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4 Double Backer Ideas - Tutorial

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Watch the Phantom Card Performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmDZ7bFPpNA Check out Asad's Channel: http://youtube.com/decksandcontests COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality 2ND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/evancloyd WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (281)
jimmyjam700 (10 days ago)
so lame.
Benjamin Schaefer (8 months ago)
I cut the very edge of my double backer so that I can always find it in my deck.
SeasickSailor76 (8 months ago)
Cool stuff! For the final trick, it might be good to spread the backs of the cards after the double backer is in the middle, to show them that everything is normal and nothing has happened yet.
blindwit (1 year ago)
Whoever adjusted the levels in this video deserves to be punched in the ear. Really? Does the intro have to be that damned loud?
Antara Chatterjee (1 year ago)
Vishan Desilva (1 year ago)
this is an idea from peter mckinnon, he keeps his double backer in the deck, so u could do a trick where the spectator picks a card, you control it to the top and tell the spectator that you made the card go inside the deck. then start shaking the box pull the card out and do a simple double lift. its alot cooler than it sounds and i use it for my ambitious card routine.
Jiajunnn 11 (1 year ago)
U can even do a moral tilt
Trainer Meylis (1 year ago)
What is his deck I love it
Tyler and Seamus (1 year ago)
Pretty sure the first one he did a double lift
MountainManWiggie (2 years ago)
Any ideas for a card with two differnt backs? I bought the Grimoire deck and it has a card with two different backs.
Jarel (2 years ago)
look at jareks shirt lol and read it
Apollyonn (2 years ago)
Asad Dud
JiveDadson (2 years ago)
Dai Vernon did not put the card second from top. He started with the double back on top. He put Houdini's signed card face up on top of that. He flipped the top two over as one. He took the top card (now the DB) and did a "tilt" which placed it second from top while looking as though it went into the middle. (Yes, that was a long time before Marlo described the tilt in a book.) Now he flipped over the top card (Houdini's), and he was back where he started. Lather, rinse, repeat.
melinda Flores (2 years ago)
i love what jarrek did in the beginning
Chimwemwe Chama (2 years ago)
I mean its asad u idiot
Chimwemwe Chama (2 years ago)
Ist asad i idiot
blaze magic (2 years ago)
you help me a lot to perform card tricks on street thank you
chaitanya Randive (2 years ago)
Whoes the guy with you?
tyler Caswell (2 years ago)
chaitanya Randive 52 kards
chaitanya Randive (2 years ago)
Siq (2 years ago)
It's Asad from 52Kards
DrJoker71 (2 years ago)
very cute couple!
C9 YEET (2 years ago)
how do you do that spread?
Anaghesh Nuguru (2 years ago)
Luka vd Meij he has a tutorial for it it's called the fan spread
Pravin Harikrishnen (2 years ago)
use a change
peter williamson (2 years ago)
putting the card on top of the deck without some reasoning is a bit suss...
Parker Floris (3 years ago)
how do you make homemade double backers?
Shark GT (2 years ago)
hey, u can remove the faces of the cards called card splitting u can split the back of one card and remove the face on the other card and stuck them together..u can search on utube called card splitting
Daniel Marks (3 years ago)
get your 2 jokers and stick tape their faces.
Chrizzzzo (3 years ago)
I love your vids both of you
ItsAllAnIllusion (3 years ago)
hey guys check out my tutorial on the phantom card and how to do this trick impromptu without a double backers!
Krenil 2000 (2 years ago)
ItsAllAnIllusionXx i really appreciate your channel and work!
Krenil 2000 (2 years ago)
ItsAllAnIllusionXx it's great
JiveDadson (3 years ago)
For the last trick, try using the turn-over pass, leaving the deck face up. It is less jerky and better concealed. You have a perfect excuse for turning the deck over.
ronald choo (3 years ago)
i learn nothing in this shit video
ApricotPit (3 years ago)
What kind of force did you use to get it to the top in the video?
Greg Tamura (1 year ago)
At 2:12, is that what you're calling the classic pass. I really need to learn that.
