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10 Odd and Fascinating Facts About the Third Reich

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Text Comments (322)
new england patriot (1 day ago)
WRONG! Bloch was allowed to leave in 1940 and moved to the Bronx in New York at 2755 Creston Ave where he died on June 1 1945 1 month after the war was over
RavnDream (3 days ago)
9:27 Adolf Hitler - the first Weeaboo?
Rick Timmons (4 days ago)
more details of emil maurice. SS#2 his war time record. was Ava reference in a letter to her sister to a watch being still at the watchmaker for repairs Emil Maurice. why no film of his Nuremberg trial?
JOHNNY S3 (6 days ago)
If Hitler would have died in 1939 he would have died a hero!!!!
Amanda Malone (7 days ago)
I love ur voice and accent
dmaxsba (10 days ago)
4:03 That is so FUNNY, love how desperate and stupid the Nazi's were. They made a Jew their poster boy.
PUMPA DOUR (13 days ago)
The circular logic and desonance trying to explain away jewish help for the Nazis... It is simple. Jewz wanted their own country and the Germans were more than willing to help them resettle in Palestine.
fasthracing (14 days ago)
Not one of your better ones. Apart from the obvious one about RH, the SS did not invetigate Eva Braun before Hitler dated her, as the SS as such were not even formed then.
Selinor578 (15 days ago)
2:25 It's se-MIT-ic, not se-MET-ic. And 11:02 Epstein rhymes with "align", not with "mean".
Disent Design (16 days ago)
what I took from this is that Hitler didnt have a blind hatred of JEws
Wade (16 days ago)
Dr. Eduard Bloch emigrated to the United States in 1940, not AFTER the war. In fact, he died in New York one month after Hitler's death.
S. O Braonain (20 days ago)
What's a "close compatriot "?
Wayne Miller (21 days ago)
See that should have threw up a lot of red flags he protects one Jew but kills the others why is he so special what he's preaching they all are supposed to die right I mean it's just crazy how history played out in Germany
Wayne Miller (21 days ago)
Yes Hitler's doctor is a traitor to his kind he could have killed Hitler easily in sacrifice to self to save countless of his brethren
Wade (16 days ago)
Well, Hitler wasn't anti-Semitic at that time Bloch was engaged with the Hitler family.
Wayne Miller (21 days ago)
Oh no baby Goldberg is still alive I just saw him on hoonigans YouTube channel getting his car back ! It was a awesome Challenger
Wayne Miller (21 days ago)
Yeah Eva Braun probably was scared for her life and couldn't reject Hitler because she didn't want to be killed
Matthew Weatherman (29 days ago)
There's a British actor today who closely resembles Himmler or whomever's photo that is at 6:41 in this video. I can't recall his name however. And why does Goebbels always make me think of Richard Gere? There's no physical similarities.... Wait.. I got it.... Oh how far I've fallen..... :-(
Matthew Weatherman (29 days ago)
Who was his meth doctor?
Matthew Weatherman (29 days ago)
Which Shepherd was Blondie?
Jayson Brine (1 month ago)
You know what's wild? The descendants of the Jews now subjugate others in the middle east. What a wild way life spins
grayadam (13 days ago)
Yep. The Jewish state runs a system of death camps and crematoria.
Justice For All (1 month ago)
Goldberg, yet another traitor to his own kind. Poland saw the worst atrocities. I wonder how Goldberg rationalized that.
deepred (1 month ago)
Mark Zuckerberg, a reformed Jew is a spitting image of Reinhard Heydrich.
deepred (1 month ago)
Hitler was amateur compared to Uncle Joe.
John Hardin (1 month ago)
German archeologists pointed out to Hitler that ancients of Asia had anti-gravity drive vehicles. He wasn't going to dis the guys he got his saucer designs from. Might make for an interesting show.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
Why if you are white is it considered to be racist to have the same sentiment concerning one's culture as every single other culture the world over? That by the very definition is racism perpetrated against the white-skinned man. China and Japan are very proud of their Culture. The superior Asian is eugenics teaching. Just as Blacks are athletically superior to all others.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
Hate Speach lol, Rhetoric[a] is the art of persuasion. Along with grammar and logic (or dialectic – see Martianus Capella), it is one of the three ancient arts of discourse. Rhetoric aims to study the capacities of writers or speakers needed to inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations.[5] Aristotle defines rhetoric as "the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion" and since mastery of the art was necessary for victory in a case at law or for passage of proposals in the assembly or for fame as a speaker in civic ceremonies, calls it "a combination of the science of logic and of the ethical branch of politics".[6] Rhetoric typically provides heuristics for understanding, discovering, and developing arguments for particular situations, such as Aristotle's three persuasive audience appeals: logos, pathos, and ethos. The five canons of rhetoric or phases of developing a persuasive speech were first codified in classical Rome: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
@philip thomey 05/06/71 no young buck no mo =D Wonderous Stuff!!! Better than rotting your mind with Television or Movies. We never had a TV growing up we were all voracious readers. We were taught to have contempt and disdain for those particular forms of Media. Those tomes of knowledge taught us to reason to think and imagine they taught us to question what was going on around us. We also farmed our own food raised our own livestock and butchered it as well as learned how to trap hunt and fish as well as field dressing. We were taught the skills that were needed to survive in this world without the help of others to be self-sufficient. We also studied The Scriptures. That is the first book we learned to read because as a family we read from it and discussed every day. My maternal Grandfather was a blessing unto us all.
