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Dick Masterson and Shirley on Dr. Phil House of Judgement

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Noble Ward (3 days ago)
as if it's the MEN choosing to abandon their children, and not the women and family courts forcefully expelling the men from their children's lives. Stupid cunt. (the last 40 seconds) AHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH, OH MY GOD
ynneL (4 days ago)
Love this guy. when i say hes my idol, im not kidding.
marcojojoba (4 days ago)
logic man vs emotional animal called women
Black Pill (5 days ago)
the guy is trolling. the girl is fully invested, serious, and super triggered. and proving his point for him.
Josh (5 days ago)
A person who is losing a debate will attack the other person character ,thats always a sign the argument is lost.
Josh (5 days ago)
Shirley Is immature . I agree with Dick .
Squishy Potato (6 days ago)
*OMG she's beautiful I'd live next to her all day everyday!* 😍😍😍 Not Nigga ✋💀
The great JBH (6 days ago)
How can you prove women didn't get us to the moon? That is ridiculous, because her question is to ask someone to prove a lack of evidence and to do so is a complete abandonment of logic. While I don't agree with Dick Masterson on his overzealous chauvinist thing; in fact its obviously a act on some parts but Shirley isn't acting, she's legit, watching her body language,tone of voice, and insults send chill's down my spine because we have to many triggered imbeciles trying to call the shots.
Samuel John (7 days ago)
Lmao nobody went to the moon. Men and woman men alike were duped by Satanic Freemasons.
Travis Jones (7 days ago)
How did dr phil and this women not know this guy was a troll? Lol
frankpesca (8 days ago)
a master pure race troll
BlackHokage z (8 days ago)
I’ma roast this dude out of my respect for women alright he needs to shave off that hitler mustache and grown some hair cuz he be looking like an egg matter of fact this dude still must be a 30 year old virgin cuz no women is not going to hit his judgmental having ass
The Pretender (8 days ago)
This guy is killing it haha. It’s funny how all the women get super worked up over a troll
ALAN HOLT (8 days ago)
What a cunt
Vitrawn (8 days ago)
fat old bitch boomer
Joe Stan (8 days ago)
Dick Masterson for president
Father (8 days ago)
This man is a legend
Gary Sanders (9 days ago)
Until you've tasted crap, you don't know. - Smartest person alive.
Making Moves (9 days ago)
i love you, dick
Mandy Guerra (11 days ago)
he is a g!/ b!+$% who needs to put his mouth between my legs where it belong 😊😊😊
cust ard (11 days ago)
This dude wrecked her
RunDCM (14 days ago)
Men faked the moon landing. That's how good we are.
Peachs'nCreamPie (15 days ago)
Some women let losers cum in them and blame all of men for their own fuck ups that they cant own up to
eben toyne (15 days ago)
If she was stronger she would kick his arse....to bad she’s a women😂
Phi6er (16 days ago)
This is when two equal and opposites meet: they annihilate. Fun fact though: the other is allowed to exist in our society, the other is not. Makes ya think, doesn't it.
Stuffz (17 days ago)
This debate summed up: What came first, “the chicken or the egg?”
JL L (20 days ago)
This woman is completely stupid!
Mike Sanchez (21 days ago)
I like this guy
NINER EMPIRE (22 days ago)
It's the time of the month for her
NINER EMPIRE (22 days ago)
Women belong in the kitchen
Dickie Steinbrickle (23 days ago)
Dick Masters a bitter twatwaffle
Juan Taylor (23 days ago)
Holy shit, she's proving his theories with every word she bleats out.
Mr. Steal Your Padawan (25 days ago)
Notice how she argues with emotion, he argues with logic and facts.
Orion Jimmy (25 days ago)
I love this guy.If that woman was as good as she pretends to be she would be as calm and Confident as him and not be triggered.I have tried to have a normal conversations with single mothers and some of them really gets me and some of them just screams like this woman.Ten years ago i probably would have taken the womans side in this but i was stupid back then.Now i realise what this guy are saying.Its pretty simple.Men are men and wimen are wimen and we are all different but one thing is for sure.A man and a woman is ment for each other.Its biological and the way the nature,World and people works.
NowForTheTruth (26 days ago)
I don't think she could get enough Dick.
Johnny D (26 days ago)
Dick was prime. Absolute destruction.
Bob Ross (26 days ago)
Just as good as the podcast, but for being dick he sure is acting like a pussy. Him and his stupid civilized arguments.
Just Iron (26 days ago)
The dude has a podcast, the dick show, and he was most definitely trolling by playing a bit. He's a genuinely smart and alright guy with a great sense of humor to match.
cyanidemaiden (26 days ago)
God damn that chick is annoying.....
Lol this guy is so funny, and that woman is so stupid
Jim joe Kelly (26 days ago)
Every feminists dream argument
Jim joe Kelly (26 days ago)
Getting laid is feeble
Billy Ruben (26 days ago)
God bless men
ThePointlessBox_ (27 days ago)
It takes an enormous amount of respect for whamen to tell them the cold hard truth This man is a true saint
Chipp i guess (27 days ago)
what it looks like when an MRA meets a feminist
Loneski255 (28 days ago)
Giving women the ability to vote was one of this countries worst ideas.
It's Me :/ (29 days ago)
She's twice his age, but I think she's only been conscious for an eighth of the time
T man (1 month ago)
Tell me what truffles taste like... What in the hell
T man (1 month ago)
He wins the argument by staying calm collect an always has the next topic set up.and planned
J B (1 month ago)
His Mom didn't love him
Matt Haggard (1 month ago)
Lmao the only reason women have any power whatsoever is that men GAVE it to them. Never in the history of the world have women taken power on their own. Look at the world since women have had a taste of power, absolute chaos. But what is given can be taken away.
