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Are WOMEN Better Than Men

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Me speaking on why women are considered superior to men and are seen as better than men Women are better than men, at least in society eyes. Let me explain why
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j b (3 years ago)
i think females are superior i worship them treat them likes queens and dare not to argue with them lol
Esmeralda2diamon (3 years ago)
I think most of the time the women could get sexalasshuled and raped when they get attacked. Even though the police don´t find any signs of sexuassarment or rape the woman can still been put though it. So I think that is why they the it more seriosly.
ScarletFierce (4 years ago)
we need each other. double standards or not. 
fenris blackblood (4 years ago)
your right about everything i was beat on by a woman for 4 years and when i finally put her in her place i just pushed her and was labeled a woman beater after all the black eyes and bloody noses one push and i was instantly an woman beating ass hole sometimes i wish i would had beat the piss out of her that day just to make it worth all the hell i got over one push
Umbra Shepard (4 years ago)
I remember in high school that this one chick said that women are smarter than men, but story short, she got two kids from a loser, guest she wasn't smart enough.
Barber747 (4 years ago)
Why do I get the feeling this dude's talking out his ass? Maybe it's from your personal experience dude, because what happened to you w/ your family kicking you out and sparing your sisters hasn't happened to everyone else. Had you thought that maybe it's sometimes the other way around when it comes to domestic violence? Men can become victims also, especially if the woman is fucked up on drugs or whatever other reason. I have heard of instances like this. Regardless of someone's gender, if a well loved person is murdered, of course their family members will be grieving when they find out. Don't you watch the First 48? LOL But all jokes aside, this has happened many times. Family members aren't going to grieve any less if their relative is a male. In addition, women are and almost always have been mentally and physiologically weaker as well as valued more than men. So of course men will help them out in any way possible, Captain Obvious.
Jawskillaful (4 years ago)
Everything you say is 100 percent true Jay. Women are valued higher and loved more than men in our screwed up society.
lookatdadamage94 (4 years ago)
well women have been killed by men, a lot of domestic violence victims end up stalked and dead. Men make more money in this country, women are seen as not as smart as men in a lot of cases and lets not even get into all the sexual abuse women suffer. 1 in 4 women are sexually abused, the number for men arent even close to the same. women are seen as soft and have to be protected. 
Sadiyatou (4 years ago)
Man up Jay!! Lol! Seriously research the gender gap. On average men have more advantages (in many societies) than women. 
Miss Edequah (4 years ago)
Even though we are all human, we still live in a man's world.
Guatorican15 (4 years ago)
My parents would beat me for putting my hands on my brothers and vice versa. Also professionaly it is harder for women because it's a big boys club and women can be more qualified but at the end of the day they will favor a man. I do feel though that when it comes to law it favors women, for example I've been pulled over several times and only recivied a ticket once and the cop gave me a minor ticket. If a man gets pulled over the cop will most likely take it more seriously and be much harder on the man than he would be on a woman. Double standards, they suck.
larry manasse (4 years ago)
Men Disposability... 
David Bowman (4 years ago)
Neither are better than the other.
David Bowman (4 years ago)
+heather mayhew exactly.
heather mayhew (4 years ago)
No...just different. ;-)
Karen Crewe (4 years ago)
Its men who put these laws in place....? and Women are built differently. and most men are stronger than Women....
Taylor Hudson (4 years ago)
Why'd you cut your hair(dreads)??
InnOminandum X (4 years ago)
Women are not better than man and Men are not better thsn Women, Both Genders are very significant and essential in the universe. Men cannot exist without Women and Vice versa . Yes in society their are more laws in places to protect Women more Thoroughly just because Women are the More delicate Gender but it doesn't mean any of the other are Superior to one and other .
Jahquez Wilks (1 year ago)
InnOminandum X no u mean women would not exist with out man because God took a man's rib to make a women
InnOminandum X (4 years ago)
dissension .
