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Why Men Are Refusing To Help Women and Children

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A recent story talked about how a woman being attacked on a subway in London and two men refused to intervene. Is something happening that is making men worried about coming to the aid of others? if so, what is it and will this trend get worse or is it all just blown out of proportion? SUPPORT JOURNALISM. Become a patron at http://www.patreon.com/Timcast My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/timcastnews Make sure to subscribe for more travel, news, opinion, and documentary with Tim Pool everyday. Amazon Prime 30 day free trial - http://amzn.to/2sgiDqR MY GEAR GoPro Karma - http://amzn.to/2qw10m4 GoPro 6 - http://amzn.to/2CEK0z1 DJI Mavic Drone - http://amzn.to/2lX9qgT Zagg 12 AMP portable battery - http://amzn.to/2lXB6Sx TASCAM Lavalier mic - http://amzn.to/2AwoIhI Canon HD XF 105 Camera - http://amzn.to/2m6v1o3 Canon 5D MK III Camera - http://amzn.to/2CvFnnm 360 Camera (VR) - http://amzn.to/2AxKu4R FOLLOW ME Instagram - http://instagram.com/Timcast Twitter - http://twitter.com/Timcast Minds - http://Minds.com/Timcast Facebook - http://facebook.com/Timcastnews Bitcoin Wallet: 13ha54MW2hYUS3q1jJhFyWdpNfdfMWtmhZ SEND STUFF HERE Tim Pool 330 Washington Street - PMB 517 Hoboken, NJ 07030
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Text Comments (35181)
oxi (7 hours ago)
if you find a kid just stand there with it don't take their hand and walk
Nicholas Barnhill (1 day ago)
God bless America.
The Blue Eye Monk (1 day ago)
If a woman is in cardiac arrest and needs cpr I will make another woman perform it. If a kids lost I will make a woman help them. We have female doctors constantly dropping out the work force after only a few years in practice and feminists saying women are equal to men in every way and then contradicting that idea. Women can help women.
Frazer Guest (1 day ago)
Women: Reap what you sow.
Augusto P. (1 day ago)
Drug dealer had it coming lmao
jackson steele (1 day ago)
Honestly she probably did something bitchy
Dovakiin seventeen (1 day ago)
How women destroy nations
Textra1 (1 day ago)
Good samaritan; dead samaritan. Unless I care about you personally, you're on your own.
Chace Mobbs (1 day ago)
Correction, democrats aren't men! So boys were never taught to hold doors open for women or even protect them.
Beat the perp then beat the cop get away problem solved.
Xellos Metallium (2 days ago)
If the teacher with a gun confront the school shooter. There wouldn’t be a school shooter. Liberals logic 1 school = 1 teacher vs 1 shooter Common sense 1 school don’t just have 1 teacher you dumb ass liberal fool
James Owens (2 days ago)
I get punished for helping others and talking about issues. Fuck humanity.
cosmodave69 (2 days ago)
"Self Preservation" is what's really going on.
J B (2 days ago)
It's called mgtow bro
Matt Allen (2 days ago)
I'm from Australia, and I will never help a woman or child if in trouble, as for a lost child in a shopping centre for instance I would stand nearby and try and get someone else to notify shopping centre staff to come and deal with the child
David Williams (3 days ago)
What was the race of the man that attacked her?
chetopuffs (3 days ago)
Just identify as a man. Then you can defend yourself.
Carl Spackler (3 days ago)
This is London. That shit won't fly in Toledo Ohio.
Terry R (3 days ago)
Simple solution: keep your distance and call 911. Let professionals do what they’re paid for
Kathy Borthwick (3 days ago)
This is exactly how it is jail/prison is!
Innis B. (3 days ago)
Why don’t you search and read articles about people who helped and saved others? Like men who help women and children and women who help men etc., and saved them and people are grateful to them? Do you really believe there are none?? You should stop categorizing things in such a narrow way because that way of thinking should be targeted to be extinct already, and you are perpetuating and inflating a problem, not solving anything with this. This is not about gender, races or whatever. In general, without cooperation humans die. It’s about being human, not just a tiny two-legged beast. What if instead of a woman it was a man? Would other men step in? Or should they stay in their place in fear others judging them as gay?? Because there might be a story of a guy who helped another guy and was caught and gang raped- if you search well into the wonder s of the web. I’m a woman and I tend to always step in to help whomever is in need, and many times I come to realize that only sporadically someone joins me, be it a man or a woman. If people need help and we can help, we should help, and not be so bothered with what others think. People are generally afraid do help or just don’t want to be bothered and you are leaning more to the latter case you are forgetting you will need help too one day (maybe when you’re dying) and if others follow beliefs like you are preaching and searching, and act the same way, you might die alone in the side walk one day.
