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Disney World Cheat Day | Epcot, Hollywood Studio's, Magic Kingdom | Wicked Cheat Day #61

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Text Comments (933)
Nick Dompierre (1 month ago)
Walt Disney World with my love! 😍 I hope y’all enjoy! #teambigbites
Joanna Ng-law (1 month ago)
so cute!!! the ultimate place to share with your love!!!
yasmin creed (1 month ago)
Did you pee your pants? 13.02 it looks like
alena wgbr (1 month ago)
You are so cute together ❤ and th3 food looks sooo good and I am so hungry right now ☹
Lovely Mi (1 month ago)
I hope you both have enjoyed your Walt disney's day. It probably Will be my next destination in USA, to enjoy all games of this parc. In France, we can buy a strawberry tart, it' s one of Pastry specialities of this country. Good day for lovers couple.
brooke13eliz1 (1 month ago)
Nick Dompierre I was just there this weekend!!! Did i miss you?
Deidra N (1 day ago)
When she was about to have a taste and he watches with googly eyes and says "big bite" lol so sexy! We stan a man who's crazy about his woman!!
Rie Balk (1 day ago)
How often is cheat day? ones a week? from Denmark :)
Madisyn Thomas (4 days ago)
K: Thank you N: Your welcome K: Come Again🤣🤣☺️
Liana Reyes (7 days ago)
Love it
Everyone Is equal (7 days ago)
😂😂 I knew he was into blondes
Elise C (7 days ago)
Oooo hot food in hot weather equals bubble guts.....the first cupcake Kendra got looked 💣
Sophie Mustermann (8 days ago)
I can't decide which is more attractive: him, her or the food
yoongi's butt (8 days ago)
Them: hmm that is so good Me: I agree *continues to eat ice cubes*
Claire Noel (8 days ago)
only 5 minutes in and i cant stop smiling I love you two together 😍
glampurpleglitter (8 days ago)
You guys are such a cute couple it warms my heart. Thanks for sharing this fun video ♥️
Kelly C (9 days ago)
The way he eats that doughnut my goodness!
TyroneP33 (10 days ago)
You and your 🐞 got chemistry. You both lucky and looking good on camera. I never tried any of the 🍩 you eat lol but my senses can smell it through the video and yes you know the smells when you never tried it. Strawberry bite tasted like to me sweet chocolate bubble gum cream.
pow pow (10 days ago)
Yayyy I love your gf she’s awesome and can really hang!! Bring her back more
Emanii Murphy (13 days ago)
Cutest cheat day by far!
Jennifer K (13 days ago)
Watching them eat all those doughnuts in one sitting is making me want to barf and stay away from doughnuts for awhile.
Deidra N (1 day ago)
That's the upside of watching these cheat days. I feel gross after watching - no way I could eat after seeing it.
meribel crabb (13 days ago)
nicky thiccy
HININA (13 days ago)
Alexis Attenborough (13 days ago)
if you ever go again you have to get the pizza and pasta in italy😍😍 at epcot i go to disney every winter and i always get it
Daniel Forbes (13 days ago)
Honestly man, this makes me so excited to head back to Florida in October. Props to your girl, she can eat!
Asmaa' Fatimah (14 days ago)
The way he said babeh 💓
Karla Ortiz (15 days ago)
she kinda looks like shakira
Hana H (15 days ago)
The strawberry tart is made with tart crust, french pastry cream, strawberry and strawberry jelly. Sooo good !!
ellielovesred (15 days ago)
you missed out on the massive mickey doughnuts??
ellielovesred (15 days ago)
i’m going to america in the summer and i’m so excited for all the food🤤
You Wish You Knew (16 days ago)
Can we all take a moment to appreciate Kendra's arms 😍
Tori Hughes (16 days ago)
Where’s animal kingdom?! 😱
Elaine Booboo (16 days ago)
Beautiful couple ❤️
Danity Williams (17 days ago)
I can't believe it took you soooooooo long t to find the right girl for you! I am so happy you found someone to love and share your cheat days with😍😍😍😍😍
Bass Rebels (17 days ago)
Thanks for using our music ☺🎶
Michelle Taylor (18 days ago)
As a WDW local, annual pass holder, and someone that goes in weekly (or more), I wish you would have had your pizza in Italy (in Epcot) - it’s way better. The carrot cake cookie was a good choice in Hollywood Studios but Jack Jacks cookie num nums would have been an amazing option as well. Glad you enjoyed it regardless!