philip thomey (1 month ago)
@Pris0ner Gaming I've studied Aristotle, Plato and Socrates at University. hard work. Sun Tzu, The Art of War my personal study. It's wonderous stuff.
Pris0ner Gaming (1 month ago)
@philip thomeyI am a student of St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine of Hippo, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, ... I am not a Rhodes Scholar, I am A Rogue Scholar. I trust very little that is presented as fact in the Educational Institutions. They fabricate most of what they present as history science politics and philosophy with the intent to mislead and confused. Our ancestors were far more intelligent with cognitive abilities that would shame most of those breathing air today. It would seem that each generation has a lesser understanding. What is it? I couldn't hazard a guess, whatever plan they have set in motion it is most definately working. I am a Journeyman Tradesperson, Union Local 276 SMWIA.
philip thomey (1 month ago)
This is true, Pris0ner Gaming. You're a student of philosophy? or PHD
Chase (1 month ago)
The German whermact ostracized poster soldier goldberg used his uniform and posters after his discharge to convince his fathers(grrandfather?) german tribunal to not send him to the camps. There was also another S.S. soldier who got into the non com rank and fought in the eastern front. His units comrades made fun of his circumcision and nicknamed him "The Jew". He was able to see the atrocities committed by the black and grey uniformed executioners but felt powerless and unable to do anything about it himself without committing suicide by machinegun. I'm from Illinois and I Hate Nazis.
Frank Albe (1 month ago)
That was confusing. But I think real. History.
Greg Hawkins (1 month ago)
Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names.
Sarah R (2 months ago)
Why are the bottom two shelves behind Simon left empty? Is that some weird design principle?
David Dixon (2 months ago)
Recent research on the background of Eva Braun has shown she was of Jewish descent.
Mystikman (2 months ago)
Omg what fail. Rudolf hess fly to Scotland in 1941 not 1945. The war was over in April 1945. Pleas check your facts before you make a video. And fore that fail I will not like the video.
No Regrets (2 months ago)
Why does 60% of Hitler photos look like someone Photoshoped his head
MafiaIntia (2 months ago)
Sarina R. (2 months ago)
Albert Goerring should receive a posthumous human rights award
Autumn Entertainment (2 months ago)
Corbyn looked so young back then
Pat McNamara (2 months ago)
Julius schreck chauffeur to hitler 26-36 before his death . He was a Standartenfurher/ colonel.
Dern Vader (2 months ago)
I believe Hitler's grandfather or great-grandfather on his mother's side whom he hated, was of Jewish heritage...
Grafton Hale (2 months ago)
Great presentation.  Another interesting fact is that Goering's nephew flew B-17s for the USAAF.
bus king (1 month ago)
I also think Hitler's nephew or suchlike was in the US navy
Violet S (2 months ago)
Nothing about Hitler being 1/8 Jewish himself? Ok cool
Lion Fire (2 months ago)
Hey the name Goldberg rang a bell. Is he related to the famous superstar in ECE. He was
Jade Laurel Johnson (3 months ago)
Isn't "Braun" pronounced "Brown"?
Silkwesir (9 days ago)
yep, almost. (the r is a bit different)
adam meyer (3 months ago)
Anyone remember a movie starring Anthony Quinn where he suddenly becomes the poster soldier for the Aryan " race " but is actually a Jew? I was a kid when I saw it but being a history nerd since I could read, I understood the comic irony. It was a sort of dark comedy? Love to know the title and if it was inspired by the case in the vid.
jmk7426 (1 month ago)
The 25th Hour?
Wsy NicK (3 months ago)
Nazi's murdered at an unprecedented rate? Have you heard of the Bolsheviks?
