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Street Magician: A Day In The Life

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Text Comments (368)
HolyNavii (6 days ago)
i have no regrets subing to this guy soo entertaining . him and cris ramsey should do a colab
Devara FT (1 month ago)
"charity is my girlfriend name and she's quite expensive" XD
Neil Fama (1 month ago)
Loving these street vlogs, more more more please
mohamed mlaieh (6 months ago)
hello. I am newbie magician and I want to enter this domain. what tips would give to your student?
luke keywood (7 months ago)
fake at the start put the video speed at 0.25 and on his right hand on our view look at the string drop!!!!!
Scott Xavier (8 months ago)
Great seeing another fork bender who doesn't mind the streets
richardhalo (9 months ago)
4:23 would you look at that string.
Daniel Payne (10 months ago)
Aaaaaaannnnddd subbed
EjvindGEMDark (1 year ago)
Ah I've seen Sergio perform probably 50 times, I reckon I must have watched you at Magician's Corners too, I used to watch all the time.
Moz Parkinson (1 year ago)
Christopher Martinez (1 year ago)
You're the man! keep it up
Terminator 227 (1 year ago)
Where can I come and see u
vetoland92 (1 year ago)
“Is this your first time in London?...welcome to London!” 🏃🏿💨 LOL
Marielle (1 year ago)
I really like all the content you put on yur channel Steve so inspiring
TfgN_ Guard Demon (1 year ago)
30??? Edit the 20 pounds was the 30
Olivia Thomas (1 year ago)
I cave a street preformer a orange flavour kit Kat I still stand by my desision
Archer 2111 (1 year ago)
Must be a fan of Chris Ramsey you use the same music
StevenBridges (1 year ago)
Haha I posted this video before I knew who Chris Ramsey was. But yeah we both use Epidemic Sound
Michael Caplin (1 year ago)
Haha, such a quick wit! - regarding "Welcome to London"
Josh Maddocks (1 year ago)
Loved this, I have never seen a video with such insight before on this particular subject so thank you my friend!
Mochila Espacial (1 year ago)
very good!
Philup Miningaway (1 year ago)
I commented
Olly Dundas (1 year ago)
By Subway voucher does he mean the Underground or the sandwich shop?
Ripley's Magic (1 year ago)
Thank you. This was very helpful and a good inside look at a street magic show.
Gabriel Smith (1 year ago)
Loved this!! My first time on your channel and rally impressed!!! I have a question. What material did you learn from to be able to do the metal bending you did on this video? Thanks!
Gabriel Smith (1 year ago)
Brilliant thank you! I will DM you on Instagram!
StevenBridges (1 year ago)
DM me on Instagram or Facebook and I'll let you know, just don't want to hint at anything in the comments :)
TheMaine World (1 year ago)
i follow u on musically. love ur live music
Max Mustermann (1 year ago)
Paul Carpenter (2 years ago)
fork bending on the street... who would have ever thought of that...
Zuhdi Rabin (2 years ago)
really interesting look, thank you
Obinn Magic (2 years ago)
Hi Steven, very good job and how name this trick pls? time 04m20s ?
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
It's called Split :)
Elliot Boswell (2 years ago)
really love this video. any chance of doing more like this?? if so definitely going to subscribe!!
Elliot Boswell (2 years ago)
by the way, why the forks?? +StevenBridges
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Jack Boswell absolutely would love to do these more regularly
Devin Gallant (2 years ago)
Zengineer (2 years ago)
Gathering the audience with forks is clever. And then to do a bend in the show is just brilliant.
nicholas botos (2 years ago)
I like the way you said someone gave you the money and did split nice presentation
George joy (2 years ago)
good 30 quid trick pal
Charlie duz magic (2 years ago)
was the £30 trick split
Charlie duz magic (2 years ago)
StevenBridges merry Xmas
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Marco Elejalde (2 years ago)
I have mad respect for what you do, performing in the street has to be one of the hardest thing anyone could do. Cheers from Perú.
Valerio Manueddu (2 years ago)
Hi from Italy!!!!
Fred Mead (2 years ago)
Just discovered you. Very interesting Video. Love your patter and act. Well done
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Thanks very much Fred! :D
Kishan Popat (2 years ago)
Ur awesome
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Thank you!
