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Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
GET DISTURB REALITY PLAYING CARDS: http://www.disturbreality.com
Robert Sardaru (3 months ago)
What fuck
Chansyla Mey (4 months ago)
And this is why I don’t perform this trick anymore
Boa Hancock (5 months ago)
I needed it..thanks for the tip
Bikram Roy (6 months ago)
u ruined this card trick... actually u can, t show tht magic😐
Karma (8 months ago)
keep your hand there, KEEP YOUR HAND THERE! *flips the card over*
Peter Bernard (8 months ago)
What an amazing channel.I have started learning magic 11 months ago I have only done two tricks at a dinner party.Been to self conscious to perform any other time.This channel addresses an important issue.
Saw a quote yesterday that said, Creativity comes when you can go forward and not be afraid to fail. ...and thanks for finding a fix to this issue
emerson5500 (11 months ago)
OK. Now, look ....
Jonathan Oyarzún Paicil (11 months ago)
Great video!! that happens all the time. I learn more with situations like this.
Dante Segerra (11 months ago)
If he go Smoothly that wouldn`t happened.Here are some great advice.Go smoothly i mean by ''go smoothly'' is Dont talk so fast when you are performing,If you talk so fast the spectator will think that your doing something they dont know thats why that happened.And Dont do the 2 card monte so long because the spectator will think that your switching cards.Just do it Fast enough.
Dante Segerra (11 months ago)
Lastly Dont PANIC!
Sweeter Man (11 months ago)
Try putting the card under his/her foot instead of in his/her hand hermano. Fingers get too excited, if you know what I mean;) Hope this helped someone!
Jean Castroverde (11 months ago)
It happends to me like 5 times now I learn how to prevent that and I am going to do it thanks
Dimitri X (11 months ago)
Anthony Jabre (11 months ago)
Thx you
Ayush Krish (11 months ago)
With this trick, I don't like to tell them without looking. It just seems too fishy to me. So to prevent people from flipping the card over, I keep my hand on top of their wrist so they can't turn it over. It is alot more natural than grabbing onto the card, at no point did you tell them to not ook at the card and most of the time it works. However, even if it doesn't work, if you are able to pull of the top change fast enough you can still get some pretty amazing reactions. Key is not to show them that you messed up. They don't know what is supposed to happen so they won't expect it. Has really helped me while performing magic.
Nathan Breton (11 months ago)
Yeaah man even if it failed it is even better to see how you can fix it niice and keep going !
David Di Muro (11 months ago)
Top tip. Crowd control in the hardest trick to master when street performing.
paul perez (11 months ago)
thanks jarek
NikName ! (11 months ago)
I didn‘t know how to deal with that, i used to just act surprised and then continue with a color change or another trick that purposely goes wrong. Once i was so certain it was gonna happen I opened lennard green style...so the spectator isn’t even surprised by a fail anymore So thanks
zeliumite (11 months ago)
He's still trying to sell off his cards from so long ago? Wow. I mean, I always thought the Alpha Kappas looked pretty great. I would've expected them to be long gone by now.
T D (11 months ago)
Used to be super into magic about 4 or 5 years ago, this was always the best channel to go to for that kind of stuff. I stayed subbed all this time even though it hasn't been in my interest, I'm glad to see you're still making useful videos and giving tips on these tricks I learned years ago.
Leul Alex (11 months ago)
2000 people unsubscribed in 27 days.... Wooow
Yadu Raj (11 months ago)
Thx for this video and can u plz make video like this using david blane sandvitch card trick. Becz whn i show this trick to my frnds they turn over and looked the changed card that i give to their hand to put like sandvich how can i fix that.???
Yadu Raj (11 months ago)
Disturb Reality Thnx 😊😊
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Same idea, double lift to show THEIR card, then you put the other card in their hand, and hold it down in their hand with your thumb while telling them to cover their hand like a sandwich, or a cage, and "Don't let anything get to it." I think the Don't let anything get to it line, gives them the impression to not open their hands anymore.
phil mcguire (11 months ago)
Great tips guys!
Kenny hux (11 months ago)
Thank you so much Jarek that mistake was my problem but now I know how to deal with it. You are the best
skyfrost2030 (11 months ago)
This actually a very good video for beginners doing 2 card Monte
sujit k (11 months ago)
Yesterday I was so prepared to Perform magic I approached some group of guys, one family in the streets Got rejected... But Ya just learned that Adults dont want something new They are afraid to see something new So just thought To perform for a group of children in Two Days...
