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Day[9] vs. Amy Okuda | Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers | Season 5, Episode 2

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Join Sean “Day[9]” Plott as he plays Magic: The Gathering with The Guild actress Amy Okuda in the latest episode of Spellslingers! Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. Learn more about the Guilds of Ravnica: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/guilds-ravnica Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry #Spellslingers #MagicTheGathering
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Text Comments (1036)
Noisyblizzard (5 hours ago)
joshua york (12 hours ago)
dude she was abusing you xD
Edward Ng (14 hours ago)
Amy Okuda, "If you are on the Internet, you will know me from the Guild. If you're off the Internet.." If you 're off the Internet, you clearly have been living under a rock and very large one at that.
James Duff (23 hours ago)
Yeah...I don't like Amy's attitude. She's been rude, condescending, and straight up absusive. Don't invite her back. Magic should be all about the lolz!
elijah rasmussen (1 day ago)
Rain Baka (1 day ago)
this is stupid.
these2kings0305 (2 days ago)
Vests wont work against dice headshots. Sean learned that the hard way.
Shattered Knight (2 days ago)
Because she screwed up a turn. I think she had 4 mana open when she attacked with Boros and Truefire. Which means she can pump Boros to 3/4. They can both mentor the Hawk as long as Truefire mentors first on the stack. The Boros mentor will go through making it 3/3. Then Truefire mentor will go through making it 4/4. Day9 has nothing on the ground that can take an even trade with Boros and Truefire. And in the air, the best he can do is trade out his Broodlord for her Hawk. Which would be good in her favor. So she should attack with the three of them, and leave the Skyknight to mentor for next turn. Since Skyknight would die to the Broodlord. And most definitely hell not don't put the enchantment on the elephant instead of the Broodlord.
Graden Grandison (2 days ago)
Sean won due to Amy's ingnorance not only does Amy get to assign damage, but her creature cant be deat combat damage, so that minotaur would have survived
Andrew Turner (1 day ago)
From Tajic's ability? No, he prevents _non-combat_ damage like Lightning Strikes.
Philson (2 days ago)
She’s awesome.
chocolatecigar1 (3 days ago)
Girls always make a note to mention there boyfriends even if they don't have any. Guys playing magic don't mention they have a girlfriend because, well you know, there single.
Google User (3 days ago)
What if you got people that have played before? Lately it is all boring newbies. Also, thought he meant "9-11" was good for branding....
Robert W (3 days ago)
The lack of sleeves hurts me
Eckendenker (4 days ago)
wow that was cringe
Pixxa_blue 1 (4 days ago)
The sweat 😂
NewAge Mäge (4 days ago)
Why do they keep putting black people on creature cards? 😑 this is magic not a rap battle.
moukidelmar (4 days ago)
I'm glad I waited until the end to comment. Because at first I was going to make a snarky comment about birds and how Sean keeps dieing to them. BUT now I'm just going to say that this is why I HATE playibg against white, because if they get their shit together you're going to be crying in a corner with 0 health while the have like 40 and mega buff creatures.
Marthijn13 (4 days ago)
no sleeves reeeeeee
Techpriest (4 days ago)
I hate pridemate. It's so hard to stop with that card combo short of a murder
BlueJayOnToast (4 days ago)
I heard the thud of the dice hitting him on the face haha this was a fantastic episode! I loved watching Amy and Sean they were hillarious!
Dariencastle09 of one (4 days ago)
24:19 "I did it... I beat the newbie" lol
Dariencastle09 of one (4 days ago)
Dice throws and hand smacks ... the story of my life.
Press Paws (4 days ago)
J is my favorite number
Zach McMillan (4 days ago)
Damn Amy's salty!😃😃😃
Jaiden Fox (4 days ago)
Rofl. Ames you did amazing ! Day9, take the hand smacks and dice throws. You wanted a B-list celebrity (sorry ames not A yet) and you have to deal with them and their quirks! I play Mahjong with jewish ladies so used to funny quips and hand smacking ;P
giantman 999 (4 days ago)
They forgot about summoners sickness
Bart Stikkers (5 days ago)
Now I get why Felicia was so excited when Amy got casted as Tink. It's just who she is.
