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→Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/toptenzsubscribe →10 Reasons Bruce Lee was a Superhuman: http://bit.ly/1Hl4mVu Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Brand new videos 7 days a week! Videos are published at 6pm EST every day! Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Religious Beliefs Hidden In Toy Story http://bit.ly/1fEirGT Top 10 Disturbing Documentaries http://bit.ly/1HxOnUg A “cult” typically refers to a social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding population considers to be outside the mainstream. Cults usually expect a large amount of time and money to be devoted as well. And sometimes a cult will ask the ultimate price, your life. Here are 10 cults that have changed the way the world looks at cults. Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-cults.php Coming up: 10. Scientology 9. Hare Krishna 8. The Unification Church 7. Children of God 6. The Ku Klux Klan (or KKK) 5. The Manson Family 4. Heaven’s Gate 3. The Solar Temple 2. Branch Davidians 1. The People’s Temple Source/Further reading:
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Text Comments (710)
edvaira6891 (5 days ago)
The leader of the Moonies died in 2012, thus is no longer an “is”, but a “was”...Also, Sharon Tate was Roman Polanski’s wife, not Fiance’
Nate Varney (7 days ago)
Many of the people who died in Jonestown were forced to drink the poison laced kolaid and give it to their children at gunpoint
Francis Bell (14 days ago)
Scientology needs to be wiped out
Martyn Borthwick (15 days ago)
Church of the Latter Day Saints?
margarette lewis (1 month ago)
You forgot the Catholic nuns at the mother and baby institutions in Ireland.... They killed over 700 babies so I'd say they count as dangerous and they kidnapped and imprisoned young women and sold off the babies they didn't starve to death all without punishment! I'd call that a very dangerous cult!!
Urbro Dooli (1 month ago)
What about the LDS or the FLDS? Also Jonestown wasn't a mass suicide, but rather a mass genocide. many of the people did not want to drink the kool-aid.
Leon Foster (1 month ago)
I thought this was; Top 10 Worst Cunts.
Timothy McMillan (2 months ago)
If you wish to consider Iskcon a cult, that's fine, but Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu in Indian religion. Worship of Krishna and chanting his names dates back over half a millennium, to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Krishna's appearance on earth was over 5,000 years ago, and the Mahabharata contains one of India's most sacred texts, the Bhagavad Gita. It is NOT a novel. Before commenting on something. it may help you to RESEARCH it.
Michelle Burkholder (2 months ago)
You forgot Osho Bhagwan Rejneesh. Watch Wild Wild Country. Truth is stranger than fiction.
anneeq008 (2 months ago)
The KKK is a terrorist organisation, not a cult
Paul S (3 months ago)
The FNAF cult
Shellyklu (3 months ago)
Forgot to mention that the KKK was started by the democratic party.
Neal Palmer (3 months ago)
Just to be a stickler for details that was not Kool-Aid it was a different kind of purple powder drink the name escapes me for the moment but it was definitely not actually Kool-Aid
Adrian Hutchings (3 months ago)
Used to enjoy your lists,but after your stupid remarks about the Hare Krishnas i"ll steer clear in the future
Luis Arredondo (3 months ago)
The Craptower and the Jehovah Witnesses
Dan Rowley (3 months ago)
Forginer .. check your facts on the Klan. You're waaaaaayyyy off!
David Hoch (3 months ago)
Christianity Catholicism & The Freemasons Are The 3 Biggest Cults In Human History
Charlie Cross (3 months ago)
The fire in Waco was a murder suicide
Sarah Lee (3 months ago)
Also jonestown was not so much a mass suicide as it was a mass murder. the children were forced to drink it and if they didn't they were injected same as with the elderly and any defectors that didn't leave earlier that day though most of them were killed anyway at the airport also in town Jones owned a house where his children lived biological and adopted they were murdered as well by their mother and his adopted son lived
Roosevelt (4 months ago)
Simon! Make a follow up to this video called "Best Cults"
AndyGinterBlues (4 months ago)
The Moonies tried to recruit me in the '70's. Anyone have any stories about belonging to/ escaping from the Moonie cult? I know a bunch of facts/ stuff about the cult, would like to know more.