Patrick Magalona (3 years ago)
Classic pass
Thomas Riehle (3 years ago)
I have an effect where I start off with a double- backer on the bottom and I will spread the cards out and have them choose a card and while they're looking at it and memorizing it I discreetly flip the deck over and have them Place their card back into the deck with the deck upside down but the double back makes it appear it is in its original position I tell them I will find their card with the deck behind my back and simply place the deck behind my back flip it back over and the card will appear her face up in the deck
Josh Blanksby (2 years ago)
Thomas Riehle You don't need to use a double backer for that, you could just turn over the bottom card you only ever see one side and you're left clean.
Daniel Makhlin (3 years ago)
jarek's shirt? WTF?
Dkabakjian18 (3 years ago)
If you have 26 double backers you can do a really amazing triumph effect
Niko N (2 years ago)
today i bought 25 double backers and where can i find that trick?
Justin Charpentier (3 years ago)
yup I bought that trick
Kim Davis (3 years ago)
Criss Angel colour changing trick
Rahul George_007 (3 years ago)
Hey jarek be4 u show ur tricks...u myt wanna stich ur pants a bit
Shreddykrueger (3 years ago)
@Joe Greenslade it just conceals the two face up Queens. Watch jareks two card monte tutorial and it will make sense.
A Person (3 years ago)
If you make a homemade double backer with two cards you can put it somewhere in the deck so if you riffle through the cards the card behind the double backer will show up the longest and you can force that card on someone.
Joe Greenslade (3 years ago)
Anyone else not understand Jarek's two card monte trick?
Houston. N (1 year ago)
Justin Remonde (2 years ago)
have a double backer above two face up queens then show an ace face up, without needing a triple lift. then turn over the ace, double backer and two queens to continue clean
TK Toby (4 years ago)
A way to use a double backer is I see people put it second in the deck then have a spectre to look at the card on top then get the double backer and carefully flip it over the top on. Then subtly give it to a team to glow it on a window then flick the pack at a window then it looks like there card went through the window.
HERO ZERO (4 years ago)
nice i loved it
yalın doruk (4 years ago)
Nivesh Proag (4 years ago)
@yalın doruk lknkuftrdftgbhujg
Isentux (4 years ago)
that look jarek 1:20 MADE when he didn't have the double backer
John Fiskars (4 years ago)
You'd think jarek could afford jeans without a 2 foot hole on the knee, considering all the subscribers and views he has.
John Fiskars (3 years ago)
@RecklessGamerDevil Nice to know that being poor and having neither parent of yours go to college is the new cool. 
RecklessGamerDevil (3 years ago)
Oh so you are from the 1870? Nice to know bruh
John Fiskars (3 years ago)
@RecklessGamerDevil pfft.  Where I come from, kids like that get the shit kicked out of them for being ghetto as fuck. 
RecklessGamerDevil (3 years ago)
Lol John its called swag, you might get it someday....
Nathan Morris (4 years ago)
Would it be safe for them to shuffle the cards? or to have the cards passed around?
Nivesh Proag (4 years ago)
@Nathan Morris learn how to palm a card.
Micah Estlin (4 years ago)
does anybody else not understand the first trick by asad?
MadYizzyKid (1 year ago)
Yess like wtfff its so fooling lol
Josh Benjamin (4 years ago)
Hey so I figured it out. It fooled me at first too but I figured it out. What he does is cleanly puts it underneath the double backer, then he does a double lift that flips over both the card and the double backer and then sets the two back on top of the deck, then he peels off the chosen card to cleanly display it as one card
Micah Estlin (4 years ago)
does anybody else not understand the first trick by asad?
Serkan Gaming (4 years ago)
I was doing this trick on a group as a warm up trick at the mall, they wanted to see the deck so i just quickly palmed the double backer and it was all the sweeter, now i palm it and hand off the deck always
Marielle (4 years ago)
how about double backer with red and blue back?
Aaron Jackson (4 years ago)
Chris angle color change tutorial
The Crowz (4 years ago)
i dont how to do the pass
Aman Ghai (4 years ago)
Come to my school please..... Chalfont Community college in Gerard's cross
TricksterVas (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how he brought the card to the top of the deck at 2:06? And its not the classic force @Stiven Last 
Cameron Owens (4 years ago)
It's mixed in with the pass, but look up the video 'forcing cards'
ypk (4 years ago)
the pass
Chris Estigoy (4 years ago)
how did jarek put the picked card to the top deck?? what move did he use? its somewhere in 2:06
Frank Wilson (4 years ago)
He flashed the method, "the pass" Slow the playback speed down on these tutorials, it helps.
