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Could This Be The Legendary "Magic Bridge" Connecting India And Sri Lanka?

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p Ancient Hindu lore about the god Rama sheds light on an incredible feat of ancient engineering. Full Episodes Streaming FREE: https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/what-on-earth/ Subscribe to Science Channel: http://bit.ly/SubscribeScience Check out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. Every day. http://bit.ly/SCI2YT Join Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ScienceChannel Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sciencechannel
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Text Comments (6310)
Srini Vasan (6 hours ago)
Mohan Venkat (11 hours ago)
Srilanka is visible from Tanuskodi Island of Rameshvaram District, Tamilnadu State, India..few kms away!
Mohan Venkat (12 hours ago)
Krunal Vasani (15 hours ago)
Its Adam's bridge. The first Human size was sixty cubits (30 meters) in height. He placed those big rocks to cross the other side in search for Eve. Sri Lanka is a place where Adam was descended from Eden after eating the forbidden fruit. They have Adam's peak in Shri Lanka. You can google it. The Ramayan that you guys believe so much has up to 300 versions. People use to remember their past events through poems i.e The great flood. Do your research properly without following blindly to some fables that you heard from your forefathers. No disrespect to anyone's religion. We are not evolved from Apes. You are a bigger fool if you take Darwin's theory as "Facts".
Srikanth Reddy (1 day ago)
The almighty God Sri ram doesn't need your dumb approvals
quintella blackman (2 days ago)
Stop digging up the ppl history
Travels World (2 days ago)
Amazing founding yay. Who cares about the Jesus and biblical theology
A.Victor Paul (2 days ago)
How is it possible 4 thousand year old sand but 7 thousand year old bridge, perhaps it has to be opposite. Hindu mythologies happened really but not how they have been written in Hindu books. They wrote it with much exaggeration, those stones are floating stones available in nature bridge was built with the help of Aboriginals of India or SC/STs of India, after using us to build, bring back Seeta, burn Lanka, this so called God Rama, portrayed Hanuman and his army as monkeys in their books.👊😭 That's their real face. Asuras means (Lords or Kings )were Aboriginals who were cheated, murdered and raped by Aryans or People of Varna Triangle and they called those murderers, intruders, sorcerers, rapists as God's and Goddesses. But, only our Lord, God and Saviour is true living God.
side kick (2 days ago)
When people were smarter back in the days!
Those "HINDU" fanatics do not know much about their own religion(s)! RAMA, a kind made God??? Indian "Golden Age", when was this??? I am so dumb that I cannot "IMAGINE"!
It is 'fully documented' that GOD RAM and HANUMAN spent near to a decade or more to build that bridge in order to cross over and save RAM's wife!!! Don't laugh if you do not want to be labelled ANTISEMITIC!!! BAFS
HANUMAN is just the BLACK COLOURED (KALI VARNA) South "Indian" that the North "WHITE" COLOURED BRAHMIN HATED and called MONKEY!
dev krishn balram (3 days ago)
जय श्री राम
classicrockcafe (4 days ago)
It is a land bridge just like the one connecting Siberia and Alaska. I have always figured the were many land bridges during the Ice Age.
Numero Uno 777 (4 days ago)
How can rocks be only 7000 years ago ? Another fake propaganda to downplay the ancient nature of Indian history . The structure is 1.7 million years old ... WTH in the name of science ! It’s all fake !!! How can any science age the sand bars and stones at meagre 7000 and 4000 ??? Lol 😂
(4 days ago)
Jai sreeram
RAMESH KUMAR (4 days ago)
Jay shri ram
bal khillo (5 days ago)
Who the hell they are 🤣🤣🤣
Roland Specht (5 days ago)
Indian is the Oldest culture in the WORLD...and yet the west knows very Little if nothing about it....
Roland Specht (2 days ago)
Playlist ..you are so correct...But todays world is so close minded to this simple fact....
KermetDaBst Meme (5 days ago)
In the Hindu mythology hanuman and rama fight the monster so they have to build a bridge
KermetDaBst Meme (5 days ago)
Legend said that Jesus walk through the bridge boom! mind blown
think positive (5 days ago)
How many people seeing this video in2019
pavan haldipur (5 days ago)
Ram Ram Hare Hare..