Hollylivengood (4 months ago)
Mahabharata. There's only one way to say that. But you managed a second one anyway.
alex reid (5 months ago)
Missed the biggest cult of all - Islam!!
Brian Urso (5 months ago)
Actually it was Flavor-Aid,.,not Kool-ad i will not have you bismirch Koolaidman! but it was a great video none the less!
Wolf Heart (5 months ago)
The phoenix lights March 13, 1997.happened just before the mass suicide of the heaven's gate cult March 26, 1997. I would imagine this help persuade many people, is there anything about this around
Black Rose (6 months ago)
A family is a love cult u have to do the same thing with them every year
dimintri samuls (6 months ago)
8:38 That's where Daniel got the idea!
Gshshshsh Hshdhdhshsw (6 months ago)
you forgot the goddamn dutch government
Avery Teoda (7 months ago)
I'm not sure what it says about me that I'm somewhat familiar with all of these.
Autumn Entertainment (7 months ago)
Here we go... top ten binge
Rickey Poe (7 months ago)
both Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are cults
Mycel (7 months ago)
most people at jonestown didn't willingly commit suicide. they were forced to drink poison at gun point, many were indeed shot, and the whole suicide event (which the cult had been preparing for for a long time) was innitiated by a group of cult members trying to flee. a US congressman was visiting the cult because of public concerns over its mostly american members, the cult forced everybody to put on an idyllic show, but somebody secretly handed the visitors a note that said that everybody was being threatened with murder. the congressman later made an announcement to the people of jonestown that he was flying back and that he invited anyone who wanted to leave to go with him. a few dozen members accepted the offer, but the group was intercepted on the nearby airstrip about to board their plane by armed guards of the cult, who started shooting and killed some including the congressman. the rest were taken back, and the suicide protocol that everybody had been prepared for as a central belief of the cult was innitiated, except not on the voluntary basis that had been preached before. with pre-recorded messages for this purpose from the leader blaring from the loudspeakers that were already in constant use throughout the premises to keep everybody of one mind, everybody was herded together by the armed guards, and anybody who tried to run away or not drink the koolaid was executed. jonestown was a mass suicide only on the surface, if you count everybody who died from poison as a suicide. really, it was almost entirely mass murder, because only a small percentage of the cult who were running the show were actually fanatical enough to willingly kill themselves.
NANA Of7 (7 months ago)
I hope you told all these cult pushers in your comments to get f..cked! How dare they demand anything! Pigs! These ppl are insane. Do like Leslie Neilson did the movie "Airport", and knock them flat on their asses!
anthony fuda (7 months ago)
Fine line between faith qnd drinking coolaid in the ju
Dave Chapman (8 months ago)
You've missed out Jehovah's Witnesses who protect pedophiles and ban the faithful from having life-saving blood transfusions.
Jean-Pierre van Hoorn (8 months ago)
Where is Aum Shinkryo? I would think they would qualify.
ferociousgumby (8 months ago)
Helter Skelter was originally a British carnival ride, which Paul McCartney wrote a song about and recorded on the White Album, which Manson was obsessed with. Thus he named his apocalyptic movement Helter Skelter. Most people think the Beatles wrote the song about Manson.
SpookeyR (8 months ago)
While the cults that are on this list all deserve to be on it, there are a few cults that deserve, at least, an honorable mention; the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Westboro Baptist Church, the Rosicrucians...(...the Rosicrucians were into `dooms day` in a big way!) and the Millerites, in particularly. You also forgot to mention, with number 4 - Heaven's Gate, one `symbol of their devotion` was that they castrated themselves before committing suicide.
Deena Petrick (8 months ago)
What about the FLDS & the Kingston group?
Council V1 (9 months ago)
Never thought of the kkk as a cult, more of like a gang like the arayan brotherhood
wesley rodgers (9 months ago)
Erin (9 months ago)
Flavor aid. They actually drank flavor aid. Not kool aid. Which is somehow worse.
Pruus'n Hanna (9 months ago)
The Mahabharat is not a novel but a Sanskrit epic.
bleh (9 months ago)
no rajneeshparam :( they took over an entire town in eastern oregon and then tried to take over its county by poisoning a ton of people.