The Alpacat (2 years ago)
"Welcome to London" - Steven 2016
xXImmortal_GhostXx (2 years ago)
Lol when you took the lid of the tea I seen the string and that's why you made the led hang off a little so the string could hit it
Jay Archaicesque (2 years ago)
This is Sooo cool man good job i want to to lester (forget spelling) just to see you mate
Phillip Jennings (2 years ago)
Awesome vid mate.
Omg, I just didn't expect I looked so embarrassed at the camera, but... Thank you for that really funny moment & tricks !!! :D (And btw, the fork safely arrived in France ! ;) )
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Ah glad you got the fork back okay! Thank you for watching :D
samdagangsta (2 years ago)
What cameras and mics do you use mate?
Charbytes (2 years ago)
Ah dude this video was great! V curious about the £30 note...
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Charbytes thanks Char! :)
Achintya Bhatnagar (2 years ago)
Can't stop watching your videos!!
Carlo Elopre (2 years ago)
I love your tricks man. I hope u still have time to be more creative!!
Caryn Wolf (2 years ago)
Man I love to watch this channel grow! Ive been subscribed for a while and now ur posting more and have more tricks and all so cool! I hope to stick with you for a long time more. :) :P
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Ah thank you very much! Trying to upload regularly. :)
Nagy Tj (2 years ago)
Nice video, more of this please
MagicGamer (2 years ago)
4:45 If he was in Canada he would have made $99.10
yohan markose (2 years ago)
I'm so happy u did this . I've always wanted to know how the system works .i have a new respect for u man
Sir Awesomeville (2 years ago)
You can start being like Magic Casey Neistat, and make awesome vlogs, throw in some magic tricks and show us some of your street performances. I would love that, really like this new type of content. Wish you the best!
Ethan Domino (2 years ago)
This is one of my favourite video please please please make more
Ethan Domino (2 years ago)
Omg thanks that just made my day... well it almost the end of the day but any way :)
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Thanks! :D Will do!
Paige Bassett (2 years ago)
could this have been more pointless?
Game Killer (2 years ago)
OTB (2 years ago)
great insight into your life outside of youtube!! let's get you to 100k Bro, you are so close👍👍👍
thelegacyarceus (2 years ago)
How did u start learning magic and is there any books to recommend ??
dawwal (2 years ago)
great stuff and VERY funny! well done! Cheers from Malaysia! :D
Molly Ridley (2 years ago)
"Charity is my girlfriends' name" and pretending to run off with that girl's bag was hilarious haha
Snowy (2 years ago)
"Charity is my girlfriends' name" HAHAHAHAH !
HRFLOW (2 years ago)
So more
Luka Petkovic (2 years ago)
I love your street magic videos! I am gathering courage to go on street myself with violin,and these videos are really inspiring me! Thank you!
Mari Regine (2 years ago)
How often do you do this? Every day? :D
Elite cookie gaming (2 years ago)
Please more!!
Stephen Fayle (2 years ago)
Love the £30 note trick!
David Magdic (2 years ago)
Really enjoyed this video! 😊 great job
Angie (2 years ago)
Steven!! I can't wait till you upload again!!
Bartholomew Simpson (2 years ago)
Well done - as always! What does the woman say at around 3:02? In between when she asks if she can keep it and you say that she might not be able to take it on the plane.
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
She was meaning to say 'The fork is coming to France'. I.e she's taking the fork to France. :) Her english was a little off there but it's a ton better than my French.
Bartholomew Simpson (2 years ago)
So forks are coming in France?!? I'm sooo confused. :)
Casual Steven (2 years ago)
"It's coming in France". Thanks Bart!
TheMadRyaner (2 years ago)
Steven: "I think I'll use the force to take the lid off this cup." Me: So the legends are true...
Kito Chee (2 years ago)
Great behind the scenes video of street performing. Nice to know the workings behind street performing, especially for magic, and doing street busking for magic is already not an easy thing at all. Great job
Alice Crook (2 years ago)
Do you perform everyday?
Toby Browne (2 years ago)
Wow, An amazing video! I love how you can make money by doing something you love!