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Perform to people in your same age-range demographic. They'll be most receptive towards you.
lengers powor (11 months ago)
sujit k hahha...i was just joking...i wish you good luck next time...
sujit k (11 months ago)
lengers powor Lol Nope I went well dressed,Even Confidently asked them... But then I live in India and Indians are Well who trusts in stones and snakes but not in an another man or maybe I might be Over exaggerating Things🙄🙄
lengers powor (11 months ago)
sujit k if you are wearing that spectacles when asking, then i might know why they rejected...
Francisco Silvestre (11 months ago)
Now this was really a great video! A mistake was made, and we can improve with that! Thank you very much for this! We are learning all the time!
John DSK (11 months ago)
So I'll add my 2 cents to help stop the premature turnover. One way to do it is to actually say "lets play for real now, so no looking remember", or just in my opinion that "switch" gag is really setting yourself up for a turnover. Talk about the game and stuff but that "switch" thing just seems like a bad idea. I know stuff happens no matter what but you can at least try to stop it. To newer people doing this trick legit learn from yourself but at least remembering what you did(which is bad for this trick cause of the one move) or video it. Change your script/story, change the moment for the finally thing to do. Nothing is ever really perfect somethings have to change and that's dude script in my opinion only needs to change a bit. - The End
CC BON (11 months ago)
Now i know how to fix it. Thx for the video! (Fans from Hong Kong
Jaden (11 months ago)
God if I had a dollar for everytime this happened...
Fellix Brenden (11 months ago)
Learn from mistake.
Chung Boul (11 months ago)
My first time doing 2 card monte this happened to me I died inside 😂 thanks for the tip
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Keep working hard and never give up!
- - (11 months ago)
I feel like this was caused because Frank told him to turn the card over too many times. Once or twice is more than enough.
Cassi #1 (11 months ago)
And that's why this is the best magic channel!
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Agreed ;)
random scg (11 months ago)
It happens to me all the time
Mbm magic (11 months ago)
geoinxx (11 months ago)
What you need to do is make them hold their hand as a fist and put the card in between their curled finger
T. Ryan (11 months ago)
Jeez, you should have at least showed those guys another trick for tolerating you.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Well said Jarek ;)
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Abhi Rama (11 months ago)
Dude the top change was very rough lol ....ik it's done while spectator is distracted but it won't hurt to make it a little smooth....not hating love ur vids
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Searched your channel high and low to find a video of you performing it effectively and there's no content? Tell ya what, come out to LA and let's film you doing the trick!
Illusions for the Blind (11 months ago)
This open challenge has me in a very creative mood, been coming up with a lot of my best effects.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Capture that creativity and don't let it slip by ;D
Cool Magic ForUm (11 months ago)
Hey Frank, I really like your patter about people being skeptical or gullible. If you want to get a good laugh there, here's my line. I say, "Someone said I was gullible once and I believed them." Try it out!
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Cool Magic ForUm (11 months ago)
Nice! Have fun with that! People love when you put the humor back on you.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Hey thanks man I truly appreciate that! I love to story tell and do my best to incorporate that aspect into my performances! That's absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing that and I'll definitely give it a shot! LMFAO
Ozan Barış Eroğlu (11 months ago)
Its happen to me lots of time mate. Its okay. Some people are not ready to see good magic. Have a good day
Dylan Ross (11 months ago)
That used to happen to me all the time until I learned to grab the card as well. What I used to do in order to deal with the situation was that I would do a top change while they were confused about the queen and say something along the lines of "Like I said, you can't win when there never really were aces" as I show that the card I supposedly just took from them is also a queen
George R (11 months ago)
Strike Second deal as substitute for the top change maybe?😀
George R (11 months ago)
Has happened to me before but I reckon because they were looking down maybe if he were to do the top change higher up ( sort of out their field of vision) It may have worked if one person's grilling your hands and you don't manage your audience well then it can be angle sensitive... as Juan tamariz says the spectator's eyes are like strings as soon as you break the string ( break eye contact) fix the string emidiately ( look back at them) take in all spectors Where the magician looks the spectators look 😀 magic on and keep the hands sharp!😀😀
George R (11 months ago)
A Private Death exactly! Some effects suit some situations better Keep it up!😀😀👍
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Thank you for sharing that! Quite honestly now that I am seeing this performance, I believe I should have asked the spectator to stand with me since this has happened in the past. Standing while performing for spectators sitting may affect angles and how you handle certain moves.
Noah Talbi (11 months ago)
love your stuff man
whoisfirefly (11 months ago)
really thanks nice video
Oris tv (11 months ago)
This was a really good video idea. Shows that stuff did go wrong sometimes, and how you deal with it
Brian Binns (11 months ago)
Great advice.
