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Two Twin Sisters Acoustic Gangnam Style

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Check out twins' acoustic cover of Gangnam Style- Janice & Sonia Lee, Jayesslee Cover Video Collection http://www.kejadiananeh.com/2015/01/aksi-melanie-gadis-hijab-gitaris-thrash.html
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Text Comments (57)
Sam Silva (2 years ago)
Tina Maloth (3 years ago)
you are the best japanese sisters just dont mind who are telling you some thing just throw the bad feelings and think some postive ok sonia and janice
винИ (3 years ago)
deaus whetu (3 years ago)
2:15 shux that fade is so hot !!
deaus whetu (3 years ago)
Lmfao hate the original one, but wow this version is so slick! Very nice job!
Alexandria (4 years ago)
The korean was a bit off, but I LOVE your guys' voices. good job! :)
Hadi Hamud (4 years ago)
mother fuckers japanes tyt psy keep sucking my dig
Nando Gutierrez (5 years ago)
You ladies are bad ass haha keep it up:)
duhan sepet (5 years ago)
you gırl made it better than fuckın psy :)
Shelvy Curtis (5 years ago)
Love it
Kim Défossé (5 years ago)
danialtv31 (5 years ago)
They showed this on iran tv manoto1 !!!!
Erin Bryn (5 years ago)
This is lovely! :)
Brie Bragg (5 years ago)
I love this one!!! Beautiful voices girls!!
Rima Ferreria (5 years ago)
My twin sister can sing!... just not me._.
Haddol Magdi (5 years ago)
awesome ♥♥
Ver Baron (5 years ago)
dejan deki (5 years ago)
Something so impressive have not seen, original song after this came as a fake :))) Greetings from Serbia :))
03622 (5 years ago)
nisha tailor (5 years ago)
lyndaa ahlynda (5 years ago)
So cute
Len Kagamine (5 years ago)
Eeeeeh Sixy Lady Up-up-up-up Uppa gangnam style
Olivia Smith (5 years ago)
Amazing u r outstanding!!!!!!
sophia mae romers (5 years ago)
ang ganda nyo teh
Aso Ghaderi (5 years ago)
you both got beatiful voice!
xeyyam mikayilov (5 years ago)
cok guzel
john canson (5 years ago)
they copy the version of three sister in the ph. please watch in youtube.!
Kate Louise (5 years ago)
Nice Version Twins <3
Jose Puebla (5 years ago)
wordless!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!
Lorena Popa (5 years ago)
I love it .. It's the best
Bia Santos (5 years ago)
this is the good version
Bia Santos (5 years ago)
this is the good version
Saumyadeepa Dias (6 years ago)
I love this version. Keep up the good work girls!
blondie ewis (6 years ago)
I love your version of the song almost more than the original! Thank you for singing it so well!
pajtim mici (6 years ago)
ky eshte versioni me i bukur i konges bravoo
samuel saliba (6 years ago)
Best cover ever!!
Giuseppe Massari (6 years ago)
Che brave!
Cecillia Enemor (6 years ago)
i got sick of the original song very quickly and this just made me like it
Pineska136 (6 years ago)
Kto z Polski :D ?
Prod. ova (6 years ago)
i like fast vershoin
Ajnaa Tomlinson (6 years ago)
laetitia picard (6 years ago)
more videos it was amazing !
Luciano Appugliese (6 years ago)
anna (6 years ago)
NEMAM reci!!
lela7122 (6 years ago)
Great job you guys sing good
Dani NissanGTR (6 years ago)
Claro que si campeon, van a venih por ti. Enga chao
Chacho Muchacho (6 years ago)
Ohhh my God!! If you come to Spain we want you play this song in one of our concert. If you want listen our music and you tell if is of your interest. Thank you!!!
insiracussa (6 years ago)
beatiful =) !!!
Audry Snaza (6 years ago)
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwi wish me and my twin could sing like that
Vicky Chizzle (6 years ago)
you guys are just unbelievable!!! <3
panda panda (6 years ago)
Leandro Martins (6 years ago)
DTA4Ever (6 years ago)
i love this version. talented womens.
Janice Albaran (6 years ago)
I love it!!! Super
Dj Cheff (6 years ago)
Very nice!!!!
Anna Skog Lundsholt (6 years ago)
nata museridze (6 years ago)
wow its cool :)

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