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10 Creepy Stories of Female Stalkers

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Text Comments (533)
OutOfSight OutOfMind (16 hours ago)
I think women stalkers are worse because these women are sneaky, manipulative, and will go to outrageous measures. This is coming from a woman.
David Buschhorn (1 day ago)
I'm a writer... I've "only" had two stalkers and they were both actually really nice people who led normal lives until they got sort of confused between the fiction of my books and the reality of our lives. Frankly, I really like both people and I'm glad it didn't work out like any of these stories. I once got a nervous phone call from a stranger in her hotel room. She'd bought a plane ticket to come see me, rented a car and drove to my home. She was about to knock on my door when she realized she had no idea how to explain what she was doing, once I opened the door (I bought a security camera after that). She was embarrassed and confused and SO sweet and honest about how crazy she felt. She realized how this looked and just couldn't figure out why it took so long to sort of come to her senses. In conversation, she always referred to my main character as "you." As in, "When you went into town to pick up the books..." Sorry... my name's David. His name is Jed. It's a novel, not my diary. ;-) Jed knows what I know, but I'm not him. He's way cooler than I am. :)
emaluv 513 (1 day ago)
single, highly educated women with a mental illness me: *uh oh* 😹😹😹
Elaine Snow (1 day ago)
Yuck, stalkers. Do they actually think the objects of their desires are going to be attracted to them? I had a stalker in college - creepy as hell. I lived on campus, so the campus police had to escort me around for awhile because of this nut.
Jeanie Shank (6 days ago)
That poor baby ... this is so sad
Joe Mama (7 days ago)
2:18 I didn't know Norm Peterson became a lawyer...
John Q Public (7 days ago)
I know many men joke about wishing they had a female stalker ...... no .... you .... don't. The worst part about it is no one believes you. Cops don't take it seriously. It's just a complete mess to deal with. "Just give her what she wants man!" "She's just a love-struck school girl" etc etc.
Hazel Walsh (9 days ago)
Adam Ant was Stalked for 3 years!!
Heidilynn Buterbaugh (11 days ago)
oh, how I miss Lancaster, PA with all its "morality" and horror stories and stuff.
Ms Daisy (13 days ago)
Stalking ugly Jeff Goldblum? 🤯🤯🤣🤣🤣 just laughable. And that pic of his bare chest 🙄🙄😣? How sickening is THAT???
Ms Daisy (13 days ago)
Number 8, Broderick? Deserved it. He had that coming. Men, dont think youre going to pull the rug out from under SOME women's feet. They'll kill you like a man kills women. He stole everything she worked so hard for. And gave it to some child bride. He's DEAD NOW!!! Take heed, men. WATCH where you stick it at.
Matthew Shields (14 days ago)
Female stalkers are awful.
Gabriel Mercado (15 days ago)
Number 10: Thank you police force for NOT serving and protecting! You're the best!
John Call (17 days ago)
In that thumbnail it looks like Jeff Goldblum snuck into Liberace‘s closet.
kyokushin man (18 days ago)
Bitches be Krazy!!
Dan Smith (19 days ago)
I went through one of the worst divorces in history, all involving extreme and widespread court corruption. Luckily, about stalker women, the worst that happened was a one time very uninteresting date ended up being a stalker female whom harassed me for several weeks. She ordered an expensive statue to be delivered to my house, C.O.D. delivery, which I refused. I asked whom sent it. The company said it was my name and address printed on a form torn from an advertisement in a womens magazine she happened to subscribe to. Yeah. She stalked my driveway at night for several nights UNTIL I called her dad and told him what crazy stuff she was doing. The next day after her dad confronted her, she left me a psychotic, screaming, 10 minute long voice message and then I found a half eaten large pizza laying on top my car with bite marks still in it.. And then I never heard from her, again. I'll take THAT any day over a life shattering 3 1/2 year divorce. I do remember another guy who broke up with some weirdo wench. That girl sent pornographic photos of herself to the guy showing her new boyfriend power pumping her, apparently to make him jealous? He sent her photos to her parents to see what THEY thought about it. Haha.
Bridgett Leigh (20 days ago)
I had a guy friend that once said only real rule in dating is to never dip the stick into a crazy woman.
Bridgett Leigh (20 days ago)
I was stalked and harassed by an ex friend. At first I just thought she was angry because I ended our friendship and over time began to see the whole crazy that was going on during our friendship and afterwards. She befriended my daughter to get info on me, tried to go to my friends to tell a sad story of how I wronged her, stalked my boyfriend and messaged him pretending to be me, contacted my boyfriend's exes and family as me and it eventually broke us up because he didn't believe it was her and not me. That woman even tried to screw with things at my work and someone told me she did some sort of voo doo to make me suicidal. Luckily she has moved on to new victims and I haven't had any interaction in over a year now. Yep educated seemingly regular woman who played her role as a victim. People like this do exist and it isn't just melodrama or overreacting when it happens to you. I will never miss that vibe in someone again, I guess that is the gift in all of it.