Arthur Morgan (1 month ago)
Dick Masterston is a legend
Ashish Kaul (1 month ago)
Cool Dude (1 month ago)
C'mon women like these don't have the iq to understand what trolling is.
Kill Monger (1 month ago)
Don't kill her dude. Learn to respect wemen braahh. don't kill her with facts👿👿
S.A.N (1 month ago)
Her existence could his greatest argument for that men are better than women
misaCupcqwake 935 (1 month ago)
That lady is a feminist
Barney Wobba (1 month ago)
Single mothers...most are single because feminism has told them that is the way to be empowered, you go guuurl. She seems unhappy to me :)
Wohn Jick (1 month ago)
I hate how this makes me think she is the sexist.
CyphaBorg (1 month ago)
What makes you think I haven't tasted crap?,yeah you probably have. XD WTF was that? haahahahahaha
Sweet Cheeks (26 days ago)
That was beautiful my friend
faiz177 (1 month ago)
so aaron paul had a side project as a chauvinist, all he had to do was to put glasses on!!
Ognjen Vuković (1 month ago)
Cole Dixon (1 month ago)
"Nah, well you probably have"
Ruthless Johnson (1 month ago)
This woman....is idiot
Rosalba Roger (1 month ago)
I hate this guy
Thunda1986 (1 month ago)
Women did help get men to the moon though
Tony (1 month ago)
phpforthewin (1 month ago)
"Once you've tasted it, you're a moron, for eating crap" Holy shit
Christopher McAvoy (1 month ago)
Why is she brining up rape and aggressive men. She's so emotional and defensive
Norbert Ruiz (1 month ago)
What they said about single mothers it's not just that the man does not want to raise them. Sometimes the father dies and sometimes the woman wants the man out of there for the children to be their own and they have the right to keep them more than men
koenraad Van Geert (1 month ago)
Like seeing my mother, wife, sister, neighbor, aunt, grandmother, niece, (female) teacher etc arguing: trying to suppress rage, not being able to suppress rage, getting way too emotional, taking things too personal, losing their temper, loosing self control, shouting, insulting, changing topic all the time, ignoring valid arguments, not being able to counter,lying, yelling, fake poisonous laughter...usually they totally lose it and start crying, sometimes even getting violent. Most women are a waste of oxygen.
R Sd (1 month ago)
They are both idiots but I believe is acting like an idiot for the sake of it, she's just being herself :(. I'd like to see him with Judge Judy or some other not dumb strong woman. Not necessarily to "put him in his place" I just wanna see what happens.
Tone 210 (1 month ago)
This guy fucking rocks!
Tone 210 (1 month ago)
He's speaking the truth, women are in denial.
Dead Pool (1 month ago)
Hes joking and he showed her true colors what a god
Demotator (1 month ago)
Ur Highest Insult Is to say That I am Dickless
Dan Demeo (1 month ago)
I Love watching her blood pressure go through the roof, he is so calm and she is like a toddler in a adult body🤣
Catherine To (1 month ago)
What ? He is delusional
Catherine To (1 month ago)
Wow. Speechless. What a coward sitting here with his sunglasses on ? He is a loser and narrow minded anal.
IanAlderige (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that hears "cluck cluck cluck cluck" every time she speaks?
Logan Shifflett (1 month ago)
He actually started convincing her at the end. Shit
Abdul Rahmaan Ramzie (1 month ago)
I want more of this..lol
Alexei (1 month ago)
Hey if you like this he has a podcast check it out
AMarvolous Creation (1 month ago)
Lol if my dad saw this he would keep such a close eye to make sure I don’t end up with a dick like that xD
Boom Mouse Productions (1 month ago)
53 dislikes from radical feminists
John Wray (1 month ago)
This is so perfect that she thinks she's playing along and going with the joke and it still went over her head.
Huw Thomas (1 month ago)
Dick masterson for fucking president. This reminds me of my mother. She has to get so defensive when they are wrong. Love it 😂 she wants to cry deep down because she’s an inferior piece of female garbage. Also my mother isn’t this crazy she just likes to thinks she’s right. AKA a female.
John Wray (1 month ago)
Like I just posted, they went in on this being planned with her trying to roll with the joke yet it still went over her head. That's how fucking perfect this video is. Several layers of trolling.
sirrus13 (1 month ago)
This is gold
"No that would make you a crap eater!!!" Lol
Sages604 (2 months ago)
Women are manipulative. A lot of men are in prison because they assaulted/killed someone else for a woman. Just because you didn't actually fo the crime, doesn't mean you weren't part of it.
5 Star MGTOW (2 months ago)
tryin to reason with a woman is a waste of time. MGTOW
we need him back!
Kristijan (2 months ago)
dick dot show, or thedickshow dot com
Thetruthwill Setyoufree (2 months ago)
She got so dam emotional hahaha
Isaac Parks (2 months ago)
I grew up in schools with all old women teachers my whole life and it was hell!! It damaged me emotionally and spychologically!!
Isaac Parks (2 months ago)
Turtle (2 months ago)
A legend.
Morpheus (2 months ago)
She seems to be just like the other broads, overly emotional and can only insult him. She lost as soon as she started hurling insults
Matt D (2 months ago)
Male prisons are full of men duh. Why are female prisons full of women.
smithh104 (2 months ago)
"would it give me the authority to tell you the taste?" "no, it would make you a crap eater" hahaha 😂

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