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Dick Masterson and Shirley on Dr. Phil House of Judgement

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Huw Thomas (3 hours ago)
This would be more fun if that woman wasn’t such a fucking thick cunt
De Animation (11 hours ago)
This is just absurd. This man should watch his mouth
Modest Gunn (22 hours ago)
Calm down lady
Jace (2 days ago)
"Shows how stupid you are".. got him.
Kai (2 days ago)
That's a shitty food analogy
Sami Sosa (2 days ago)
shes pathertic.
Yvonne KGW (3 days ago)
This woman is an idiot. Nothing she says makes any sense. She does NOT represent any female other than herself. She made this gentleman's points FOR him.
soylent goy (3 days ago)
LOL Dick Masterson is the best !
This guy should be president
Harvey Birdman (4 days ago)
Look up his time on Dr. Phil. You won’t regret it.
Kristijan (3 days ago)
+Harvey Birdman meh, I've seen everything except the full thing. If you like Dick, check out his podcast on thedickshow dot com. He also spoke at length about his Dr Phil experience in his first bonus episode
Harvey Birdman (3 days ago)
Not the full episode but there’s full scenes of him talking to people in the audience and destroying them. Also gives somewhat of a backstory on the dude.
Kristijan (3 days ago)
did they finally leak somewhere?
we are kings (4 days ago)
epic ... 9999 on the richter scale ....
Killsocialmedia (4 days ago)
Shes so mad lol. She wont let him speak out of rage. This guy is funny
Jose Diaz (5 days ago)
Modern women resent and hate men but at the same time want to be them. It becomes obvious when you see the way they try to apply things in their life as if they were men. Once you have kids even if you're hot your market value plummets and just because guys are all over you at the club when you're 35 years old doesn't mean that they will put a ring on you. They will run a train on you but they will not commit and they can't tell the difference so they will divorce the husband thinking that they have more value then they do. Then they will cry and complain to the girlfriends that no one will commit to them, once a guy reaches a certain age a little head overpowers the big head and they will not get married or commit and the way American women are going happening sooner and sooner with men
LilZebra (5 days ago)
3:25 - Hillary evil-like grin
LilZebra (5 days ago)
That woman is delusional
Dead Head (5 days ago)
"What makes you think I HAVEN'T tasted crap?"
Bomani Williams (5 days ago)
He proved his claim that men are intellectually superior during this debate. He made her look like a fool.
Bob Kramer (6 days ago)
It's funny watching Dick TRY to troll but is constantly hit left and right with this retards logic and has to revert to being serious.
Punished Pepe (6 days ago)
it should be considered a crime to not release these
Urmo Vaher (6 days ago)
This man for president!!!
Vinny Berry (6 days ago)
This guy is a genius lol.
Nemoz_BB6 (7 days ago)
This fucken guy 😂😂😂😂. I'm still dead after I saw that treadmill roast on the other video lol
Garrett Dalton (8 days ago)
This is why they start censoring because they cannot handle debating
NickBen87 (8 days ago)
Dick Masteson is a legend.
Henrik G (8 days ago)
Dick Masterson for president!
Angry Emu (9 days ago)
The boomer cowers before the Dick
Wlad Yurkov (9 days ago)
The first part they were talking about, going to the moon. A woman actually wrote the code to fly there lmao. Look up McMillan, Robert
LocalProduce (10 days ago)
Women can never win a good argument they always start yelling
ZRDR (10 days ago)
"I'm just counting the wrinkles"" Holy fucking shit
Arcane Highlander (10 days ago)
Get literally any woman upset about single motherhood and 100% of straight women with children will react the same way she did. Getting angry because he's right but she's too blinded by her own arrogance and lack of self awareness to see how badly she was owned. Remember, when a woman gets angry at you for being right, all you have to do is stop looking at her as your equal, start looking at her as your child, then you parent the shit out of that overgrown child. Women are children, and this lady who's twice Dick's age doesn't disprove that claim.
Westy (10 days ago)
After the cameras cut off she fisted herself to the thought of Dick grilling her on male rape statistics while mounting her fat carcass.
RandomGaming (11 days ago)
This has to be acting
material pattern (11 days ago)
"I AM OLD! I AM TOO MATURE!!! I GET THE SENIOR DISCOUNT, HOW AM I _NOT_ MATURE?!" XD and later... "I'm sorry where's the old hag?" **looks left and right but doesn't see one because there is no mirror there.