InnOminandum X (4 years ago)
we must get back to truth, honesty, good, balance,and unity . which will bring about a strong family,husband,wife and children. not lesbian and gays or androgynous teenagers lol. unbalance and dissention, disunity  
rahzi harris (4 years ago)
InnOminandum X (4 years ago)
dudes are weak nowadays so they enjoy taking advantage of women . women don't feel like they have to have any type of female morals or valuable standards in order to attract man attention and the same goes vice versa , dudes are immoral nowdays so we end up in a quandary 
Mrs. Anti Feminazism (4 years ago)
If women are seen better than men its because our society is sexist and also its not even Equal Rights once the law and the courts think the sameway society thinks when they favor women over men for the same crime. Feminism is supposed to be about treating both sexes equally, not giving females their own special rules like they are helpless children.
irv gentry (4 years ago)
great video,I agree with your commentary..
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
Excuse me?!?!? Why are you acting with such disrespect towards me? I am just saying my opinion... I know your opinion is different but that's no reason to talk to me like that... 
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
+TheBonesChannel Buddy ill admit I have a GF but I am not doing this to back up females I am saying that not all women win the custody over their kids... Ill admit I do not agree with the fact that our government is making men look like a joke, but in natural state no gender is better and I pick natural cases over the cases man made... If I could start my own country I would make sexism illegal! Meaning that if a man get's rapped the case will be just as important as a women's, but the reason they made that law here for the case is that women are more vulnerable to rape and if not even sexual harassment...
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
I know plenty of dad's who have custody of their kids...
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
+TheBonesChannel I don't give a shit about the court system...
CultDestroyer12 (4 years ago)
Eddie Davis (4 years ago)
I knida agree what he is saying cause I actually see what he is seeing its true look around u
death24314 (4 years ago)
Jay it's not society in general. It's American society. The man who made the laws and still are making the laws are pussy whipped lol. They put vagina on a pedastol. Dick is just as important lol. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with cherishing a women and treating her like a queen but don't forget men need to be cherished and treated like kings too. A lot of men in this country have forgotten their roles as men. A man is supposed to be the protector and the provider but he's also supposed to nurtured and taken care of by his women. It works out that way because both man and woman benefit from eachother. That way no gender feels like they are being taken advantage of. Everybody wins. There has to be balance among genders and that's what's missing. I treat my women nice and with respect but if she disespects me and mistreats me, I put her in her place(not talking about abuse so don't get it twisted). Guess what....my women is completely fine and happy with that cause she knows I'm a man who isn't afraid to stand for him self and that turns her on lol
waterandafter (4 years ago)
I dunno, I tried to listen to this video but I hear this crap from guys all the time. Lord knows I had it so easy working two jobs to come home and expect to cook & clean too and pay most of the household bills meanwhile watching my male counterparts (white & hispanic) some of whom I trained, get promotions. I especially love when at company functions when in a group with my male peers that upper management won't shake my hand or even try to "talk shop" with me. I don't ever remember flashing my titties to any of the cops that have pulled me over so your guess is as good as mine as to why I only get warnings for minor infractions (not using a turn signal). I will admit that I live in a mid-sized town in the middle of amer'ka so, admittedly, I don't quite have a bead on the trials and tribulations of "inner city" life. But from where I see it men and women are equally privileged just in different areas.
field summers (4 years ago)
seek JESUS
Mikes World (4 years ago)
Yeah Jay, America is a very VAGINAL society.  Men are brushed to the side.  If women need estrogen they can get it at the pharmacy, if a man needs testosterone, he has to go through hell to get it.  Give men back there manhood.  THey want all men to be BETA MALES.  NO APLHAS ALLOWED.  Betas can be controlled.  THey won't even give men there real fatherhood.  All this country wants is a man to pay money, not help raise the kids... 
Mikes World (4 years ago)
Viagra just helps men get women pregnant.  Causing some to get another child support check, and raise sissy sons in a single mother household 
waterandafter (4 years ago)
Really? Cuz most insurance provides viagra for men but hobby lobby won't help women who get pregnant due to men using viagra.
Scorpion Soul (4 years ago)
I dont necessarily think they would help a woman more because they think they're better. It's just the way we are programmed, we tend to think more of the women and children, it's how we evolved as a people, its what God put in us. They expect us to be stronger, but they would do something and arrest those men for attacking you without a good reason. Just look back to the Titanic ship, they got the women and children on the boats before any men Also my girlfriend she's scottish, and her parents would give breakfast, lunch and dinner to their sons before her, and the sons would be free to leave when they finish eating but she and the mother would stay behind to clean up after them.