Siora7777 (19 days ago)
I love sugar but not like you guys. I would not be able to do what you guys did that day. I would be nauseous.
Lizbeth Ibarra (19 days ago)
I swear I saw a shaved Zac Enron in the thumbnail
Shivani Kotecha (20 days ago)
Both of you need to come to London! Wicked cheat day on tour!!!
The Pronoun I (21 days ago)
I like that she's not too young. Usually these guys in their 30's go for 18 year olds
kadey nburg (23 days ago)
who knows if five O is everywhere
TheCorrkyme (23 days ago)
You love strawberries as much as I do! Strawberries are life!!!!
DynamiteChic (24 days ago)
OMG you guys are so cute tgr ♥️♥️ "beside this young lady right here....💋" awwww 😚 I don't need to est sugar or any sweets today 😜 after been single for 2.5 years and see this lovely couple totally makes me miss that moment, this vdo put smile on my face not just about the food). Really appreciate men who are proud of showing their lovers in public and be sweet to their GFs inside and outside the house.
Bethany H (24 days ago)
I love watching you guys enjoy each other’s company and eating such delicious food together. Reminds me of my boyfriend and me! Next time you guys hit up Disney world you need to take recommendations on which food to try! I feel like you missed out on some of the BEST Disney world food! Love to you both! :D
Cozette Eastman (24 days ago)
the sweat is real my friend, hot ass florida weather!!
Deanna M (25 days ago)
You guys are just the cutest. I hate how much I love it.
raquel santos (25 days ago)
My heart, you guys are so cute 😭
Annie Medosch (25 days ago)
YUMMMM but for some reason in this summer heat all that just doesn't appeal to me haha I'm a winter kinda cheat day girl
simaa alsaig (25 days ago)
I always wondered how a perfect guy like nick was single but now I understand he was waiting for the perfect girl💁🏻
grace (25 days ago)
8 parks haha i wish
Catherine Goldie (25 days ago)
I would be sick just after eating one of those cakes💕
HowE Lee (25 days ago)
I’m also a universal fan.
Michael J. Schaefer (26 days ago)
Did you guys ride any rides???
Nick Dompierre (23 days ago)
Lol nope just food
Renee Shiao (26 days ago)
Why didn’t you share your strawberry taht with her? That made me sad ;(
Nick Dompierre (23 days ago)
She didn’t want any
jeff fogel (26 days ago)
Hi! I wanted to know if you would take on the #EatForALS challenge to raise awareness about ALS? Go through any fast food drive thru and order the same exact order that the car in front of you and eat it. I'm fighting ALS for 9 years
Jessica Ferguson (26 days ago)
Yall are just too darn cute!!!!! ❤️❤️
Emma Luzon (26 days ago)
she's just too beautiful 😍
Nick Dompierre (26 days ago)
I agree ❤️
atis chalardthum (26 days ago)
“Tasty, eh?” Hahaha I don’t know why, but I just love how she said it and she big bites everything! Awesome girl.
Laura Bietolini (26 days ago)
She should eat as much as you do for conviviality and our joy!😁
tayla21 (26 days ago)
Hi Nick! I’m a brand new subscriber and am currently on a binge of watching all your videos lol. But I must ask where are you originally from?? Being from Boston I can kind of hear an accent when you talk.
huanlin li (27 days ago)
Chinese fan here.
Shellby Smith (27 days ago)
Love when you do cheat day with kendra she so great funny always laughing you guys together are fire
Kelly Ketner (27 days ago)
u guys are the perfect couple <3 love ur vids☺️
kace bomboletto (27 days ago)
You guys are awesome, where are u from?