Stiven Last (4 years ago)
classic pass sorry !
Stiven Last (4 years ago)
classic force
David Sevic (4 years ago)
How he did the first one??????????????????????
CarpRunner (4 years ago)
Jarek, I saw the video of you doing the last trick at comic con without an explanation and I thought it was awesome and wanted to learn it. Before I watched this video, I developed a method of flipping the card without using a double backer or any gimmick whatsoever. I've looked, but I haven't seen anyone use my method. It's just as powerful and looks almost the same as the double backer method, but can be used with any pack of cards. I will be posting a video shortly to explain it. Feel free to do a tutorial if you like the method. /watch?v=vV0QenpsZGA
Daniel Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Am I the only one that didn't understand the first one??
Houston. N (1 year ago)
Abby Sliwinski (1 year ago)
No, a poor demononstration, very unclear, however it is free... but so are orange peels
Magic Man (3 years ago)
+Zakk Mars you're correct. after he preforms the double lift to show the spectators card the new top card is the double backer allowing him to hand out the selected card
Zakk Mars (4 years ago)
No. It is supposed go like this. 1. He let's the spectator see the card. 2. He lets them see it is the second card from the top. 3. Then he does a double lift showing the top card changed to the card that was second from top. At least this is how I think it supposed to go @Juanito Alcachofas 
dlwndwls (4 years ago)
A regular double lift but with the double backer. He double lifts, and lets the double backer drop to the top of the deck. He shows that he is holding one card in his hand. If he didn't use a double backer, the top of the deck would be some other card face-up because he did a double lift. Basically, this trick is to fool people who are familiar with the double lift.
Kevin Huels (4 years ago)
Arvid Luijk (4 years ago)
i have one card of your card deck WTF !?!?!?!?!
Finn M (4 years ago)
wait how did you do the frist one
temple is the best (4 years ago)
nice ideas
Ivan Khvatik (4 years ago)
You can do this trick without a doube backer... If you know how to do the gambler's cop...
Emmanuel Lugtu (4 years ago)
Umm i have a suggestion do the phantom card anyway you like but try looking at mismag822's magical choice its basically the same but no double backer included! :) thanks! :)
Wesley Adolph (4 years ago)
You could leave the double backed card on the bottom, have them pick a card, and while they're looking at it and showing others flip the deck so the double backed card is on top and all the cards under it are upside down. Then have them slide it in the deck, flip the deck when they're not looking, and now their card is the only one that is reversed in the deck. It can be done without a double backed card and that is how I learned/preform it, but it's a pretty cool trick that can be done with any deck and little preparation. - jarek 1:20 you are an incredibly talented magician, a good wrestler, and my role model. I only recently discovered your channels but the videos I've seen, especially the tutorials, are amazing! Please don't stop posting so one day I may be as talented as you
MusaVloogs (5 years ago)
How did jarek do the one that the back changes after two card monte
John Pooley (4 years ago)
he has the double baker on top and a different backed card underneath, does a double lift, then passes the card off as though it looked like he clearly flipped over one card
jackk r (5 years ago)
what should you do with a double face card???????????
Card Sleightz (5 years ago)
LOL Jarek!!!check out his face in the beginning.
UIM Gp (5 years ago)
The last one can be done without a double backer. Firstly let the spectator choose a card an put it into the deck. Catch a pinky break and explain that you will choose a card. Choose the card below the spectators card. Shoe the spectator and secretely slide their card on top of yours as you cut the pack from your selection. Their card is now on top with yours in second position. Deal the top card down (they should think its yours) and then reveal that its the spectators and that your card is on top of the deck.
