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How to crochet sun hat (all sizes)

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Text Comments (60)
maria doll (3 days ago)
Can I use weight 4 yarn and a D hook for size 3-4
Joanna Stawniak (2 days ago)
Yes sure but I am notsure about the size of whole project at the end. Just measure during crocheing
shanawsha203 (1 year ago)
In your video you have not shown how to end the row, like in the end of row 2 and 3 you made front post double crochet or not cause in my case I m not getting any FPDC in the end of those round. Please make it clear.
Afifa Khatoon (1 year ago)
Joanna Stawniak (1 year ago)
Thank you very much 🙂
N Dent (1 year ago)
What yarn are you using and how much do I need to buy please?
Joanna Stawniak (1 year ago)
The yarn is DMC NATURA JUST COTTON. I am nor remember how much yarn I used but I think it was two balls of 50g
When you began your brim on the first row, your stitches 2 through 4 were supposed to be half double crochets but you actually single crocheted. I just wanted to clarify that in case anyone has questions. Thank you so much for showing us this pattern. I made 1 in an adult size but now I will make one in a baby size :-)
Leigh Stevens (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Youbare very telented. I really appreciate the information about sizing. Thank you for your time and patience
Joanna Stawniak (1 year ago)
You're welcome 😊 and thank you for your kind words 😊
lily bate (1 year ago)
Thanks Joanna, I've just finished this little hat its truly beautiful... your clear gentle voice helped a lot .... I'm now looking for your flower
Joanna Stawniak (1 year ago)
Thank you very much for your kind words 😀
Gabriela Lorenc (2 years ago)
hei. greit pattern and video ! oby więcej takich filmów :) nawet po angielsku bo tak mi się łatwiej odnaleźć. pozdrawiam :)
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
Fziekuje bardzo ja towniez poprosze o zdjecia gotowych czapeczek 😊. Prosze mnie otagowac na instagramie albo przeslac na emaila [email protected]
Gabriela Lorenc (2 years ago)
Zaczyna sie robic cieplo, wiec moze bedzie lepiej :) Jak skoncze moje czapeczki to udostepnie zdjecia na FB wraz z linkiem do tutorialu :) Dziekuje i wzajemnie :)
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
Jak narazie nie planowalam wiecej filmow z czapkami bo jakos tak slabo sie ogladaja. Nie wiem czy ludzie tego nie lubia czy jak. Ale moze Pani przeslac mi linka zobacze jak to wyglada. Milej niedzieli :).
Gabriela Lorenc (2 years ago)
+Joanna Stawniak dziękuję :) właśnie tworzę dwa kapelusiki dla moich córek, ale w planach jest więcej! na pewno będę zaglądać. ps. są też filmiki na czapkę z kocimi uszkami ale tylko po rosyjsku... może będzie fajny pomysł na następny film
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
Dziekuje bardzo za mily komentarz. Zapraszam do ogladniecia filmu jak zrobic kapelusz z duzym radem 😉
yuna perez (2 years ago)
hi what kind of yarn? thanks
Karen Alger (2 years ago)
so your just doing front post double crochet? I don't understand how your saying it on the video
AiDa Eline (2 years ago)
plz have u a pictures of each step .... i would get it more
AiDa Eline (2 years ago)
Joanna Stawniak thx a lot i m going to make one to my daughter "Eline" 🐹
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
Sorry but I haven't god any website so I am not making any pictures during my work.
Nuket Tuna Keles (2 years ago)
I never done before any hat ever! my neighbour have 2 years old daughter pick up me as a good friend watching children video together :D. It will be nice to make some nice hat to her, Thank you so much to teaching me <333
Nuket Tuna Keles (2 years ago)
thank you Joanna, I done some crochet but never hat! Just look at the picture and thinking how nice. I will start tomorrow (australian time) if I so far I will send you an image how your student done the homework :D <333
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
You're welcome. I hope the tutorial will be easy for you. Happy crocheting :).
Pat de Vignat (2 years ago)
just want to say thank you I have just finished the hat never crochet before you are a very good teacher olive it
Joanna Stawniak (2 years ago)
Thank you very much :). I am very glad that I can read such a nice comments :).
Pat de Vignat (2 years ago)
I just want say thank you.
Celine Hassett (3 years ago)
Hi Joanna, round 7 starts with chain 3 is this the same for the following 11 rounds.
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
Yes, each row starts with chain 3 :)
Elzora Shaw (3 years ago)
My hat looks like this, but my rows are not spireling, they look even each row.  What am I doing wrong?
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
To be honest I don't know are you making an increase at the begining of wach row?
Aditi S (3 years ago)
thAnks a ton.. I made this for my daughter and it turned out great
Bev croft (3 years ago)
hi im new to crochet and im following your video bit by bit , but my hat is going all wavy round the edges and curling in what am i doing wrong? how do i keep it flat?
Bev croft (3 years ago)
Ohh ok ive only got a couple of different hooks ill keep trying till I get it right cos I love this hat lol
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+Bev croft that happend sometimes if you crocheting to tight or you using wrong size of yarn
April Zakany (3 years ago)
is there a written pattern for this online?
Lisa Ernest (3 years ago)
how do I start for a 6mo old baby hat?
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+Lisa Ernest you can use any light yarn for crochet hook size 3mm
Lisa Ernest (3 years ago)
+Joanna Stawniak ok, i will try!!!! i can crochet , but not an avid experienced one, I am not sure what yarn , it is hard to find the cotton, unless it is the kind you use for dishrags??
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+Lisa Ernest use the crochet hook size 2.75- 3mm and start follow the instruction from video till 17:00 Inam showing how to crochet all sizes and tuen you will see how to crochet your size :)
favour appiah (3 years ago)
Pls am from Ghana and we only have a size 1.6mm,how do I go about it cos I really love the hat and will love to make it for a 10 yrs old and an adult
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+favour appiah try to make more dc at the begining of hat. I have done 15dc for about 3 years old so for 10 years old try to make 17dc for adult size maybe 19-20dc. But the best way is just measure when crocheting.
favour appiah (3 years ago)
How do u increase the size for an adult
Carolyn Aderholt (2 years ago)
favour appiah LyubavaCrochet
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+favour appiah use the crochet hook size 4.5mm
1944734 (3 years ago)
where can I get directions     thank you
Ivelize Aponte (3 years ago)
I don't understand the hook size..
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+Ivelize Aponte crochet hook size 3mm in US you need to use crochet hook size D- 3.25
Ottilia Horvath (3 years ago)
HI!How much yarn need it for this size of hat?
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+Ottilia Horvath about 3/4 of skein
Mireya Hernandez Zeno (3 years ago)
hola me gustaria que lo explicaras en español
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
@Mireya Hernandez Zeno puedo tratar de hacer una traducción a la configuración de you tube a pesar de que no lo he probado y no sé cómo funciona
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
@Mireya Hernandez Zeno La verdad es que no sé español en absoluto, y mi traducción usando un traductor puede ser completamente inútil. ahora también escribe para la ayuda de un traductor :)
IRMA AYALA (3 years ago)
What kind of Yarn do you use?
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
+IRMA AYALA what do you want to know exactly?? If the crochet hook sizes here you've got: new born - 5 years -3/3.25mm, 5-10 yeras 3.75/4mm, adult size 4.5mm
Joanna Stawniak (3 years ago)
Heba Amer (4 years ago)
Very nice thank u so much ,ve learnt a lot from u ^_^
Joanna Stawniak (4 years ago)
@Heba Amer :)

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