MrNightpwner (5 days ago)
The guild! That's right
k0olmini (5 days ago)
shes pretty
Hierro Arcanjo (5 days ago)
I must say, i like Day 9 a lot, he's really funny. But my Ajani PTSD just making me feel disgusted for the deck XD I just love to see that deck lose, sorry man.
Manuel Sacha (5 days ago)
-Tinkerballa- Amy Okuda is also in "The Good Place", even though she didn't mention it.
Vol Pietro (5 days ago)
Tajic prevent damage to the minotaur
SiphiliSx (12 hours ago)
Tajic prevents non-combat damage, the minotaur died in combat from damage by a creature. I thought the same as you did, but looked up the card on Gatherer.
Arryn McLean (5 days ago)
Can we get more people that actually know how to play?
Infinity Dota (5 days ago)
Playing without sleeves ): The pain....
nik700 (5 days ago)
17:07 That misplay won the game for Sean (Amy can choose where to assign damage)
Erik Kjærran (3 days ago)
Felt weird for not seeing anyone else comment on that. Thanks!
Rino Parsegian (5 days ago)
When he blocked her flying knight why did he choose where the damage went lol he was like the bat dies then this guy stays alive lol
TheTrammell (5 days ago)
Sean's deck reminded me of Zoo Heal Lock from hearthstone lol
David Iwano (5 days ago)
Don"t wanna be "that guy" but notice how they say there are gonna shuffle their decks but don't... after seeing such balanced opening hands it had me go back and see if they shuffled. decks rigged?
Andrew Turner (1 day ago)
The newest precon decks come preshuffled with good opening hands.
Jihi (5 days ago)
I feel for Amy so baaaad
Gregor Samsa (5 days ago)
Amy was rude and abrasive for no fucking reason and Sean was way too much of a gentleman for putting through with her attitude. Bring back Alison Haislip instead
Oscar Russell (5 days ago)
3:19 I summon a 2/3 Sweaty pits, which has haste and trample.
Trenton Reinhardt (5 days ago)
WELCOME TO ABZAN DECKS! Nothing but fucking Sustaining. Jesus christ. Abzan is gonna be toxic when the second part of this block comes out. Jesus christ
Rainman (5 days ago)
She's on How to Get Away with Murder?
Balth (5 days ago)
rofl at the minority report part :) - one of my favorite movies
MR JOHN (5 days ago)
my god the cringe in this..........welcome to entertainment in 2018
MR JOHN (5 days ago)
He got 9, she got 11. Geek&Sundry did 9/11
Stephen Cardoza (5 days ago)
Creatures with lifelink also gain you life when blocking. When he blocked with the 1/1 soldier with lifelink, another bat should have come into the game.
Amy Gardner (5 days ago)
they censor every bad word out of her except the b word
Gregory Goldsmith (5 days ago)
why do you play with such bad decks
Gregory Goldsmith (5 days ago)
we can read u know
Luccia Del Moira (5 days ago)
i liked her style Wish she'd made mechanically better plays She had him dead to rights like 5 times :/
William Winder (5 days ago)
Life gain fo the win? Okay.
KerstinMamma (5 days ago)
24:54 my new ringtone.
Hope Inward (5 days ago)
1 for Amy just for the final throw of the dice in his eye :D
MrMaxtremo (6 days ago)
I care not if they are worthless. Seeing those unsleeved cards is a ghastly vision.
spakerman (6 days ago)
Well that was awkward.
toaster gaming (6 days ago)
I started playing cuz of u people
Meris (6 days ago)
Love the Azorius shirt, Sean.
Ian h (6 days ago)
If youre not on the internet, maybe you recognize me from my show on that internet streaming platform
Trey Thorn (6 days ago)
Amy is a bad ASS
jkk20 (6 days ago)
that armpit sweat stain... disgusting...
ludwig amadeus (6 days ago)
"oh, this thing triggers that, and that triggers that other thing, and I gain 1 life, and that triggers this, and I get 1 creature token and this triggers..." - fucking nerd it's even more annoying than blue NEEEERD
Xiao'sChannel (6 days ago)
why arent you using card protectors?
