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Frequently Asked Questions about RPGs! (Game Master Tips)

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Come hither as Critical Role’s Matt Mercer tells you how to be a better GM / DM. In today’s season finale, he answers some frequently asked questions. Catch these tips a week early on Vessel, and on GeekandSundry.com every Friday! For more on RPGs, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (349)
Dungeon Master (6 hours ago)
I think Matt Mercer is the second coming of Christ. (this is a joke, fellow Christians, please do not get mad.)
TholKrothu (24 days ago)
Y'know, Matt looks like a really cute combo between Jared Padalecki and Jim Carrey. Just saying. Also, I know a bit late, but I love your content.
Andre Höhnke (1 month ago)
mynoise.net is gerat for soundscapes
Daniel DeGabriele (1 month ago)
Also curious how many improv classes Matt has taken? being someone in improv at the moment and going to write a (short) paper about D&D as improv. Also how does he take care of his hair? What kind of shampoo. Can he grow a beard?
Daniel DeGabriele (1 month ago)
I notice you guys don’t really use figurines very much or at all. Is that mostly for entertainment value to keep the game moving?
vazak11 (1 month ago)
Ray Kanen (2 months ago)
Totally stealing Puumat Sol, Thanks Matt!
Steven Bonnell (2 months ago)
I'm in love with matt he's so cute....
zombiekiller530 (3 months ago)
Hey, I am soon to start GMing for a mix of players and I am really new to GMing and would like some tips to help me out. Thanks
James Cody (3 months ago)
"Hell, I would love to make a source book." And so it has been done.
Thervan Firahel (5 months ago)
Matt mercer and chris perkins are probably my 2 favorite professional DM's. Theyre so good at what they do
ankontini (6 months ago)
He has Charisma 20 :)
Kristian Stave (6 months ago)
You heard it here folks! I have now increased my NPC gallery 10 times!
Chaos Tool (6 months ago)
Any tips for a single player campaign? Thinking about getting my gf into d&d but Want to tease her into it before being overwhelmed by a huge friend group that are comfortable with the game for years
Audrey Nilsson (6 months ago)
Pumat Sol is in my campaign xD xD
GabrielMajere (6 months ago)
I have several playlists made, but I'm trying to make one for in town or on a ship. Any suggestions?
Self Awarewolf (6 months ago)
amazon dot com
Ramza BloodMoon (7 months ago)
Matt, you should also check out the band Nox Arcana! They are very similar to Midnight Syndicate.
Toxic Howl (7 months ago)
If you guys want some good music look up Two Steps From Hell. they have AMAZING music that suits the D&D world very well.
Paul F (7 months ago)
I may have created a Barbarian named Grog.
gaamaru95 (8 months ago)
I fucking love Matt Mercer.
Carrie (8 months ago)
I'm using Molly and Yasha in my game for work because i miss Molly already
Callum Hening (8 months ago)
I love Matt so much
Charisma Modifier (8 months ago)
I've been using nothing but final fantasy XV soundtrack for my most recent campaign. It's great
keyz- (8 months ago)
We dont deserve CR and all the guests, basicly got me out of depression(self-diagnozed) But still, only show i follow beyond GoT :D
Kirknan the Barbarian (8 months ago)
lol, I could have sworn you just curse at me, FAQ to you to buddy.
Ravenclaw Life (9 months ago)
How do u level up your player's characters? What books do u need besides the DM's, players handbook, and elemental evil?
Adam Washburn (10 months ago)
Hey Matt how do sneak attacks work in dnd 5e? like how Vex snuck up on that Duergar in critical role to slit his throat.
Irish Black Guy (10 months ago)
Question 8: Will you come DM a game of pathfinder for me and my friends? Question 9: Can you also bring some friends, we can't get a full party because nobody can stand <insert name> cause he's a dick.
spenciwills (10 months ago)
can you make your playlist public?
Yomol Waspran (10 months ago)
I'm a senior in high school who dms for my friend group. Instead of letting my second semester be a billion study Halls, I took a bunch of electives, one of which was improv. It really, really made my dming better, to an extent I couldn't expect. So I 100% agree on that.
