have more responsibility I.E more power in the 20th its been good
Shamic Entertainment (11 days ago)
Not that you are entirely wrong, but, women tended to be controlled by men throughout history. Weren't allowed to do various things. Without those societal pressures and restrictions, they probably would have had more input.
I WALK ALONE (13 days ago)
The good thing that Women do is Force the dude to go for the most expensive car loan like Rangerover coz she could show to other ladies and put on bigger sunglasses and when it comes to accident instead of Doing something to stop the car just scream " oh my God what is happening “ end of the story .
nobody (13 days ago)
things women are naturally better at than men: 1:50 "Eating" Proof: 2:04
Fred Lee (13 days ago)
xX_Valorheart_Xx (14 days ago)
Dude , what are you even doing there in that kind of place ?
Anthony Lockley (14 days ago)
You damn skippy men are better than women period......fuck these women out here!
Patrick Landfarth (14 days ago)
Brainwashed, correct.
OSJDI (14 days ago)
Men power!!
LyricalMantis 4 (14 days ago)
Men: anything that requires strength,making decisions without emotions, natural leaders
Even (15 days ago)
Its pure gold watching how their brain is almost overloaded by how they are gonna work around the logic of real equality and justice!! Pure gold..
2002 0802 (15 days ago)
I mean you can say abstract and changing and generalizing things like compassion, empathetic, thinking and shit like that. Like what the fuck how can you prove either side is better at fucking thinking or you can name concrete things, like male track records, past inventions, PhD majorities, cross country records, lifting records, CEO majorities, richest people majorities, Chef majorities, army people majority, please just think lol
Code Salty (15 days ago)
these girls are delusional lol men are better than women in most things
Amaneux (15 days ago)
1:50 I will fight her over that. Fundamentally, the human male can be better st texting under the pretence that our prefrontal cortex is designed for location based tasks. Texting is the processing works in locations on a set area. Because of this men usually are better an texting but to ever lack depth text due to diminished attention spans. Some male humans can also have extremely high hand dexterity. This allows for faster typing and this quicker processing of data. Time taken to type 2 minutes 23 second Drop a k in replies
Sagi Tevet (16 days ago)
theres literally nothing women are better at then men.
Barry last (16 days ago)
PATHETIC! The deep npc programming those people are Stuck in.
James Roberts (16 days ago)
I hate feminism, but for some strange reason I love the weirdly colored hair.
the last Jedi (16 days ago)
Womon abuses a man ** feminist, Hollywood celebrities and media cheers. Man states a fact ** police comes and arrests him
Hawkeyes (17 days ago)
whats crazy is that men hold almost every record in everything. yet women are denying that they are inferior.
Crni Covek (17 days ago)
This is dumb. You find the 10 dumbest people and ask them lol.
69 Subs with no life (17 days ago)
Lmao they just cant answer
vinnade the gamer (3 days ago)
+Shamic Entertainment thats the problem they can list what women can do better but can't list what a man can do better it just shows on much men are shit on especially the white kind xD
Shamic Entertainment (11 days ago)
Probably coz they don't really think about it that often. I don't and would probably struggle answering apart from men being stronger
N. K. C 080 (17 days ago)
men are better at logical things
Jester Star (18 days ago)
Things men can do that is better than what a girl can Do •Peeing standing up •Video Games •Sports
mehdi fadaei (18 days ago)
All of them have fear to say that in some way mans are must bether and some point women are bether . Just have fair to say true
kelly mcclure (19 days ago)
I think both are for the almost part equal, men feel just like women but i think most are taught to not show it. But then there is physical strength, men in general are stronger in the upper body, women the lower body, for reasons that make sense, it doesn't mean a woman can't do a heavy lifting job it just mean thier upper strength is in general less then a man. Well unless she lifts weights and takes otc shit to make her strong, but in general men have more strength in the upper body. Other then that everything else is human nature, men feel like women, men feel as emotional as women, but they control alot of that emotion. Men are not ass holes because you think they do not care, because they seem to show less emotion, or at times feelings, just like women. So if you are human, living on earth, and you do not understand and can deal with that. Please do not get into a relationship, do not ever get married, amd never have kids. Just my opinion.
S.A.F 2018 (19 days ago)
lol at 2:05 that is a whole lot of gut reaction!!🤣
wenjingsaf (19 days ago)
5:10 dick move, but it shows how much men love to hunt, if she wouldve said no they probably wouldve hooked up by now, seeing how pretty and understanding and calm she is
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Well said at the end
MaxiMind (19 days ago)
We have a beluga whale here..
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
5:32 that's not true
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
5:06 that's good
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
4:40 control is an illusion
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Men are naturally athletically better than women because of their higher levels of testosterone
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
4:25 just say athletics and strength
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Basketball well that's somewhat close to what I just commented
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Does anyone say this?
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
This is interesting is there a double standard against men here?
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
3:13 bullshit She seems misandrist
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
2:14 she seems misandrist
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Then up to 2:05 more bullshit
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
2:02 complete bullshit
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
1:59 more bullshit
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
1:56,1:57 well that's bullshit
helpstop misandry (19 days ago)
Lies up to 1:41
Orppranator (19 days ago)
Men are better than women in every way, except for 5 ways: 1. Women have a higher resistance to heart disease, due to increased estrogen, which allows them to be fertile. (Growing breasts, menstruating, etc) 2. Women are more flexible, because they have to be able to give birth. 3. Women have slightly higher pain tolerance, because they have to be able to give birth. 4. Women have the ability to get pregnant and give birth via having a womb/ovaries. 5. Women have higher inner body temperature, (the body temperature of your vital organs, not your extremities) as a fetus is very vulnerable to cold temperatures. Notice how all are related to getting pregnant and giving birth.
Shamic Entertainment (11 days ago)
6. Wearing tank tops
Cup Of Tea (19 days ago)
Why r women so competetive?
captain walker (20 days ago)
2:58 that grandpa is a legend
Mustard Tiger (20 days ago)
Women are better at prostitution that's all.
Snare-who (20 days ago)
2:33 he said science is he dumb men preform better in science than woman
Ewooki (20 days ago)
the fatty has some deep rooted issues
TheFrostDrake (20 days ago)
The one guy gave mg answers for the women better at things but men are better at waging wars diplomacy and fighting and inflating their own ego's

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