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Day[9] vs. Amy Okuda | Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers | Season 5, Episode 2

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Join Sean “Day[9]” Plott as he plays Magic: The Gathering with The Guild actress Amy Okuda in the latest episode of Spellslingers! Welcome to Spellslingers, a show based on the phenomenally popular card game Magic: The Gathering. Presented by Sean Plott of Day9TV, prepare to experience fun-filled, fast-talking and adrenaline-paced battles that highlight the latest MTG cards. Learn more about the Guilds of Ravnica: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/guilds-ravnica Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry #Spellslingers #MagicTheGathering
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Text Comments (1102)
Damian Wisefool (2 days ago)
You used Tajic wrong the Minotaur shouldn’t have died
Pink Goat (3 days ago)
Can we take a moment to appreciate the lighting and the set? Good job everyone
Gabriel Rorke (11 days ago)
Wait so are these all like newbie decks or something?
Aviv Rabinovich (12 days ago)
Sean's deck looks so freakin' annoying to play against...
Nicholas Thegeek (1 month ago)
When he double blocked the skyknight she should have gotten to choose block order
Double Click (2 months ago)
i cant decide if shes hot or not......
Rolin Dahlquist (2 months ago)
She killed the wrong creatures! Kill the flyers! Have the thing that kept giving him life do damage to itself! Damn rookies!
Dave W (2 months ago)
Is Amy deliberately trying to make this as awkward as possible for Sean?
Hocklie333 (2 months ago)
I love watching these videos especially this one. Reminded me of when I was playing MTG Arena. I had a similar situation where I was slowly being killed. I had a mono white deck and the other player had black, red, and green. They kept murdering and burning my powerful creatures while they built an army of Saprolings. Right before the end of the game I was able to stay alive because of 2 Ajani's Welcomes and the low drop creatures I was putting out. The opponent burnt or destroyed all of my creatures except for one. I think I had a flyer with lifelink left. The turn right before this they had cast 2 huge 12/12 dinos with trample and had over 10 Saprolings, and some other cards. I had been stalling the final blow up to this point but just barely. You could also tell they were leveling out on the creatures because we had been playing for awhile. My opponent saw that I couldn't block all the damage and my life total was almost gone so they swung with all the creatures they had. At that moment I used Settle the Wreckage. Every attacking creature disappeared instantly. The next card I drew was an Ajani's Pridemate. They ended up conceding after 2 turns lol.
Cesar Loaiza (2 months ago)
Prevent all noncombat damage that would be dealt to other creatures you control. Tajics effect makes it so Barging Sergeant dosent die by geting blocket by the 2, 1-1s ???
HUNKragor (1 month ago)
That's combat dmg
Rat Rampage (3 months ago)
I'm 7 and your swearing !!!
Ahren Starr (3 months ago)
She swears more than I do. Nice!
Valerie Callaghan (3 months ago)
I really didn’t like this guest. I don’t even know why I just don’t.
Wyatt Moran (4 months ago)
I got In to magic quick and i am obsessed with it
Archie Schwartz (4 months ago)
When you top deck two lands and you keep a one land hand
The Grim Corsair (4 months ago)
Okay it took me like 4 episodes to figure out the guys name is actually Day9...lightbulb moment!
Darksim (4 months ago)
12:55 lol
Grant Nordin (4 months ago)
I love magic the gathering. My roommates introduced me to it and I just can’t get enough of it. I prefer dimir control😊
TheOstrich Boss (4 months ago)
Wow Alita Battle Angel grew up
josdincase2 (4 months ago)
awesome game
Shion Kreth (5 months ago)
She seems... nice... <.<
Grant MacDougall (5 months ago)
God she is gorgeous!
srvfan17 (5 months ago)
So in case anyone cares, he gained 11 life from Ajani's Welcome, 24 life total (!), and when he said he felt like he had gained 15 life he was close, it was 12 life
TheMink (5 months ago)
day 9 cheated she chooses which dies in the double block
mark martinez (5 months ago)
I genuinely didn't like this chicks energy
Simon Skarum (4 months ago)
Completely agree. She was pouty and grumpy from the start.
JuliusMonge (5 months ago)
That was vengeance for Terry! All he wanted was to learn Japanese, but all he learned was heartbreak!
asher dawson (5 months ago)
Just got 180 MTG cards yesterday! Also my first cards so I'm so happy.
