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Nic and Dale from Jade Monkey do a rock guitar version of Psy's "Gangnam Style". We both absolutely loved this song after hearing it on the GSL, and we couldn't say no to covering it! We claim no copyright on the original and the music is the property of the respective owners. Nic's Gear: This is my custom warmoth iceman with the BKP "Abraxas" calibrated set, through a Hughes and Kettner Trilogy and a TC electronics G System. If you like our videos, subscribe! Also, check us out at: Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jademonkeymusic Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jademonkeyband Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jademonkeyband Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/smile/id395900392?uo=4 Our new album is out! You can find it and our other stuff for free here: http://jademonkey.bandcamp.com Find the TAB here: http://www.nicbarker.com/download/tabs/gangnamstyle.html If you have any requests for guitar / acoustic singing covers of bands or songs you like, send us a message and we will do our best! :)
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Text Comments (719)
Jade Monkey (1 year ago)
Hey guys, if you're interested in hearing music from Nic's new band, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPzVakS9exQ
Istemihan Varisli (3 months ago)
This is awesome :) Kudos and thanks, Nic and Dale!
Umang Jindal (1 year ago)
After peter you saved my life.
Tomas Chomic (1 year ago)
Should call this song hill billy style :DDDD
Timothy Chien Yun Chew (2 years ago)
awesome!! what key and tuning are you using?
Alessandro Scuppa (2 years ago)
this is trash but it s good
김수연 (3 years ago)
Lee Soyayi (3 years ago)
what is the key?? i just need key. please.
MasterPro300 (3 years ago)
el cover mas pretty de gangnam style en la guitarra
Tyreek Murillo (4 years ago)
how did u assemble that guitar, and what extra hardware did u need to buy. im trying to create the same guitar body
HoonGeun Kang (4 years ago)
Your good guiter riste
suzukishotadeath (4 years ago)
this version is even more amazing. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152909112525555
Chris Pile (2 years ago)
Not a chance.
Brad Jansen (2 years ago)
cx45830 (4 years ago)
I don't get how you can do guitar riffs that fast/or amazingly!
김상철 (4 years ago)
sound~ good!
Joaquín MM (4 years ago)
The bass player is a ornament, hahahaha, he doesn't sound
강진규 (4 years ago)
BHA62 (4 years ago)
James O'Connor (5 years ago)
Anyone get the tabs for this?  I really wanna play it!
Aaron Mohr (4 years ago)
James Jungeloff (5 years ago)
Sweeping Sweeper (5 years ago)
you covered a cover of this song
Robert Wagner (5 years ago)
7 out of 10 for difficulty 9 out of 10 for creativity very noice
Martin Vasilev (5 years ago)
siiiiiiiiiiiiick , keep or rocking you guys. 1:14 Click here for that epic riff again.
nicole park (5 years ago)
OMG this is so good
Will Dryer (5 years ago)
holy crap
cx45830 (4 years ago)
Holy crap, indeed...
Tom (5 years ago)
Talk about being versatile. Awesome, man. Deserves so many views. Liked and shared!
Bedrockbreakerz mc (5 years ago)
awesome. Can you get the tab to work tho? There are a lot of people wo really want to play it. thx.
comicerrant1 (5 years ago)
it's the chorus...both you guys completely transform the chorus into something AWESOME.
comicerrant1 (5 years ago)
first time here with the woofer way up....and yeah....that bass is fantastic! greetings from another bassist.
Lianne Temmink (5 years ago)
you're fk awesome
PoppinJzeng (5 years ago)
AMAZING :D Mind fixing dat tab?
Master Life (5 years ago)
Arka plan da orjinal şarkıyı kullanmadan yapsaydınız daha iyi olurdu. Saygılar
ClaxTB (5 years ago)
Fucking brilliant
GunsNRoosendael (5 years ago)
yu so gay :(
thedogkingdom (5 years ago)
Jack Bradshaw (5 years ago)
You guys are asome
Xienciq Metroks (5 years ago)
Fail :D
Chuck Maurice (5 years ago)
please we need tghe tab link :/
GetOutMyBubble (5 years ago)
please fix the tab link :( great cover
Jordan Zapp (5 years ago)
you rock that roll
영조패밀리 (5 years ago)
awesome dude
Maxime Decourtilles (5 years ago)
Your chorus is perfect.
thomas wiga (5 years ago)
waxcactu (6 years ago)
nice job
M. Murry (6 years ago)
Like For guitar , dislike for PSY
Guilherme Guedes (6 years ago)
Guilherme Guedes (6 years ago)
Put in ITunes
zanemahmoud2123 (6 years ago)
the link is broken and it say that it not can be displayed
zapspiders92 (6 years ago)
You guys absolutely TRANSFORMED this song!
