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Was it worth quitting my trucking job?(Parteehard da Trucker)

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Was it worth it to buy a truck and try at this myself. In this video I'm going to tell you about my choice and if it's working out for me or not hope you enjoy the video like share subscribe
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HT logistics3434 (11 months ago)
It's always worth it when you are able to move up in the business but as any new business starts it will be slow in the beginning but you'll be alright bro just keep pushing it won't take long to get things rolling good luck my brotha and I'm happy for you
Andrew Miller (8 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker I need advice on how to get started with the company you started with I was disqualified by swift because of my record I need a little guidance please help me out brother.
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Thx Fam appreciate that
Andrew Miller (8 months ago)
How do you start with the company that you started with the company you started with I need a little help getting started I was disqualified by swift. Please give me some guidance brother.
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Roadtex try them
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
Andrew Miller (8 months ago)
Parteehard da trucker need to get a permit and I've already done my DOT physical I've received my medical card already
Parteehard da trucker (8 months ago)
What stage of the game are you in
Marie Nicole (9 months ago)
We are all PRAYING for you , your wife and children. You will always win with JEHOVAH GOD , OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST AND THE SWEET HOLY SPIRIT !
Trucker Tee (10 months ago)
Used to watch you over a year ago. Im sitting at a truck stop first year down next week. About to turn this truck in to drive for a slightly better company and so the cilmb up the latter begins. Salute to you brother. I might be the most inked up trucker out here , nothing but respect I ever see you. Thanks for all those video on trucking with felonys you had done in past.
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
No doubt congrats Fam
julie all-night long (11 months ago)
Lol there you go wit da cig unk lol but goodshit tho man on your journey hope da fam good my lil man will b 1 nxt month so im going home
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
Congrats Fam
Mike Jones (11 months ago)
Keep truckin bro !
Mr. Andre (11 months ago)
Home is where ya Heart is!!!!!
Big Tex Trucking (11 months ago)
Bigdog it will pay off keep it moving it take time hit me up I can give you some advice I met u I’m Memphis at the rest area [email protected]
Amos Sr. (11 months ago)
Great video "Parteehard da Trucker" much love and Respect my Brother and keep the Great content coming and what you said about the Wife and keeping the relationship Fresh by when coming home taking her out on dates is Truly a Beautiful thing that's what all relationships need especially if you are a Driver with a Wife or girlfriend that keeps the relationship Strong so with that said #Salute to you my Brother Safe Travels!!""TruckingGameStronG"" ""BeardGameStronG""
Big Daddy (11 months ago)
Trial and error of some maintenance issues will save you $ also bro
Big Daddy (11 months ago)
Good choice in career and phone ! You're smart the business will grow . The I Phone in my opinion is trash . I think running east of I 35 you can make just as much as running out to Cali . Be safe Stay Sucker Free !
Marlon Tyrone Williams (11 months ago)
Continue on your Path. Wishing you much success. Not many have that discipline from the beginning. Always great to hear a Man putting his Wife and Family before himself. Great video. Stay safe.
Charles Robey (11 months ago)
Hang in their PH it will pay off
Jordan King (11 months ago)
Gonna regret that shit dreadfully
Zzrsnake (11 months ago)
Sounds like your taking steps to build a strong foundation... Congrats
Bro I can see it in your face that your going through exactly what I’m going through now.Its easy to just drive and get a pay check but once you cross over you wear all the hats and it gets stressful to do everything on top of keeping the truck in great shape.It comes many days that I want to be like my driver.just get paid and have no responsibility as far as the equipment goes but I try to keep in mind I’m not only doing this for me but for my kids to want to have their own instead of work for somebody.ITS HARD WORK BIG HOMIE!!But if it was easy everybody would be doing it right
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Lets stop HIGH EXPECTATIONS from small individuals Fam drop me to number so we can wrap [email protected]
Parteehard da trucker I was watching trucker brown and he mentioned that your a drone man.Im about 6 years in now.Fell in love with them after watching store owner fly one to show me how they work.350qx,q500,chroma,and my latest is the Typhoon H(#1).Ive has a few planes also(that’s another ball game).Then I saw that interview you did with him and we have that whole BOP thing in common also😂😂.I worked in that kitchen 6 days a week 9hrs a day for 12 to 60 dollars a MONTH!If That shit didn’t break me I refuse to allow this shit do it
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Exactly Fam I already know
King Leo (11 months ago)
You have your own authority too fam
Nick Defiore (11 months ago)
Wassup partehard! I just wanted to say your story bro is inspiring man n what u got going on...I appreciate it man....stay blessed buddy
IamKingface _ (11 months ago)
I’m tryna do that in one years
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
It’s take two years experience to do this or have your o wn authority
Mario London (11 months ago)
Man cut out dis talk u way to smart homes u ain't even got a month under your belt. Nigga put yo trap shoes on .... And let's get it!!!!
