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PSY_Gangnam Style "Gangnam Style Cover" (ACOUSTIC VER) @SuperstarK4

2161 ratings | 221938 views
Acoustic ver. of Gangnam Style by Yoo Seung Woo, Ahn Ye Seul, and Kim Jung Hwan @ SuperstarK4 W/ judge PSY Wanna know more about your favorite K-pop artist? Visit http://global.mnet.com
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Text Comments (120)
Ian Nihru (1 year ago)
In that moment, Psy knew he fucked up :v
Nomin U. (2 years ago)
heeeeey i just realized that this girl was on produce 101 season 1
Sandeep kumar (2 years ago)
gane ki maa chod di
Astou Fofana (5 years ago)
Superbe voix
Oli MSP (5 years ago)
Marie Fiona (5 years ago)
U r freaking amazing
Sofie B (5 years ago)
Brrrrhh... I get the chills, it's so amazing ~ 
Jaaz7 (5 years ago)
Voska (5 years ago)
Only Asians Can Beat Asians!!!
SAY HELLO (5 years ago)
me too
Diana Martinez (6 years ago)
wowwwwww... amazing
Sophia Gray (6 years ago)
Much too less views
Meg D.R (6 years ago)
Love it!!
Mik Abraham (6 years ago)
That was pretty damn good!
Exito y libertad Total (6 years ago)
buenisimooo (Y)
서연 고 (6 years ago)
and im not a man
서연 고 (6 years ago)
um how am i supposed to know every single korean singer? im not korean and wow so smart for using my choice of words
gustavlp (6 years ago)
You said: "NO ONE has that name here", which means that you don't recognize the judge on the left. wtf man
서연 고 (6 years ago)
ok first of all, it didnt even say the judges names so um are YOU blind? wtf man
gustavlp (6 years ago)
Are you serious? He spells it "Psy" lol... Not "Sigh". That's a whole other thing
gustavlp (6 years ago)
The judge on the left lol! Are you blind?
서연 고 (6 years ago)
whos that? no one has that name here
Haneen al hesaini (6 years ago)
Sigh is in trouble
Ónly Péacé (6 years ago)
Alexis Nguyen (6 years ago)
They are AMAZING!
Awena Yan (6 years ago)
gustavlp (6 years ago)
Yoon mi rae! Such a Legend! :D
23 peaople r deaf!!!
Anni Klein (6 years ago)
What's the name of this amazing coverband ? O.o
skoura100 (6 years ago)
woooooooow nice one
christina gharib (6 years ago)
Ohhh now I know what his saying in the real song!!!!
(6 years ago)
노래 다운 받고 싶다
wira fendy (6 years ago)
Looooove it....
queise santos (6 years ago)
Muito bomm..perfeito
Mael (6 years ago)
Melhor que a original, mt foda kra.
Gwirithdess (6 years ago)
Ivan Martinez (6 years ago)
me enamore de esa chica....
Susii155 (6 years ago)
Richtig GEEiiL
GirraffeseatWindmill (6 years ago)
the bowl hair cut guy looks like david choi
jeffrey alemania (6 years ago)
nice :)))
prolatey (6 years ago)
Ayesha Khairul Anuar (6 years ago)
John Mitchell (6 years ago)
Nikita Livadari (6 years ago)
OMG Best Gangnam version!!!
and perhaps, just hopefully its free.
mary ryma (6 years ago)
Lui Moreno Rosa (6 years ago)
alzi (6 years ago)
you DO know u can turn off likes? ...
stusanders11 (6 years ago)
You kidding me! This is the tits! Nice one Sacriel!
lauradeathtwo (6 years ago)
then don't click on em?
latinsnoopy1984 (6 years ago)
sorry sacriel but if u keep LIKING shit like this i will unsuscribe
middle school (6 years ago)
Dammit Sacriel.
Kimberly (6 years ago)
this version is amazing and the boy with the guitar is amazing <3
Simone Longobardi (6 years ago)
gangnam swagggg <3
i know, right?
FranParodias (6 years ago)
Hay un chileno metio aca? xD
joycemtc (6 years ago)
Y is the guy with sunglasses laughing?? This cover is just so amazing!!
mariokartmalum (6 years ago)
Victor Soto Navarro (6 years ago)
Joyce Magalhães (6 years ago)
lindos adorei o video
Yong Le Zheng (6 years ago)
chords pls
Tauchp (6 years ago)
after watching this 30 times, i just realized there's a 5th singer on stage but I never heard him
leaning8 (6 years ago)
they are not group. this is korean audition program, which named superstar K4.
Xin L (6 years ago)
vhumiii (6 years ago)
So finally I understand the lyrics now.
LeoReinales (6 years ago)
Buenisimoooooo!!!! Tremendo Blues
Chelsea Gazaille (6 years ago)
Wow!! Opaaaaaaa opa gangnam style!!
ikillallys4fun (6 years ago)
better than the talentless gimps we get in the uk. rylan need I say more
iNoteify (6 years ago)
So cool......
Delozs (6 years ago)
stop buffering.. my poop coming out!!
tommyndp (6 years ago)
and you don't even realized that there was 5 people on the stage :))))
ingrid BoiCs (6 years ago)
Que increible Version <3.<3!!
Kevko (6 years ago)
So sick, just love it!
Julia (6 years ago)
One of the best cover of this awesome song. Capital L-O-V- to E!!! ^^
Claudia Aguilante (6 years ago)
mejor q la original
Claire Farron (6 years ago)
iNoteify (6 years ago)
iNoteify (6 years ago)
Check out DC's! Its awesome too!
ihatepinksomuch (6 years ago)
Best version since the original xx
Spodrmen (6 years ago)
This version is AMAZING!
Kittiporn K. (6 years ago)
soooo good like this version XD
rafaat shafee (6 years ago)
I wish I could like a video on Youtube more than once!! x_x this is just too awesome for only one like per person :p
SMent YGent (6 years ago)
wow i like that ver!!!
Celv Fen (6 years ago)
lol they didn't write the rapper's name in the description... so sad
TonJay Thailand (6 years ago)
น่ารักจัง คนเล่นกีตาร์ เสื้อ ดำ ร้องด้วย รักเลย อ่ะ
LawerMix MixLawer (6 years ago)
pinkwonnie (6 years ago)
Getting goosebumps while listening to the whole song O_O
DarrenJones (6 years ago)
wow that's impressive!
Kayer Tan (6 years ago)
nice voice! i'm lovin it :)
Trang Nguyen (6 years ago)
genius cover, creative kids!!
Jae (6 years ago)
omg this is so epiccccc!
DeimA Poskute (6 years ago)
Se me ponen los pelos de punta cada vez que lo escucho ! <3
Hien Pham (6 years ago)
This is the best cover!!!!
Fara Hyn (6 years ago)
Damn,this cover is the best!
Marie Soubi (6 years ago)
O.O wow.... jamas crei que esa cancion tan movida sonara tan genial aun en acustico... T.T me hicieron llorar estos chicos, son realmente buenos. :)
Noonz Elf (6 years ago)
Cool Clip
Wei Bin Sia (6 years ago)
he always smile when he see something cool n he like
jishell bernardo (6 years ago)
like like like !!!
whitesabre99 (6 years ago)
Does anyone know where to download this?
Regine De Leon (6 years ago)
They are just freakin awesome. I love this song, and because of this acoustic cover... I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!

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