BlueWolf360 (5 years ago)
I like asad I subbed to him
Brooks Mihalek (5 years ago)
Can you do a video explaining some tricks you can do with a blank face card? (except for making the deck look blank)
I Stole Your Sandwich (4 years ago)
You can use it with the snap change (you have the blank card and when you do the change it turns into an ace)
John Pooley (4 years ago)
Yes please
niusfro (5 years ago)
i would say that vernon had the double backer on top and just put the card on top of the double backer. then just do a double and place the doublebacker in middle and selection is on top
andrew cook (5 years ago)
I just keep it on top palm it flip the deck have them place there card in the deck palm away double backer. Magically it's the only card turned upside down. Simple as hell. But effective
Beng Ray (5 years ago)
i have one that i thought of, you can open a new deck of cards,(one with the double backer) then the first card should be the advertisement card with both sides of advertisement. so you do a double lift, so that it appears that the advertisement card has a normal back, which is not the case. then you put the advertisement card into the deck with a marlo tilt, which will then place your advertisement card into the second card from the top and double back card at the top. Then you do a double lift again to show the other side of the advertisement card. after that, what i do is, i will tell them that it's such a waste for there to be two advertisement cards, so i am going to make the two advertisements go together. so i do the "magical gestures" then i show the spectator that the advertisements have magically sticked/come together, and then i reveal that i have also made the backs of the cards stick/come together. The flaw that i see is that there is no explanation of why the advertisement cards that you supposedly put "in the middle" with the marlo tilt jumps back up to the top. thanks alot for reading the entire thing, its my first time making a comment, sorry if it is too long.
Celine Elysia (5 years ago)
Thank u Thank u Thank u!:):):) B-)
Zayaraq (5 years ago)
I can do the last one without a double back card ^^^
gui gomes (5 years ago)
thanks man ;)
MusaVloogs (5 years ago)
Me to
Zayaraq (5 years ago)
@gui gomes 1. hold the deck face up and do a riffle to let the spectator choose a card 2. cut the deck when the spectator says stop 3. show him his card and do a double lift 4. do a wrist tilt and put only the first card in the middle of the deck # now you have the deck face down with the spectator's card face up at the bottom. 5. get a break over the last two cards 6. spread the deck to show that all the cards are face down ( you hold the last two cards as one) 7. do a charlier cut or a pass while doing the story telling 8. spread the deck again and BOOM MINDFUCK You can also control the card to the bottom and do a half herrmann pass to turn the last card over while doing the story telling ^^^
gui gomes (5 years ago)
reecodeploma (5 years ago)
I dont get how he did the first trick?
Sarmad Abed (5 years ago)
Asad- it's mean a lion (arabic language)
azzans (5 years ago)
You could just take a small packet of cards, 1 red, the rest blue, then put the red on top then take a double backer of a third colour, in my case it would be black madison rounders and then what you do is say i have a packet of red cards then say when i put this black card they change to black and do consistent double lifts, then when you go through all the cards and say if i put this black card away there's i can change all these cards back to red but then you turn them over and there's only one red card which could be the selected card.
Joe Southcott (5 years ago)
What's the deck with the capital building on called
Joe Southcott (5 years ago)
fdesa12 (5 years ago)
Rebels playing cards by Theory11
Josh M (5 years ago)
Monarchs and the rebel deck
Delltah (5 years ago)
What deck is that? The one that asad was using and jarek was using after  him.
Javier Correa (5 years ago)
monarchs are the ones that even cloud (jarek) are using i have medallions 
Matthew Benn (5 years ago)
The one Asad used is the Theory11 Rebels deck and the one Jarek used is the Theory11 Blue Monarchs
MosTechHelp (5 years ago)
The blue one jarek was using there called Monarchs
Delltah (5 years ago)
Alfresco_ (5 years ago)
Sorry um I think its rebels instead
Yexin (5 years ago)
Still dont get it.
Tucker A. Hawkins (5 years ago)
I use mine for a bookmark
TheAbrahimAhmed (5 years ago)
Great (in my opinion) Double backer idea: take a card out of a red deck (in this instance, 9 of hearts) and replace it with a blue backed 9 of hearts. Put a red double backer on top of the blue backed 9 of hearts, and force it using a method that does not let them see the back. You could Hindu force it, but I cull force it and have the double backer above the blue card. Then control to the top. Say whatever you want, and show that their card jumps to the top by doing a double turnover. Then show them their is no other 9 of hearts in the deck, and show them all the cards are red as well ( with out flashing the double backer) then reveal that the card they chose is the ONLY blue card in the deck. ( this is the first trick that I came up with that's actually decent :P)
Daniel Bower (5 years ago)
What cards are they?
Solvexx (5 years ago)
hold on.. I'm missing something.. How did asaad do that first trick? the houdini one...
12andonly12 (5 years ago)
I retract my previous comment it is a double than he just pushes card off! Durrrrr sorry catz
Brett Hatch (5 years ago)
He just put the card second from the top and did a double lift. He just has the cleanest double lift method and does it so well that even when you know what he's doing it's hard to catch.Seriously, go to his channel and learn his double lift. By far the best one I have ever seen.
