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Static Insane - Break The Seal

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Static Insane - Break The Seal
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Text Comments (17)
AleX bLeU (6 months ago)
Old full on school 😎
Lonsania Productions (9 months ago)
This is the song
mad80s (2 years ago)
146 bpm baby !!!
Kala'e Lopes (5 years ago)
Stef <3
Kitty Kushika (6 years ago)
STEF :))
Esmond Paterson (6 years ago)
Thumbs up Stef got you here!
Snir Aharon (6 years ago)
thanks stef
Felipe Groove (7 years ago)
melodia mais loca do psy!
Static Insane (8 years ago)
thankssssssss!!! Willy
George Voulakos (8 years ago)
Nothing beats staying up at 5 in the morning and finding such an epic beat! :D
Andre Fueda (8 years ago)
loko loko loko demaiss
EbilinforcerDJ (9 years ago)
benruuu (9 years ago)
AleX bLeU (6 months ago)
benruuu antañaaaaa
Matthews Camanizakay (9 years ago)
OwNeD rapááá! tem talento! :D '
Jean Monteiro (9 years ago)
cê manda muito Jow'
Jean Monteiro (9 years ago)
nuss vey... escutei essa musica no MP4 de 1 amigo ... kurtih pakas..! tuh toca muito jow!

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