Djinfinite (5 months ago)
When you blocked her creature with 2 of your creatures why did you make the decision to kill your 1-1 isn’t that her decision as to which creature the damage goes to ? 17:20
crisis8v88 (6 months ago)
"A Johnny's Welcome" indeed.
Nick Young (6 months ago)
Missed the double mentor trigger that would have saved the healer hawk =(
MrPokenoah (6 months ago)
The *card bending* tho :O
Sayan Chattaraj (6 months ago)
So thrown
Tom McDermott (6 months ago)
It's always fun to watch new players get stoked about heavy quick damage, and then watch them become crestfallen and dejected when you stabilize. Alright, game is locked down, and now the screaming starts.
IRLDigglett 27 (6 months ago)
Asia O'Neil is so hostile lol
Neelzen (6 months ago)
He finally won!
cthulpiss (6 months ago)
Amy - you are fabulous! ;-)
M Balazs (7 months ago)
Amy you are so black I love it awesome wide was a lot of fun
Justin Th (7 months ago)
Why didnt he gain life from the bat blocking?
Versed (7 months ago)
I know you from Atypical <3
Badger Black (7 months ago)
Anybody else think Amy was acting like a bellend ? 🤔
Mona Vanderwaal (7 months ago)
She's annoying. Glad Sean won
Dthewise (7 months ago)
My kind of come back.
LSDesiac (7 months ago)
Pit Stains at 3:20
Bruh Juice (7 months ago)
I ship them
Gem Bocobo (7 months ago)
man if only they did the smart thing and made MTG online free to play and instead focused on a business model that is centered on a creating a LOL or DOTA style competitive scene.
BlueStarPilot (7 months ago)
her biggest mistake in this video was choosing to wear that top
Chris Stevens (7 months ago)
all the people making a big deal about putting on a show and a little friendly dice throwing - jfc get a life you freaks
lizardgod 101 (7 months ago)
Amy's eyes are bigger than her mouth 😂
Scourge Neo (7 months ago)
This woman is so rude. Every time she talks it’s like insults come out of her mouth...my god
Jeremy Castro (7 months ago)
Amy: “I’m aggressive. I just like to go in there and kill everything.” Me: How aggressive can she really be? *Watches Video* Me: Well damn, that came out of nowhere. I actually really enjoyed the episode. I love how aggressive she is and how she just showed how much she wanted to win. It’s all in good fun and no body got hurt. *She throws dice at Sean’s eye* Well, he’ll be ok.
Michael Ping (7 months ago)
Plot twist. After he announces he's gonna attack with everything, Amy taps one white mana and cast holy day. I'd laugh so hard.
Northern Battle (7 months ago)
438ThresholdThrash (8 months ago)
She is toxic
KetchupPuppy 12 (8 months ago)
Amy, master matchmaker.
EmDub (8 months ago)
50 shades of Boros
Feeluck (8 months ago)
the intro melody reminds me of a song but i can't put my finger on it
Vandel212 (8 months ago)
Is it me, or does the video look kind of washed out?
R .R (8 months ago)
Ok but for real imagine Amy as a Planeswalkers with the classic mage hood, she approaches you and breathes this cold fire to summon her spell book, wouldn't that be kinda cool
omega.revolution (8 months ago)
you should mark better the white mana in the wheel of fate, the illumination just make it look all white.
Logan (8 months ago)
Abzan... subtract white add blue tho
Black Mephistopheles (8 months ago)
24:54 Who loved that solid "thunk" as Amy's after-game die throw whack's Day[9] right on the eye socket bone? Nice audio quality, there! Added: also, the nice "tink" as the rebound hits Sean's mug (after hitting him IN the mug, that is)...ah, such warm bonding at the gaming table.
Yautja Prime (8 months ago)
She is so hilarious! Great episode
ZoidbergForPresident (8 months ago)
13:55 Wait, wasn't there two mentors?