Joona Pikkarainen (5 years ago)
You guys should make a 20-30 minute duo performance for an audience and put on youtube.
ALlen Chen (5 years ago)
What happens if the spectator picks the double backer for the phantom card trick?
Thom Shumard (5 years ago)
It's the top card.  You could say some thing like "Take a card from somewhere near the middle of the deck."  Only jerks take the top card, and you don't have to do magic for jerks.
Igor Sudijovski (5 years ago)
Because we are getting closer to valentine. Asad's valentine card trick is great routine with double backer and double facer.
DJ JÆK (5 years ago)
i have a double backer idea to do a triumph routine with it but u need more than one atleast ten
Robert Sliwinski (5 years ago)
did no one see jarek mess up at 0:17 lol his face
Robert Sliwinski (4 years ago)
yeah but he even says himself that he prefers to be called Jarek because its his persona. its like Bizzaro 
TheSweetSugarMouse (4 years ago)
You know his name is Evan right xD
John Fiskars (4 years ago)
lol I did see that
Igor Bajic (5 years ago)
what control did you use for the phantom deck routine? it looks great and is very discreet :D
Igor Bajic (5 years ago)
cool thx :P working on it :D I find it a lot easier to do it with my ring finger or my middle finger on top....... is that ok?
Alfalfa Man (5 years ago)
i really like the phantom card but dont have any fancy decks with double backers so i made my own xD
SadBoy10_209 (5 years ago)
Ambitious card routine. Have the double backed card on top, have someone pick a card. Do the marlo tilt then a double lift and then you can hand out their card cleanly. Then get a break on the double backer, put their card face up on the double backer, flip them as one, and then put the double backer in the middle thinking it's their card. Now the double backer is in the middle and theirs is on top. So know you can do the trick he explains in the vid.
nathasion (9 months ago)
a variant for the ones which don't want to do marlo tilt (if they don't want to do this as an ambitious card), you let someone pick a card, and simply put it face up on the top of the deck (above the double backer), and then flip them as one. From here it is the same thing
Like all your magic but the shirt and the off color laungage on your other sites make me go somewhere else that's my choice ,many like me believe it or not there are many like me .
Elliott Wagner (4 years ago)
That's freaking genius
Adrien Wald (5 years ago)
what deck does that 1 card belong to? the one with the different back?
Ricardo .oliveira (5 years ago)
The White Artisan by Theory 11 :]
Kas Tell (5 years ago)
what will happen if they choose doubleback card ,in last trick???
mitchey44 (5 years ago)
Well, since the double back card is on top when they pick, they are very unlikely to choose that card. But if you don't trust that then do what MrTheguz said.
Kas Tell (5 years ago)
yes i though so too..its not such powerfull but anyway it works...thx a lot dude...
MrTheguz (5 years ago)
you shouldnt give them the opportunity, you can do that by swing cuting the deck and then just do the one hand fan with the bottom pack and let them chose 
Jacob Pisello Duga (5 years ago)
I wonder if there's a way to do the last one without needing to square it up on the deck. It's fine to do that if you have an audience if laypeople, but anyone who knows even a little about card magic will spot the double lift miles away.
Will Coleman (5 years ago)
Thx for the ideas I'm a subscriber of both of u guyses channels
Orel Benisti (5 years ago)
put the double backer on top of the deck. Ask your spectator to put the card on the bottom.The double backed card will be on the right of the chosen card.
Gamescare (5 years ago)
Phantom card is good. The problem is the justification for bringing the double backer to the top for the double turnover.
punchayobuns0213 (5 years ago)
i do phantom card with a double backed red and blue card and it gets awesome reactions
Erwin van der kurk (5 years ago)
At the Phantom Card trick it is better if you have the chosen card and change it with the double backer (with a double lift) and put the double backer in the middle of the deck and perform the rest of the effect. this way is much cleaner.
Cherry Bakewell (5 years ago)
Hey everyone ! I'm doing a contest on my channel! I'm giving away a gold dragon back deck and loops by yigal you have to be a subscriber to win ! So please subscribe
Samuel Yaw (5 years ago)
@DakotaGrover it's not this trick I mean another trick where I find their signed card in impossible places like my pocket or their bag something like that

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