Brewswillis (3 days ago)
Never forget: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." -Gloria Steinem.
SimbaOS (3 days ago)
Once bitten, twice shy
MrGiggity890 (3 days ago)
This dumb broad is probably making this shit up lol
tap1983 (3 days ago)
I enjoy Tim Pool but this one seems maybe much ado about nothing. Tim doesn't really make much of a backed up case that there is a trend happening here. I don't know if we can say that this is moving in a certain direction (where people are reluctant to help) . Instead, we have confirmed that these days there are more availability of stories that tell in detail what happened, in both cases (where someone helped and when they didn't and got in trouble). Maybe that's all Tim has stumbled into here.
Juaquin De La Rosa (4 days ago)
I do not like the idea of people not helping other people in need, man or women. I can see the other side of the argument, though. Men are badly treated in todays society. But I think it is always better to not lose that desire to help those in need. Because people are becoming callous to each other, the planet, nature, and all Gods Creatures. But maybe this will help society respect men more: If you are ever shamed for not defending a women from being physically attacked, just tell everyone you identify as a women. 😉👍
Barry Carter (4 days ago)
I would never leave if I saw some fucking scumbag mosshite kicking the hell out of some black female. Now, while I have every reason to leave while I'm still in one piece, and also I'm an old man so it would be even more dangerous for me, I'd still stand there and watch with glee as this stuck-up black bitch got fucked over, because, as a whitey, I just love it when whingeing blacks get the kind of shit dumped on them that whites like me get all the time. As for the attacker? He's a crazy-arsed cunt Pislamist who should be deported asap. But he wont be. Why not? Because when whites like me say these scum should be got rid of, entitled bitches like our poor POC, call us racist. Karma.
[BLANK] (4 days ago)
Yeah... It does happen, only really happened to me once from memory when I was about 18 - 19ish this woman in a wheelchair was lying on the ground and screaming for help with a group of people who were standing around not helping her. I was confused and went to help I was stopped as I reached down, by a woman, that woman was her daughter and told me that if I touch her I will be sued. Confused I asked are you threatening me? She said no I won't sue you my mother will. She does this when she runs out of money. Suffice to say I split immediately and didn't look back. People are scum. If you aren't strong enough to look after yourself that's your problem. I wish I didn't have to have this outlook on life, I'm pretty capable in terms of violence and I would enjoy using the "protecting the deserving but less capable" as an excuse. But I would go to jail. I've worked in jails, jail isn't fun.
Equus Pallidus (4 days ago)
Yes it is a real thing. Men are tired of getting blamed for everything yet still being expected to be a white knight. In This leftist, feminist bullcrap we can do anything a man can do, got them in this situation. And a lot of men are not going to risk their health trying to help some ungrateful woman. You want to be a man then take it like a man. Now if you mess with my wife and daughter I will break you by the wheel.But then they are not feminist with pink hair and running around with pink vaginas on their head. I feel for the men of this era. And in the UK those two men saved themselves a world of headaches. The British justice system is wanky. They would have been under investigation for months to even years.
Fransiskus (4 days ago)
If i come access someone lost or being attacked i wont help them im not being sent to jail for someone that isnt a loved one but if you break into my home you forfeit your life
James Barlow (4 days ago)
Nietzsche wrote brilliantly about the coming rise of sociopathology in the West back in the 1880s. Read the part called "European Nihilism" in "The Will to Power."
Hillbilly Redneck (4 days ago)
How horrible I And rediculous our so called justice system is I would not tell anyone to get inbetween anything that does not involve them? Just look at first story for example
Victor Hugo (4 days ago)
If one of those man would get killed for getting involved, she is not going to bring them back to life.
Heather A (5 days ago)
But these are the same men that create these women by being brainwashed on gender equality shit...is just a way to get out of being responsible men.......