Didier Depardieur (11 days ago)
He was pushing all of her buttons and she danced like a muppet. Triggered.
Ethan Larsen (11 days ago)
She is so childish. “You’re an idiot!”
Ethan Larsen (11 days ago)
70% of women file the divorces
Christopher Browne (11 days ago)
america decided to make this simpleton famous, well thank you america, thank you for showing the world how brain dead you are.
Zach (13 days ago)
Is this Dick Matterson?
Leon thepro (13 days ago)
All the sexists in the comments smh
Will H (13 days ago)
Towards the end of this she didn't even know what was happening. I almost feel bad for her.
TREJAN CRIGER (13 days ago)
That would make you a crap eater
AyAyJa (14 days ago)
I would hate to argue with a female as stupid as this one.
Badger Luger (14 days ago)
Nazi scientists got us to the moon. Lmfao.
Akarsh Adithya (15 days ago)
Omg, he is so calmly tackling her , i need his calm and composure
Raphael (15 days ago)
appeal to probability horse shit is what women love
Leon thepro (13 days ago)
Nice sexism
John Arseneau (15 days ago)
Hes so stupid but shes even dumber lol
Rajdeep Debnath (16 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The lady has lost control of herself and he is so calm.What he claims is always true.
sligen (16 days ago)
He played her like a fiddle. When he started hitting her with her attitude attracting Jerks, she starts to slowly think about it. But her pride would never allow her to admit he was right on that point.
Nalin Bhati (16 days ago)
5:37 best line ever!!!!
Raja saab (17 days ago)
This dude is next level 🤣
Gustavo Gomez (17 days ago)
Good debate at the beginning. She was getting a bit emotional but was putting forward some good counter arguments.
Purple Aki (18 days ago)
Watching her lose her shit like a teenager is hilarious 😂
cal wain (18 days ago)
They are soo going to bang, when women are back into a corner they get personal, such small brain power
Wrestling (18 days ago)
Dude he is roasting the crap out of her
Dareeda Dahan (19 days ago)
Those glasses and that pose.
I'm Isaac (19 days ago)
Destruction lvl100
Gabry Wong (20 days ago)
No one should ever have a discussion with someone with a set mind. I feel sorry for his mother whom happens to be a woman to give birth to this waste of space.
Rachel Burden (20 days ago)
It’s funny the people defending him in the comments. Almost every single serial killer out there is a white male. The columbine shooters were both white males and I know at least one of them were raised by two parents. And it’s a stupid statement to say that all men in prison were raised by single mothers. I mean that’s just not true. And she’s right, single mothers are single because a MAN abandoned her and his children. This is truly disturbing to see stuff like This being said in this day in age.
bradchan (8 days ago)
+The Guy watch out guy, she may just be pretending to be retarded.
The Guy (9 days ago)
Lol very interesting that you only mention serial killers and school shooters - two *extremely* small demographics that are nearly irrelevant, statistically speaking. Regardless, they're mostly white because whites make up the majority of the population; and they're mostly male because males are naturally more aggressive and have the ability to more easily cause harm. I wonder why you didn't mention commonplace crimes and homicide or robbery..oh, wait, we both know exactly why you didn't lol. It is objectively true that children raised by single mothers are *much* worse off in life, again statistically speaking. It is objectively true that the majority, possibly the vast majority of inmates were raised by single mothers. I'm not saying it's only the mother's fault, but reality is reality. The Columbine kid having two parents is anecdotal. There have been quite a few female school shooters, that doesn't change the fact that most school shooters are male. It could be because the dad didn't want to take responsibility, or it could be because the mom is toxic and drove the dad away. The problem wouldn't be so bad if women didn't let deadbeat losers cum in them after the first date. Oh yeah, just a FYI, Dick Masterson is a troll. He intentionally says outlandish bullshit for entertainment purposes; but there are some parts that are true.
Violet Volz (21 days ago)
this guy is crazy men wouldn’t be here without women
Iranian Bob (23 days ago)
Outcome of debate = hysterical misandrist woman admits to being a coprophile. I think she lost!! LMFRWAO!!!!!
Nelson abreu (23 days ago)
I don’t agree with everything he says but he makes some valid points here and there
SickBoy (24 days ago)
I don't think gender equality is possible, but I might prefer being a second-class citizen over having people like HIM rule the world.
Im A Monster (24 days ago)
No self respecting person would take this cartoon character seriously LMFAO
Assil Nezami (25 days ago)
l stopped watching after 10 seconds. "Why don't they use it if they have it" lol. The best mathematicians are all men. That woman is a human garbage.....
