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10 Odd and Fascinating Facts About the Third Reich

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Text Comments (272)
Bill Lynds (2 days ago)
Another great video. Props to Mr Whistler and the team behind him.
Robert Schlesinger (7 days ago)
Another great video, Simon. There are many declassified documents from the OSS (not the CIA) that contain many surprising facts about Hitler, and other high level Nazis, such as half-Jewish Luftwaffe Field Marshal Milch. [There were about three dozen Nazi generals that were half or quarter Jewish, and about half dozen such Nazi field marshals.] The matter regarding half and quarter Jewish admirals, generals, field marshals, and war heros (some with numerous awards including the coveted gold iron cross, won by half Jewish Col. Hoellander), and Nazi poster soldier, Werner Goldberg (photographed on masthead of Nazi magazine, describing him as the perfect Nazi soldier), is well described and documented in Prof. Bryan Rigg's two books. Prof. Rigg wrote a third book ("Recued From the Reich") on a secret Nazi operation to rescue perhaps the most highly regarded and revered rabbi in the world, and get him, his family, and his collection of rare Hebraica and Judaica, and his 40,000 volume library out of the Eastern European war zone and into safety in the West. Strange but true.
I changed my name to Von von Von.
First Son of Man (20 days ago)
Hmm...maybe Hitler did nothing wrong.
Universal Power (22 days ago)
The epitome of its who you know that makes one successful. Such hypocrisy.
Everytime sth Romania related is mentioned, I pride.
Sir Prancealot (27 days ago)
The far left always call those right of centre NAZI's yet even Nazi's were left wing "Socialist" The left and Islam are two most Insane and dangerous ideologies on the planet today.
Woodchip (30 days ago)
Watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" for a balanced view on Nazi Germany. Also, at 9:30 - That quote, nothing he has said there is really "wrong". I think most sensible people would agree.
PATRICK McShane (30 days ago)
Did Hitler ever become a German citizen ?
Jason Parkes (1 month ago)
Unprecedented? The communist purges killed more.
108johnny (1 month ago)
It's probably for the best that Hitler hated the Jews: If he hadn't, he would have kept all the Jewish scientists that helped America get the atomic bomb first.
Lucy Hanouille (1 month ago)
RE: Your pronunciation of Mein Kampf - I've been pronouncing it wrong for years. This isn't the first time I found that your pronunciation was the correct one. I apologize for not speaking up sooner. The fact is, for me, your channels is the gold standard of great history and story telling. Thank you.
This was very revealing. Well done.
Michael Finnicum (1 month ago)
I am a direct descendant of knights templar Rodger Bigod you all except the man speaking have no value
Michael Finnicum (1 month ago)
Can’t wait for global flooding stupid America garbage
David Pridmore (1 month ago)
You say unprecedented but Stalin had been putting the Nazis to shame for years.
MaccaBackPacker (1 month ago)
So Hitler was kinda of less racist compare to group's like the KKK?... Since he saw Asia as a superior race? Lol
chucky (1 month ago)
hmmmm... he had no mother that they had pictures of???
Osel Somar (1 month ago)
All I hear Jewish, Jewish, Jewish. The fact is that many more non-Jewish - mostly forgotten people died as a result of WW-2.
Marc Barendregt (10 days ago)
+Mental Melonhead there are many books docus, etc. About mao or Stalin, i just said that ot has nothing to do with this video. Bet you didnt read that.
Mental Melonhead (10 days ago)
+Marc Barendregt No been sick of Holocaust overkill isn't anti Semitic it's just sane to anyone with a sense of history.The Holocaust was horrific but not the only such atrocity nor Hitler the only or most evil monster in a century of monsters,How many movies,mini series,docos,books etc do you see on Pol Pot,Mao,Stalin as opposed to the saturation regards Hitler and the Jews?
Osel Somar (15 days ago)
+Marc Barendregt Oh, of course, my Chosen master, everybody knows that a Jewish life is worth at least 100x of that of Goyim, am I not right?? Seems like you have oversensitive sense of antisemitism.