Even when women act like crazy narcissists, you'll always find a way to blame men 🤣. Fuck you sloots.
Frostburn Spirit (5 days ago)
Can you sue the police/government?
ragejinraver (5 days ago)
But in movies and tv the strong Confident Woman that's 110 lb's can fling and beat up men that are 6ft 5 and over 200 lb .
Sog 68 (5 days ago)
That happened in London. The self defense laws over there and in a lot of the EU are pathetic. If you defend yourself you go to jail.
Blanik L-13 (6 days ago)
That’s how society is going. Someone has to take the fall and where laws prohibit self defence it’s the defender who has to be the disposable one. Some years ago I was at a local river with friends. We saw a young man dive in and come up face down. Naturally, all of us being Australian Army medics, we rushed in to help. We turned him over, got him breathing and kept him safe until the water rescue team and paramedics arrived. We were given commendations by our commanders and the local city council. The young man broke his spine when he hit the bottom. He is now a paraplegic. Six months later we received writs and court summonses claiming that we had done grievous bodily harm, claiming we caused the injuries and that the lad’s family intended to claim $12 million in “damages” for compensation. On the day of the hearing the judge dismissed the case in under an hour. Hardly surprising isn’t it? A less trained person would naturally be reluctant to help. The whole situation left a bitter taste for society in my mouth.
Dolan Duk (6 days ago)
Lol no joke last night i watched a guy kick the absolute fuck out of a girl in a back alley and did absolutely nothing to stop him. Didnt even call the cops. Lol no shit shes probly dead and idgaf
rswslowman (7 days ago)
YUP! I conceal carry and I would never use it to assist someone else. Why would I? I'll get charges, sued, tied up in court for years either way. I'll deal with that for myself and no one else.
Chris. P Bacon (7 days ago)
we no answer, Feminism duh
FreeSpeech TV82 (7 days ago)
I need no man... Man please help....help....help....
FreeSpeech TV82 (7 days ago)
Good...I would have done the same way....MGTOW is the way...
EccentricSage (8 days ago)
Britain is so backwards. That old man should be rewarded for killing that criminal if anything. This is why i support castle doctrines. You want fewer criminals and more home owners, not the other way around. The far left must be stopped.
EccentricSage (8 days ago)
No one owes anyone help and she is sexist for sugesting that it is their duty to her due to gender.
pimpinainteasy (8 days ago)
Alright le reddit army xD I’m not helping women or le children anymore!!! Rekt libtard!
mercedogre (8 days ago)
maybe they recognized her and know what a biatch she is.....
caio pdesousa (8 days ago)
she doesn't deserve get any assistance. period
Tarzana Man (9 days ago)
it all depends on the situation is my guess!
Voltbreak (9 days ago)
Bravo, gentlemen! Men owe women not a damn thing! Women are taking no action to balance the laws, praise men, thank men, appreciate men, respect men, give men the credit they are due, or acknowledge the reality of men as physically stronger than women. Yep, men are out! Bravo! I feel exactly the same way! When good Samaritan laws don't protect the innocent, men are 100% in the right to avoid helping women or kids! The social presumption of guilt makes this the only sane course of action. I'd rather be shamed and out of jail with my wife and three kids than in jail for attempting to do a good deed and getting imprisoned for it.
Paul-Jam Guitton (9 days ago)
Two men in their 50's? At that age they just don't give a damn about all women issues anymore lol.
statikk666 (10 days ago)
Make up your minds bitches, are you independent or not?
its is Ma'am (10 days ago)
The sad thing is the real women will suffer because of some few feminist.
Deegan don (10 days ago)
Deegan don (10 days ago)
Lady, your feminine privilege and racism is why you were left alone! Lol They new you were a racist liberal cunt! Good for them!
Deegan don (10 days ago)
Cause 90% of the time women mouth off and start shit! Enjoy!
Gilles 82 (11 days ago)
Would I risk my own life for a stranger? If it's a child, yes, if it's an adult, hell no.
Gilles 82 (11 days ago)
Those two white men on the subway probably had families and didn't fancy becoming just another stabbing statistic. Can you blame them? Politicians get paid more money than I've ever seen to maintain law and order, so don't think I'm jumping into the middle of a gang fight for free.