Srinivas Tarun (5 days ago)
Ram Lalla hum aayenge.... Mandir wahin banayenge !!!
suvy dhawan (6 days ago)
jai shree ram
Vinay Kumar (6 days ago)
Rama did make this . We hail him - Jay Shri Ram
Jawad Ali (6 days ago)
Bhaii log kuch aisa hen same Russia to Japan ko connect karr ta hi usse ko banaya.? Go and see satellite map Russia to Japan. A sab natural hi Bhaii log
Jawad Ali (6 days ago)
Jawad Ali (6 days ago)
Hahaha This type line also here in Russia to Japan go and see satellite map 😂
Gautam Kumar (2 days ago)
Without knowning the fact do not comment , this is not continental drift as they have shown in documentary. This was man made gigantic structure , if , it was mentioned in Ramayana it means they only wanted to inform us by tales , if u say about kuran then u also know how much myths are written in the kuran , so plz do show ur obliged mentality towards a specific community rather than you should enjoy this documentary as scientific stuff .
Pigs and Pipes (7 days ago)
This is a true story not a fairy tale about a true love story of Rama saving Seetha his love of life the rocks will have few words written on them
Rose White (8 days ago)
Just one of the cracks in the crust that occurred at the start of The Flood 4,350 years ago. Then as the crust settled there was excess material that was squashed upwards. quite simple if you use a bit of brain power.
Rose White (3 days ago)
+Playlist 4,350 years ago. Greenland crater was made by rocks returning to Earth after being blasted out by the opening of the waters of the deep. Start trying to learn something about the boiling hot water under the crust...and forget Planet of Apes movies.
Dustin Tacohands (9 days ago)
Hmm if there was full one it gotind washed away good... reminds me of Tyre when Alexander built bridge to get to it.. course he had way less distance 800m. Its cool if you look at before and after tyre its grown alot since alexander
Sandile Dlamini (9 days ago)
Science will establish facts about this mystery
Yashvanth Immortals (9 days ago)
Fools That's lemuria !!!!
Varsha Chauhan (9 days ago)
Your mystery Our history..!!
Sailee Kawale (9 days ago)
Is there a full episode of this
Kumar Satyam Singh (9 days ago)
This is our history not mythology.
Satyam Jawarkar (9 days ago)
Yes....it is true that epic of ramayan was happened in past
nihal gupta (9 days ago)
Jai hanuman😊😊😊😊
Shui Ki Cheung (10 days ago)
Although the rest of the 🌎 criticism says India so bad and dirty but in fact the fundamental of whole continental India included Sri Lanka are higher civilization and culture we seen it from nowadays India building!If l have money no daydream l will go to visit India!
dinesh patidar (10 days ago)
To science channel please come to suprem court of india in ram setu case which is pending and come with your proofs and clear it matter for india... do not misguide people of country by making just 2.26 minute video...show your proof and evidence to all geologist of world and india and make your point clear and exact.... do not politicize the science
Regina Bell (10 days ago)
They have arms and faces.
Srinidhi SRI (11 days ago)
❣️ ರಾಮಾಯಣ ಒಂದು ಸತ್ಯ ಘಟನೆ ❣️ ⚜️ Ramayana it's true story ⚜️
Red Addon (11 days ago)
Hindus are now feeling proud 😂😂.. Its natural and not done by anyone. Its indian history
priya (11 days ago)
Proud to be Hindu.
Renga Rocky (12 days ago)
Ram setha bridge
TheSeventDoor (13 days ago)
hahhahahhaha. great joke
Krishna Chandra (14 days ago)
jay shree Ram 🙏
killer Dil (15 days ago)
modi ji kab banaoge ram mandir bhonkney mein toh mahir ho
Overlord Born (16 days ago)
Its called ram setu, its well known to every indian & lord raam had build it with the help of vaanar army. You can can found about it in ramayan scripture.
Overlord Born (2 days ago)
+blah. Crisis comes everytime but its not their duty to interfere everytime, each avatar came after a very long time and the last avatar which is said to be kalki avatar which is yet to come & it is said to come at the end of this dark age. Its our duty for humans to survive crisis on our own & make society a better place.
blah. (2 days ago)
+Overlord Born why didnt they help Indians at times of crisis?
Overlord Born (2 days ago)
+blah. They come to earth for some time and rhen go away lord raam was an avatar of Lord vishnu and atleast he came on earth around 10-15k years ago. These gods lives in another dimension which we call it a lok(world). You can also serach for lord krishna dwarika city.