Julie Baez (20 days ago)
What Betty Broderick did was horrible and inexcusable; however, you have completely ignored the YEARS of abuse she endured. Those who were in the So. California legal community during that time may have been horrified by her crime, but most were not surprised.
DreamBelief (21 days ago)
I remember meeting Delta Goodrem's stalker when I was working security for a concert. She was absolutely out of control. I was surprised they hadn't issued an order preventing her from coming to the concert.
River Rose (21 days ago)
61 stalkers thumbed down this video.👎😂 🤣😂 😂😂 😂. But I'm not a stalker so I liked the video.... 👍
Elwookiee07 (22 days ago)
The alarms blaring the police never showed up, huh sounds about right
Celia Lovett (22 days ago)
I could never be a stalker. I don't have the time or energy. Throw in some ADD, and here's the result: I hate you and I'm going to destroy...oh, look a chicken! (Yawn.) First a little nap and hey, I'm hungry!
Mari Hawley (23 days ago)
There's a documentary about the second to the last story and it will murder your feelings! It's called Dear Zachary.
Justcallme Jack41 (24 days ago)
So stay at home and don't go outside
coccinelle80 (25 days ago)
Narcissistic women can be way more dangerous than their male counterparts. Being a woman doesn’t exclude someone from violent behaviour.
Beverly Vinson (26 days ago)
enjoy your show!!! love your voice. very pleasant to listen to . And you explain things enough so we know what your talking about . keep going !!!✌
rock climbing33 (26 days ago)
Why in 2019 do men and women still get different sentences for the same destructive Behavior???
GuitarMD Pittsburgh (26 days ago)
'Every breath you take ,Every move you make Every bond you break . Every step you take I'll be watching you" Sting Yep, a pop song about stalking . . . .Go figure . . .
Stephanie West (25 days ago)
I hate that song because my crazy stepmother would recite the lines from that song as she threatened and hurt me
Benjam Mo (26 days ago)
Stalkers get away with murder sometimes quite literally... sad
Crashburn 32 (27 days ago)
0:12 "Very few people realize that women can be stalkers too." Really? Because I think everyone pretty much knows that.
Shena Reed (29 days ago)
There is a documentary called dear Zackary. It about Andrew and the woman who killed him. Its heartbreaking what she put his family through.
Shena Reed (25 days ago)
+Richard Bullard I cried so bad. I didn't know anything about the film as im a documentary junkie. I was completely caught off guard.
Richard Bullard (25 days ago)
I cried, it was so horrible. But it was a wake up call for me, it made me think about my son's mother's actions and how much I can trust her. I don't trust her.
Ryan Anderson (29 days ago)
I can relate to a few of these with one girl I dated. Glad I got away without being stabbed. Yikes
Whoelsebutquagmire (29 days ago)
How in sweet hell is #4 a prank? "Okay, we're going to go in and slit her throat. It'll be hilarious!" Apparently her and I differ greatly on our definition of "prank"
kai sanders (1 month ago)
2.23 looks legit. Dump Catherine zita Jones and get with the black whale.
kai sanders (1 month ago)
We all know whamxn don't lie and don't stalk anyone. Beliebe all whamxn
Jenlea 84 (1 month ago)
I thought for sure number 1 would be David Letterman. He was stalked for many many years by the same woman. She was jailed a bunch of times before she committed suicide via train.
paige burleson (1 month ago)
Dear Zachary is the documented movie made by victim Andrew bagbys best friend, absolutely heartbreakingly devastating incident, but the documentary is well worth watching
Scot Fretwell (1 month ago)
Sounds like 3rd wave feminism to me.
Jack My-Ears (1 month ago)
7:30 I'm glad they picked the most beautiful picture of her... she so purdy
Chiara Offreduccio (1 month ago)
Where’s Lorna Morello?!
thebeatnumber (1 month ago)
How is number 2 not number 1 🤔
Amy Collins (1 month ago)
I think the craziest story was a couple brought their house but then got a letter saying that they will give them money if the couple give them the hous. The couple didn't take noticing of it but thing went wrong, the worst thing that happened was the couple found a pron add for the wife and a guy actually came to their house, luckily she wasn't home and the guy was scared off by the husband. They call the police and found out that they stalker was a elderly woman who wanted the house and did anything to scared them out. Thankfully she was arrested and the couple are safe
Susan Jordan (1 month ago)
Betty Broderick was/is crazy but Dan helped make her that way. He cheated on her, denied the affair and basically gaslighted her, then used his power to push her even farther over the edge. She deserves to be in prison for what she did but he and his mistress are both to blame for what happened too.
flap jack (1 month ago)
do not watch dear Zachery it will make you cry
whiteboy 111075 (1 month ago)
A dose of the 2nd Amendment anyone !?!?!?