Mitch (6 years ago)
come on these guys should have a million views and 10,000,000 subs!!!
Alex Ding (6 years ago)
Something I definitely need to practice on!
John Daley (6 years ago)
very creative nice job man
Extra Angry (6 years ago)
Louay Hacini (6 years ago)
very good jademonkeyBand you very pro in guitare you so better then me in guitare iam guitariste too
Erinaz22 (6 years ago)
Tab isn't working =( Link is broken
sjones260878 (6 years ago)
what a couple of fukin bellends!!!
Kristin Brinkmann (6 years ago)
can you do the rock harlem shake?
foom5 (6 years ago)
untamed and uncut
Sean Arada (6 years ago)
nothing is cooler than the hair! nice cover bro tab is not workin haha :D
BenignIndividual (6 years ago)
The Tab link no longer works :(
Naomi Ferris (6 years ago)
Manu Suarez (6 years ago)
RICHARD PESANTES (6 years ago)
debeieron bajarle mas ala musika y subirle mas al cover no escuxo
Cristian Baez (6 years ago)
Amazing cover!! Good Job man!!
Seongmin Park (6 years ago)
Gooooood! wow!
Gregory Schwan (6 years ago)
what's dale's new bass?
Joey Wilcox (6 years ago)
nice man! check out my cover of this song, I'd love to hear your feedback on it!
AusEventer (6 years ago)
This is absolutely amaziiiiiiiiing!
Messermusic (6 years ago)
Tab page doesnt work!
Jelle (6 years ago)
Did you tune your low E string to a F# or what?
Jelle (6 years ago)
Really? teach me.
J avengerous (6 years ago)
@J avengerous i'm sorry i have mistake... "moblie can't watch this video "
J avengerous (6 years ago)
Why are you set that mobile watch this video...! I want share this video to my friends!!!
jeevan gvan (6 years ago)
omg really ur rocking especially 0.49to1.09
Viktor Espinoza (6 years ago)
Damn that was good, I was really impressed.. !! much more than I had expected!!
chugar fiesco (6 years ago)
Stea1thBoy (6 years ago)
YOUR F**KING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stef Van doorsselaere (6 years ago)
Freaking good... send me tabs of this plz? [email protected] Thx man! Keep up the good work!
Adnan Azad (6 years ago)
do you have the tabs for this ?
cool ! \rock/
Josh Kent (6 years ago)
You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pj Ferguson (6 years ago)
can you teach me how to do tat
Raulomar Cardenas Luna (6 years ago)
Great Coordination!!!!! i loved IT!!! <3
Josh Kent (6 years ago)
I know right! :D
Roddy Chung (6 years ago)
Would you please send me the tab? This is a great cover and I'm really in need of this. Greatly appreciated! Keep up the the good work! [email protected]
affectzero Jerry (6 years ago)
très très très très bien!!!!! bravo
Thibault Laurence (6 years ago)
Haha liked the song after the GSL too ! tabs NEEDED ! Sadly the link doesnt work :s
paulyu126 (6 years ago)
The Tab link doesn't work any more
inbar991 (6 years ago)
Caio Luis (6 years ago)
Matheus Oliveira (6 years ago)
Barracuan Chanel (6 years ago)
hahaahh...... jos gandhosss
heythereson1 (6 years ago)
haha we all laughed at you all the way till the end of the song!!
Maksims Ivanovs (6 years ago)
maaan. you nailed it :) good cover.
Elie Kozah (6 years ago)
awesome ;) KINGS
Rian Batagiotti (6 years ago)
Cara ficou ótimo mas tenta abaixar só um pouco o volume da musica original pra gente poder ouvir um pouco mais o volume da guitarra ^^ Sério gostei muito tá ótimo parabéns
JJ Clamor (6 years ago)
you make the song way better ^_^
ucandepik (6 years ago)
new GANGNAM STYLE youtube.c o m/watch?v=qKexTY24Wrg
Shravan Shenoy (6 years ago)
the tab doesnt work
LagazoMental (6 years ago)
This cover makes Gangnam Style a really good song. nice!

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