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Fox guest Gavin McInnes: 'By every metric men have it worse'

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via Fox News
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A Marie (2 hours ago)
We have plenty of angry people who can sign up for fighting. The draft is stupid. Just make a presidential all call for people who want to kill others and you'll have lines out the door. Lmao. "Draft" ...pft- Yes. Equality all the way around. I'm a pacifist. And so are some men. Fuck a draft.
Godavego gogo (20 hours ago)
Women are at war with everybody... Women's biggest war is the one going on in their heads and hearts against the truth... So obvious, their knee jerk reactions to facts as if facts are criticisms of their genetalia...
ALPHA 93 (1 day ago)
That black dude is a simp, he’s afraid of man spreading! Sitting there with his legs crossed like if he had a dress on... time right now looks bright for the feminists , but damn! Come get your front roll seats before it’s too late and get to witness the great fall
Glenn Knauer (1 day ago)
Low pft scores and pregnancy are two big problems in usmc women. Who raises the child? Many dont know who the father is. So single mother marine gets same pay but cant run a mile or go on 6 month combat ready deployments because of said kid. Thats a common problem in todays military. Or it was in 95-03 when i served. Lcpl b got base housing ahead of male marines who were higher ranking were waiting longer and married to the mother, then had children. This also meant these male marines were capable of deployment because mom was able to take care of the kids while dad was on float.
Gareth Jones (2 days ago)
TheOscar401 (2 days ago)
Well the suicide one is mainly because men use deadlier options to commit suicide, take that equation out and it's for the most part 50-50
boxers nation (2 days ago)
Women are not war makers. Did you forget about illiad and Cleopatra?
BanLiveExport (2 days ago)
It is time for women to be drafted.
MrCorgiTalks (2 days ago)
He’s right, you know.
Gurn Blanstein (3 days ago)
Do it by chromosomes. XY can only fight against XY. XX can only fight against XX. Problem solved.
Highlander15 (3 days ago)
Men might fight wars, but women start them.
Sand Man (10 days ago)
No woman should be in position of power, they do everything based on emotion not Intelligence.
Huw Thomas (11 days ago)
Look how ratty they get because women are inferior
Huw Thomas (11 days ago)
When he said we would’ve lost WW2 because of women is the most unarguable comment ever
The fact that all of this gender equality is still an issue in the media is comical😂 men and woman have natural biological differences and that plays into the roles of society that the majority of the two sexes play. Men are stronger and more driven. (Most) FACT.
chasespartus (17 days ago)
Women always have a stupid look in their eyes.
Scare Fest (1 month ago)
Men are awesome! Just admit it!
Rich Evans (1 month ago)
Gillian Turner.......She is nothing more than a Hot Feminist
MisterTutor2010 (1 month ago)
We should start using women as cannon fodder like we do with men.
Tony The American (1 month ago)
Calling all men dumb isn't sexist? These cunts learned nothing today and will continue to waste oxygen on this planet.
kmk 9400 (1 month ago)
It's weird how that black guy is sitting as a woman.
Life 4 Fire Forever (1 month ago)
I actually think women should be drafted Military needs cooks and communications and nurses etc If their capable then pilots or intelligence by merit etc not front line They will fail against men and they won't be POWs they'll be dead or sex slaves
Dyno Saur (1 month ago)
In a dangerous event like a sinking ship or hostage situation children, women and elders are being asked or evacuated first because these categories would unlikely be able to help but rather escalate a situation. If women are smart why do they keep sticking their nose where they dont belong.
FreshStreamFails (1 month ago)
that woman probably didnt even get the bell curve reference
elemento2003 (1 month ago)
Gavin has the balls man, thats why I like him
Becauseking! (1 month ago)
Women are better looking than men? Look at animals... males are in a lot of species better looking than females because they have to impress (ducks, chicken, peacocks, lions, deer etc.)
