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FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Sasha Daygame (1 month ago)
Guys make sure to check out this RIDICULOUS full interview from the same day, on my send channel!!! It's here: https://youtu.be/312sbdaZVUo
Nolan Knows (4 minutes ago)
Gabriel Eriksson you haven't a clue as to what you're talking about.
I don’t like women any more. They have fallen so deeply into the satanic agenda. Return to God ladies. He will restore your reprobate minds thinking men and women are the same or women are equal to men, and calling that good when it’s evil.
john van winckel (1 day ago)
annnnndddd the video is zucced, youtube be like'' take that you mysogenist''
Santiago Mendoza (3 days ago)
Sasha Daygame it's deleted
Weird Science (9 days ago)
+Mr Hole Why would it be? Survival of the fittest in the basic law of nature & you cant stop it.
Nolan Knows (6 minutes ago)
"Self importance" from the standing akimbo land whale.
Pip (17 minutes ago)
I am disappointed in my fellow ladies
Gustavo Pinales (29 minutes ago)
Best chefs, designers, photographers, athletes, thinkers are all men. The books you read to become a better person are written by men. Brainwashed feminists who are bias and hateful towards men. Wicked
Gah Fawkes (2 hours ago)
women are better at screaming
Gah Fawkes (2 hours ago)
"...and better at thinking they drive better" HAHAHA
2:49. that dude was awsome!!!!
The Young Patriot (3 hours ago)
That super obese lady in the white and black striped shirt has the most annoying voice I have ever heard😂
Friendly Paws (4 hours ago)
1:51 ... drinking? Rly? R u sure? Because as a woman myself, I know for a fact we are NOT good at that lol😂😂🤣
banderfargoyl (4 hours ago)
This is funny. Men are better at being jerks. They'll give us that one.
Joanne Clark (5 hours ago)
This was so hard to watch. Building single focus strength push ups artillery pull-ups engineering admitting that women are different admitting that we have different strengths
Lucas Johnson (5 hours ago)
4:12 she actually thinks men and women are close to the same skill level in basketball
b merk (5 hours ago)
I love nyc, great city ....but the people who live in it mostly suck. I need to get out of this state . How ridiculous !
blondewoman1 (6 hours ago)
There correct answer to your question is Women are better than men at : making babies, Men are better than women at : everything else.
André Filho (7 hours ago)
yep... this is the generation of soyboys
Pandita Alchemist (8 hours ago)
I've got an idea, when there is another war to fight, let's send just women and see how they do. Oh and let's make all fire fighters women and watch everything burn to nothing. And let's make all construction workers women and watch as nothing gets built.
Graiskye (8 hours ago)
i bet he couldve picked up the fat chik.
J Ay (9 hours ago)
Was that one girl the bigger one in the stripes was that Amy Schumer??????
Wilko (10 hours ago)
2:00 my gut reaction was everything. Not fair she's got about 13 guts in there
Wilko (10 hours ago)
Levelheaded, say that to my girlfriend
Kobus Otto (10 hours ago)
Not ever seeing that ugly thing at 2:22 sounds like heaven.
Kobus Otto (10 hours ago)
Although the 3:15 Fat blob is worse.
Bhaswar Pawan (10 hours ago)
Women: We are better at everything. Men: Ok, take guns and go for a war to defend the country Women: *Shocked Pikachu face*
David Chomiak (11 hours ago)
Mathew Paul (11 hours ago)
I'm surprised this was from NYC 😂 So much fear of saying your opinions cause women might get offended 😁
Mathew Paul (11 hours ago)
Expose them
Ron ball (11 hours ago)
My girlfriend claims shes a feminist. I tell her feminism is far more androgynous than she thinks. I'm sure watching this video would make her curl. I'm so grateful to be with her, and none of these women.
Blood Angel (12 hours ago)
So many unbiased opinions....lol This is painful to watch
Wilson Merkel (12 hours ago)
How many women are in the elite 'Special Forces' ??
cnote frank (13 hours ago)
these women are misandry, facts/   they hate men
Keith Roylance (18 hours ago)
Men are definitely better at naming things men are better at than women.
Sektos Eisenherz (18 hours ago)
when a woman says everything I would do pushups and then say: it is your turn! xD
Jackson james (18 hours ago)
Siddharth Shukla (19 hours ago)
The black dude was an absolute mangiπa
Sophia Miu (19 hours ago)
Is it ok? You don’t love women so therefore women do not love men you idiot
alittlestrength (20 hours ago)
The large woman who said that women were better at choosing what to wear, made some really bad clothing choices.
Benji Eudeline (20 hours ago)
Except for athletics and some other small things, both genders are pretty equal.