Romain Demichelis (11 months ago)
Another way for me to prevent that is to avoid any kind of "heat" on that card. That's why I avoid that last stab. I prefer doing the switch while asking what is in MY hand, as I point to their body, over their card, so I bring the heat on themselves (very very shortly, time to do the switch), then on my card (so they believe I could never switch it), but never on their card as long as I haven't placed the second ace in their hand. That was a messy explanation though. But I hope you got it ! :D
Justin J (11 months ago)
Great video :) thanks for showing this
Faris M. (11 months ago)
Well for me personally, i think that the choice of words we say to the spectator is what makes the magic beautiful. It's how you story tell and instruct them at the same time that makes the magic be successful.
TrilexMagie (11 months ago)
Honestly I believe the fact Frank allowed him/ advised him to turn the card too many times made his spectator flip the card eventually!
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Regarding the sharpie effect, we can Skype and share if you'd still like to :)
TrilexMagie (11 months ago)
A Private Death it’s definitely the way one learns a lot more! :)
A Private Death (11 months ago)
I secretly like to create more difficult conditions when performing ;)
Illusions for the Blind (11 months ago)
TrilexMagie true
Wilmer Cuevas (11 months ago)
It happened to me once, it was annoying but what I did was that when she turned the card I did the top change in that moment so when she looked at me surprised I showed her the other queen and said: "In fact this card was the whole time a queen too" Edit: Awesome video, I would love to do street magic with you guys but I am in Venezuela. I will definetly start to do the trick this way so that problem doesn't happen to me again. Now that I think about this problem, it happened to me and ruined the trick one time but it was doing a 3 card monte, I think he turned the card because i did the 3 card monte after blowing his mind with the 2 card monte so he wanted to know how I do that . Hopefully I was only performing to my best friend so it didn't matter too much
SuchBaklava (11 months ago)
ive seen the 2 card monteblike 4 times on daily street magic videos. It kinda gets bored
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
It's not about the trick. It's about the social interaction, what do to do when things go wrong. If you're looking strictly to be entertained by magic and not to learn anything you need to go watch Criss Angel's show or David Blaine's specials.
Josh Hibberd (11 months ago)
This is such a good video for beginners to see. Failures happen. Just need to learn from them, improve and move forward. Great video.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Exactly! Smile, laugh, and continue onward!
RaX *-* (11 months ago)
Can you make a video about - When i go out and perform. What can i do to influence or captivate them. Like do i do a one hand shuffle( which i cant do), or a sybil cut (neither this) or any other flourish or anything. Like this dude does the marker one. So cool. Like how to manage my cards. Advice? I know you're not supposed to babysit us through these. But it'll help. And these daily street magic series is killing it!!!
A Private Death (11 months ago)
Hey there Mr. Wreckin! As Jarek mentioned, to "captivate" entails personality rather than the effect. I recommend watching films and listening to music (what I do) that contribute to your creativity. Perhaps it's the style of film, the writing, the acting, or the ideas the film or music invoke within you. Find something relevant to you and make it your own. incorporate these elements in your performance and your style of communication will be shaped into something you can use to captivate others!
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
People always react positively to any kind of cardistry, anything that displays you're more skilled with a deck of cards than the average person. But "captivate," is a far deeper and stronger word that links more with personality than the magic trick itself.
Tom Hudders (11 months ago)
Mistakes happen, and if you let them see that you don't know where to go from there, it's over. But it doesn't have to be. I messed up the very first trick I tried to show my then future in law. Went for a double lift and got a triple. Played it cool, got my double and made it into another card change. Played it off as a psych out. Worked a treat
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Whenever that happens to me I just casually say, "Oops, grabbed two cards." Flip the cards over, and then do a double lift.
FicklesMagic (11 months ago)
If I was to recommend anything additional it is to show that diamond more. 1:52 - The first time the diamond was barely even shown, Im not even sure they both saw it, maybe just heard about it. The second time was almost as fast, I would recommend showing that diamond good so they see it and know its a red, and they have a red. Then go onto the move and leave it.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
I agree. Learning all these things can definitely take a life time ;D
A Private Death (11 months ago)
My double and triple lifts are actually pretty okay. I honestly think being somewhat hunched over the spectator didn't help me out. This was a good reminder though to ask the spectator to stand with me so that I could have a better and proper handling of things!
FicklesMagic (11 months ago)
yes most do not realize the art of magic has so much involved... from presentation, to slight movements, or showing something for an extra 1 second beat. I am amazed at many magicians and how many art forms they master for a single trick.... misdirection, psychology, personality and empathy, comedy and screenwriting, choreography, ingenuity, and then at the end... an effect. So much to master, it can take a lifetime.
