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Magic Sex with Jenna Marbles

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Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/jarek120 Not too many people get the chance to get this close to Jenna Marbles' mouth. Jenna Marbles - http://www.youtube.com/jennamarbles http://www.twitter.com/Jenna_Marbles COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=evancloyd Vlog Channel http://www.youtube.com/evancloyd Submit video responses and have your videos featured on my website! http://www.DisturbReality.com Twitter http://twitter.com/jarek120 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Jarek120 (subscribe to public updates) http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram Jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Then aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (1247)
Ryan watchel (1 month ago)
I love doing this trick out on the street. People have handed me $20 bill for doing this.
BlackCh33tah (1 year ago)
Good trick, you just needed a little more presentation, cause when you were doing the "magic" it was all hushed.
deni Rochmansyah (1 year ago)
sad hughes (1 year ago)
0:40 puts cigarette in mouth
Master yi (1 year ago)
And thats how little Toby become a magician!
Beatrix Kiddo (1 year ago)
Dude who the fuck cares if she smokes?! So stupid!
harryclarkhulk (1 year ago)
what? does she smoke in her videos?
DivKa L ValentinE (1 year ago)
Jenna's face completely red XD
Underwear Baker (1 year ago)
thatssss myyy maaaaan
YouTuber 1 (1 year ago)
1:02 Her boobs are so flat that she can't rest the pen on them.
BORA Kocabaş (1 year ago)
He mindfucked her lol!
The Tall Gambino (1 year ago)
Yh what
Stefan Hean (1 year ago)
Jenna Smokes? wtf
These Biscuits (1 year ago)
Jenna marbles smokes
YouTuber 1 (1 year ago)
Well the more refined title would be.....Magic then Sex with Jenna Marbles.
Jermaine de la Motte (1 year ago)
YouTuber 1 So a second version of Here Then There ? 😂
SYNDRONE // DJ (2 years ago)
Click Bait
Rin Scott (2 years ago)
Does this count as clickbait?
Corn Holio (1 year ago)
Rin Scott (1 year ago)
+Corn Holio When someone puts stuff in the title that makes you wanna click on it, kinda like bait. Also like bait, it's probably too good to be true.
Corn Holio (1 year ago)
Bryce Scott CLICKBAIT??? WTF is that
whatiswhat lawl (2 years ago)
Bryce Scott nooooooooooooo I don't think it is
Chris Mehilli (2 years ago)
2:26 "Nearly got dat puss tonight"
Lucifer Morningstar (2 years ago)
easy as your mom (not referring to Jarek)
The Tall Gambino (2 years ago)
MagicDave / David (1 year ago)
Alfred Tope 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zachary Higgins (1 year ago)
G E N (1 year ago)
Alfred Tope get it online
The Tall Gambino (2 years ago)
great trick for people in the U.S.A...................tried it for someone in Nigeria and she ran away never to see her again
Patrick Jorel Perico (2 years ago)
Her last lines were: "I feel it! I feel like we just had..." (insert video title)
AtheismIsMadness (2 years ago)
Title is very honest
jacob whitsett (2 years ago)
She was like a 10 then she pulled that cigarette up and went to a 4 1/2 lol
Andreas Schlechner (2 years ago)
You are Great , i want to meet you jarek for some Tips is it possible ?? I am your biggest Fan !!
Ellen Sussman (2 years ago)
this title is quite misleading
Amazing Spidey (2 years ago)
well in the end Jemma said <<I feel like we just had...>> what do you think she said?
BurakkuRozu (2 years ago)
Did she watch the tutorial?
A youtube channel (2 years ago)
Not a misleading title at all...
Arnav Raja (1 year ago)
D_Cardist the thumbnail was ...
