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Peter Fernandez Sings first time ever "Si Pudiera Volver" Live Stage305, Magic City Casino

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First song Ive written in a very very long time inspired by all of you. Especially dedicated to Miami's "Open House Generation" the true pioneers of the "sound" of Miami. The #1 rule of putting a "show" set together is you NEVER want to do an "original" song people have never heard before. It is a HUGE risk. It can bring the energy of the show crashing down. People want to hear what they are familiar with and already like. What happened last Saturday when I debuted this NEVER HEARD BEFORE song as my tribute to my Miami generation that I grew up with was INCREDIBLE! This is the first song I've written in over 30 years. I've been inspired by you and the amazing response that you have shown me for the past 2 years packing all my events. THANK YOU MIAMI! "Si Pudiera Volver" is already registered and Im in the process of recording it!!! PF ;) 11-23-13
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Martica53 (3 years ago)
Love the song since you started writing it, very special, meaningful, from the heart.  Otra cancion tengo en mi carro para escuchar.  Identifies all of us from that wonderful time of years in high school & the open houses, that we all wish we could re-live.
xiomi miner (4 years ago)
Peter you recorded my mom rip favorite song.I thank you,been always a fan and friend since. 40 yrs.ago.We change fisicly,but never our heart.I pray for your everlasting fabulous career.You always remain my favorite.God bless you and family.besos
Boris Borges (4 years ago)
que maravillosa epoca todavia conservo el disco.
Reinaldo Tuero (5 years ago)
The first time I heard you I was a student in Miami Senior HIgh, 1974.  Back then you were awesome and you still are!!!!!   Congrats on your new song........Everytime you have a show we are there.  Good luck. Rey y Gloria

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