Marc Barendregt (15 days ago)
Yup and your point is? Of course many more died, but I sence some anti semitism. You aint better then a nazi in this case.
Robert Ostler (1 month ago)
So how is being jewish a nationality? Judaism is a religion. Not a race. One can even convert to Judaism. You cannot convert to being african or Caucasian. You can be Isreali. Idk maybe i just dont get it.
Steve Mclean (1 month ago)
Just remember, anyone who corrects spelling, pronunciation, dates, grammar and get triggered by errors is an arse hole. No idea why people just can't enjoy the video, if there is something wrong ... let it go! Just think of it as funny if someone bases a school / college paper on the information, someone somewhere is getting an F.
Veve Bluster (1 month ago)
I never knew about Albert Goerring
Steve Stolarczyk (1 month ago)
There were two rather strange statements. First: "Goebels suffered from significant disabilities stemming from contracting polio that lasted throughout his life...." How is it possible to have polio for your entire life? I don't think you meant to phrase it that way. Second: "You already know that the Nazi regime is notorious for having participated in aggressive military actions to... persecute identifiable groups...." Let's be clear about their goals. They were attempting to 'improve' the human race by assisting the evolutionary process. To do so, they killed anyone who would continue to weaken the race. That's why they didn't only kill Jews. They killed the mentally ill, homosexuals, for example. It's important to be clear about this or we might miss their ongoing legacy in modern Europe, where unborn babies with down syndrome, for example, are nearly all aborted. I appreciate that you touched on it in the second half of the video, but let's be clear about what eugenics really means.
Arya1999 (1 month ago)
I'm Dutch, I learned about the Dutch Resistance et al at school and my great-grandad got locked up for trying to overthrow the Nazi-sympathising government. I only learned later how many Dutch people collaborated with the Nazis. The reason so many Amsterdam Jews died is that the council drew up a neat little map with all the Jewish citizens and was quite happy to give it to the Occupier.
Ilona Baier (1 month ago)
the Jewish people in hitlers circle recall those of the Jewish community in trumpies cult. just an observation. any comparision between the 2 is in the mind of the reader.
s p (1 month ago)
hitler was actually an eighth jewish on his mothers side.
Chad Guiry (1 month ago)
hey it IS the guy from today i found out... nice!
Chuck Biscuits (1 month ago)
Errr,... Hess was a ww1 fighter pilot, I very much doubt he needed much more than basic familiarisation with the bf 110 in order to flight it
Missing all my Marbles (1 month ago)
Chuck Biscuits except ww1 planes were abysmally primitive, sometimes controlled by little more than string (there’s a reason the pilots were sometimes known as 60 second men...because that was how long they’d last before crashing). Even though ww2 planes were still fairly primitive compared to today’s lower end two seaters, they were a massive step improvement in technology. I’ve both seen some of the really old string/wire controlled planes and piloted a couple Cessnas (admittedly as a student and I was never able to finish training because of family concerns)-the theory may be the same but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to make the jump from one to another without a crap ton of training. Not that I would dare try to fly now, it’s been far too long and I may only be able to remember how to use a couple of instruments properly.
mike wilson (1 month ago)
Hitler hated most whites, esp Slavs in the East and didn't think much of Southern Europeans either.
Long Forgotten (1 month ago)
Pour German theology in the 18th and 19th century mixed with 20th-century gnosticism.
Bonnie Gail (1 month ago)
How about those birthing hips of hitler? Where is its Adam’s apple ?