Electric Spyboy (1 month ago)
women are totally warlike...they just can't back it up on a battlefield
Danimal Bunjee (1 month ago)
This was such a sub-par discussion of this topic, that I'm going to make sure to never watch this show again. Is there a way to double unsubscribe?
tomas fabbro (1 month ago)
That bitch serious?
James RFC (1 month ago)
Men aren’t smart though sent people to the moon, built everything, designed everything, invented everything...... 🤫
James French (1 month ago)
Women, just accept your natural place and stop fighting it.
Leem (2 months ago)
Normally think Gavin is off with some of his theories but he was on point this time.
Lennart ๋ (2 months ago)
Men are more likely to die? This is perfect.
Skeleton Clique (2 months ago)
My personal data doesn't match Gavin's, most girls and women I've met ARE COMPLETE retards, they think about shit in the world that no one cares about and they whine about shit that don't matter. Girls are like living in another world inside their mind. They think world revolves around them. Their goals are so simple and small. They get sad and uncomfortable really quick and give everyone shit. And again that could just be the females I've met.
fix (2 months ago)
Even after all this year's. Marie curie is the only woman to ever invented anything meaningful in life. And even then, literally half of the X ray research was done by her husband. Women are dumber than men. Stop being stupid on live TV. Lol.
Lovinsfun - er (2 months ago)
You'd Better Keep the conversation SIMPLE For That RED Head !!!! . . " Appears EXTREMELY Easy to confuse " Yes Millions of jobs that women can do in War without fighting or ever getting dirty . And I'll just BET She's gonna tell us for the Same Pay as the MEN out there as Mechanics , Pilots , Navy , Tank operators , Marines - Soldiers getting shot at , knifed and Blown Up . Talk to us Honey - it's Clear to see that you have your shit together on this subject !! And the Host , you just Keep sucking up to Red - even tho your gay ... HOW WOULD MEN Ever go on without the female . . . ? pee-brain < ???? OMG " Let's just End it All NOW "
dirty birds life # 1team (2 months ago)
How are men not smart if they invented 95% of things
shanks (2 months ago)
You live in that for example universe mr.anchor.I live with reality.
Udit Kumar (2 months ago)
The host is dumber than each one of them combined
Wolithung Kikon (2 months ago)
Good looking hahahaha
H Koizumi (2 months ago)
If only wemmin ruled the world, we'd have World War every month lasting few days to a week.
mrFalloutFan95 (2 months ago)
Men are better than women, we NEED to be otherwise you wouldnt like us.
bademoxy (2 months ago)
there actually IS women getting military combat roles -WITH REDUCED performance standards, and this is common in EVERY nation's military who adopt gender integration programs for combat roles
SashasGuitar Covers (3 months ago)
If women ruled the world, there would be just as many wars, fought over petty things
Doc M (3 months ago)
Gavin is a american asset
Harry Dalton (3 months ago)
Military sandwich makers
John Howder (3 months ago)
There are not millions of mos's in the American military....
How can u be so shallow as to stoop to looks. Plus, u can’t compare a mans looks to a womans
C.E.L Archives (3 months ago)
Feminism was started by a genius man. Who is a nihilist at best. Mr. Rockefeller Take Your Bow.
Ashley James (3 months ago)
Was this a comedy sketch?
Neko Crypt (3 months ago)
There is no Easter bunny No tooth fairy *NO WAGE GAP*
Jacob Blankenship (3 months ago)
Yeah young women are way too emotional to be in a war you retards
D Krappenschitz (3 months ago)
Xenogenesis 963 (3 months ago)
"i would dispute the rape fact" How would you like to dispute that you are moronic piece of shit that nobody wants to see on TV? Seriously, how did this shit kid of a person got a job a like this? I smell ass crawling... Seriously that host is the biggest pile of steaming shit ever, fire this ass face immediatly!
Oneshot Onekill (4 months ago)
Name 1 female genius and go.