Tommy Holiday (4 years ago)
Straight men did create laws geared toward pampering women, and really all women ever wanted was equal rights - to be seeing as equal why because women know that there are just as equal or superior to men, more so smarter.  But men, straight like to treat women as if they are soft little bunnies - but in reality she's Robo Bitch, A pouch, kick or a slap only last for a few seconds women are capable of making her affects last a life time -  The reason why gay men don't find females attractive sexual and sometimes physically is because gay men two spirits are equally smart or smarter and capable of holding down both roles, therefore the balance is not needed nor desired - Straight men more so need the female role in their lives for balance, physically, mentally and sexually for survival.  
lookatdadamage94 (4 years ago)
so lesbians are capable of holding down both the female and male role as well?
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
Thanks for understanding my statement! :)
Tommy Holiday (4 years ago)
+Captain Mike Okay 
Captain Mike (4 years ago)
Gender has nothing to do with how smart you are buddy just wanted to let you know :) (I am not intending for this to sound mean)
The Beyonder (4 years ago)
Only in America.
zack daniels (4 years ago)
You were exactly right on women being like children
zack daniels (4 years ago)
Its almost how grown men and women treat children :-| its not alright to hit kids who are younger than you because they know that we could seriously mess them up.
junior3082 (4 years ago)
Notice how none of the women who have responded have a problem with the status quo, they just deflect, justify or misconstrue. They don't want men to be treated better if it means women losing their privilege, they only have empathy for their sons.
Addi Aaj (4 years ago)
Very good video.
eman7188 (4 years ago)
Bitchass men made the laws.
blueBlackpurple (4 years ago)
It is ironic that men want to be seen as dominant and strong and protectors even to the point of these factors being what defines manhood. However on the other hand that say some of the same things JayLove47 is saying in this video complaining about women being viewed as weaker. Men you can NOT have it both ways.
blueBlackpurple (4 years ago)
Women have been beaten up and even murdered by men in various situations so there is no guarantee that those two men who beat up JayLove47 would not have beaten up a woman. In some cases they may have beaten her even more. Also women are more likely to be raped than men are in most cases.
blueBlackpurple (4 years ago)
Men are viewed as being stronger and better able to take care of themselves in a fight. The irony is that this view is perpetuated and put forth by men. I believe JayLove47 made a video in which he talked about how strong men are and how they could survive without women, but women could not survive without men. So it is men who put forth the idea that men are stronger and more capable. It is men who are quick to criticize another man for getting beat up and not being able to take care of himself. 
blueBlackpurple (4 years ago)
I don't think women are viewed as being superior as much as they are viewed as being physically weaker than most men. Society, including most men, view women as being weaker and less able to defend themselves so more care is taken to protect them.
Blood1397violet (4 years ago)
As far as the homeless shelter situation, even disabled men ( autistic , cerebral palsy, bipolar disorder, etc) get swept under the rug compared to fully abled women who can take care of themselves. Well being black already makes you a 2nd class citizen but if you are black and disabled, you will really get treated like shit . hey jay please respond to this comment and I would like you to do a video on this topic as far as black disabled people especially with autism because its like in MOST cases , if a black parent knows their child has some form of disability. Its either 1) they put u away for life or 2) they just keep you just to collect a check. But its VERY RARE when it comes to black parents accepting disabled family members and children. Everybody please feel free to comment !!! I would love to see some answers
Blood1397violet (4 years ago)
+waterandafter yea that is sad. But on the contrary homeless men go through worse since they not only get beaten up be police , they also get arrested for sleeping in the park or in their car due to not having access to residence or have the means to have a place to stay Its both men and women. Even I'm shelters the women and children go through hell. For instance in a DC shelter they were ate up by bedbugs , took cold showers, didn't have clean water and children do get sexually and physically abused In shelters. Look at Relisha Rudd. She was abducted and god knew what happened to that poor child. America as a whole needs to put aside their misogynistic and/or misandry based behaviors.