Karl Meyer (23 days ago)
Wash your mouths out!
ladycplum (1 month ago)
If you think Hitler had hips, check out Reinhard Heydrich's.
bubba pacha (1 month ago)
Look im in no way a skinhead...nazi...or part of any orher hate filled group. I have also loathed nazis for most of my life....until a mnth or so ago. I watched a very long...like 25 part documentary...and if even a quarter of that thing was true (which i feel alot more was true than that) we were all lied to horribly.
bubba pacha (1 month ago)
Btw the documentary was called....adolf hitler: the greatest story never told
Lora Vipperman (1 month ago)
Great job guys! As a history buff I didn't really think this would be a video of things I didn't already know about Nazi Germany because I've read sooooooo much and watched sooooo many documentaries about them BUT this was all things I've never heard before! I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for making this truly "fascinating"! 😍💓💓💓💓😘
Nazis simply were called "Nazis" because it was the pronunciation of the first 2 syllables in German of the word "National." In German it is pronounced nah-Zee-ah-nal." Originally, any member of a nationalist movement was called so, but it funnelled to Hitler's NSDAP as they assimilated the others.
Lillithowl (1 month ago)
At 3:40 that's Eva's sister Gretl (Frau Fegelein) not Eva.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! She sort of looks like Gretl, it's hard to tell from the angles, she and Eva looked a *lot* alike
Robert Brown (1 month ago)
Now called Democrats.
dynamiths86 (1 month ago)
'I purely love my country/race/nation and don't think the others are inferior' is the bread and butter of every nationalist. You buy into the myth that created said country/race/nation and pledge allegiance to something that you had no choice in being born to. I ask you then, why not pledge allegiance to humanity as a whole?
John Doe (1 month ago)
The 2nd stanza of the Dutch National Anthem is, "We are a German people. We are of German blood." 😑😑😑😑😑
Anthony (20 days ago)
All that hypocrisy! While I hate Nazis, can't they at least get their racism right?!
SB SB (1 month ago)
BACK IN THE DAYS over 96% of Worlds Jews lived in Eastern Europe.Hitler wasn't a Racist a first, but when he moved to Vienna where every University, Company and High paying jobs were occupied by Jews, and Germans lived in Poverty and hunger. There were a lot of Magazines and Publications dedicated to Promote hate against Jews. And every German Hated Jews back then.THAT'S WHY for Hitler was so easy to start ANTY-JEWISH movement...
aztec999999 (1 month ago)
Hitler gets a bad wrap.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
Reynold's Wrap or Cling Wrap?
Sara Chin (1 month ago)
How so?
notsosilentmajority1 (1 month ago)
Your videos are always very well done and usually relevant to the title. This particular video seems to be more of a Jewish promo than 10 odd and fascinating facts.
Jessika Rigby (1 month ago)
So all Jews were bad....unless you knew Hitler personally? Ooookkkaaayyyy
Robert Folkner (1 month ago)
Hess was guilty of a war of aggression? So was Dubya. Incidentally, “waging aggressive war” wasn’t illegal before Nuremberg and in fact it still isn’t. As a count in the indictment it was quite simply ex post facto law trumped up to have another count to hang the defendants with— literally.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+Perry Dowd No problem. WWII and Nazi history is a passion of mine.
Perry Dowd (1 month ago)
ladycplum That's something l didn't know. I'll check it out. Thanks mate.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+Perry Dowd Well his son Wolf-Rudiger thought the British killed him and made it look like a suicide, to silence him about Britain's supposed underhanded behavior and military secrets during the War, right up until he himself died.
Perry Dowd (1 month ago)
ladycplum Sorry mate, my bad. l got a bit confused there. I remember when he died there were all sorts of rumours going around. It's not like old guys die after all.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+Perry Dowd I know you didn't mention conspiracies. I brought it up myself for the hell of it.
Jimmy Smith (1 month ago)
Great Video.. Well Done..
who create GOD? (1 month ago)
eva was also jew
FriedEgg (1 month ago)
I remember as a small child being taught about nazi germany for the first time and thinking to myself "but hitler wasn't even aryan". The hypocracy was evident to me even at the age of 6. You'd have thought he might have at least ruled out the possibility of himself being Jewish before embarking on his genocide, but no too lazy for that, just write a specific rule to grant himself immunity to his own rules.
Karl Meyer (23 days ago)
+ladycplum Wash your mouth out!