Paul Jenkins (6 days ago)
Oh Day9 and his massive pit stains. I feel your pain bro.
Martin Ekstrand (6 days ago)
Maybe get a flak vest?I would love to see this deck list. Is published somewhere?
KoGoO (6 days ago)
Can has more plz?
Xeio De Sono (6 days ago)
@3:36 I knew a guy that also got hyped screaming his name: LEEEEEEEEEROOOOY JEEEENKINS
andrew patience (6 days ago)
i thought these were supposed to be only ravnica set deck's but your's sean contains m19 cards....
andrew patience (6 days ago)
urgh, corner bending/flicking on cards..... that hurts me! someone tell her that's printed money...
Felix Murley-Anderson (6 days ago)
Didn't Amy miss a Mentor trigger on the turn after her Boros FWBs attacked together? Then the Healer's Hawk could have lived...
jim hall (6 days ago)
How funny would it be if Amy's last draw was a boardwipe?
titduck Pichu (6 days ago)
Can subs be on the shows
Gaming Guardians (6 days ago)
Didn't Amy also appear in a couple of episodes of The Good Place?
Lasse Lassen (6 days ago)
Start of game - Amy: I thought he was good at this game? end of game - Amy:*Loses*
1rilis (6 days ago)
Why no sleeves anymore? Is that an enforcement from the wotc sponsorship? Seems lame.
Cristian Berglund (6 days ago)
Sleevless ?!??!?!?!
Dennis Lu (7 days ago)
Can you leave the cards up for longer, so we can read the abilities?
kellyloganme (7 days ago)
LOL - Sean seems so surprised. Apparently he has not watched Amy on Tabletop. . . :^D
Joe Dirt (7 days ago)
the way she bends the cards when she lays them down makes me cringe just a tiny bit
Arcordia (7 days ago)
The guests get help on this show right? Because there's no way someone new would make a game that close
JR Boyd (7 days ago)
00:38 I don't recognize her from anything.
Dank Lord (7 days ago)
3:21 that pit stain
Vyviel (7 days ago)
Omg unsleeved cards!
Mini Monsters TCG (7 days ago)
Okay roll the fuckin dice
caderrabeth (7 days ago)
Holy damn is Amy a poor competitor. She comes off as abusive.
David Coker (7 days ago)
Instead of bringing on not actual celebrity’s that don’t actually play magic, you could try to at least hit one of the criteria of the statement you make at the beginning of the episodes.
MarkD1159 (7 days ago)
Tinkerballa in the house. :)
O Gamer PolÊmico (7 days ago)
i wanna see someone playing dimir!
Critical Hit (7 days ago)
How cool would it be if ALL the flavor text was read out when cards were cast in Arena...? Just sayin
EternalDensity (7 days ago)
They say more women should be encouraged to play Magic, but I'm not sure whether the game can handle this level of brutal violence. ;)
Melchor Lirio (7 days ago)
Magic the gathering: Diceslingers
Varler (7 days ago)
Wait, Sean is allowed to win? They let him out of his cage?
Ribby (8 days ago)
holy crap it's the therapist from Atypical! Watch that show btw guys, it's a great feel-goody-ish series 8:29 she would not be good at therapy irl!
Chris Henderson (8 days ago)
Amy was also on The Good Place...smaller parts, but still cool seeing her in the show!
Benjamin Hall (8 days ago)
It feels so good to see Sean win.
zoomforlife (8 days ago)
plot twist : she her fiance will leave her like the netflix show
Somniac Au (8 days ago)
great content, but no sleeves makes me sad :(
TheJimmyStoner (8 days ago)
Everytime Sean said Ajani this episode, sounded so much like 'A Johnny's'. A Johnny's pridemate..
jerodast (8 days ago)
Whereas Amy just literally said "Johnny's".
LunaticOtaku (8 days ago)
Amy is sooo cool i want to see her again on another episode. : 3

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