Me Tooo (10 months ago)
Please add the songs and artists that she would use for various encounters. Thank you
ericstone 00 (10 months ago)
Also, I want to buy your shirt. Maybe not the one you're wearing, but ya know.....
ericstone 00 (10 months ago)
Have you ever had a player thru Skype join a group for playing? I would love to be involved in gaming again (20years ago) with experienced players to get my feet wet again, but I'm a bit...shy..when I want to be.. kinda weird in game.
cole schissell (10 months ago)
Dose anyone want his whole list of music
Rockey Young (11 months ago)
The awesome part is he actually did make a book.
Krystal Owen (1 year ago)
of the three Matt mentioned that are royalty free... only Midnight Syndicate is on iTunes.
Murder Turtle (1 year ago)
I come from an acting and improv background; I’ve been doing it for my entire childhood, so GMing seems like a fun way to kind of keep my skills sharp. These videos are fantastic by the way.
dr epicbanana (1 year ago)
Has Matt mercer ever played dnd not just dm?
גד בנישו (1 year ago)
.some stuff huh? i bet its not some innocent stuff 5:00
גד בנישו (1 year ago)
4:56 sry
Can I make a map as I go along because that’s what I have been doing, kinda like how Minecraft randomly generates random terrain with different seeds, but more like dwarf fortress where it’s more like a rouge like.
iktan creativo (1 year ago)
https://open.spotify.com/user/12143715526/playlist/7FbSgGqsOAHx1q2SuR1JTd?si=WZK9WQq0SJq7JHf2i-LI-w (Real Horror List Playlist) https://open.spotify.com/user/12143715526/playlist/6vuaT3dbIHsHn9i3eSm8tt?si=YkjKgp9IQVahza68LgWHFw (Strategy Time Playlist) https://open.spotify.com/user/12143715526/playlist/5DkLVOmBoLdUaYZpE9d5vt?si=_18RfqgsRJuuST8iFwYd5A (Sea snd Ships Adventure Playlist) and much more!! :)
GoombaGenocide (1 year ago)
I think I've ended up putting Grogg (under different names) into my campaign a number of times. It was such a memorable character that I end up playing every Barbarian NPC like him, terrifying and adorable
Kevin McKinley-Czup (1 year ago)
Bro... Midnight Syndicate... Thank you so much for giving them a shout out.
Valeria R (1 year ago)
It's so beautiful seeing this and hearing him say multiple times how he would love to make a book like that and now the Exandria campaign setting book is out 😭❤
Q: How can I get friends to play DnD with me?
Darren Richardson (1 year ago)
Ohh yeah Midnight Syndicate's tracks are awesome, I have several of their albums.
zmollon (1 year ago)
Where can we download these playlists or buy them lol?
Mr knight burrell (1 year ago)
i would get the maps but shit there 80 bucks
TheRetoohsprahsify (1 year ago)
The moment he mentioned improv classes my mind yelled, "Freeze! Special Agent Michael Scar! You're under arrest!"
JohnnyBoy (1 year ago)
Coming back to this over a year later after he's released a campaign guide ended a level 20 campaign and become incredibly famous how far they've come
Kalani Seymour (1 year ago)
Dear Matt, I believe there has been an issue, I suddenly have your face, please contact me so we can discuss this further.
Farhad Khakimov (1 year ago)
That sudden feeling when you realize this guy is actually McCree and MacCready, as well as a GM charming as hell.
Charles Whisenant (1 year ago)
Matt is gods gift to D&D.
David (1 year ago)
@matt mercer... i love the gilmore character may i use him in my homebrew?? btw my homebrew is skyrim based with the monster from D&D and skyrim and classes and races of D&D
Marcus Sherlock (1 year ago)
I ran an episode of my group's campaign set inside the PC's very nightmares (based on backstory and psychological profiles I had extracted from them prior to play) as a result of the party being possessed by an astral spirit that intended to lay its eggs in their egos. It was very difficult to award material loot for a series of encounters that took place entirely within their own heads. In the end I had the power of the defeated spirit crystallise into stones of solid magic representing a magical weapon or item property inspired by the individual psychological challenges each character overcame in their personalised encounters. They could use these stones to bypass most of the usual crafting requirements to make the corresponding items.
