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Gangnam Style - Igor Presnyakov - acoustic performance

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Text Comments (3509)
L. Equilibrium (2 months ago)
Why farvann?
Farvann (2 months ago)
because this is the song at our marriage
Wake Up (4 months ago)
This guitar is takamine ( from japan )
Memory Remains (4 months ago)
prosto ahrinenno!
Alexander Kharkov (5 months ago)
Классное выполнение, понравилось! :)
Hoan Mabu (7 months ago)
Ai là người việt nam Hí hí ông chú cover hài quá
H. ek (7 months ago)
So cute!😂
Tankist Yuri (10 months ago)
russian gangnam style
GØKUL NAIR (10 months ago)
The legend and nothing else
Cas Childers (10 months ago)
"Opa Igor style"
tecrubio (11 months ago)
Some flow riight there
Jasmeet Singh (1 year ago)
Sir you rocked
Ganzorig Boldbaatar (1 year ago)
Nooo. It's Igor stile. 😂😁😝😝😝
InsertNameHere (1 year ago)
AngryOwl ( -- V -- ) (1 year ago)
Even better than original
Adam Iskandar (1 year ago)
I like it so best
Phúc Vũ Chanel (1 year ago)
nhật anh (1 year ago)
or too acclaimed
Tam Ago (1 year ago)
he taunts the very song itself
blex (1 year ago)
geile sau
Jan Protulipac (1 year ago)
oppa finger style
SUE LEE (1 year ago)
So Nice :D
Bảo Vi (2 years ago)
Byong-Cheol Kim (2 years ago)
The God of the guitar!!
Tomasz Semik (2 years ago)
dedulik (2 years ago)
Бля, меня бесит это гортанное испускание звуков. Мужик весьма неплохой гитарист, однако лучше бы он уста не открывал. Фингерстайл для того и сотворен, чтобы не распевать.
Raddycal (2 years ago)
The funniest part that he sings. Bur no one can touch his guitar. lol. Russian+African Shirt+Spanish Guitar+Singing on Korean= AYYYY
Mobile Gamimg (2 years ago)
KCShadow623 ))
Hamid Jamili (2 years ago)
OMG, he God of guitar. What can't he do with guitar? a legend
Raddycal (2 years ago)
That's what he can't do. Smashing the guitar.
Kelvin Reynoval (2 years ago)
KCrimson Lol
Raddycal (2 years ago)
Igor Diniz (2 years ago)
Igor Diniz (2 years ago)
huhuhu showw
Berthold Abels (2 years ago)
SLAV pq (2 years ago)
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나는사나잌 ㅋㅋ
DJColdBrain (2 years ago)
Igor Style!!!
Defo Wazowski (2 years ago)
Al3sh3k ARMY
The GreyJedi2112 (2 years ago)
killed it lol
Michael Healy (2 years ago)
Full blast at corporate! ;-p
Michael Healy (2 years ago)
Uncle jim if he never got married
Benjamin Parrish (2 years ago)
Still better than the original.
Hoang Sinh (2 years ago)
i like
patturn (3 years ago)
i got to give it you for your guts. your boldness is awesome
Laura 2121 (3 years ago)
это российский мужик?
PfeiFFer (3 years ago)
Да, попросту живёт в Нидерландах
Minseo Kim (3 years ago)
Alors Oui (3 years ago)
The Grog (3 years ago)
Lol Amazing!!
Magda Márk (3 years ago)
you are best! :)
이주혁 (3 years ago)
i like you song!!!!!
Branden Beair (3 years ago)
okay seriously what can't this guy do
kiya vocalizer I know your comment was 2 years ago but I laughed too hard at that 😂👌
Abirbhav Rajkhowa (1 year ago)
Branden Beair dance
Neeraj Agnihotri (2 years ago)
that was deep.
kiya vocalizer (3 years ago)
get his youth back
Satriya Wibawa (3 years ago)
wow you do great. . . job. . .👍
김현민 (3 years ago)
wow! it`s just amazing!!!
Aldair Quintero (3 years ago)
Este mannn tiene el nivel!!!!
abone setiawan (3 years ago)
wkwkwk jadi lucu en aneh XD
fernando pereira (3 years ago)
sabe nem cantar
Morritz0815 (3 years ago)
Fettes Shirt Igor!
DanSMusic (3 years ago)
My favourite part has to be his rendition on the lyrics! It's great!
이민우 (3 years ago)
annarks (3 years ago)
Turning shit into Gold!
