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► MARC ARRIVES! MAGIC DAY & LIVE WEBINARS! (9.18.15) • Previous Day: http://bit.ly/1lx0n3O Let's be friends on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/laurahamesfranklin We can chat on TWITTER http://twitter.com/laurahames Follow my artistic visions on INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/laurahamesfranklin Watch me LIVE on PERISCOPE! @laurahames I don't know how to use it really, but I do have a TUMBLR http://laurahamesfranklin.tumblr.com/ And my home base- my lovely WEBSITE http://www.laurahamesfranklin.com And of course, make sure to SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LauraAHames Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/laurahames/ Snapchat: laurahamesfranklin ........................................­.......... Take the Superhuman Breakfast challenge at http://superhumanbreakfast.com/ ........................................­.......... For media interviews, collaborations and all other business enquiries please contact [email protected]
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Alissa Rae Hill (3 years ago)
and just a few days ago in Ws our home work was a 15 second video clip, reminds me of jess's link from session with rachel, book o f faces. <3 great to see MARC there in real life. I am looking forward to seeing and leanring more about him, and the life of the vlogs. it is incredible. Webinars were amazing that week just like Lisa described. Just feel like I relived them. thanks.
Laura Hames Franklin (3 years ago)
Totally Alissa!!
Sandy Sponaugle (3 years ago)
I can't wait for my lesson on how to comment LOL!!! 😝😘❤️ its great to see Marc in the vlogs!!!!!!
em g (3 years ago)
What a vlog!!! Starting afresh (hair/nails/dress) and new fresh WSers :) and... Marc! Woww this breakfast with all these greens surrounding the plate, like an Advent Calendar! #Rachel you describing the process and imagination of Lisa transcribing the UHP week sounds really funny. hahah I totally can imagine that Lisa is like: "WHATT are they talking about? Oke let's re-play this part." So Lisa is experiencing the sessions too in a way. Cool!Haha Laura "are you meant to be here for the Vlog". hahaha and the jump out!!!!!! :D hilarious. How this all unfolded is incredibly brilliant!!! And day 1 and immediately shooting a video and editing!!!! :D looks very naturalAgain (in another vlog today as well) I got reminded by you (this time #jess) for the power of spontaneity in a structure and the flow that comes from that. I actually feel kinda not-flowy in the work I did on several aspects of visa/business and instead of trying to figure it out it's more about: can I melt right now in the moment in my ribs/diapgragm and from there come back in the spontaneity. And then Jess describing the UHP session <3 really cool!!!! It's really cool how all these images/organs come up from this place of innate. Wow what a day!!!
em g (3 years ago)
<3 <3 <3 yes amazing crazy briljant session! <3 <3 <3   (I received the session in a big way too)
Laura Hames Franklin (3 years ago)
+em g amazing!!! And YES! Incredible! And thank you again for the wordless, amazing UHP session today! Just crazy-brilliant! xoxoxo
FionaKurt (3 years ago)
Marc, give us comment lessons :)

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