Tables Frackrakes (1 month ago)
She began acting crazy in the courtroom and was sentenced to 5 months in jail instead of just 1. Shouldn’t he have sentenced her to mental rehabilitation or something? That sucks.
Dustin Ducote (1 month ago)
ann Gillespie (1 month ago)
Women are as bad or worst then men!
J M (1 month ago)
Michael Douglas is also a perverted pig.
Daniel Duncan (1 month ago)
I have actually had two stalkers in my life. Apparently women, once attracted to me, find it impossible to stop. But once they get to know me they quickly stray away. I myself am a very dangerous individual, once they find out it is all but certain they move on.
greenhowie (30 days ago)
cool story bro
widgetphreak (1 month ago)
You left out the best part about the Jacqueline Ades story. When the police asked her if she was aware that she's sent that guy over 65,000 txt messages in a single weekend her response was "That can't be right... I know I sent him more than that... it had to be."
Quarantined Cosmonaut (1 month ago)
Well that was depressing...
Jeff Jeffries (1 month ago)
A bizarre story about harassment, bullying and stalking can be found @ ColePhoenixWolvesforHire.
"Police laughed it off". This is what's wrong with the world and the reason why sexual assault and domestic violence towards men doesn't get taken seriously. Because sexual assault and battery on men by women is hilarious.
Sphinx Rising (1 month ago)
Actually, the plot of Fatal Attraction was of a man that got his one night fling knocked up & tried to make her get a abortion. His one night stand did not react well to his intimidating behavior towards her & reciprocated.
Centrist Philosopher (1 month ago)
They also probably get much softer sentences....
Tommie Reid (1 month ago)
Dude knocked-up his stalker.. Now that's a plot twist!!
Jenn Blitzer (1 month ago)
Police never take female stalkers seriously 😒
Brandon Daniels (1 month ago)
There is a reason men are called the silent victims
Abbey-Marie Slatter (1 month ago)
I can relate to those people who are victims of stalkers. As I too am a victim of it. Since approximately 2013 I have been constantly stalked by a lady in the U.S. I know her name, and I know that she certainly has some mental issues. She is an online stalker, she constantly sends me threatening and nasty messages on Facebook, and no matter how many times I block her, she creates another account to harass me again. I am grateful that she is poor and lives in another country, so there is no way she can do anything physical to me. She is still active to this day, and I know that I am not alone, as this woman is currently stalking others as well.
Kris Frazee (1 month ago)
My parents had a mail lady that was convicted of stalking David Letterman and was found in the neighbors house, he was Story Musgrave the last man to walk on the moon. At least she knows how to pick them.
L Mercan (1 month ago)
Your videos are excellent and I feel the content is very well researched. Keep them coming. P.S. who doesn't love Simon's accent? Thankfully, he doesn't use AI ...I stopped watching those ...they make me cringe over numerous mistakes. Thanks Simon, & I look forward to more videos😀
Danite Ghost (1 month ago)
… Goldblum? Of all the... Yeesh.
Dave (1 month ago)
This is really romantic. I wish I had a stalker.
emma duncan (1 month ago)
7:29 wow these women all have severe cases of crazy eyes!
Howdy Justice (1 month ago)
Is this Olivia from SciShow?
Michael Moretti (1 month ago)
8. I'm not at all sure she is a "stalker" when she's the understandably-angry ex-wife he cheated on.
Miss Amanda's world (1 month ago)
I like when ppl acknowledge the ignored truth. All genders can be stalkers and abusers and commit sexual assault
Shadow Moses (1 month ago)
Betty's story and how it ended reminded me of that one Hey Arnold episode.
Chris Anderson (1 month ago)
Not mentioning the astronaut?
Amy Zhuang (1 month ago)
Women can be stalkers too. Yay! Girl power! 😂
Camilla Fox (1 month ago)
How about Jodi Arias? She stalked her ex, slashed his tyres, crawled into his home through the doggy door, watched him through the windows etc. Then she murdered him in his own bathroom, by shooting him in the head, stabbing him over 20 times and slashing his throat.
Nida Lloyd (1 month ago)
Who else only clicked because of Jeff Goldbloom?
Carmen698 (1 month ago)
So this guy has a stalker so dangerous that he has to flee to another country and still sleeps with her when she finds him again?
sbjkd (2 months ago)
I had a female stalker. It was really horrible. She followed me everywhere. I told her to get away from me and she went straight to the airport and bought a ticket to Brisbane (Queensland). However, she listened to me when I told he to see a psychiatrist, but I don’t think it worked as she bought a new car and named it after me. She sent me lots of pornographic things. Luckily, her employer transferred her to another part of the country. It doesn’t sound bad, but she did lots of terrible things to my life. I don’t think she was far off of attacking me. She was actually a nice girl who just lost it for a while.