Brooke Hawkins (20 hours ago)
I absolutely love the intelligent honest older gentleman @2:55! He was spot on and didn’t worry about bowing to the PC sjw feminazi wannabe speech dictators and told it like he was! 👏🏼💪🏼😂
Brooke Hawkins (20 hours ago)
2:05 idk how the hell you kept going I would’ve been forced and unable to stop my mouth from opening saying, “clearly they’re better then you at exercising/dieting, being healthy, weight loss etc.!” Just another beached whale feminazi delusional about reality and real world facts! 6:05 that feminazi is so triggered her giant zit (standing out like a laser on a snipers gun hitting its target) that I was sure it was just going to spontaneously bust all over you! 😂🙈
Simone Barner (21 hours ago)
Why do we have to compete?
Ryan Showalter (21 hours ago)
What does someone mean by saying that men and women are "different" though? Is it strictly a biological difference, sexual, mental... What exactly? It's always said in a way that implies something, yet rarely get specific. I totally agree that today's culture and social doctrines are unhealthy.
Lawrence McLean (21 hours ago)
Civilization has resulted in the proliferation of people obsessed with their social status above all else. There is a widespread miss-understanding what a human is. The existential theory what a human is is false. Humans are an animal with the same traits as almost all others in varying proportion. The video is very good, it confirms my own theory of what a human is.
inthinkable (22 hours ago)
The fat wannabe whale in the striped shirt, which could probably double as my bed sheet, is an absolutely disgusting thing.
Yakf15h (22 hours ago)
The old man is the only one that got everything correct.
Phillip Reynolds (22 hours ago)
Walking blimp that is currently wearing horizontal stripes: "Buying clothes for themselves."
Kratos510e (22 hours ago)
Hmmm I can't think of anything men do better than women.... here let me check my *phone* and search the *internet* for some ideas, it's just really hard to concentrate in this noisy *city*
Holy shiaat, I could not even see the end of the belly of that horrible fat lady. Gosh...
Calvin Schaafsma (1 day ago)
Women are better than men at: 1. Showing Love/Compassion 2. Being Merciful 3. Being Organized Common flaw: Women can often times be too soft or show too much Mercy Men are better than Women at 1. Being stronger, physically and emotionally 2. Being determined/focused(don’t let feeling get in the way of tough choices) 3. Mental/physical endurance (Doing the tough jobs, and can take more mental pain) Common flaw: can be too harsh
stormy weather (1 day ago)
IDTMWS (1 day ago)
3:07 ...why? Just. What...
Mafasa (1 day ago)
The only thing women are good, is that they evolved to be manipulative lairs.
wodis82 (1 day ago)
OMG!! We are basically done. I am impressed how he could keep a straight face with those answers he has been given.
Ace (1 day ago)
men: better at sports, funnier women: better at..??? i don't get any of their points.
Avox Design (1 day ago)
Holy fk how did u just get the most sexist women out there. Nobody thought of men being naturally stronger???
Pieter s (1 day ago)
Men are physically stronger, but women lives longer. Both have there plus sides.
Vikkipoo (1 day ago)
Men are better at physical stuff tho
Álefe Lucas (1 day ago)
The things that men are naturally better then women and vice versa, are all product of the human nature of hunter gatherers, pre historic life. Women are better with reading people's feeling, reading a baby's needs, classifying colors, classifying smells, sensing smell, uuh... these are the "natural" things I can think of. There are a plenty of cultural things like cooking, make up, taking care of its own appearance and health (cultural stuff always have exceptions). Men are better at every sport I can think of, better at navigating, and that's all I can think. Also when you have these rare super intelligent people, they usually are males with some weird social behavior.
Andrew (1 day ago)
RaimonTarou (1 day ago)
Your closing statement/conclusion at the end of the video is 100 percent correct you are ON POINT!!!!
provishky (1 day ago)
That black guy is lost in all the sense of the word.
XxX (1 day ago)
Men are better at: Lifting, Fighting, Doing Sports, Proctective, Hiding emotions, Hard labor works, and other things those are like the first things that come to my mind
Coconut (1 day ago)
Why didn’t strength ever come up
Shedhunter 8 (1 day ago)
Why ask a man with a ball cap and a suit what he thinks men are better at!
Abz Mo (1 day ago)
Truth is men are better at EVERYTHING but we have to pretend like you hoes are better just like when you lie and tell kids they are better than you
Jacob Jojo (1 day ago)
I've never cringed so hard in my life.
Darrell Francis (1 day ago)
My Brother said it the " The Devine "
Darrell Francis (1 day ago)
This is exactly why a woman should not be " President "
wordreet (1 day ago)
Average male is somewhat larger than average female, therefore lifting heavy objects is easier for male. But that's about all I can think of.
xGarrettThiefx (1 day ago)
Look I just have to say it OK... 3:15 It would just break my heart If I didn't post this comment ok... A WILD SNORLAX APPEARS...