Abhishek Suratkar (3 days ago)
+blah. Blasphemy!! Have Faith on Fictional characters created by hillbillies 2000 years ago who didn't know where Sun went at night, you numpty 😂😂
blah. (3 days ago)
I don't know much about Hinduism but I have a doubt, where are all the Hindu gods now? Why have they disappeared? This phenomenon happens in every religion. All gods have stop appearing on earth. Please explain😊😊
DAnti (16 days ago)
wow a bunch of amateurs
Yes this bridges build by the people who lived in Harappa Mohenjo Daro and keelady civilizations it's definitely not belongs to Veda period.... Vikas Veda period is belongs to normadic village wondering peoples... but Dravidian culture belongs to scientific trading people.... so we need to Burn all manushruti
BOOMERANG.COM (17 days ago)
India was once a very rich nation , with all brave kings, Great culture, Great scholars. I mean Great in all aspects. Then the British came India and looted all precious things from India. To all others who says these Ramayana and Mahabaratha all just myths I wanna say something, just have in mind that all believes in India has a science in it. Our ancestors point outed that earth is not flat and planets revolves around sun and even about big bang theory and mentioned in their poems even before the invention of telescope by Galileo (or Hans lippershey). This comment is for those people who underestimates Indians in comments
blah. (2 days ago)
+BOOMERANG.COM you said India was great in all aspects. Then you contradict yourself by saying India was divided. You seem like an unintelligent person.
BOOMERANG.COM (3 days ago)
+blah. They came India as a trading Company and to start business but India was totally divided and ruled by many kings .India isn't together like other countries this was also advantage for the british to enter
blah. (3 days ago)
why couldn't the brave kings fight off the British with their richness and great scholars and great culture? Why did they loose and allow their country to be looted?
JUNIOR T.S.S. (18 days ago)
1:36, how these stones got here is a mystery,no it simply brought by Hindu God Lord Hanuman to build the bridge connecting India to Srilanka. In Hinduism, only one God who can fly in air ,is Lord Hanuman,so he flew from their in air, and bring the stones, from others part's of country to build the bridge.
blah. (3 days ago)
Where is this God now?
Abhishek Suratkar (14 days ago)
Stop mixing facts with myths, it's geological feature not made by fictional character
vipul verma (18 days ago)
HINDUISM oldest and truest baki sab converted hai jinko galti nikalni hi hai
Uni verse (18 days ago)
Why the Adams Bridge is so insanely curvy if it's man made and destined for one destination. It's absolutely natural creation.
Amit Shivhare (19 days ago)
Congress wanted to break that bridge..
vw polo (20 days ago)
Anyone with scientific temper will accept that its man made and Ramayan is part of India's history.
M E G A H A W X (20 days ago)
ANU ANANDHU (22 days ago)
ANU ANANDHU (22 days ago)
Shakoentela Khoeblal (24 days ago)
Is the true story....jai Sri Ram
NV Ayatti (25 days ago)
Lord Rama.
Arjun Raj KB (25 days ago)
thank you NASA,FOR SHOWING PROOF to atheists,All glory to Sri Ram
Abhishek Suratkar (3 days ago)
+FRÉMAUX SOORMALLY don't stick words like 'fully documented' to fictional stories
It is 'fully documented' that GOD RAM and HANUMAN spent near to a decade or more to build that bridge in order to cross over and save RAM's wife!!! Don't laugh if you do not want to be labelled ANTISEMITIC!!! BAFS
Abhishek Suratkar (14 days ago)
Eh what? most of all you think NASA cares for Indian religion you are sorely mistaken
Rahul Bajaj (26 days ago)
Hanuman lord made this
debasish naiding (27 days ago)
stupid western science
PAVAN KUMAR (27 days ago)
It's obviously built by lord Rama and we don't need any approvals, and BTW it's not a poem. It's the rich history of India and Hindus. He built it to rescue his kidnapped wife who was kept captive in Sri Lanka, he's totally an inspirational figure to humankind.
PAVAN KUMAR (2 days ago)
+blah. how lame, don't blabber shit when u don't know what it is. The construction of bridge was insisted by the army itself,not by lord ram since hanuman flew to Lanka and found out sita there. The whole army was devoted to him as he was the greatest and divine king, and they built it out of love devotion towards lord ram. When they had no problem, why do u?!
blah. (3 days ago)
If he spent so much time and effort of his people just to rescue his wife then he is not a good leader. He is selfish.
Kumari kandam..
Naruto Uzumaki (27 days ago)
Fuck westerners inhuman people. Calling it magic bridge and a poem FUCK YOU - ITS REALITY.Which means HINDUISM IS TRUE RELEGION UNLIKE YOUR FAKE FLESH EATING ZOMBIE JESUS
Abhishek Suratkar (14 days ago)
Both are just as fake
Shanmuga don (28 days ago)
Jai shree Ram
Stale Buns (28 days ago)
That’s the Adam’s bridge right?