Wilmer Cuevas (11 months ago)
FicklesMagic Yes, maybe he hasn't practiced too much the pinky count or he is afraid of messing up the triple lift in this case. I think the same, because many people just don't pay too much attention and if you do things fast they dont get surprised because they think you change the card or something like that even if that isn't the real method, they just think you did something. It's annoying as fuck.
Adam F (11 months ago)
Man, I wish I could come out and hang with you! You're one of the coolest people on YouTube.
Mr. Charcoal (11 months ago)
That would happen to me all the time!!
Tim Broekema (11 months ago)
Not hating on the fact that you go out and perform but please work on your double lift.
A Private Death (11 months ago)
My double lifts are actually pretty good. And the effect uses a triple lift. In retrospect, I should have asked the spectator to stand since being hunched over sometimes affects my handling-unfortunately!
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Come to LA let's film you do street magic!
George R (11 months ago)
Tim Broekema yes his seemed very unnatural
Yanges09BC (11 months ago)
Ash21 (11 months ago)
Please do more of these on how to fix common mistakes
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
If mistakes or accidents happen during these performances, I surely will. If they're common, they'll surely come up.
DH220399 (11 months ago)
That happened to me so many times. I thought that my audience (mostly my friends) was just being annoying. I'm relieved that it happens a lot and not just to me. Thanks for the tip man. Happy you're back doing magic!
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Two Card Monte TUTORIAL – https://youtu.be/Mm0EcpCkCi8
TheSymster (11 months ago)
KiyoshiKyo (11 months ago)
Thank you for the advice! This literally just happened to me the other night.
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
It's shockingly common. Promise you that your success rate of it NOT happening will skyrocket from here on out.
KoreanCanuck (11 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this. Yes this has happened. Good tips to know.
Quality Russian vodka (11 months ago)
14th comment kiddas
Stephen Hammer Magic (11 months ago)
go out, and film yourself purposely messing up the trick.. then try to redeem yourself. i feel like a lot of people do this.. they PANIC mid-way through and dont know how to get out of that situation.
Jonathan Chung (11 months ago)
this does not work because when in an actual performance you never know when you will mess up or something will go wrong, and the skill is being able to deal with the pressure on the spot. If you go into the trick knowing you will mess up, sure it will help prepare for that specific situation, but you will feel calm because you know whats going to happen, there would not be that same intense feeling of "messing up".
JESSIE (11 months ago)
Agreed. A great performer should always be prepared for anything.
Stephen Hammer Magic (11 months ago)
oh i know his crowd control stories. i just think it would be cool to see in REAL TIME someone mess up, and try to fix it. people panic way to often over messing up.
RaX *-* (11 months ago)
Stephen Hammer Magic there's a series called "crowd control" where he speaks about all the times he messed up during recording and performing in streets or any place and coming back from it without having any negativity from the audience. Check it out. Also nice idea though.
Antonio Diavolo (11 months ago)
Stephen Hammer Magic thats a great idea
Uros Mirkovic (11 months ago)
Damn the guy immediately turned over the card so annoying...
Anthony Jabre (9 months ago)
lengers powor you have a problem? It happens all the time. Jarek didn t stop to say it
M A R C O - Modern Magic (11 months ago)
It was absolutely the fault of the performer. It is up to them to control the spectator's actions. I do this effect all the time and nobody ever turns the card over, because A) I instruct them no to, and B) I lightly hold onto the card with two fingers. Control the situation - it's your performance. Don't leave it down to chance.
Uros Mirkovic (11 months ago)
lengers powor so it was franks fault that the guy flipped over the card??? I'm not saying it's anybody's fault it just happened, chill dude
lengers powor (11 months ago)
Uros Mirkovic so what? You are refering your spectator as a tough cookie in a negative way...never complain about your spectator not being able to cooperate or annoying but blame yourself for not having a decent crowd control...
Uros Mirkovic (11 months ago)
lengers powor have you heard of a tough cookie before?
PLATIPLE (11 months ago)
Yesterday I was at a party with like relatives and stuff and some of people i've only saw 2 or 3 times and I performed and the first few tricks I was shaking but later on in the night I felt so relaxed and didn't feel so uptight
PLATIPLE (11 months ago)
Disturb Reality I'll try that thanks
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
That's gonna keep happening. Think of it more as you being excited than nervous and that helps. But the more you do that and continue to get to that point of being comfortable or numb to the shakes/nervousness/excitement, those will eventually go away completely no matter who or how many people you perform to.
Uros Mirkovic (11 months ago)
360p squad
Aditya Bhatia (11 months ago)
Awais Khan (11 months ago)
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)
Glad you're getting value out of it!
Awais Khan (11 months ago)
Omg you actually answered Jarek I love you keep doing your daily magic videos and tutorials it really helps :D
Disturb Reality (11 months ago)

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