Tiago Meireles (2 years ago)
+TinyboxTim ahhaahhaahah
TinyboxTim (2 years ago)
Welcome to the art of click bait
FellForThePromise (2 years ago)
I feel sorry for the sad , sad people that thought it was a magic trick that made people want to have sex with u , basically 12 yr olds
lol good one :p...... its also probably true
Adauto Whitney Zimmer (2 years ago)
Yes!!! rsrs
JerichoHasAVlog (2 years ago)
Magic Sex
JerichoHasAVlog (2 years ago)
Magic Sex
John Doe (2 years ago)
She totally wanted the D.
mayonaise (2 years ago)
Why didn't u kiss her omg
Joshua Chintapalli (2 years ago)
She even raised her shoulders up and looked up into his eyes just waiting for it too
talal ashfaq (2 years ago)
Can any one tell me how to do this trick ??
Ola Rohdin (2 years ago)
2 double lifts and a pre-signed 6! Figure out the rest
Nico Reveco (2 years ago)
pretty easy making this trick on her, since she couldn't hold her focus for more than 0.01 seconds
Andrew Golembieski (2 years ago)
she has two degrees... i was surprised too.
Mass.Shadows (2 years ago)
Whoooo she smokes cigarettes as do a million others why is that a big surprise
AdamantiumArmor (2 years ago)
love this trick gonna try this
Christopher Wright (2 years ago)
Guess who got laid after this? My mofo niggia Jarad!
WolfvineGaming (2 years ago)
Jenna Marbles smokes??
degen83 (1 year ago)
+Milan Jovanovic how incredibly open minded and tolerant of you, you are a bastion of the liberal lefts open minded and tolerance.
degen83 (1 year ago)
+Milan Jovanovic you can smoke in public. smoking in public is legal. smoking in downtown in a big city is LEGAL my nigga, damn. You can't smoke at bustop or trans station or subway but you can smoke in public walking down the street as long as you like 20 ffeet away from store entrances.
Vsvp Ybgm (2 years ago)
+Jedi Spock end ur life
Cindy (2 years ago)
+degen83 chill out.
Harshit S (2 years ago)
my God she's hot!!
Harshit S (2 years ago)
sssniperwolf is on other level!
WolfvineGaming (2 years ago)
+Dante Kakashratos Ya, I actually met her recently. Though I think MarziePie is more hot, but her voice decreases it.
Joshua Chintapalli (2 years ago)
+WolfvineGaming hottest you tuber has to be sssniperwolf
WolfvineGaming (2 years ago)
+Harshit Sinha Not the hottest
TheLifeWithMadison J (2 years ago)
since when did Jenna smoke?
medallo143 (2 years ago)
I think she may still smoke to this day. In some of Julien's vlogs you can see packs of cigarettes lying around the house. Don't remember which ones... I think she's more careful of showing herself smoking because she doesn't want to be a bad influence
ibrahim shakir (2 years ago)
since yesterday
Chipster (2 years ago)
Lucky CHICKEN (2 years ago)
Did Jenna smoke?!?!?!😬
ItsSatvik (2 years ago)
Jenna marbles smokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mack Nelson (2 years ago)
Wyatt Rassier (2 years ago)
It's amazing how much a simple trick can make someone so amazed
Jonathan Carbajal (2 years ago)
She wanted to kiss him did u see her eyes she was thirsty
Jens van Putten (2 years ago)
it felt like we had ma| video ended xD
UltimateEx (2 years ago)
What's the song at the beginning?
UltimateEx (2 years ago)
+WolfvineGaming ya I kind figured that out. Ty
WolfvineGaming (2 years ago)
+UltimateEx Cinema Skrillex Remix
DefectiveWolf (2 years ago)
dank weed storm 420 blaze it by XxFaZe_DarudexX
Tykaru Lobano (2 years ago)
common mistake
Tykaru Lobano (2 years ago)
no skrillex remixed the song benny is the original maker
Dominick Murillo (2 years ago)
Luke Mears (2 years ago)
The switch was really smooth he would have practiced for ages to perfect that
seth Jim (2 years ago)
+Luke Mears HAHAHAH... You haven't been in magic long have you?
Steph Gruber (2 years ago)
Jenna smokes!? O.O
garrett 6410 (2 years ago)
Just the tip of a penis
naju332 (2 years ago)
1% me bored is lame
IraqUpBeaches (2 years ago)
Eeww she smokes ?!