Tyler Mcgilvery (1 year ago)
I'll put "something out
martijn van weele (1 year ago)
Dudemanous1 (1 year ago)
1:35 This is slip of the tongue is why we were so fortunate as to get the D&Diesel special later on.
Will in New Haven (1 year ago)
LoL, if I had a playlist like that, the peaceful music would play for awhile and then the Snow Drakes would attack
Kai Carey (1 year ago)
So strange to watch now after the campaign guide is released and last year he thought it would never happen or didn't see the opportunity. Love you Matt! <3
pinkish (1 year ago)
FAQ? fairly athletic quails?
Mosreject (1 year ago)
And you made it mr Mercer, you made it! Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting YO!
DN. Neo (1 year ago)
hi am new to role play and dungeon and dragons had a few games as a charter and really want to try my hand at DM the problem is that I really struggle with rules and states and rembering all that stuff but I love the building a world and role playing part of it I think I'd be really good (touching on what you said about drama and doing stuff on the fly I hated scripts but improve I shinned in) (not to blow my own trumpet and not nearly as good as you but was really hoping to get some advice of some one I like watching and the videos are amazing so THANK YOU) hope some point I get a replay and long live the DM (you) lol
Chad Ellis (1 year ago)
"I would love to make a sourcebook if time let's me." Glad time allowed it. I genuinely cannot wait to explore this world, thank you for your work you have done to advance and enrich this community. Thank you Matt Mercer
Winston S. (1 year ago)
One word for map creation- Inkarnate. Thank me later.
LtLexay1 (1 year ago)
4:04 "hell, I'd love to make a source book" fast forward a year...
Corvus 98 (1 year ago)
Question 5: good cause I am definitely using the vestiges in my game :)
Pier-Luc Deschamps (1 year ago)
DMDJ is an app on android and IOS that have a lot of great music/sound! I use it often in my games
Is this music from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow?
Alex S. (2 years ago)
Hahaha I love that he hates getting rules questions. "I'm just a DM, please google this. "
Dardo Muñoz (2 years ago)
Dude...you are my new hero.
Nic M (2 years ago)
Love this series. Thank you.
Mike Limon (2 years ago)
can you release your music playlists matt??
I am Wonderland (2 years ago)
Q: will there be a one off or something we're mat is a player?
Leisure (2 years ago)
I was in theater and also took some classes when I was a kid, it does help a lot.
Daniel (2 years ago)
Could you add those audio resources to the description? I'm sure it'd help a lot of folk.
Johnathan Heath (2 years ago)
I have a question how do you handle out of game interferences just a quick story to go with this question about a week ago me and my group wete playing 5th edition at our local gaming trading card shop and on Lookers being being curious we're watching I have no problem with this most of them we're curious about the game and we're sitting or standing and watching quietly no problem the ones that I had problems with where the more experienced gamers watching our campaign contradicting our dungeon master and distracting or members with side conversations Dungeons and Dragons is supposed to be fun so I'm not saying we have to be serious however when we can't role play or play the game because people are stuck conversating because of people distracting it angers me I called this person out told the group that there's too much side conversation and we cannot play I apologize for getting angry but if we're going to play we need to play and not stick around inside conversations when we can't play because of onlookers and distractions it irritates me I'd like to get some people's opinions on how they would handle that I think I handled it right when I told the person who was observing to stop distracting the rest of us and let us continue to play and when the game was over I pulled the dungeonmaster aside and talk to him in private and gave him a brief explanation and also told him how I believe it should be handled in the future like I said I believe I handle it properly but I'd like to get some other people's opinions if possible please
Bjorn Schoemans (2 years ago)
you hand draw your maps i thought they were printed because they look so good
Sasha Kalishkanov (2 years ago)
what do you guys use for music? I like to use the witcher 3 ost, faun, derek and brandon fiechter, and dark souls, what about yall
Paul Foster (2 years ago)
Man, I haven't DM'd yet, but I'm so glad I've taken improv.
GamingSkull R (2 years ago)
hey is how do I make my own game or story as the dungeon master
HeyImLincoln (2 years ago)
GamingSkull R Come up with an idea then keep expanding. Some of my favorite techniques are to take plot lines, characters, or ideas from obscure novels and stories or ones I don't think anyone in the group has read and rework them into the story. Just don't completely rip them off because the players may catch on or stumble across it later. It worked for my assigned short stories in 6th grade and stll does
rustedghost (2 years ago)
I'd pay for those DM music playlists.
