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Solo driver pay vs Team pay (Parteehard da Trucker)

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Talk a bit about the myths about making more teaming it's all lies you can make the same at least here I've seen no difference except a decrease in pay
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KeeDeeWee W (1 year ago)
Dangerous itz Obvious (1 year ago)
One hundred percent right! Great video.
Great video. Congratulations to You Both. Stay safe.
KeeDeeWee W (1 year ago)
Marlon Tyrone Williams thanks
Antonio Harris (1 year ago)
you gotta slow down on the dragon homie
Indiana Trucker I69 (1 year ago)
PH , what if you and KEE was Team Driving and Had your own Truck and got paid by the load . Would you make more Team Owner Operators???????
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah now that’s the lick
K Brown (1 year ago)
See you still smoking cigs.... The vape didn't work for you?
Lou Hawk (1 year ago)
Do your thing PH stay up and safe..checkin in cuz
Ray David (1 year ago)
Do ur thing . Looks like u doing it right $$$$👍
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
Salute bruh , staying out doing what a real father has to do for himself and his family ! #LilPH
New York City milkman (1 year ago)
Get that money be safe
chucky chuck (1 year ago)
I like your hat.
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Thx Fam it’s my favorite
D Hollo (1 year ago)
Team couples running the game in otr
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
D Hollo I made a mistake check out the video from today and you will understand
D Hollo (1 year ago)
That's true. But I remember you saying in some of yo old vids that you was gone stay company so I had factored that in before commenting
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
D Hollo if you own the truck if not you making the comment a lot of money
chopplolo72 (1 year ago)
Shake time. Left lane eating them up.
Marcus Edwards (1 year ago)
NIGGA YOUR DURAG ON FUCKING POINT lol. Hope you Ight out here bro. I wanted to ask if trucking really worth doing at the moment. I’ve always been into trucks ever since a i was a small child. But I don’t know if I’m about that life tbh. What’s your opinion?
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
You can do whatever you set your mind too if you really want to drive you will
Devin Jackson (1 year ago)
Whats up ph glad u dropped sumthing mane its always a pleasure to hear from u
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Thx Fam
outlaw68 outlaw68 (1 year ago)
Stay safe PH
Gullah Juice (1 year ago)
Be safe homie. Get the bag. Peace and blessings to you and yours ✊🏿💯
Kevin Folds (1 year ago)
711! Stay up!
PoloTheGr8 (1 year ago)
OLD TYMER (1 year ago)
Whats up wit the motorcycle party .
Married Too The Miles (1 year ago)
Unless you team with your spouse,
Parteehard da trucker (1 year ago)
Married Too The Miles if you own the truck if not you making the company a lot of money RNS
Antonio Harris (1 year ago)
Married Too The Miles hell yeah
Junior Cantu (1 year ago)
U be safe fam i just passed u up im in prescott ark shootin for dallas

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