Nida Lloyd (1 month ago)
And how did your 6 year old self know Hitler's ancestry?
ladycplum (1 month ago)
You can see how completely skewed their thinking was by looking at the man top Nazis. Goebbels had a bone disease that gave him a clubfoot, and he was only about 5 feet tall with jet black hair. Goering was average-sized and one hell of a chubster. He threw Toga parties with painted nails and rouged cheeks. Himmler was a chicken farmer with an inferiority complex and a shrinking hairline.
Hank E. (1 month ago)
Gobbles wasn't the only man to marry a Catholic woman. Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion married an older woman who was wealthy and a Catholic! Hence, Roman Catholicism controls Islam.
Hank E. (1 month ago)
Should be no surprise that Joesph Gobbels had a Catholic background. After all, WWI and WWII were both Catholic wars (via Jesuits control of any and all countries of the world -including the educational system, the political world, the intelligence agencies, like the Gestapo and Geheime Staatspolizei, MI15, MI16, CIA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Stasi and KGB and so on) against Protestantism! The Catholic Church wants to control the world (a repeat of history) and can only do so if they destroy Protestantism. And unfortunately, it is have been happening . . . and has only gotten worst since the Jesuits/Catholic Church got their bank . . . the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States in 1913/14 . . . which helped to fund WWI and then WWII. And the Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by the central bank of England (the Bank of England) which is controlled by the Knights of Malta . . . linking it to the Vatican.
Hank E. (1 month ago)
Of course the the well studying are not aware . . . of many facts! For instance, Hitler didn't write Mein Kampf! It was a Jesuit priest who wrote Mine Kampf! In other words . . . Hitler was the Pope's right-hand man!
Bernie Poncik (1 month ago)
*"Goering, Albert Goering. As you see, all of the paperwork is in order and these are not the Jews you are looking for." Jedi Master Level 9.
Void Echo (1 month ago)
So basically the higher ups of the Nazi Empire were hypocrites who let select jews live with privileged lives for special and personal interests.
CodexArgenteus (1 month ago)
Really interesting! Learned a bunch of things I didn't know before & half of these were the funniest ironies ever!
Fred Red (1 month ago)
9:22 how is that quote racist?
Random Alien (1 month ago)
Racism is based on the belief that one race is superior than an other. He sais that the germanic and asian ppl are a better race, so it's easily considered as racist
Mrswest West (1 month ago)
It just shows if you repeat a statement many times it will make it true in the minds of people looking for an escape.
Karl Meyer (23 days ago)
That's right and today's big lie is.... Islamophobia...
Chairman Meow (1 month ago)
1. Hitler escaped to Argentina, fact.
PureKaoZ (23 days ago)
Pics or it didn't happen, fact
timmmahhhh (1 month ago)
Links or stinks.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
@Chairman Meow You proved nothing, you deflected his question. Ergo, your fallacy of "proof" is invalid.
Chairman Meow (1 month ago)
+Owain Shebbeare Go take your doubts up with the FBI kid, they're the ones who released documents stating they knew he escaped on a submarine and lived out a full life in Argentina with a new wife
Owain Shebbeare (1 month ago)
Prove it.
J C (1 month ago)
Rudolf Hess' flight to Scotland was in May 1941 not as mention by Simon as 1945.
Andy Hay. (1 month ago)
i do not understand why people feel the needs to speak non stop using no pauses or full stops lately in you tube videos is it because folks like this guy feel the need to cram in info instead of making the video slightly longer thus allowing folks to sit back and absorb information what happens is you begin to hold your breath while listening and this is a slight stress level which is not very conducive to remembering info but hey ho people like this guy have no interest in the subject they are talking non stop about i feel if was going to make a point and thought it was highly significant i would pause there is a new way of speaking and its called a d h take a chill pill and research something you are passionate about give people time to absorb and think by the time i have understood one sentence you are already half way through the next isnt it a lovely day my car is blue ect ect ect it is bad practice maybe to simulate a robot because thats exactly what you sound like so what is the point of you being in the video ps drop the fake accent ? you sound like a student actor trying to be a ww1 army officer funny but unnecessary bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
amazing video
MonsieurDeVeteran (1 month ago)
Lovely seeing TVR1 on TopTenz material :))))))
princesstamika (1 month ago)
someone should do a video about how America was going through a phase of thinking democratic government was too complicated and yielded weak results while romanticizing the idea of one person getting everyone in line. and how the nazis took inspiration from jim crow.