Gary Cooper (9 months ago)
The Ku Klux Klan did not come out of the Christian Identity movement. It was more the other way around.
Jairo Canova (9 months ago)
I'm really bad with named but some additional content: The cult that spread sarin gas in tokyo 1998 The rajneeshs, that commited innumerous crimes in the us, there s a 6hrs documentary on netflix about it
Jovana Pleskonjic (10 months ago)
Mahabharata is not a ''novel'' hah....
TraxelAxel (10 months ago)
The KKK isn't a cult. Cults are religious groups and the KKK is a political terrorist group. Yes they only allow protestants in but they aren't a religious organization
Phyllinda I Am (10 months ago)
Omg... from watching this video I learned way too people take the idea of calling something a ‘religion' way too far!! So sad... But informative & interesting & alittle depressing to see such unnecessary waste of human life. Got to be careful who one follow.. could be right down a path of total destruction.. I do remember about Jonestown. I was a teenager when that tragidy happened.. I stay clear of shouting Bible toting holy rollers... They are the worst!!! And I'm way too stubborn to survive in a cult.. I much rather maintain control of my own mind--whats left of it😂 I think the Nazi Party was a cult hiding under the cover of politics in plain sight..
Dominic Van Cuyck (11 months ago)
Satanics ._. Dont forget
Clint Frederici (11 months ago)
I remember the Heaven's Gate cult, hitch a ride on a comet lol, funny lot
Issa (11 months ago)
The branch davidians never called themselves a cult and David never clamied to be the new messiah. He claimed to be the lamb.
Mike D (11 months ago)
Heaven’s Gate was the truth. I wish I could have joined them.
Polygon Cartoons (11 months ago)
Lol, it's not Maharabatra, it's the Mahabharata. I have some Indian friends, so I should know.
Charlie Cross (11 months ago)
Vernon Howell is the real name of David Koresh
Jazz G (11 months ago)
It was murder at Jones town. People were forced at gunpoint to drink the poison.
Jazz G (10 months ago)
ladycplum yeah they are horrendous it’s the way you can hear people beg that there must be another way and that the children should be spared, truly disgusting monster of a man. There’s an interesting documentary I think it was called I escaped a cult you can find it on YouTube it’s definitely worth a watch x
ladycplum (10 months ago)
Have you ever listened to the Jonestown death tapes? They're almost enough to make you want to vomit.
Robert Eugene (11 months ago)
...the only thing any foreigners know about Guyana (which rhymes with "Die Anna". Outside-based commentators don't even get the name right!)
Jamario Robinson (11 months ago)
Far Cry 5 Brought Me Here 😂😂
Jon Leiend (11 months ago)
I think you forgot the Amish. The level that they are controlled is really disturbing.
Randy Wilks (11 months ago)
You forgot Jehovah's witnesses
Nancy Manson (11 months ago)
This makes me sick
Hunter Smith (11 months ago)
The Klan wasnt a cult. Also, the BD were victims of the ATF
Saish Borkar (1 year ago)
I don't care what you said about Hare Krishna cult but calling Mahabharata "A novel" offends the Indian in me. It's an epic and a major part of our cultural heritage. Get your facts straight sir.
Srikar Satish (1 year ago)
Hate Krishna??!?!?!? Made from a Novel? Sir you have offended every Hindu Alive with this video. Krishna is one of the most beloved gods in the Hindu Religion. Hare Krishna is a BRANCH of Hinduism that focuses on lord Krishna. Sir, I demand an apology for this
Frederick Cubbins (1 year ago)
Where’s Jehovah’s witness
Nomadd UK (1 year ago)
Ohhh!!! He said "cults"... my mistake. I was looking for Justin Beiber :o)
Richard Rowley (1 year ago)
Dude don't drink the Cool-Aid.
Rand Pierce (1 year ago)
And The Branch Davidian situation started in 93 not 94 as you reported. It was exactly 2 yrs later that McVeigh Blew up the Federal building as an Homage to the Seige in Waco... I love ya guys but get your facts straight
Matthew Lee (1 year ago)
Honestly, could you even make a top ten list of cults that aren't insane?
Dah Poe (1 year ago)
What about Mormon?