Miguel Rodrigues (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Mathew! Just watching you doin your shit helps me so much!
Shuggaloaf (2 years ago)
"Google is your friend". Same thing I tell my wife every time she looks up *from her laptop* and asks me how to spell something.
ArcadeFear (2 years ago)
Q: do you ever think you will go back to pathfinder?
Daniel Parejo (2 years ago)
5:25 Apart from "Google" I miss a mention for https://rpg.stackexchange.com/ Such an amazing and knowledgeable community!
Chain (2 years ago)
If you really find nothing on google you can tweet at wizards of the coast too. I've seen them answer rule questions in the past. :)
Clayton Parfumorse (2 years ago)
how do you create a main plot? my current campaign is based on the players doing a favor for asmodeus, and slowly loosening the grip another devil has on this town, but i cant seem to flesh it out beyond that. on the other hand, i made like, 6-8 side quests that have absolutly nothing to do with the main quest, all well (for me anyway) thought out. i just cant seem to get my main quest off the ground.
Clayton Parfumorse (2 years ago)
indeed, thats what we ended up doing. someone else is taking controll of the group while i think
Khalma (2 years ago)
Maybe start a new main campaign and come back to that original main plot at a later time. You don't always have to force the story, instead you can give them something else to do and when mood strikes you make refrences to the original one and once you feel like it is time, you can bring it back. (Hopefully this makes sense)
John - (2 years ago)
I'm stealing Gilmour for my own game. He's franchising. it's what he would want.
John - (2 years ago)
starcrafter13terran I did steal victor too. He was thrown into a pit of souls by our warlock and died horribly.
starcrafter13terran (2 years ago)
What about that powder vendor?
HeyImLincoln (2 years ago)
John - My DM has had Gilmore in a few instances, the fan service is real
Wombatman (2 years ago)
my DM borrowed Gilmore and he ended up being my characters worst enemy. I'd try to make a smartass remark and wind up outside knee deep in horse shit.
William Bowles (2 years ago)
remember to shop at Gilmore's Glorious Goods for all of your magic item needs!
L Doornbos (2 years ago)
3:09 I was hoping for 'ruddy mysterious'
Kaelen hall (2 years ago)
9 people disliked....... there is now 9 more people i dislike in this world
Vincent Veleon (6 days ago)
I bet they hit it by accident because anyone that dislikes mat Mercer has millions of enemies on this planet
Wanderingsage7 (2 years ago)
forgive me Mercer for I have sinned. it's been six months since I've seen a critical role episode.
Dungeon Master (8 days ago)
we need to cleanse you for you have broken your oath. Luckily, I'm a cleric.
Joel Pearson (2 years ago)
Wanderingsage7 That just means there's more awesome story for you to watch!
Chris Menor (2 years ago)
Such great advice, thanks for the great and informative videos. I love what you do, I am a huge fan of your talent and hope to see more of your Dungeon Mastering in the near future, Aloha
DeltaBlaZe77 (2 years ago)
Many of Lindsey Stirling's songs are very good for role-playing.
KYOT (2 years ago)
Hi my name is Matthew too and plz can you sub to me
Sydney Cullis (2 years ago)
My DM hates thinking of names so he uses a lot from Critical Role. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows so it's really funny when he pulls a name I recognize. He also loves Gilmore and has made him an awesome NPC
Hamza Kyoyama (11 months ago)
DrHokeyPokey Who are these Gilmore guys?
DrHokeyPokey (1 year ago)
Has he used Purvan yet?
Carcass Trashworthy (2 years ago)
Hey, can somebody please refer me to some of those Roll20 map generation softwares the good sir mentioned? It would prove invaluable to me and I would be greatly appreciative of the assistance.
Zach Noorman (2 years ago)
Huntsman0000 Facebook has a lot of tabletop rpg communities where you might looks. Absolute Tabletop is a good example.
Jean Marais (2 years ago)
Carter Johns (2 years ago)
Hey Matt! Why can't my Great Old One Warlock learn Weird at level 17? That spell is only available to Wizards and Bards, who will never take it because of all their more powerful/thematic options. Typo?

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