SwogBogs15 (1 month ago)
Don't you mean, "10 speculated facts that are heavily influenced by my unneeded bias and negative connotations and unneeded opinions about the Third Reich".
SwogBogs15 (1 month ago)
+ladycplum Nah lmao I just advocate for facts and reports to be truthful, which I don't think is too bad of an idea
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+SwogBogs15 You sound like the kind of person who is just itching for a Fourth Reich.
SwogBogs15 (1 month ago)
+MonsieurDeVeteran I'm the one uttering a stupid phrase? I created an argument stating that his video has bias, you responded with, "HEIL NAZY SYMPATHIZER" yet I'm the troll? I'm not going to state timestamps of the video when he puts out bias because if you watch the video again pay attention to the intermissions and descriptions before the actual "facts" that even themselves only have a negative connotation towards them and you'll see where I'm coming from
MonsieurDeVeteran (1 month ago)
@SwogBogs15 - so, you just uttering a stupid phrase with NO evidence to back it up, REQUIRES ME to come with evidence to debunk it? Go home troll, and be banned! (evidence in the video at the top)
SwogBogs15 (1 month ago)
​+ladycplum So you basically you and the other fellow have no criticism to provide and would rather result to using an ad hominem, and no, I wasn't joking, I stand by what I said
Jay Hammer (1 month ago)
There was actually a lot of cases of Jews not being turned into lampshades or marched on to electronic killing floors, or made into soap bars. There’s a lot of holes in the holocaust story.
Jay Hammer (1 month ago)
ladycplum ladycplum I bet there are plenty of displaced Palestinians who would argue the legitimacy of Israel.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+Jay Hammer *Stolen* nation? Israel has existed since the dawn of time, Israel is the true home to God's chosen (and I'm not a Jew, I just respect the diaspora.) Israel has the right to exist, but it was marginalized by the British for a long time before the State was declared in 1948. And these people, many of whom escaped there after the horrors of the Shoah, kicked the collective asses of every country that almost immediately declared war on them. They are the only true Democracy in the Middle East, an ocean of sanity in a sea of madness. If you, as a people, had been pushed, and pushed, and *pushed*, and blamed for every blight on mankind since the beginning of written history, sooner or later you will push back. And it will H-U-R-T. I support Israel, I support the bounty of true evidence of the systematic version of the Jews and other "inferiors" that has been documented in film, in sound, and in the *Nazis own hands and words*. Israel was stolen-from the Jews. Now that they have it back, they will die to protect it. And so would I, if I was ever asked to.
Jay Hammer (1 month ago)
Rebecca Carraway The point is that history is written by the victors and that the facts in this video are not actually that odd, they just seem odd because they go against the narrative.
Jay Hammer (1 month ago)
ladycplum those are just two of the many holes in the Shoah business. There’s actually a lot of information out there for those interested in the truth. Besides making excellent propaganda for the allies, the holocaust narrative has also helped legitimize the stolen nation of Israel. Also anytime that Jews who are disproportionately represented within the media, government and finance are called out on pushing subversive agendas, the Shoah business is always something they can bring up to silence opposition.
Fred Red (1 month ago)
Oy vey! Not true, they all had their sheckels stolen and turned into lampshades! Bad goy
revrndskip (1 month ago)
Enjoyed the video but there was one mistake. Hess flew to Scotland in 1941, not 1945.