AJ Bandido (12 days ago)
That would be entertainment to me, like a dog ripping a cat to shreds I would've had a bag of popcorn with me 😁
Violet Flame (12 days ago)
wow. but she sure is good at racial profiling and bigotry. what does race have to do with anything, tho? she was way too specific... js. aww, the feels at the end :) :) i love hearing heroic stories. so refreshing
Easy Tutor (12 days ago)
To the feminists, do you wish your dad never contributed to your birth? To the misogynists, do you despise your mom for birthing you? This gender war is stupid. We both hold up half the sky :))
pd220783 (13 days ago)
Gillette 😂
Aaron Aragon (13 days ago)
No good deed goes unpunished. If you are unable to protect yourself, don’t expect others to protect you.
Caleb Cromer (13 days ago)
The reason ppl like me wouldn’t help I would go to jail for beating the shit out of someone or killing them(better option)
Asim Ghaffar (5 days ago)
Or going to hospital for getting the shit beaten out of you...
tom henderson (14 days ago)
They're chicken shit little bitches. Men like that don't deserve to breath.
Steve Roberts (14 days ago)
But Gillette told us white men NOT to get involved with women.
Kenneth Perkins (14 days ago)
They knew they would be arrested if they involved themselves in the incidence. And women can not be trusted any more, she could and would change her mind and turn on the two "white men" if she would benefit. The justice system in the West favor criminals more and more.
Paul Morris (14 days ago)
Hilarious. Sounds like total bullshit to perpetuate the narrative. Uncaring white males ignore her but as all seems lost, along come Eastern European hero to save damsel in distress! Justifies a million more immigrants this year eh folks!
K ris (14 days ago)
Activists think there’s predators around every corner, flirting is harassment, men are beneath reproach and Schrödinger’s rapist, and treat fathers like a kiddy diddler for showing their children affection. I can’t imagine why men want nothing to do with women or children. If you expect men to perform their “societal job” of protecting women while working to dismantle that system, thereby alleviating women’s historical “societal job”, you’re fucking deluded.
Ginzington Schnizer (14 days ago)
the problem with some of these stories where the good intervention leads to jail time stems from the misguided belief that violence is protection, when it's dominance that is really protection. Guy who came up and punched the drug dealer would of had no jail time had he came up grabbed the dealer and pushed him against the car or dragged him away from the woman before letting him go. No need to punch a guys head in.
James England (14 days ago)
Never let society or isms or fears tell you not to do what's right.
James England (14 days ago)
It's simple. Help someone who needs help. You may get beat up, falsely accused, even killed. But you did the right thing. That made it worth it. Period..
Wow you really are a brainwashed simping idiot.
Dick Slapnugget (14 days ago)
like many others are saying. i would not help anyone other then my family if they where being attacked. i will not get arrested, sued and attacked on social media because i tryed to help someone.
Kronos0316 (14 days ago)
I seen a person fall down the stairs in the subway in NYC when I went to help and seen it was a woman I walked away. All that ran thru my mind was I dont need the headache.
Jay Q (14 days ago)
When a nation becomes a giant brothel...
WTF (15 days ago)
*STOP misogyny & patriarchy* Every M and F for themselves ... LOL
Richard Webster (15 days ago)
I love the fact that men are obligated to risk their lives for others. #equality
Exsecror (15 days ago)
are those articles actually representing a major increase in those types of outcomes or are they cherry picked by media because they get views just like click-bait? what are the sources you used? That one about causing bodily damage to the drug dealer I can kind of understand the outcome. you can intervene without taking to aggressive assault methods. When engaging someone physically one should practice restraint if you have the possibility. Women, yes. #MeToo. Why risk the social ramifications of feminists. Sure in the situation of someone assaulting a woman, or another man. If you are able to intervene one should. But if I 60kg see a man of muscle and at estimated 100kg of bodymass I'm obviously not gonna be able to do shit about that. In the case of the woman pointing out 2 white men is just your average shiting on men like the media always likes to do but they never point out any real facts about the situation. it's just more media cash-grabs and attention-seeking shit if you ask me.
Chris Freely (16 days ago)
Years ago I stopped opening doors for women and helping them in any way years ago. I wish them well on their lonely and hard through feminism.