Mason Carlson (2 years ago)
watch at like 43 right as she gives him the card he does a deck flip
Unhosted (2 years ago)
That has nothing to do with the trick
James Storm (2 years ago)
that thumbnail man
Arodrdz (2 years ago)
tmartn makin a cameo
madeinthegetto (2 years ago)
This guy wants to be Chris Angel so bad
Clogged Cord (2 years ago)
Jarek1:20>Criss Angel But nice try
Mikus Janis Gailis (2 years ago)
+madeinthegetto but criss angel is fake, he has fake spectators
topnotch3232 (2 years ago)
David Blaine > Chris Angel
Kaliss (3 years ago)
Aye Jenna and I have the same birthday. She grew up in Boston, of course she smokes.
Ryth Gaming (3 years ago)
Why people smoke I don't know
david otuwa (2 years ago)
Smoking is dumb anyway. Why start in the first place. Do you want to kill yourself?
SilverMoon288 (2 years ago)
+Sizzlik While all smoke is bad, smoke from cigarettes contains many more harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Second hand smoke is a real killer.
Sizzlik (2 years ago)
+Hajime Noippo Truth..we pay tax on ciggs, are banned from bars..and 2nd hand smoking is overrated. If im with someone in a small closed room and smoke a whole pack..yes..then its 2nd hand smoking. In an open area..come on..walk down a busy road..all the exhaust fumes..not 2nd hand smoking?
Card magic Duo (2 years ago)
+Sizzlik second hand smoking is a real problem
Sizzlik (2 years ago)
+Ryth gaming Why do people care what others do with their life/health....i dont know
Dev Jay (3 years ago)
Just the tip
superboy0085 (3 years ago)
Jenna smokes? So unattractive!!😫😫😫😫
Lucci (2 years ago)
it is attractive for me. why did i say it? because everyone wants know it. not. nobody cares about you , fcking piece of sht
g0phuckyourself (3 years ago)
It's awesome she smokes
Stefven † (3 years ago)
Wy u smoke bitch
Lucci (2 years ago)
calm down kid. some adults smoke, accept it.
Sizzlik (2 years ago)
+Teddybear Puke Cool..never knew that about myself..but if you say so..
Stefven † (2 years ago)
+Sizzlik you are a thug
Sizzlik (2 years ago)
+Teddybear Puke Wy u care dumbfuck
Nehemiah Deason (3 years ago)
i did not know that jenna smokes
xAres (3 years ago)
jenna smokes. u live and u learn
I S T 4 I l I SPEC (3 years ago)
There is 2 in ur mouth
Fastrue (3 years ago)
because of him, i know what the trick is and how to do it. :v
Steven Mason (3 years ago)
he had a presigned 6 of hearts he gave to her when he flipped the card. he then took the one she signed, put it in his mouth, put the one he just signed back in the deck and boom. magic
nightsoldier1112 (1 year ago)
As if he needs to "reveal" it or post a tutorial. It's fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain what the trick is.
Lucci (2 years ago)
are you an idiot or something? everyone knows how he does it cause he revealed it himself cool guy. smh
ThePBSS (3 years ago)
+Steven Mason dude, he has like 5 tutorials for this and mentions it in a lot of his videos. You don't have to tell us how he does it.
Steven Mason (3 years ago)
+hihihitaytaytay I will teach you the ways of the Steven but FIRST.. a task. You must guess the color of my underwear to prove you're worthy.
hihihitaytaytay (3 years ago)
+Steven Mason Wow you're so smart. Teach me how to be you.
jedi govna lopove
Joe M (3 years ago)
Who cares that she smokes, that's her choice, simmer down everyone.
I think he totally could have gone for it, she looked pretty down to do whatever "for the trick". Could have actually kissed her I mean.
JuniorVasquez (3 years ago)
I never knew she smokes
Alex Majano (3 years ago)
So many people talking shit about the fact that she smokes, people smoke all over the world. Yes it's unhealthy but she's a person like everyone else and she chooses to smoke. Who knows maybe she wants to quit. Point is I don't get why people are so surprised, it's not like she makes her self out to be a saint. I'm going to go up to random people that I see smoking and say "what you smoke!!!!????? Wtf????!!!"
