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Oscars Night Was Wild, Including Jay-Z Star-Studded Afterparty | TMZ TV

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Text Comments (48)
Giovanni Ramirez (1 month ago)
Oh yeah, the Oscars...did anyone see it?😆
In Dreams (1 month ago)
so they all act just like us at a house party!! go figure
In Dreams (1 month ago)
omg I'm crying at the end lol
Bee Bevill (1 month ago)
What's so secret about Bey and Jay z's party? Why no cameras? Must be some kind of demonic ritual
Srishti Srivastava (1 month ago)
Were nick and priyanka there?
Jerry john (1 month ago)
+In Dreams lol. Or not important enough to be invited. Who are they even bigger than on those list who attended? None.!
In Dreams (1 month ago)
no, they're too classy for this ratchet ness
ah297 (1 month ago)
0:18 thats not Taylor LOL
Nikki Burris (1 month ago)
⛔MUST Read⛔ 📹TMZ Oscar MoBo BET & Grammy question the absence of New Sensation (Ski Mask) some report as Rapper 🎤 Trin2Hyype. Known for Small films & Big Budget Music videos starring JLo, Cardi B, Ganga Burn Nikki Minaj , Drakes Gods Plan, 16Shots SteffLon Don, Meant to Be Georgia ForidaLine, Don't Cry Lil Wayne.
McGregor's Snot (1 month ago)
Jayz is the most powerful musician on the planet. He's also the richest other than Paul McCartney who is 30 years older than jay.
Joshua Mendoza (1 month ago)
Adam shoulda showed up with kylo helmet lolz
MrRushbrown (1 month ago)
Legalize weed, alcohol is such a joke
kharis cadogan (1 month ago)
I can't believe Orlando with Katy he can do way better she is such a witch and said in a video that she sold her soul to the devil
Soooo jay had sex with Bradley cooper while holding his "oscar" trofee
Mookaron (1 month ago)
Jay-Z not an actor though!
Mookaron yeh,studio gangsta af, he hella acting
sassy lovee (1 month ago)
No kim and Kanye???? 😉
JJ C (1 month ago)
Lmao exactly what I said. Drake,Taylor Swift, Jay and Beyoncé😂😂 bottles thrown
Cesar Valle (1 month ago)
Funny how jay z be throwing parties for the white mans event even know he has nothing to do with the oscars.
Che. (1 month ago)
So did Bradley Cooper hit any Oscar after-party? Asking for a friend.
In Dreams (1 month ago)
he was busy with gaga gagging
ROSSELLA DI PEDE (1 month ago)
poor Rami 😂😂😂
Yardie Unrestricted (1 month ago)
Where will this be in 6 months ? @cleveboybullies
CaapriceTube (1 month ago)
You know as someone looking in to these stars and their “extravagant” parties you think man must be so much fun, and glitz, etc. Pfff, please it’s not different then any regular club we go to just more money and business and politics involved. A lot of these stars probably stay for like half hour tops then cut. Nothing’s what it seems ✌️
bet it gets creepy too,real quick
Chukwuma Goodridge (1 month ago)
CaapriceTube lol idk look at ot genesis story of his time at Leonardo’s party
Jon Samuels (1 month ago)
Dave Chappelle with the legendary cigarette flick!!! Gangsta! 0:20
Alan Moser (1 month ago)
Mamoa looking like the caveman from geico
Miss Treicy (1 month ago)
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣 Ty for the laugh.
Lashon R (1 month ago)
That Illuminati party was.....
Al Simmons what 20 dudes banging jus dudes,ok
Al Simmons (1 month ago)
Lit if they had a orgy.!!
CaapriceTube (1 month ago)
Promise EDEN (1 month ago)
Me Me (1 month ago)
Oscars suck!!! Seriously get a life Morons! Homos giving themselves a platform and praise... and for what? “Take 47” now you got it right! Most heroic people like firemen, cops, Dr’s get ONE take One shot to do a great job! Where’s they’re rewards?
Al Simmons (1 month ago)
Nobody forced those professions on them lol if that's the case I'd like to give my mailman an award for delivering my mail in the a.m always even in below minus 20 degree weather. I would also like to nominate my garbage man for his wonderful job as well.
SA Inja woof (1 month ago)
Where are their rewards? Seriously what is with your English? By the way Doctors (MDs) get more than they deserve.
Pussy Pounder (1 month ago)
Don't be an Oscar the grouch
Truchrissy76 (1 month ago)
Oh was he drinking before the awards? 😆 Hope he is okay
James Peek (1 month ago)
Yooo the way he fell 💀
LastVandalier (1 month ago)
Rami Malek confirmed to be clumsy
vebizzle Productions (1 month ago)
going to see some sexist and racist ass awards show presenting spike lee who's bigoted movies will make him go to prison someday.
James James (1 month ago)
Oh really

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