MrMigraine (1 month ago)
LOL, Hitler really was the original Weaboo 🤣
ladycplum (1 month ago)
It's "Ay-va Brown", not "Ee-va Brawn". And incidentally, relating to #1, Reinhard Heydrich's brother Heinz also helped Jews escape during the war.
fischX (1 month ago)
More like e-fa bra-un
What about 10 things the Third Reich did that still benefits us today.
jdl 68 (1 month ago)
bertiod von rastenburger autobauhn assault rifles better cars nuclear exploration idk what else
calmingspeed (1 month ago)
Every country kicked out jews throughout the centuries...can you blame them
ladycplum (1 month ago)
Yeah, let's talk with Tomas de Torquemada after the Inquisition, for instance. Spain collapsed financially after the Inquisition and the expulsion of Jews from the country. They had no idea how to handle their own money. The Jews and their acumen with all things financial and business kept that damned country afloat.
Michael Aparicio (1 month ago)
Love your videos, I’d be interested to see you do a video on the most famous or the most controversial ancient court trials from history.
Kris got it (1 month ago)
We will also like some odd facts on the Taliban 🤣🤣
Kris got it (1 month ago)
Right. One will be; never uses TP.
skullsxr (1 month ago)
I had family members who were Nazi's but I am glad hatred isn't genetic.
Arya1999 Oh? So youre okay with the gobalist BS Merkel is pulling? Not to mention, with a few exceptions, Germans are either rude or xenophobic. I give them credit for being hardworking unlike my country's lazy asses tho.
bacon froyo (28 days ago)
there is hatred in every person
Arya1999 (1 month ago)
My in-laws are German, they were small kids during the war, but their fathers were in the German army. When I hear people say "I still don't trust Germans" I want to slap them. Prejudiced asses.
Dirtyturtle10 DT10 (1 month ago)
My great grandma's brother was in the SS. She said he got into trouble for something mundane. So her and her family had to hide from the Nazis and Russians.
skullsxr (1 month ago)
+Andy Hay. There's confusion to my comment?
H. A. R. D (1 month ago)
Finially!! After a long time. Now these facts I did not know.
Mathieu Leader (1 month ago)
its amazing how two brothers can be so fundmentally different
Jodonho (1 month ago)
8:20 Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland on May 10th, 1941 -- not 1945. By May 10th, 1945, the War in Europe was over.
insomniac (1 month ago)
SkankHunt42 Forgivable mistake. When I think of WW2, I automatically think of 1945, due to it being the end of the war and Hitler’s death. Maybe the same happened here.
SkankHunt42 (1 month ago)
Yet the channel state these are “facts”
Daniel Coggins (1 month ago)
Thanks I was about to say that
monitor1862 (1 month ago)
Rudolf Hess flew to England in 1941 not 1945.
Chromosome Extract (19 days ago)
Richard Boyle that's hardly being pedantic
monitor1862 (1 month ago)
+Richard Boyle yep I remembered that after I posted. Meant to edit but forgot.
Richard Boyle (1 month ago)
He flew to Scotland If your gonna be pedantic dont get the facts wrong
aztec999999 (1 month ago)
No he didn't. He used a plane. Humans can't fly
Corbin Greiner (1 month ago)
"Trolling the Nazi" Nice.
Magnus Greel (1 month ago)
That was interesting--i didn't know that about Goering's brother. Man. What a waste of space the Nazis were.
Junohar (1 month ago)
Magnus Greel they did take up alot of space... coukd've used that for more pleasant things. Like aids or cancer.
Dances with traffic (1 month ago)
Maurice was Hitler's batty-boy
GreyboSneed (1 month ago)
In number 10 about the nazis rules for being a Jew you forgot to mention how they weren't even as crazy as the Americans with the one drop rule lol it may have been for self preservation purposes but they did realize if they went far thered be no-one left to be a Nazi.
Gamma (1 month ago)
Simon, my grandmother wants to date you.
Gamma (1 month ago)
+David Siler glad you enjoyed the joke, we love giving Simon a hard time
David Siler (1 month ago)
Gamma 😍😘
Joseph Stalin (1 month ago)
Thank you Simon, cool video. Could you do a video about me?
Robert Ray (29 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, YOU do video on you.