Lachlan Ferguson (2 years ago)
Smoking doesn't become a choice after a couple of years, becomes more of an addiction and part of your daily life and is so so hard to stop
How does he do that
Sizzlik (2 years ago)
+Willem NL Presigned double and 2 doulble lifts..century old trick..first jst hand to hand transpo..then revived by wayne houchin (adding folding and put to mouth part). I first learned that trick about 25yr ago in a book (yes..the paper thing)
Adre Zero (3 years ago)
+Willem NL He has a tutorial
Kats (3 years ago)
Sorry, Jarek. This trick has been absolutely too awesome NOT to use in my daily routines. Lol.
JackofAll (3 years ago)
She smokes gross
Josh Abbey (3 years ago)
What the fuck jenna Marbles smokes
jase t (3 years ago)
1:57 people in the background.
Hibana (3 years ago)
intro song?
Austin Wallace (3 years ago)
Cinema - Skrillex
Tyboy808 (3 years ago)
In the background that eavsdrops
LamestHobbies (3 years ago)
I know I might be a bit late to say this but I lmao'd during this video bc the guy in the background looked up at them right when Jenna started saying just the tip XD.
YouLove OEL (3 years ago)
Nice show by the way =)
YouLove OEL (3 years ago)
He sounds like Lumpy space princess . . . Close your eyes and enjoy
Tia Sturrock (2 years ago)
Hahahaha yes dude!!! Tried it, nice observation
Pingu 1 (3 years ago)
Misleading name.
Alex Majano (3 years ago)
I think at the very end she says "I feel like we just had magic sex but they cut the video. You're right though. "
Alicia Olvera (3 years ago)
braindon macghee (3 years ago)
I would fuck jenna marbles everyday
Frank Gutang (3 years ago)
Jerek how about 2015
Cyan Blackflower (3 years ago)
Not too many people get the chance to get this close to...And you are a magician ? Boy o boy you still have a lot to learn...She OBVIOUSLY knows one or Two that fool even You LOL !    When It comes to sex magic I have a kind of reverse problem. Quite confounding actually..First right before my eyes the Booze just disappears, I mean ALL of it !! ...OK I think MAYBE I have a vague idea about that..I dunno though I'm working on it, but I kind of like the illusion..Know what I mean ? - But hey !! The one that "gets" me is...Well I can't figger it...but ahhh Well after sex everything is great and everything and then I just disappear ...???
brandon faramelli (3 years ago)
orfeas pergolas (3 years ago)
Memestar Gnomes (3 years ago)
It's a simple trick. The heat from your body melts the card. He had a special card so that when it melts it changes.
romi (3 years ago)
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt jenna marbles smokkkkkkkkkes????????????:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :000000000
dirtdiver5050 (3 years ago)
Really ruins how hot someone is when they smoke. Such a dumb addiction.
Guitarmaster7272 (3 years ago)
Jenna smokes.  K.  I didn't care.  I was more interested in the magic trick.  I still dont get how he did it.  He froze time and switched em cuz he's a genie. case closed.
Study Gym (10 months ago)
Guitarmaster7272 he literally has a tutorial on his channel
Zinc Vibe (3 years ago)
Tmartn looooooooooool
EvilDeathMist (3 years ago)
XD jenna marbles reaction you got close though... XD
Big White (3 years ago)
Star MC (3 years ago)
50% of you talking about the thing that Jenna smoke 30% of you trying to do this magic 10% of you staring at Jenna boobs 40% of you want to kiss Jenna like jarek
MDsenpai (2 years ago)
+Dani V im a cat..
Lucci (2 years ago)
i would have kissed her like how i kiss women. using my dick
Card magic Duo (2 years ago)
That's over 100% 😂 imposiblé
Marcuzb148 (2 years ago)
+Adamantiis Ikr he's trying to be cool but he is even worse lol
Adamantiis (2 years ago)
+Issue Paper Better than yours apparently LOL

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