Kevin Webster (3 years ago)
This is good and all but stop saying it's better than the original. Have some damn respect for the original artists. After all Igor does.
George Popovic (3 years ago)
+Kevin Webster You can't really tell someone to stop spreading their opinion.
Jamie Barnett (3 years ago)
+Kevin Webster Respect is not given, it is earnt.
joao lucas (3 years ago)
cara certeza que voce é br kkk
John V. Earth (3 years ago)
+joao lucas Russo :I (hueheuheuehbrbrbrb)
sho kosugi (3 years ago)
Gamer GX (3 years ago)
Better than the real song.. XD Very gooddd!!!!
Superi Movieie (3 years ago)
Russian man with an African dress playing a South Korean song with a Spanish guitar!!!
Wlodzio (1 year ago)
While living in Netherlands :D
Arezo Arezo (2 years ago)
haha... love your comment.
The Mad Ginger (2 years ago)
Cultural diffusion my friends
Mr Verde (3 years ago)
+Superi Movieie вправду)
Rrock Cj (4 years ago)
In that one his VOICE was better then the original.
Lionplayervp56 (4 years ago)
amazing omggg
Merrwin Cerkis (4 years ago)
Lol His VOICE I am laughing @[email protected]
Sahe Iner (4 years ago)
Hahaha THE REAL GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!!! Igor you are the most epic guy EVER
hipecks hipek (4 years ago)
mattrach - gangnam style ,check this !
Nicholas Franz (4 years ago)
Oppa Igor Style :3
Agamaz (4 years ago)
Incomparable to original :) (in a good way)
RL2009CPU (4 years ago)
igor style
Krsto Premovic (4 years ago)
Very good AMAZING !!!!!
LahaveNS (4 years ago)
These is frigging amazing
hexxsmith (4 years ago)
oppa igor style!
アコギ侍 (4 years ago)
Vandille (4 years ago)
juper sinaga (4 years ago)
mantap saya sangat suka permainan gitar nya  Igor Presnyakov terimakasih
Linda Ramane (4 years ago)
김석준 (4 years ago)
Really nice!!!강남스타일! and nice Korean~!
Akito Ogawa (4 years ago)
The fuck... hahahahahahahahha XD
Akito Ogawa (4 years ago)
oppa igor style ...
aaaaa lol DD
이한울 (4 years ago)
와ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국어 잘하시네요
Nikolay Filimonov (4 years ago)
emanuel pirnus (4 years ago)
uao super!
Jordick (4 years ago)
Better than the original song !  :D
최정민 (4 years ago)
Hyeon Bum Kim (4 years ago)
mariano fabrizio (4 years ago)
toan dung (4 years ago)
hay nhưng vẫn chưa đạt
guittar99 (4 years ago)
Best vocals ever1!111
Tommy Leong (4 years ago)
Amadé Huber (4 years ago)
Very super impretation this guy know how to play i'will learn a lot from this man ... respect
Leonid Fedortsiv (4 years ago)
roussety joey (4 years ago)
your korean is so good igor specially the mumbling part from 0.50sec !! lol ..... you are awesome 
KillerBehr (4 years ago)
He's dressed like link...I thought this was a Zelda Song but this still has made me smile. 
Harrison Blake Robbs (4 years ago)
The sound engineer did a very good job
@Вадим СоколовПриятно познакомиться. А я, Илья. Что б не смотреться тупо, пиши 1 комментарий и если его не приняли во внимание, не копируй его 3 раза, молчком обтекай.
@Илья Девяткин Дурачок)
Ты заебал. Мы сообразили что ты звукорежиссер
Зачетная труд звукорежиссера)
김건 (4 years ago)
Oh you better than gangnam
Evasive (4 years ago)
Сам подбирал баррэ?
Thibault Jourdain (4 years ago)
lalalalewooooo alalalalalalooowoooo leleleoooo lalalayoooooo ! XD awesom
BigSirZebras (4 years ago)
I wonder if he felt bad stealing a shirt from an old Malaysian woman.
Raddycal (2 years ago)
BigSirZebras (2 years ago)
@KCShadow623  potato potahto hakuna matata
Raddycal (2 years ago)
+BigSirZebras That's... African shirt.... Not a Malaysian women shirt.
Jose Hernandez (4 years ago)
Its really funny
Isaac Hitchcock (4 years ago)
@BigSirZebras i thought it was funny.
Gertraud Tietze (4 years ago)
Das Richtige zum munter werden! Viel Spaß! Have fun with that song! Thank you, dear Igor! 

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