Draco lord (1 month ago)
Simon has already done a video on you. Go to Bio-graphics, and see yourself in all your sadistic glory.
Emperime (1 month ago)
Joseph Stalin better dead then red
zoomziller (1 month ago)
2:02 in the photograph he looks like tarkin from star wars
ladycplum (1 month ago)
Ecch, don't insult The Grand Moff!
Melangell ATC (1 month ago)
You........ didn't start off by saying who you were.....
Anthony Ali (1 month ago)
It's not the real him
kcbh24 (1 month ago)
It's Simon
jbinminot (1 month ago)
Ok, we KNOW already that the Germans were abusive bastards. We don’t have to be reminded for every entry as though the audience were forgetful idiots. Get to the main point of your entries.
yu77fd anonymous (1 month ago)
The British Empire killed people on such an unprecedented scale, that it surpassed that of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined. In fact the British Empire sent more than 150 million souls into the abyss. Famine was one of their favorite weapons of extermination, which it used on the Irish during Cromwell's time, the Germans and Iranians during WWI, and the Indian nation during WWII. Seeing how popular famine was with the British, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they helped Mao plan the famines of his Great Leap Forward. If there's a secret to British success, it's clearly mass murder. But hey, the British are playing the game right, when they criticize others for what they're doing. BTW, there is evidence to suggest that Hitler was the Illegitimate paternal grandson of Nathan Daniel Rothschild. In fact, he was probably the biggest fattest michlinga of the third reich. That certainly explains his personal tolerance of Jews and his fear of being found out as one.
Justin Vega (23 days ago)
At least the brits have a cool saying, “The sun doesn’t set over the British empire.” Every country has a body count. The US, the Brits, Chinese and Russians seem to lead the way though. Oh well have fun fighting online
meetoo594 (27 days ago)
+bacon froyo Apart from the pacific island hoppers and a few isolated society's, yeah, it probably is.
bacon froyo (28 days ago)
+meetoo594 isnt every land built upon slaughter of the native population
sam treacy (28 days ago)
Angry Irishman of cause they attacked the settlers, wouldn’t you attack people who just invaded your country.
ladycplum (1 month ago)
+meetoo594 No problemo!
Hadija Brahim (1 month ago)
So I have heard of the guy that’s placed in 1st. He did manage to rescue and save an unknown astonishing amount of people who would have definitely been murdered if they weren’t able to get away from Germany and even then they weren’t 100% safe. I truly appreciate all the effort he made to help and sort of give penance for his brothers cruel actions. I don’t remember exactly where I learned about him but if you didn’t already make a biography video about him I think he deserves to have an entire video explaining to those who don’t know who he was and the impact he had on countless lives. In addition I firmly believe that change comes from taking action, even if it’s just 1 person. That person could be the catalyst for the changes to come to fruition. Also you never know if there’s other people out there that are fighting for the same exact thing you are and by both ppl trying to be the change they want to see happen, unbeknownst to you, you could be adding to an unknown army of fighters for that cause. Anyway I just really think that we could all use a historical reference to what courage, perseverance, compassion, empathy, morals, nobility and honor look like. As well as the realities that come with such characteristics.
Oldenweery (1 month ago)
"If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..." The guy was yet another hero of World War Two!!
Ken Helmers (1 month ago)
Items that make you go 'hmmm' :) Thanks Simon!
Oofer (1 month ago)
Today I Learned: Hitler was a weeb.
Ty T (1 month ago)
Albert Goerring is a hero of mine. He was the opposite of his brother and risked his life for others in the fave of nazism, something which many today forget was done. He also married his caretaker before he died so she could receive his pension
Kris got it (1 month ago)
Funny 😆 let Farrakhan make a video like this
Thewickedmelody (1 month ago)
Kris got it that sick pig Farrakhan is in the same elite group as Hitler 🤮🤮
Bazkett (1 month ago)
"Honorary Aryan (German: Ehrenarier) was a term used in Nazi Germany for a status granted by the Nazi Bureau of Race Research, or by other Nazi officials, to certain individuals and groups of people who were not generally considered to be biologically part of the Aryan race, according to Nazi standards. The status certified them as being honorarily part of the Aryan race." Do some research.