Anand Rahangdale (28 days ago)
Shri Raghuvar ki Vanar sena Setu Baandh Chuki ❣️
beti doux (28 days ago)
The bridge definitely exist and it is. Read Ramayan all questions answer will be revealed
Aklima Sultana (28 days ago)
Adam's bridge.
Shivesh Kr (28 days ago)
No Proof Needed by any agency. Ramayna is history of India and will always remain embedded in our Soul. Jai Shree Ram
Ashish Deb (29 days ago)
Its not mystery nor mythology its the history, true history of Lord Rama. Ayodhya to Rameshwaram and then Lanka. Jay Shree Ram ♥
Abhishek Suratkar (14 days ago)
Stop mixing facts & myths
Prakhar Srivastava (29 days ago)
Mandir wahi banayenge
shaa141 (29 days ago)
We believe only if Americans say read Ramayana it is documentary of India gives information about landscape about India
sagar sapkota (30 days ago)
U people always tried ur best to demean Hindu religious beliefs but fact is fact no one can change....
Abhishek Suratkar (14 days ago)
No religion is a fact. Now that's a fact ☝️
The ram setu was built nearly 890000 years ago after that it was repaired over and over again.the rockes that scientiest are studying on may be the new one.they should dig more deep for the original rocks placed by shri ram's army and not the monkey army they were humans.if we call australians "kangroos" it doesn't mean the are kangroos.
blah. (3 days ago)
And if this happened 8900000000000000 years ago, then this shri ram dude is probably dead. So you should stop praying to him.
blah. (3 days ago)
I also presume you don't believe in evolution?
Vijay Prakash Doss (30 days ago)
I am a indian child iheard thst the god rama build a brige to rescue a god womon god called sits from a villain called ravana
Stendal N. (1 month ago)
I studied this they are islands not to close they are lots of islands
M S S (1 month ago)
Read the story of Ramayanam 👌👌
Gnanasekaran k.p (1 month ago)
Nothing behind except science and science will untie the truth
Cool Ice (1 month ago)
Why everyone is after this bridge ,,,,you should admire what the story teaches u and how you should be in your life ,,,,but not the magic in it ,,,,,try to be in qualities of rama
keep quiet (1 month ago)
This is 9000 years old bridge well written in Indian books
keep quiet (1 month ago)
Bolo sree ram Chandra ki...
Lalit Reddy (1 month ago)
Jai jai shree ram
This is so Cool and Real
Subhasheesh Bera (1 month ago)
People of India,Sri Lanka and Indonesia know about that
aditya mail (8 hours ago)
And Pakistan and Bangladesh too)
Fortnite Tamil (1 month ago)
I'm proud to be a Indian
Fortnite Tamil (3 days ago)
This is a stupid question...
blah. (3 days ago)
ashwin ravishankar (1 month ago)
Lord ram built that to take setha from raven
Smaraki Diaries (1 month ago)
Yeah Science is behind everything.
R.Aravind Aravind (1 month ago)
This bridge is clearly mentioned in our holy script I am really believe it . The script gives the real need for that bridge and how its made. Our script is much older than Bible. There are other evidence that supports the script is real all the things and places mentioned in it is spread all our INDIA.
R.Aravind Aravind (10 days ago)
+Abhishek Suratkar You should visit this place then you will change your words .
Abhishek Suratkar (10 days ago)
+R.Aravind Aravind No
R.Aravind Aravind (10 days ago)
+Abhishek Suratkar Have you ever visited this place.
Abhishek Suratkar (10 days ago)
+R.Aravind Aravind lol so has GSI if you know what it is 🙈, can't stop delusions or wishful thinking in your head
R.Aravind Aravind (10 days ago)
+Abhishek Suratkar Ok you believe as what you know , when Americans prove it you will believe and they have given it a name that is Adam's bridge . You can call it as mentioned and I don't care . Also I have visited this place several times and I could easily find out that it is man made.
Sla yer (1 month ago)
Jai Shree Ram 🚩
Green Man (1 month ago)
Jai rama
Green Man (1 month ago)
I am really proud to be hindu
blah. (3 days ago)
Green Man (1 month ago)
We no that from hindu religion ,we new that but now they understood
Pluto- deviated planet (1 month ago)
Jai shri ram जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम जय श्री राम
hari shankar (1 month ago)
Not humans dumbo

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