Parteehard da trucker (11 months ago)
Bruh you missed the whole point of the cideo
Lucratyve Media (11 months ago)
Video looks good
trey nolan (11 months ago)
Failure is not an option so you will make it
jermaine Carolina kid (11 months ago)
Owner op = $$$
Darrell Slater (11 months ago)
Keep your head up big bro
Cam Robinson (11 months ago)
PH you got plenty of people backing you ,things will get better
Always a good movie to move up you hit your ceiling as a company driver now you need to transition over to independent trucking.
June Bug (11 months ago)
Good video and good choice on cell phone purchase. Truck hard and safe.
esdotgrundy (11 months ago)
Check your fuses for the signal light that might be the problem
C Dz (11 months ago)
This the stuff we want to know! Thanks.. and the video look sweet
mark akers (11 months ago)
Jobs dont care about us anymore..Do what's best for you and your family sir 👍👍😎😎
K C Francis (11 months ago)
2 yrs next Feb...I'm jumping out there too, setting up everything now. So glad so many share their experiences. Happy mother's day to KDW.
Krishel Francis you just have to keep in mind that you go from working and getting paid to making sure EVERYTHING is taken care of FIRST and thennnn getting paid.Heavy is the head that wears the crown.If it was easy everyone would be doing it
K C Francis (11 months ago)
K C Francis (11 months ago)
Krishel Francis LogisticsDoctors.com
OMGRecordstv (11 months ago)
OG like the homie Jeezy said.....scared money don't make no money. 💪💪
azcactusflower1 (11 months ago)
Get some 3m clear [paint protector product] for outside windshield. Helps with rocks, etc.
azcactusflower1 (11 months ago)
No, it's a clear film. Mostly used for front of vehicles as a protectant
esdotgrundy (11 months ago)
azcactusflower1 is that a spray?
fasttruckman (11 months ago)
Best of luck to you P H on your move. TRB and Big Rig Radio have some good information on making great money on short haul's in your neck of the woods. Best of luck PH.
K Brown (11 months ago)
The quality of your video looks way better!
Ray David (11 months ago)
Was it worth quitting? Was it a risk ? Absolutely did the right thing . The risk will be lower for you . U already have excellent OTR skill form previous company . Fine tune the rest . Keep up on ur maintenance & taxes . U already winning 💪
Jody Splackavelia (11 months ago)
S9+ gang gang #jody
Trucking Review Channel (11 months ago)
A honeymoon for life brother. Look to the freight index. On oida it tells you load to truck ratios. Like Chicago to Houston to ritchmand. Look up Kevin Rutherford or listen to him on road dog!!
Trucking Review Channel (11 months ago)
esdotgrundy speed gauges an profit gauges can really help a person keep track of real time information
Trucking Review Channel (11 months ago)
esdotgrundy he has let's truck as a channel. But he is on road dog on the serious radio network. It was super trucker about 20 years ago. If you Google him he has many platforms from taxes to fuel mpg to spec out a truck for best performance.
Trucking Review Channel (11 months ago)
Kevin has let's truck dot com. He cam into the industry like I did got out of army bought a truck in 94. He helps people I know him personally. Other than his talk about the ata ne talks 100 real o/o talk
esdotgrundy (11 months ago)
Trucking Review Channel what channel is that?
Lewis NASH (11 months ago)
What is the best thing about the reefer division that you enjoy versus van, flatbed, or tanker?
Snapz 365 Trucking (11 months ago)
Lewis NASH good question
Paul Maye (11 months ago)
Keeping it real!
TheGameterrier (11 months ago)
Better video Fam!!!
Always Informed (11 months ago)
It wasn’t really a gamble, it just made sense. You did your homework and made a “chess move”. Inspiring to say the least.
steve (11 months ago)
I don't care what anyone says , I'm proud of you for jumping ship at abilene and taking a risk to better yourself and your family bra . Mad respect to ya !
tgetzbizzy (11 months ago)
Got the s9 pretty good phone stay grinding blessings

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