Emma Plays (1 month ago)
Sorry what was wrong with what he said?
Wilhelm Geisler (1 month ago)
BlackAdder665 (1 month ago)
Nah, only his body was rather tiny (1,65 m) and he was really skinny.
Bernie Poncik (1 month ago)
Yus! According to Nazi Mellon Measuring, it meant he had a bigger brain than all those poor Savages...
Jodonho (1 month ago)
Goebbels. He never spelled his name with an umlaut.
scasey1960 (1 month ago)
Can you talk about corporate financial support of the Nazi party?
Elwood Gizmo (1 month ago)
Ford was one of the most disgusting supporters of Hitler. IBM made it possible to document all of the Jews in the camps. Etc. Germany was bankrupt, and greedy Americans financed the war, selling to both sides.
Richard Harris (1 month ago)
Why? Thats one of the well known facts. Thats one of the main features of Fasicm, unity between the state and private sector.
CrazyBear65 (1 month ago)
Rothschilds funded both sides in WW1 & WW2. Talk about hedging bets.
Andy Lord (1 month ago)
+APE X Wait... Are you saying the Zionists convinced the weak Nazi party to invade Europe on two fronts? On the off chance they'd lose the war? And the further unlikelihood that the British and the (formerly occupied) French would then donate some Middle Eastern territory to Jews? Why wouldn't they do what modern Zionists do? Just buy territory outright in the Palestinian territories. Wouldn't that have been easier than a convoluted plan?
APE X (1 month ago)
Germany was broke Zionist Bankers financed The Massive Nazi War Machine Nazis killed millions of White people Zionists started Nazis ...as they did ISIS All to justify the criminal Birth of Israel Facts alone tell the True Story Not propaganda ...or opinions
X X (1 month ago)
Pendulum Panda (1 month ago)
@Andy Lord, he isn’t an awful president.
Andy Lord (1 month ago)
+X X Sure, I agree. But they don't. You'll never change the mind of a Trump supporter behaving like this. And if you don't change their minds they'll re-elect him in 2020, and it'll be your fault. He's an awful president, but his supporters don't see it that way. All you do is confirm that Trump's opponents act like unhinged nuts. Like, you take my refusal to shout and cry about this presidency as some sort of support for the president. You're literally pushing me, a Trump opponent, towards Trump supporters. Do you realize how unhelpful and dangerous that is? You, and people like you, will ensure he wins in 2020, and I think that's really sad.
X X (1 month ago)
Andy Lord (1 month ago)
+X X You write in all caps and everything you say either (accidentally or deliberately) is an exaggeration. Hillary handed him the election when she referred to people on the fence as "deplorables". People like you are continuing to hand the orange clown wins because you make Trump opponents, like myself, look unhinged. Go back and reread your comments in this thread. Do you really want to change minds, or just mindlessly yell at people?
X X (1 month ago)
Jared Quinney (1 month ago)
This is really interesting
Roland Thomas Lichti (1 month ago)
Just for future use: Eva Braun - the name Braun is pronounced like brown :-).
+Chromosome Extract Baz=facetious. Np.
Chromosome Extract (19 days ago)
Bazkett unrelated race baiting. Really low.
+Bazkett Ikr.
Oldenweery (1 month ago)
+Andy Hay. It sure does: I had a neighbor who got hot under the collar if you pronounced his name as "Brown." He insisted it was pronounced "Brawn."
Andy Hay. (1 month ago)
Depends where you come from really.
Hello, Sidney! (1 month ago)
Better than today's Germany.
Nazario Bazan (10 days ago)
Says the blonde haired blue eyed broad
timmmahhhh (1 month ago)
Fred Red (1 month ago)
Anna Pourquoi (1 month ago)
You know that millions of people died right
Graham Turner (1 month ago)
I never knew how ironic they were.

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