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Walking, Walking - Teaching Tips

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Walking Walking is a simple action verb song that kids will ask for again and again. Hop over to http://supersimplelearning.com/songs/... for lyrics, gestures, activity ideas, and more Walking Walking videos. Buy the song on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J... or iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sup... "Where can I get that carpet?" Lakeshore Learning: http://bit.ly/ay9AOw Lyrics: ♫ Walking walking. Walking walking. Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop. Running running running. Running running running. Now let's stop. Now let's stop. Walking walking. Walking walking. Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop. Running running running. Running running running. Now let's stop. Now let's stop. Tiptoe tiptoe. Tiptoe tiptoe. Jump jump jump. Jump jump jump. Swimming swimming swimming. Now let's sleep. Now let's sleep. Wake up! It's time to go!] Are you ready to go fast? Okay! Walking walking. Walking walking. Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop. Running running running. Running running running. Now let's stop. Now let's stop. Walking walking. Walking walking. Hop hop hop. Hop hop hop. Running running running. Running running running. Now let's stop. Now let's stop. Whew! ♫ ***** Music: Super Simple Learning Song: Walking Walking CD: Super Simple Songs - 1 We're Super Social, too! facebook: http://facebook.com/supersimpleofficial twitter: http://twitter.com/simplesongs pinterest: http://pinterest.com/simplesongs blog: http://supersimplelearning.com/blog
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Text Comments (58)
praveen sharma (2 years ago)
ERAAHB (2 years ago)
I do this with all my classes (ages 4-6) in China.They love it!!
Yeah!! 🎉 This is one of our classroom favorites, too. 🚶🏃
Robin Vaughan (2 years ago)
Love it! Thanks. Might be able to use that today, as I have 2 classes with 6yr old's in Vietnam.
Brady Schloz (2 years ago)
Robin Vaughan the jh
That's perfect! Let us know how it goes. 😄
applyclt clt (2 years ago)
Thanks! 😃
Lorena Menendez (3 years ago)
you have four children in your classroom? wow!! I have 30 in each of my 3 kindergarten classrooms
Dorota Kanbolat (2 years ago)
I agree, your songs are great for large groups as well. Thank you !!!
You must be tired at the end of the day!! We've used these songs with small and large groups, and they work great with both. 😊
Sarah Barton (3 years ago)
walking walking
Melly Bean (3 years ago)
this guys always makes me smile !!
soos ali (3 years ago)
Thank you
ɐqnʞ33811 (3 years ago)
walking walking
very good
Silvia T (3 years ago)
I like it very much! Very good idea.
Sư Phạm Mầm Non (3 years ago)
các bé dễ thương quá
Margo Cavoli (4 years ago)
I like doing transition songs.
Raymond Tauoa (4 years ago)
I love this it cute
brenda white (4 years ago)
Jordan Cohen D.C. (4 years ago)
folake ayilara (4 years ago)
Tu Dao Thanh (4 years ago)
Could you share the mp3 of this song? Thanks you very much!
Hi @Tu Dao Thanh, you can purchase an MP3 of this song through iTunes or Amazon. Please visit this website page: http://supersimplelearning.com/songs/original-series/one/walking-walking/  and look for the the Buy This Song Button on the top right-hand side. Thanks for listening! 
Shindy Mich (4 years ago)
that was fun!
Lee Shin Young (5 years ago)
could you please share the mp3 of this song? I used this song before but lost the mp3 file^^*
nezha khalil (5 years ago)
it's a nice song
duckduckgosling (6 years ago)
my 18 month old LOVESSS this song!!
paud Perwira (6 years ago)
Really interesting. Thank you. You had uploaded this teaching tip. I will try in my class. I hope my students happy as your childrens. :)
Sara Wall (6 years ago)
Mark, I use this song in class with the kids seated and have our fingers do the actions. We walk, run, jump, swim, etc. going up and down our arms or across the floor (or table). The kids LOVE it and no running involved. You can do it with any size group. Doing it this way still helps them get the wiggles out. You can also use puppets or stuffed animals and do it in place. Give it a try!
Thank you!
mharithaprasad (6 years ago)
Awesome guys! We love ur channel:) :)
markclarence (6 years ago)
I want to use this in my class but I can't. I have like 30 kindergarten students and I'm the only teacher. If I'd let all of them go around the class, it would be a chaos!
alejandro59063 (7 years ago)
son de gran ayuda thanks
hamal jay (7 years ago)
What a great song after watching this I said to my self why don't I use this with my class so I looked it up and I had the CD! Talk about right under your nose. Anyways just wanted to say all my preschoolers love your songs keep it up and the new animations are the best! If I could make a suggestion, it would be interactive tools, I use an interactive projector to incorporate visual, sound and interactivity for my class.
Kat Flower (7 years ago)
@SuperSimpleSongs ok. keep upload more. include playing game in the class. thanks
@Katandpink 3 year olds love this song! (2 years olds love this song ^_^). There are 3-4 year olds in this video too :-)
Kat Flower (7 years ago)
u lucky ur students already big enought to learn it. mine are 3-5ys. O_o
Anabel Cedeño C. (8 years ago)
simply great!!!
Theopisti Lu (8 years ago)
I have almost all the super single songs and they rock, my kids love them and they love this one!
sareena meer (8 years ago)
TheMusicGirlsWorld (8 years ago)
Absolutely adoreable! Wish I could have learned this when I was little!
Nada Khalaily (8 years ago)
great job
Brittany Colaianne (8 years ago)
Does this work for a group of 18 kids?
Theopisti Lu (8 years ago)
i have teached this song in other rythm, but ur kids behave mine drive crazy!
SpoonyInfidel (8 years ago)
do you guys have american accents? or is it just me? how did you guys end up in japan?
alicia harrisingh (8 years ago)
my hoikuen students love this one, I even use it to play musical chairs.
Ra chel (8 years ago)
Im 16, teaching a dance class3-5 years of age tomorrow; my first job and this is absolutlety amazing.. thanks a bunch. :)
@TimmysMummy Hi! Sure, click on the link in the video description and then look for the buy link on that page. You can download the CDs in the online shop there. Thanks!
Charlotte Harvey (9 years ago)
I love the vids, great work. Is there any way to buy a download instead of the actual cds? I have kids summer school starting on thursday her in madrid.
Aynara Bernabeu Llopis (9 years ago)
I really love that song! I work with children in Spain and I have to say that the song is very useful to use wit them!
@dicaroline Thank you!
duuuuude... you rock! totally love your songs and I'm 23...I must mention I'm an English teacher here in Peru, so yeah I love cartoons and kids songs Specially if I can teach them! thank ya bud, keep it up!
youwayuae (9 years ago)
i used all these vids in my classroom thanks aloooooooooooooot. the vids are soooooooo nice the kids like them.
MaqdesY (11 years ago)
thank you very nice song
Awesome! Glad to hear it.
anderaina (11 years ago)
my four year old niece loves this song very much.

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