Kodi Lopez (1 year ago)
My grandma is part of the unification church
karmakameleon113 (1 year ago)
Hey Top Tenz, you'd do well to make a CLEAR distinction between the Hare Krishna cult started in the West and the ancient (and legitimate) Indian religion. Just saying.
Allcoustic (1 year ago)
I can't stand moonies. They believe in Moon and this guy is corrupted. He use to tell girls he can purify them of their sins if they slept with him....young girls too.
th3gr8makar0sc 666 (1 year ago)
Scientology is an evil organization not a cult
Abdullah Al-Azmi (1 year ago)
Where are the bloody Shias that force five year old girls to wear hijabs and throw lgbt off buildings.
Roxxy Rainy (1 year ago)
I'm surprised that Alcoholics Anonymous isn't on this list! > Still one of the creepiest worldwide cults based off of another early 20th century cult cult called the Oxford Group.
Florence Bolduc (1 year ago)
I don’t know where you took the information on Luc Jouret (OTS) and the Gestapo but he was born in 1947...
Kahn Family (1 year ago)
The KKK was not at its most potent after the civil war, it was in the 1920s.
Bhag Wati (1 year ago)
Wrong information. (period)
Sebastiaan Ruymaekers (1 year ago)
the kkk was in orgin not a christian orgin,that came when the second re establisment
Amber Hutchins (1 year ago)
Jonestown wasn’t really a mass suicide; most people were forced at gunpoint to drink
Molly O'Kami (1 year ago)
One thing you left out of the Johnstown Massacre was that many of the people were actually murdered. As people started to convulse, others refused to drink and were force-fed the poison or had it injected. Jones, himself, didn't drink it and had to have one of his bodyguards shoot him.
Jackninja5 (1 year ago)
Finally, someone who is brave enough to call Scientology a cult in a top ten list.
prasad b (1 year ago)
Please understand improve your knowledge on the hindu mythology before commenting on the hare krishna moment. Please learn about the difference between novel and epics. Before stating that the horrible statements as truths please verify them.
Robert Mes (1 year ago)
My coat The Cult of craziness
GABRIEL MARQUEZ (1 year ago)
Not all facts were checked.
Alisha Will (1 year ago)
I'm part of the church of euthanasia
William Murphy (1 year ago)
Beck is a Scientologist?
Stoney Steve (1 year ago)
Wacko was completly the government's fault for sticking their noses where they didn't belong.
MagnuMagnus (1 year ago)
Honorable mention to Christianity. Remember, Christianity was just another cult for the first century or two, and would've remained as such until Constantine adopted it for political reasons. Hell, you could make the same claim for almost any religion prior to its social acceptance.
George (1 year ago)
Any one watch A and E's scientology after mass?
Vladimir Putin (1 year ago)
After watching this I realised you spelt CULTS wrong ;0)
Jarod Moodley (1 year ago)
It's REALLY REALLY SAD , SHOCKING & DISTURBING how gullible Americans are . . . . It's either they make themselves believe in the MOST Ridiculous of things JUST SO they can escape the harsh reality of the society and its pressure that was put upon their daily lives OR they are just outright STUPID A.F with NO traces whatsoever of common sense , smh . . . .
tleeg74 (1 year ago)
Heavens Gate followed the Hale-Bop comet? I always thought they followed the MMMmmm Bop comet. Damn those Hanson brothers.
Default Dance (1 year ago)
For number 8 I think it's kinda funny that you chose half of your holy land to be the site of one of the worlds craziest dictatorships with nukes
Army Mobility Officer (1 year ago)
Communism and Nazism are the biggest cults that have killed the most people.
AxCxfortheWin (1 year ago)
ISKCON is not Hinduism. It's made of white people from well-to-do families mostly. Even in India. Maybe when Prabhupada was alive it was a real Bhakti Yoga (Hindu) path, but it's not now. ISKCON has an outer group they show the public, and an inner group you don't see until you're let in. Also, ISKCON does not treat women kindly, especially unmarried women.
AxCxfortheWin (1 year ago)
Bnei Baruch is pretty bad.
The Spreme King (1 year ago)
How is the KKK a cult

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