Nick Dompierre (27 days ago)
Thank you! Boston, MA
Jimin got Yes jams (27 days ago)
Couples that have cheat days together, stay together
Sarra Jorgensen (27 days ago)
You guys are awesome totally jealous the doughnuts and food looks outstanding! Nick you better hold on to her for good she is gorgeous and funny and sweet
Melody Fowler (28 days ago)
I’m convinced he has more cake than Kim k 😂😂🤟🏼
Sarah Varner (28 days ago)
This is literally the most precious thing ever
Ashley Vinson (28 days ago)
Y’all are so cute! Loved this video
Gt 86 (28 days ago)
You were sweating your balls off literally lol
daniella kush (28 days ago)
you guys are such a cute couple. awww
lazysince 87 (28 days ago)
You should do a collab with Stephanie Buttermore! She eats A LOT and effortlessly too, she also love donuts.
bunni kawaii (24 days ago)
Stephanie appeared in Nick's video here: https://youtu.be/pU1YhL0KRuw
Er pp (28 days ago)
If you guys have children... god save us from their beauty hahaha you are both so attractive and so freaking likeable it hurts!
Vannary Fowler (28 days ago)
This is amazing! I literally ran into you two at Epcot and said to my hubby “omg I think that’s Nick! I follow him on YT... it would be cool if he’s doing a cheat day here”. And behold... great video! Much love.
bele resi (28 days ago)
there is a serious strawberry obsession goin on
Cam f (28 days ago)
You guys should do a collab with Stephanie and Jeff! 💕
bunni kawaii (24 days ago)
Stephanie appeared in Nick's video here: https://youtu.be/pU1YhL0KRuw
Kim Harris (28 days ago)
TU for taking us to Disney!
Felicia Santana (29 days ago)
More savory foods next time please! But this was awesome!!
Hatoun AlTu (29 days ago)
Yesica Alvarado (29 days ago)
Rick Stankay (29 days ago)
So cute!!!!! And what a beautiful big bites Xo
Emily Ramos (29 days ago)
next cheat day can you do the “getting what the person in front of me ordered” trend?!
Nick Dompierre (27 days ago)
I will soon
SOPHIA SURACE (29 days ago)
u guys r the cutest
Casual (29 days ago)
That Oreo fudge looked so friggin good.
Ana Manalili (29 days ago)
I lovvve Ken & Kat ♥️😍 I’m so happy Ken’s found her person and I hope to see more videos like this in the future! Just subscribed xoxo
Nick Dompierre (27 days ago)
Thank you :)
1:58 peaches 'n cream. Bs&t okno
King New Era Wave (29 days ago)
Who the hell would dislike this video? It's Disney World bro.
Nyla Morales (29 days ago)
Freya's World (29 days ago)
This is my relationship goals🥵
kittt katt (29 days ago)
you guys are so happy together !! <3
Daniela Klimešová (29 days ago)
Donuts or strawberries tho🤔
Nick Dompierre (27 days ago)
Both 😆
musa kazmi (29 days ago)
When do you have a cheat day? Every sunday?😁
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Once per week. Typically Saturdays. This week it’s on Sunday.
jo cooper (29 days ago)
Your girl is so beautiful and cool..
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Thank you!
Overcomer (30 days ago)
I don’t get how people go to Disney world you have to do so much walking.
Overcomer (29 days ago)
Nick Dompierre Or maybe I’m just lazy. 😂😂😂
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Haha right
Paul mcwheelchair (30 days ago)
disney has the best food in the world. we get grade A food but disney gets grade AA food aid most of it is grown right there on their property, universal studios can't compare in that category
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
I still like Universal better
Miles Morales (30 days ago)
That girl in the blue and white striped outfit definitely checked you out at 34:10 😂
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Mic San (30 days ago)
Dope Vid! What camera you use again?
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Sony a5100 with sigma 16mm Lens
Sofia Roca (30 days ago)
You deadass meet your soulmate 😂y’all eat the exact same way. and homegirl know how to eat I love it!! she needs make herself a Chanel.
samantha gregorikosis (30 days ago)
A very enjoyable video but not the part where you show your audience sweat dripping down your forehead, ewwwww super gross.
Nick Dompierre (29 days ago)
Lol it’s just sweat
Divina (30 days ago)
Damn y’all can put it down 😂😅
Ro E. (30 days ago)
I gained 10 pounds just watching this video. Those donuts tho.
TheAmazing J (30 days ago)
I’m literally craving that sweet and sour chicken rn, thanks a lot Nick 😓
Irish Dan (30 days ago)
Great video Nick !! Your lady is lava bro, good for you. Love the channel.. Fairhaven 4eva lol
Nick Dompierre (30 days ago)
Thanks Dan!
samantha sandoval (30 days ago)
I love her😭
Nick Dompierre (30 days ago)
Me too

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