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Parteehard at the terminal trucking update

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Bxbred DaTTrucker (2 years ago)
Yo, I put in an app with Abilene 0n the 18th I have not heard from them, I am going to try and hit them up tomorrow. They look like a good company.
Bxbred DaTTrucker (2 years ago)
+Parteehard da trucker I don't have instagram, u got a fb account? I would appreciate the help... I got you on the referral too.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
hit me up on instagram I might can help you
YUNG FLO (2 years ago)
Did u have a dui on your record
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
T.o 203 (2 years ago)
Love the channel fam... I from the elm too.... Just subscribed...
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
appreciate the support bruh
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
Sorry you having that problem. I never known them to give anybody the run around. Maybe they just haven't got to it yet
will i am (2 years ago)
Respect... Man that Co. wack. Sandra giving me the run-around. All those trucks guess they dont want me in one.
Parteehard da trucker (2 years ago)
don't kno a Sandra but if I can help you I will
LeeMack912 McClain (2 years ago)
Funny that you put this out today about black lives matter.  I did this video last night and shouted you out in it.   https://youtu.be/pvi_jan1PJw  Have a good one brother

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