FruitPunch Samurai (4 months ago)
She thinks women are "better looking than men"? Yeah, all because of that make up shit you covered your face with
Ivan Tiberkov (4 months ago)
Men have been raped by women since they gave up control to the "weaker sex" in all spheres of life - they are being raped in marriage, stripped of their property and dignity after the inevitable divorce, made to apologize for anything they do, and enslaved with alimony. Women like nice guys because they finish last. At the same time, they help promote to power the dumbest, most arrogant, and most despicable smut so they can rule through them.
Hattan B (4 months ago)
Cavin is just a woman hater. I m conservative but this guy is a bit too extreme sometimes.
julifer9211 (4 months ago)
Hahaha love the equality go and remove rats for sanitary equality. Lol they would cry and throw up but they all have to do it hahaha. Equality hahaha
Danny D (4 months ago)
Gavin is so great lol
NKWTI (4 months ago)
Gavin is so goddamn funny.
George Grodzinski (4 months ago)
I never really thought of the fact nor acknowledg the factor was made aware of the fact that women do not obtain that piece of equality
Joe's Auto Upholstery (4 months ago)
Lets get str8 women have brought upon themselves to be called hoes,tramps, sluts, and bitches. When women talk about a girls who like to have sex you hear bitch, slut, trump, and hoe. When men talk about a guys who like to have sex you wont hear any of that. Women are jealous and haters with it comes to other women. Its in there nature.
jpracingph (4 months ago)
That redhead wanted to fuck Gavin for sure
Francis Yanthan (4 months ago)
What's the name of the woman with a shiny frock...She is hot.
Mitch (4 months ago)
Actually you know what? Because we are "equal" now why don't men and women prisoners shower and share Gaol cells together in prison?? I mean I'm sure a woman doing time will be capable to handle herself against a 6ft tall, 100 kg black man right? Even if he tries to rape her?, Same goes for fights and work! I want to see more women in heavy construction work, I've been working in the industry for a long time and still haven't yet come across a woman in construction! Come on bitches!!! Gender equality welcome to the man's world now:))) ...
Eric Buchanan (4 months ago)
2:00 Women arnt war makers!?!?!??? Have you ever married a woman!?
SilentFox (4 months ago)
"How bout you go to war and die" XD
Richard Spikman (4 months ago)
Fox is a black hole of intelligence.
Matthew Christeson (4 months ago)
That one lady on the end saying they're sneakier...first of all, yes they are lol. Secondly, she means to say if women were historically the main military force up until the 21st century that they would have invented guerilla warfare? I don't think so. Wars had been fought throughout human history with large-scale armies facing each other in all out combat in the open with banners raised and lines of soldiers going back for miles. Guerilla warfare wasn't implemented until America was founded and the American colonists were fighting the British and needed to find an advantage since their numbers paled in comparison. America would have lost against them in conventional warfare, so they learned to hit the British and run; they learned to hide and take small victories where they could find them. I'm not saying women aren't smart, but I am saying that they wouldn't have fixed all historical mistakes that we as a species made in warfare. Things certainly would have been different having women take the place of men in military roles historically. For now, however, I believe it's wrong for women to be drafted or allowed in the infantry. That doesn't mean women can't be allowed in the military, but being drafted in wartime or being in the infantry means they are more likely than not to be put in combat situations. Who would like to send their daughter/girlfriend/wife/sister out to fight a war for America? NO ONE! Men and women can be equal, but not the same. If you don't know the difference, you need to learn. Our country is slipping down a slick slope into disarray because of this 3rd wave feminism/social justice nonsense. It has to stop.
Joshua Lennep (4 months ago)
She said there wouldn't be as much war. Women start shit. Men finish it.