FeaR (2 years ago)
Wait a minute, is that Sergio guy, that "Brady" you told us about before? :D Get him! :D Anyways... seems very streanous to do this. 58 pounds for 40 minutes is not bad money i recon and all, but i could imagine that this can be too exhausting to do every day. Has it happened to you that someone stole some money from your hat? You know i am a close up magician and i performed on stages a few times and noticed that it sometimes is hard to find good visible routines for bigger crowds...Did you ever feel like running out of tricks or having to drag something a bit longer than intended? I certainly did... Keep it up ;)
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
Noooo Sergio is a great guy, he helped me stay motivated to perform when it was tough! I've had kids put money in my hat their parents gave them but held some back. The main thing I feel is that is hard to scale some of the tricks I do up to a large audience. Bending a fork isn't that clear if the crowd is huge. :)
OliverMorning (2 years ago)
You're the best:))!!! I love watching your videos! Please make more and I hope you will be successful at the job!!!:)) Thanks for being awesome 😆
Abigail To (2 years ago)
Oh man... I wish I could see u perform in person one day, you're one very talented magician
Neptune (2 years ago)
Do MOREEE like this :)
Aoifean MacDonald (2 years ago)
ah, this was really interesting to see :)
nothelenoftroy (2 years ago)
the way you talk when you're performing reminds me of david tennant
Benji Millo (2 years ago)
Really good!
Thady Senior (2 years ago)
Loved this 🙂
TheOvenCook (2 years ago)
Loved everything about this video. Thanks for giving us the insight and even showing us how much money you made! Mad props.
Iacous (2 years ago)
I've been subscribed for ages and you are amazing at magic. I always check back to see if you have posted a new video:)
Charlie duz magic (2 years ago)
getting into fork magic where did you learn can u recommend any resources or places for beginners to learn
Seth Dubyak (2 years ago)
7:49 killed me Steven!!! XD XD XD 😂😂😂 THAT WAS AWESOME!!
Goyl3r music (2 years ago)
great video! you got one sub +!
Momenta Media (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video! You should do this more often :) Thankyou!
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Momenta Media will do! :)
Pika Brothers (2 years ago)
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Nancy Deek thanks Nancy!
Isabella Thomas (2 years ago)
My goodness the camera work in this is so so pretty! Loooooved the video 😊
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Isabella Thomas Tomek is very gooooooood
Thark (2 years ago)
This was really interesting! Loved it
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Thark Thanks!
Domen Bremec (2 years ago)
Wait... your first show got you 58 GBP , total earnings were 116GBP and 2/3 of your 2nd croud walked of without thinking about giving you money... I guess there are more pepole out in the evening?
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+Domen Bremec So there were two sets in the day. Each set is two 20 minute shows. So I did 4 twenty minute shows in one day and only in one of those shows there was a high walk off. But it was a big crowd so wasn't too bad. I was very surprised that the hat was quite good given the walk off :)
RoomieOfficial (2 years ago)
So interesting! Loved this man :)
Shae Does magic (1 year ago)
Hi roomie
Adeeb (1 year ago)
RoomieOfficial loved?
RoomieOfficial same
Lispy (2 years ago)
RoomieOfficial omg roomie I love your songs!
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+RoomieOfficial thanks mate! :D
KrazyPlonk (2 years ago)
How do you go about asking people to give you money? I imagine it would be difficult/ awkward.
StevenBridges (2 years ago)
+KrazyPlonk Yah. You've sorta gotta let them know no one pays you and give them a suggested donation but also tell them there's no pressure to give.
Domen Bremec (2 years ago)
Didn't forget to like this video, comment, but I was already subscribed.
Maksimilians Pīrs (2 years ago)
this one was real good
Sarah's Spark ✧ (2 years ago)
I'm visiting Londen at the beginning of next month and after seeing this I just really really really hope I can see you perform while I'm there!
Guy Larsen (2 years ago)
So good to see the business side of this, loved it guys!
5 of Spades (2 years ago)
Do you know where i can buy this chop cup..i don't find it :/
Tilda Barrie (2 years ago)
this is sick as!!!
NewGreenShoe (2 years ago)
This was awesome, was epic to see how you structured everything and how you drew in a crowd. Good pace to the editing too loved it.

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