SPAMALOT Camelot (2 months ago)
YOu should report more correct facts about Broderick. The husband made her crazy by gaslighting her for many years after she, as a catholic, put him through law school and med school and had five children and three still births. He lied to her for years. He also then used his expertise and power to abuse her in the legal system for years. She would have been acquitted due to his abuses but his friends had the case moved from the judge that had it first. You need to be fair in reporting and not superficially report the info. He was a horrible person who used and destroyed her for years before he abandoned her and abused her thgouth the legal system.
Brett Hazelton (1 month ago)
She could have walked away and never looked back. She chose to stay and go "crazy". Maybe she should have just offed herself?
Tony Martins (2 months ago)
A lot of Lifetime movies. Guess they were truly inspired by true events.
Melissa Scarbrough (2 months ago)
I absolutely love the shirt! Have no idea what the video is about... I'm just mesmerized by that beautiful shirt! 😎😁 I will follow that shirt ANYWHERE...
Hadija Brahim (2 months ago)
I think it’s interesting that it’s not mentioned that the vast majority of stalking victims are woman. That’s not to say that there aren’t any woman stalkers out there and that there isn’t a stigma around men reporting if/when they’re the victim of sexual assault or stalking by a woman. Two things can be true at the same time. Yes it’s true that woman are more likely to be the victim of stalking/some form of abuse and the perpetrator is a man. It’s also true that men can and are able to be victimized by woman stalking or abusing them in some form. When generalizations are thrown around and viewed as absolutes and the nuances of the situation or topic isn’t discussed it can leave people that aren’t well versed on the subject with a false impression of the topic overall.
Clint Rodgers (2 months ago)
Often they'll team up on you.
DavidFMayerPhD (2 months ago)
Don't you just love the way police and prosecutors IGNORE menacing threats?
leon dillon (3 months ago)
Number 4. You once more mispronounced Montreal (Royal Mountain). It came out Mont treal. Other nitwits do with Mon treal!!
Steven Baxter (3 months ago)
One of your best vids
GullahGyal (3 months ago)
The story that you told of Betty Broderick was very one-sided. You completely left out how supported her husband, who then cheated on her with his secretary, who then sent Betty all sorts of threatening and taunting messages. She wasn't a stalker she was a woman scorned.
John Martin (3 months ago)
Female stalkers are no joke. Ive had one. I literally woke up one night with her looking in my window in the middle of a thunderstorm. Messed up.
Owen Digity (3 months ago)
These videos are still blacking out...?
Goodness Graces (3 months ago)
I've been experimenting with a possible cartoon about a crazy girl who keeps raping this guy who is basically an Elton John parody. It's actually pretty funny in a slapstick way and without any x-rated content, but it probably won't ever get published as it conflicts with a higher priority project.
Harrison Yates (3 months ago)
"Only white man that ever made me moist was Mike Douglas"
Mae M (1 month ago)
Harrison Yates , " LoL 😁 ; Grandma from The Nutty Professor ! "
Alan Pilkington (3 months ago)
I would think that most celebrities have the capital to hire private investigators to return the favor. Fire with fire and all that.
Jenny Johnsson (3 months ago)
How can people be so horrible?. There is one actor in particular (Ted Prior) that i admire a lot. Once or twice i have commented youtube movies that i love Mr Prior. But now i understand that i was wrong to do so. I should probably have written that i think that he's a very handsome and talented actor. And that i like his movies.
Vincent Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Yandre is the worst, remember that google: Yandre
Whyteferret (3 months ago)
I was surprised you didn’t mention Jody Arias. She always seems to show up on these kinds of lists. I liked the list. There were several cases I didn’t know about.
Teresa Davis (3 months ago)
I can't listen to him say Jeff "Gobblin" again.
alex c (3 months ago)
The timing of this is a bit off
Joey Slitheryn Crying (4 months ago)
Hate. Crying. Maiden last names. Stalkersand. Jacobson. Cops. Son. Driverse. License!!!!!
MissN Perfection (4 months ago)
Bitches be crazy!
Shelley Netzer-Edgerton (4 months ago)
Male stockers are just as dangerous as females and they get away with it by saying that she dressed a certain way and made him do it we need to stop this whole culture
Ye4rZero (4 months ago)
10 reasons to hire a hitman
Claire Scott (4 months ago)
Why doesn't the law take stalking seriously? It's scary to think that stalker can get away with almost anything and the police won't do anything because the law thinks it is a joke.

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