CountDemitri (1 day ago)
Women are better at whining and crying. Men at everything else. And it has to do with biology. Look at primates. Males have to compete to het females and females just do nursing. So biologically males have to be competitive in every aspect.
Berto BF (1 day ago)
All answers in 1 second: Ahhhhhmmmmm, eeeeeeerrr...
Drexpz (1 day ago)
That's what happens when you give ungrateful people commodities and a developed society to live in.
G' Nome (1 day ago)
2:04 A wild whale has appeared
Lupe Villavicencio (1 day ago)
All men are more masculine then any woman... that's one offe the things that devide use
SodieN (1 day ago)
Men are better at 1. Sport 2. Jobs 3.being stronger mentally and physically (my opinion)
Ali Shakeri (1 day ago)
What i said in the end is soo true. The divide helps them rule us.
Samurai Takuan (1 day ago)
“Men are better at a.....” *5 years later* “at a.......”
Samurai Takuan (1 day ago)
Gynocentric society we live today apparently
Mehran Gerami (1 day ago)
Nice job. Reality is scary isnt it? your conclusion is right in my opinion. Keep up the good work. What a shame. Best wishes. Mehran
david Ramirez (2 days ago)
2:19 this is why misogyny exist
Ketan Shende (2 days ago)
This is so sad...so sad. I was so shocked. I am a trans woman and I think men are so much better at so many things!
Awpaka (2 days ago)
*Thats Hot, thats Hot*
Egg Mix Gaming (2 days ago)
Im gonna meme it's called MANKIND not WOMENKIND lol
Rusenescu Alin (2 days ago)
after whatching this vid all i can get is that women are better at "feelings" ... men are better at paying alimony
TRUESF (2 days ago)
Everything can fit in her belly
Planetgonenuts (2 days ago)
“The eye that sees earthly things is deceitful, but the eye that sees spiritual things is true. Then, because of the things that happened, the Great Eye that saw Truth was closed and henceforth man walked in falsity. Unable to perceive Truth he saw only that which deceived him, and so it shall be until his awakening.” MAN AND WOMAN ARE DIFFERENT: A woman is no more made to go into battle than a man was made to bare children." - “Man and women travel the same road together, but each bears a different burden.” "Dadam said, "The fault is with the woman, wherefore should I suffer?" The Spiritbeing replied, "Because you two are now as one the conkerworms of disease and sickness strike both equally, but you shall not again defile this place. Henceforth, the misty veil becomes an impenetrable barrier severing our two realms from each other, so they can no longer be easily spanned. Between us there will now be no means of communication. Henceforth, man and woman, fated to unite in love divine, shall be divided and set apart, though ever yearning reunion. They may cleave one to the other, seeking the unity which will rekindle the flame, but unless their efforts transcend the limitations of earthly things they will be in vain. The spirit of man is now severed from the whole and cast again into unconsciousness, and it too shall long for reunion with the whole. The spark shall seek to return to the fire, for otherwise it becomes nothing. The web of fate is rewoven and the paths of destiny remade, the design of life is redrawn; again the progression begins in ignorance, birth and death, pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, success and failure, love and hate, peace and war, all the light and shade, the many hues making the splendidly intricate pattern of life on Earth. This is a new beginning but a beginning not in purity and unencumbered, but one already weighted with debts and burdens". "A man fights because it is the inbred nature of men to fight, and this is true, for it is only through strife that he becomes a man. A man lacking the human fighting spirit would be as unnatural a creature as a woman shunning motherhood. This goes against human inclination; yet true men do not despise these, for the nature of men and women is wide and varied and there is a place in life for all. A warrior is a man responding gleefully to the stern demands of manhood, even as a mother is a woman lovingly responding to the demands of motherhood. The two are akin, for what motherhood is to a woman war is to a man. Without motherhood, men would lose respect for womanhood, and without war, women would lose respect for manliness. " "We must provide for the sick and helpless, for the old and incapable. We must assure the integrity of the family. The first objective must be the spiritual goal, which is the only proper one for all men. After that all instruction and law should be bent towards an increasingly harmonious relationship between every living being. The upbringing of children must have as its objective the attainment of well balanced manhood and womanhood. We must make men high-minded and above all pettiness. They must be upright and rejoice in their manhood. They must possess courage and fortitude equal to any trial, for there will be many. They must be prepared to endure oppression and persecution with self-control and calmness which no misfortune or calamity can shake. They must also be such men that good fortune and abundance does not weaken them.”– all of the above from, The Kolbrin, Wisdom of the Ages, The Book of Gleanings.
Planetgonenuts (2 days ago)
Interestingly, all around those women and half-men there is a great city which was built by men and yet they are oblivious to such stark evidence which clearly points out that men and women are different and that men excel in certain attributes that are particular to men. Strength is one of those attributes as obviously women did not build cities or fight off the barbarians but the modern woman and half-man, via brainwashing by government, academia and the mass media have thrown the Wisdom of the Ages out the window and now believe in unicorns and fairies unaware that there is an evil group of people who throughout the ages have planned the downfall of civilization and The Fall of Man by using the ages old Divide and Conquer method and have been successful in getting men and women to believe in a reality that has never existed but they believe it because it is repeated by those in 'authority'. Wake up.