Paul Soundz (25 days ago)
Guys are better than women at lots of things sure, but he doesn’t speak up for the smart, educated, strong women out there enough. Or mention that we’d be lonely with no women in our life for too long.
Slaphappy Duplenty (26 days ago)
Fucking legend
Lee Johnston (26 days ago)
Men are sticking around as you say because they can't. 82% of child custody battles go to women.
Apratim das (26 days ago)
"Wat makes u think I haven't tasted crap" Ohh u probably tasted that😂😂
Alexander Herlan (27 days ago)
Rofl what is this from? Ive seen his actual Dr. Phil appearance, and listen to The Dick Show, but ive never seen this. Edit "Dr. Phils house of judgement". Weird. Never heard of it.
Kristijan (26 days ago)
if you listen to the dick show, there's a segment about this right at the beginning of the latest episode. these episodes were deleted from existence because two women who appeared on the show sued Dr Phil for making them go to dinner with a naked man. Dick has a $1000 bounty on anyone who can get him these episodes in decent enough of a quality.
SweetDWillie (27 days ago)
This woman is a moron
gigggla (27 days ago)
This bitch is cancer and i see some of the comments saying dick is trolling? trolling what? most things he said can be proven, isnt much trolling here tbh.
Stefan (29 days ago)
Say what you will about this guy but the fact remains he's quite clever.
XXXTENTACLES (30 days ago)
There are more criminals raised by single mothers. If they were raised by a single father theyd be better
Lou Fox (30 days ago)
one thing that really annoys me about people when they argue is when they say shit like "you probably" honestly he made her look a right cunt XD
Joe Larsen (1 month ago)
This guy is an idiot. But so is she. Also he is fucking hilarious
Logan Johnson (1 month ago)
He was roasted
DoubleD (1 month ago)
lol this chick proves everything this dude says lol #trolllevelover9000
indian (1 month ago)
She looks like a whore single mother.
Lloyd Dobbler (1 month ago)
This is hilarious! She's buying it hook , line and sinker! Lmao
Invisible Animator (1 month ago)
i dont think this guy realizes that he was only born because of a woman
0:13 T h a t s I n s a n e
Supreme Leader (1 month ago)
Bada$$ Jessie Pinkman
Johoon Bark (1 month ago)
He was touched in ways that he didn’t want to be touched.
Johoon Bark (1 month ago)
Though Dick is just doing it for the lulz, his debating skills seem ruthless and effective. His wacky and downright insane opinions even seem reasonable.
Elron Humpperdink (1 month ago)
“I am TWICE your age!” Age has NOTHING to do with maturity. If she wasn’t a rabid woman, she would be smart-enough to know that.
Jason Downs (1 month ago)
Man, hahaha, she was out of her depth. The worse part is that this guy is so over the top and ridicules and he still made her look stupid.
URBAN ASSAULT (1 month ago)
This woman is insane
generic username (1 month ago)
Played like a damn fiddle
Adam 86 (1 month ago)
Who is that deranged old hag?
Cygnus Floyd (1 month ago)
Woman admits to tasting crap to win argument. Full story at 9.
Ognjen Selver (1 month ago)
Is it a god himself?
Germs Incognito (1 month ago)
She ran the father of her children off, then said he left. I smell that shit.
Ethan P. (1 month ago)
"You've molested me several times already..." Lol how did she not see this guy was a troll after that comment.
Fred Lee (1 month ago)
WORLD STAR man vs woman
djdjd dmn (1 month ago)
Humans were a mistake.
Daniel Hancock (1 month ago)
My favorite part was when Shirley was telling dick he looks like a woman 🤣
Anna (1 month ago)
This stupid asshole tells the woman to sit on his lap in the most obscene and sexist way, then gets angry with her when she throws it at him. If he had the same ideals, more anger, and a dark alleyway or street, she would have been raped.
Daniel rogers (1 month ago)
Im just hear to see the endangered species of the sexist pig, they seem to congregate in the comment section of videos like this showing their support in secret to backward ideas. seriously go meet some people and learn about the world before you judge the billions of woman out their. he hasn't got logic on his side so he needs his opponent to be irrational to win the argument.
Agoraphobic Adam (1 month ago)
Just let her talk because she is making his point without knowing it.
MyEnemy (1 month ago)
asd (1 month ago)
lmao all these "blue-pilled" people thinking he's trolling when actually he's just telling the truth about women

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