Matt H (16 days ago)
Women are supposed to be equal to men today. Why did she need help?
steve bolton (16 days ago)
Why should white men bother to help ? We are blamed for everything anyway . If tgey did help, they would have been blamed or punished . So why bother ? No one wants white alpha males until they are in trouble. Screw em.
mystical gamer (16 days ago)
Fuck i wont help people anymore there are so many theories about shit and all they care is one side while not hearing the other
FreedMan76 (16 days ago)
Whenever you ser a woman sufferong what you are actually seeing is simply the painful process of her becoming a better, more humble person. Do not intervene.
gutz1981 (16 days ago)
The more I hear this, the more I am convinced this shallow racist woman (Yes, cause she had to point out two WHITE men did not help, but a middle eastern man did.) I am convinced that she is not worth a strangers help in an instance such as this. I would not risk my life for a person such as her.
gutz1981 (16 days ago)
So she doesn't blame the dude who attacked her, she blames the two men in their 50's she just had to lable as "White" who walked away. Now I am more convinced those men did the right thing. I mean, hell, if you are not gonna blame the guy who did this to you and you are gonna blame those who did not do anything for you, then too right they walked away. Take your medicine sweetheart, you wanted it this way, you got it.
G (16 days ago)
They said they were strong independents who didn't need no men. So let them fight for their self.
FirstHandLLC (16 days ago)
The two men did the right thing by not intervening. It was one on one fight, and since women are equal to men, they can defend themselves. If men helped this woman it would look humiliating and patronizing as if she is not a strong and independent woman and can't fight herself! Did I get this right, feminists?
Anar Haji (17 days ago)
1:48. Deep Dark Fantasies. I am artist, I am a performance artist.
Sir Scofferoff (17 days ago)
I've been accused of being a pervert by simply walking into a supermarket behind some young girls. So I won't be helping anyone soon. Unless I have video of it. It's rediculous!
B. N. (17 days ago)
MGTOW all the way. Forget women. They dont appreciate us so they are on their own. They dont need us anyways right?
Misty E (17 days ago)
This is frustrating. As a women, I appreciate the masculine traits and attributes in a man. I do believe women and men are designed differently. Perhaps I’m traditional but third wave feminism really was a shot in the foot for women in general and dragged the rest of us down with them. Thanks for nothing. third wave feminism.
Skycrusher (17 days ago)
I bet the attacker was a friend of her's used to stage the whole thing for "attention"
Craig Schultz (17 days ago)
By the time police get there, the blood has already started congelling. Beyond that, there are very specific things that one should do if one has had to discharge one's weapon in defense of another or one's self but unfortunately those things can be different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so the best bet is that if one is going to be carrying, take the various classes available beyond the basic gun safety courses. Not only is that required for most permits that may be the law in a given jurisdiction but the information contained within them is valuable far beyond it just being a requirement for permitting.
GRIM (17 days ago)
Love how she assumes they are middle class and have families.
Noel Normandin (17 days ago)
Carry a gun. O wait you are not allowed to protect yourself.sucks to be you.....
Dylan Taylor (17 days ago)
So white men have to go around everyday putting up with white women saying stuff like "abolish white men" and calling us the patriarchy and telling us we are racist colonizers etc and then when non white men attack them they bitch and moan that we aren't protecting them???
Tom Lander (17 days ago)
The "violent drug dealer" was probably getting ripped of by that thot. Hell nah, you can't take her side without assuming she isn't robbing the man. These clients out here are trash.
kka hamel (17 days ago)
people r just totally brain dead and its been around since the dawn of man, er women er trannys er gender fluids er incels, er freaks, umm not sure since when anymore since the word man is a no no, sothats why wars have been around since day 1. humans hate other humans period, today, yesterday, tomorrow and 200,000 years ago and beyond. if u r not them u r the enemy period. children kill mom and dad, brother kills brother sister kills sister, on and on. its human nature to hate other humans as much as they luv them but the hate is mush stronger today because of the influx of satanic forces, period. u will never have utopia when humans r involved, they will annihilate each other till the end of time.
Samuel Jones (18 days ago)
The best parts of these comments are the women flabbergasted that the men they’ve spent a generation subverting and attacking aren’t going to fight their battles anymore. You’re strong, independent women right? Defend yourselves.
SKYRULE-49 (18 days ago)
The only women I will help are my family and very close friends. THAT'S IT. The rest of these women are on their own.

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