Thomas Truther (4 months ago)
Just send three waves of feminist to the front lines for the next war and then the men can use them as stepping stones to fight the actual battle once they're mowed down and the enemy is reloading. Could you just imagine having an irrational argument in a trench on a battlefield with a emotional woman who's not going to move cuz she scared even though her irrational behavior is going to get good men killed. We might as well take our toddlers into the trenches as well
NK (4 months ago)
This guy made a dumb hypothetical
Hush (4 months ago)
Not as smart or good looking as women as a whole. Men do the harder jobs and women walk around with fake lashes fake tits and fake nails so how you figure that sweetheart.
Bogdan Shumenko (4 months ago)
Tom Hardy has the point
Mark Wheeler (4 months ago)
Joking about sexism in these times! Is that allowed!?😂
Lee Cubit (4 months ago)
Hows the stupid cunt next to Gavin, how fucking embarrassing for human race.
artsy 33 (4 months ago)
Gavin is right..these feminists want to be "equal." yet I don't see many women laboring away at dangerous construction job sites, working in the coal mines (unless you count the lamp ladies), driving tractor trailer or garbage trucks or cleaning out sewers. no no, instead they're very selective about their "equality." they only want to be "equal" when it benefits their agenda. so pathetic, not to mention, annoying.
danny moon (4 months ago)
What a cuck that interviewer is, he”s even afraid to share a joke.
GoldenArrow (5 months ago)
Feminists are really disgusting.
WorkBitch24 (5 months ago)
I'm a woman and I agree with him. Some women are so easily triggered and defensive.
Kemper Boyd (5 months ago)
I'm in the UK and I have recently discovered that women are unfairly represented in the Department of Environmental Health, especially working in household sanitation. It is my aim to assist women in their pursuit of being equally represented in all walks of life. I thought it possible that women may prefer not to do this as an occupation, but when I suggested that this may be the reason that there are less women in politics than men. I was told that there are barriers preventing many entering Public Service. Those women already in Politics should advise those seeking a similar career how they overcame their barriers. Wanting to do the job in the first place, closely followed by getting votes!
Pslayer M (5 months ago)
Men vs Men that’s how it’s been from generations to generations
Callum Penman (5 months ago)
We wouldn’t be in that many wars if it was all women because the first one would never fucking end!
1greatfinker ofRtimes (5 months ago)
Gavin's right
Jesus Jimenez (5 months ago)
As I'm watching and agreeing with comments, a Thought just smacked up my head. Is the reason most great inventions in the past were products of men, due to the fact that women were never given opportunities to during early American Culture and or standards- Or even law?
Homer Thornton (5 months ago)
Didn’t take Gutless long to slither under the table on his own show.
jo eri (5 months ago)
cyborg is a disgrace too the ufc
Special k (5 months ago)
Those girls were good sports.
Fun fact: european queens were 27% more likely to cause wars. Still think there would be less wars if women lead the world?
TJO (5 months ago)
*how about you pay for dinner... Equality my ass......the women laughing are so immature..."good looking as women" I've never seen a debate about this topic where women act mature(no sexist comment intended but facts*
CancerousPlayer (5 months ago)
We're NOT more likely to get raped okay! Dont say that.
Mike 649Foxx (5 months ago)
Women are smarter than men? Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison etc etc. Now please, name a few females of equal intelligence and I will continue with my list.
bLaCjAcK Daniels (5 months ago)
I wish I lived in traditional times where the men worked and the women stayed home and the roles made sense.
Oliver Berr (6 months ago)
combat  combat  equality
RockedThe/CrapOut (6 months ago)
Total morons or geniuses!
matespider (6 months ago)
Harry Nuh Tsak (6 months ago)
surprised the title isn't something ridiculous like "Gavin McInness ANNIHILATES and TEARS TO SHREDS leftist feminist SJW with FACTS"
SemperPie EatorDie (6 months ago)
Equality all around. Ladies time to woman up or get back to making sandwiches. Thats why 70 percent of women didnt want the ability to vote
C La (6 months ago)
If women are smarter than men why do intelligent men have such a HARD time finding an intelligent woman?

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