Planetgonenuts (2 days ago)
“Now, because of the wickedness that was done, there are among men those who are the Children of the Beast, and they are different people. The race of man alone was punished, for the beast acted according to its nature. In man the beast and god strive to decide whether he shall take his place among the gods and live or the beasts and die, and woman, in her weakness, betrayed him to the beast.” “Men struggle daily with the beast and wrest their living from the soil, their day being encompassed with strife and toil. So women bring forth children with suffering, and because they are frail their husbands rule over them. Man is conceived in the womb of woman and she brings him forth to life. Therefore, when God raised man up from among the beasts, choosing him as His heir and endowing him with immortal spirit, He placed a veil over the portals of life. This, that woman should not forget she is unlike all other living creatures and the trustee of a divine mission. For a woman not only gives life to a mortal being, she also bears a spark of divinity to Earth, and there can be no greater responsibility.” Among the Children of Men woman was chattel. She was subject to man, an object for the satisfaction of his lust and the servant to supply his needs. He subdued her and kept her in servitude, for her betrayal of man was known even among them, and it was never forgotten, nor could it be forgiven. The Children of God valued woman highly and protected her from crudeness and cruelty, and her standing was such that she was awarded only to the most worthy of men. They held her in respect, for to them she was the fountain of life within their race, the designer of its future. Yet even so they had to resist her, for she was inclined to be wilful and unheeding of her responsibility.” “The greatest forces man can harness to his benefit are those lying within himself, but the underlying strength of the people lay in the morality of its women, for this was the strength that governed, because it was the safeguard for something of value. Men strive for gold, and value it because it is something not easily attained. If gold could be gathered by the handful, men would scorn it, its power is in its scarcity.” "A woman who places no value on herself steals something from all women, for they are then less valued in the eyes of men. Would men value gold were it gathered by the wayside?" "Man kept women in bondage, for he knew from his own knowledge of her ways that she was not to be trusted. Henceforth, she could not walk freely amongst men, for they knew that though woman was weak and man strong, by womanly guile she could exploit his weakness. Among the outcast people and The Children of Men woman was subject to man, and he imposed his will upon her and dominated her.” “In this manner woman wrought her own downfall and the destruction of those who held her in high regard. Her charms she cast at the feet of those who trampled them underfoot. Woman was not yet fitted to be the free guardian of the portals of life. She was never wise enough to choose the fathers of the race, for she was ruled by womanly waywardness, not by wisdom." – all of the above from, The Kolbrin, Wisdom of the Ages, The Book of Gleanings.
Fahim Sayed ally (2 days ago)
Woman are the greatest porn stars
Frosty (2 days ago)
Many women in their seem really sexist
Joshua Lyness (2 days ago)
It’s not unfair to say that 90% of the world we live in has been invented by men. I don’t think that makes men better than women, it just highlights the differences in genders. Women are the carers of society, working with people and for people. Men are good at building things. Maybe that’s sexist, but as far as I can tell, it’s true.
Corvus Rhegar (2 days ago)
i think men are better at being taken for granted
Corvus Rhegar (2 days ago)
i think men are better at being taken for granted
Da Boss (2 days ago)
just 'muricah things
XDreeze (2 days ago)
Women are better at being victims in a spoiled western society ^^
The TRUTH Revealed (2 days ago)
The hypocrisy is that his name is usually a female name but I don’t give a
VeryUnlikely (2 days ago)
"thinking they drive better" lol that old man.
Hamza Mohamed (2 days ago)
At 1:15 some stupid women said women eat drink and think better than men.... That's what females in our generation is is all about. They got out of the kitchen and into the eating and drinking business 🤦🏽‍♂️ what a step up
ex0duzz (2 days ago)
Basketball.. Sometimes? Lol And that black guy.. Wow. He was probably the most hardcore feminist among them, just low key. He didn't want to and couldn't even say one thing guys are better at when he's a guy! That's some conditioned self hate right there. Sad how he can't even show pride in being a man, he's basically been neutered and immasculated by this current wave of feminazism.
Vinny DiGregorio (2 days ago)
WHY is it so hard for people to say MEN ARE BETTER AT ALL PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES!! Yes, there are some Women that are stronger than some Men.. But we’re just generalizing, right??
1manuscriptman (2 days ago)
1.Women make better bosses in Political Positions. 2.They are better delegators 3. They are better world leaders 4.They are better cooperators 5. They are better listeners.
celph titled (2 days ago)
that fat girl can barely breath to the point she needs to take a breath between each word XD

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