Son0fAggression (8 months ago)
Magic is really fun when you don't have to pay the ridiculous amounts of money they charge for those bloody pieces of paper nowadays... *cough* got off the rails there a bit. Great show :)
demilung (8 months ago)
3:20 - look at that armpit. Stare at it!
omfglongbeach (8 months ago)
I just witnessed abuse
ZSandmann (8 months ago)
It's good to see Amy again. I assumed she was blacklisted along with everyone else associated with The Guild and the "old" Geek & Sundry.
doom2avatar (8 months ago)
Wait why did that double block kill the token? Also at one pt in the episode Amy attacked with 2 mentors but only buffed 1 creature...
Juan Molina (8 months ago)
So cute that girl...! S2 S2 S2
Cam McDermid (8 months ago)
"...and i don't wear cardigans" but you're gonna draw a card again.
Zachary McCutcheon (8 months ago)
As a MTG judge I can definitely confirm that her behavior is NOT okay. Between the unsportsmanlike behavior, the physical assault of her opponent, and her negative attitude, she more than deserves to be disqualified from the event. This is not the type of behavior we want to be associating with MTG, even at a relaxed setting. As a viewer I found this episode to be very cringe inducing. I don't think she was a good guest and I certainly don't want to invite her to my table.
Zachary McCutcheon (8 months ago)
@Fayt Lyte Yep, I'm really glad that came across.
Fayt Lyte (8 months ago)
So you're saying you like her
Starlight (8 months ago)
Anani's Welcome is boss, I once had to go against someone who managed to get all 4 out at once, the life gain was insane
AWShaki (8 months ago)
No sleeves.... :(
Donald Woolstenhulme (8 months ago)
She missed a mintor trigger she could have won
snake698 (8 months ago)
13:40 why are they choosing who to buff with the mentor ability? that's not how it works
JOJOP (8 months ago)
omg I love her, super cool!
xzeroxman (8 months ago)
13:58 There should be two mentor triggers on the stack. She can chose how they are ordered and after buffing the second mentor with the first she can buff the hawk with the second mentor ability.
Kiarean (8 months ago)
It's almost as if Ajani's Pridemate is OP or something...Also, I hate Sean for making me play his mode so much for rare farming. God that shit was so tedious.
Mike Conner (8 months ago)
Ajani's pride mate is an awesome card. Been awhile since I've played, but there's this one mechanic In a white black deck that whenever you play a spell, pay 1, gain 1 life and your opponent takes 1 damage. It ruled in that deck.
Matteo Marasco (8 months ago)
Put the dam sleeves on the dam caaaaards
ShiivaWilding (8 months ago)
No sleeves Sean? What's up with that?
Alexander Martherus (8 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that when he double blocked with his vampire and bat on the sky night he didn’t let her order blockers and just went to killing the bat instead?
Mytelefe (8 months ago)
Staged at 9:11 she didnt pump the boros challenger and mentor the hawk.
Vee Clash (8 months ago)
lol i think Amy must be a dominatrix in her spare time! that's the most i've seen a host of a show hurt in one episode by the guest!
Nicholas Hogan (8 months ago)
The salt is real. Welcome to the fold, Amy, sister in salination.
Joseph Semmes (8 months ago)
Passive aggressive cunt. Terrible episode.
misterquintus (8 months ago)
Last thing worth watching on G&S
5chr4pn3ll (8 months ago)
This was a great episode! xD <3
Fedora Ferret (8 months ago)
Amy: Stay at 3 Me: You don't know what white does, do you?
Galiant2010 (8 months ago)
19:59 The excitement in that yell lol
james frazier (8 months ago)
I kind of wish they found people who have played Magic longer than it takes to explain it 😂 makes for more interesting games
Copyrightme81 (8 months ago)
3 color players are better of playing Pomemon. STOP
Shakov Skanton (8 months ago)
he had the better deck. ajani pridemate and welcome is too easy to play in general
Preston Roe (8 months ago)
As much as I love Amy (the guild *woot woot*) why was she so violent? Calm down Amy!
Argo (8 months ago)
I don't wanna be that guy but the 4/2 shouldn't have died to battle damage because of tajic(I apologize for the spelling ), I might have missed something though
Alberich (8 months ago)
Magic - easy to learn hard to master
Kramus Kramer (8 months ago)
So goddamn cringe.
Shere Khan (8 months ago)
That's a cool and savage lady.
7Uriel13 (8 months ago)
3:21 them pit stains tho day9 plz look into underarmor they can help with them pit stains
Noisyblizzard (8 months ago)

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