Blood1397violet (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Kirby despite what people tell you , you are intelligent and you articulate yourself pretty well. Also do research and ignore the negative portrayls In the media. Another thing we need to do is to be victors instead of victims. We work, go to college, have meaningful relationships/friendships and own businesses like everyone. As far as verbally abusive relatives, just ignore them because if you know you are worth something, you don't need their validation to have self esteem.
Blood1397violet (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Kirby that is some real fucked up shit ! This is probably one of the reasons why , no offense, predominantly the most famous autistic people are white sadly. Yes I know there are bigoted ableist white people but for the most part other races mostly support their disabled children and help reach their potential and purpose. That's why we have people like bill gates, temple grandin , Albert Einstein and I think Steven Spielberg maybe an aspie. Even of they were successful autistic African Americans, a lot of them are afraid to come out since sadly in society in general we can't be disabled to be treated like decent human beings. One last symptom of autism I left out is repetitive behavior because our brains need some type of order or structure in order to function. And yes I agree that they think everything is joke. You know how cruel people be like " look at that nigga , look at that fool . " As far as meltdowns, its not like people with sensory processing issues were looking for attention. Just like epileptic people don't want to have seizures to prevent embarrassing moments and a common example of that is urinating for themselves. Its not like they asked for it. Sadly some people are too close minded and bigoted to see others points of view.
waterandafter (4 years ago)
Tell that to the poor homeless woman who got beat by the california hyway patrolman.
Blood1397violet (4 years ago)
+Nicholas Kirby thanks for your wonderful input toward my comment. Would you like to Jay to do a video on that particular topic? Its like what jay said, blacks want equal rights but sadly when they see someone they think is below them, they oppress them when they get the opportunity ( LGBT individuals, disabled individuals, etc) what a freaking oxymoron. NOTE : Just because someone has a disability it doesn't mean they should just live in self pity and sorrow for the rest of their lives. Sadly for black disabled people, not only they have to deal with outside racism for being black, they also have to deal with ableism from their own race and sadly it could be from people closest to them ( family members, peers, etc) Sadly in the black community for the most part they have a big stigma against disabled people! Autism is not a mental disorder, its a neurological condition . way more than deficiency in social skills : dyspraxia ( motor/manual skill problems), difficulty in understanding abstract ideas/cues and sensory integration issues which contributes to meltdowns and sensory overload. And yes autistics are intelligent and not retards as the media proclaims us to be.
cul2cat (4 years ago)
never thought about it this way but women have tough lives too
Rico De Silva (4 years ago)
No they're not , look around you .. Everything u see was build and invented by men . The reason why they will take it more serious with a female cause she's more likely cant defend herself like it would be worse if she was pregnant, a mentally ill person, and elderly people assaults are taken more seriously . In some countries if your married and you work an provide for your family you are allowed to hit your wife once a month but cant leave marks like bruises etc , like if she doesnt cook for you or disrespecting you, in brazil it's like that.
Anon Collins (7 months ago)
Rico De Silva that’s because women’s ability to create is innate (childbirth). Men do their thing to be able to create in an equivalent way.
paradise gates (4 years ago)
Jay the reason is... Men don't have periods every month Men don't bleed from their vaginas Men don't birth kids into this world Men can survive being homeless unlike women
Raman (1 year ago)
Without men you would probably not be typing. Without men you would be dead. Without men your past generations would have not been created. We built society and you refined it. Simple as that no gender is better then the other. Although men are sometimes treated higher but still we are equals.
Rambo JOHN (3 years ago)
hahaha you think you will survive without man just because of sperm banks. Man Are creators. if we passed trough stone age is because of man. man risked lifes finding medicines and building. all the important jobs that make houses, buildings water, pull oil and gas from ground. make machinery and leaders are man
paradise gates (4 years ago)
paradise gates (4 years ago)
+Missesgimmekisses Yes ma'am thank u baby (snaps snaps) these men better know it. Multiplication is done by and through women. Divide our legs open so that sperm can be injected and BOOM another life is created. Easy as 123
paradise gates (4 years ago)
That's why many women only use the sperm banks because once the sperm banks is just like deadbeat fathers. After Sperm is injected she leaves the office...just like when men inject sperm during sex. ..he leaves the woman.

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