Jesus Christ (3 months ago)
This guys rhetoric for all his videos also have subtle propaganda
Phil T (23 days ago)
Propaganda is too strong a word, but I agree he does employ irony and understatement in such a way as to make one admire the English. Perhaps You could do some vids where piety and love inspire us all to believe in You again?
Phil McDonald (2 months ago)
What would that be , your godship ?
Pan Samuio (3 months ago)
7:24 world’s oldest modern troll
Apart from Chinese and Japanese civilizations, Hitler also admired Tibetan culture. Please do not believe depiction of NAZI officers massacred Tibetan monks as in Bulletproof Monk (however, I like that movie).
glaco (3 months ago)
Gotta love Simon, bashes Nazis in every video he makes yet makes a video about them every week.
glaco (3 months ago)
TopTenz can’t argue with that!
TopTenz (3 months ago)
There's always time for some Nazi bashing.
Jennifer Decker (3 months ago)
Dangit. I wrote a 10+ page paper about Goebbels, and I didn't know he was half Dutch.
Damien Gavin (3 months ago)
Now you do
Darren Roberts (3 months ago)
History is written by the victors.
Jeanette James (3 months ago)
I wonder if during this time those, who were imprisoned for killing a person of Jewish decent, were released
swinedance (3 months ago)
They need to pay more attention to dates.
Raymond Jones (3 months ago)
Timothy Belgard-Wiley (3 months ago)
Old "Club foot Goebbels" and half Dutch, the ideal Nazi, yeah right...and yes millions of non-Jewish people were killed in WW2, tens of millions in the Pacific, but sorry the Jewish people have more to gripe about that anyone else, I wish we could just have all civilian casualties be generic, the Japanese killed millions of Chinese and Filipino people, but all we hear is Europe, we know about the Nuremberg trials but not the Japanese war crimes trials.........no offense........keep on .................justasinger54
Per Oskarsson (4 months ago)
A man with genuine historic knowledge wouldn't talk about Hess' flight in such an ignorant way, and after the war! Nor did Hess any flying lessons size a person interested in the Nazi persons would know that he was in the air already in WW1!
ChekhovBla (4 months ago)
Hess finished his training for flight in 1940!!! And the flight to Scotland was in 1941!! By then even in Germany nobody took him seriously (he was a bit of nutter. OK, a big nutter, even for a Nazi) Your channel can not be trusted if you do not check something well documented like this.
Shelley Netzer-Edgerton (4 months ago)
There were actually a lot of people who are Jewish and known to be Jewish that were considered honorary Arian and status there was a opera singer that was given the status
Opinion Pole (4 months ago)
Marcel Reich Ranicki wrote in his book that a Jewish classmate of his in Berlin was originally chosen (for his Aryan looks) to be a torch bearer during Berlin 1936 Olympics.
DasIllu (4 months ago)
but but... we're all still nazies that is what i am told the past 40 years we never change because we are not allowed to...
Silkwesir (9 days ago)
nope, that's a strawman.
Bill Lynds (5 months ago)
Another great video. Props to Mr Whistler and the team behind him.
Robert Schlesinger (5 months ago)
Another great video, Simon. There are many declassified documents from the OSS (not the CIA) that contain many surprising facts about Hitler, and other high level Nazis, such as half-Jewish Luftwaffe Field Marshal Milch. [There were about three dozen Nazi generals that were half or quarter Jewish, and about half dozen such Nazi field marshals.] The matter regarding half and quarter Jewish admirals, generals, field marshals, and war heros (some with numerous awards including the coveted gold iron cross, won by half Jewish Col. Hoellander), and Nazi poster soldier, Werner Goldberg (photographed on masthead of Nazi magazine, describing him as the perfect Nazi soldier), is well described and documented in Prof. Bryan Rigg's two books. Prof. Rigg wrote a third book ("Recued From the Reich") on a secret Nazi operation to rescue perhaps the most highly regarded and revered rabbi in the world, and get him, his family, and his collection of rare Hebraica and Judaica, and his 40,000 volume library out of the Eastern European war zone and into safety in the West. Strange but true.
bus king (1 month ago)
Not to mention Reinhardt Heydrich's part jewish ancestry of which Himmler had knowledge but kept secret as a form of control over him.
Universal Power (5 months ago)
The epitome of its who you know that makes one successful. Such hypocrisy.
Sir Prancealot (6 months ago)
The far left always call those right of centre NAZI's yet even Nazi's were left wing "Socialist" The left and Islam are two most Insane and dangerous ideologies on the planet today.
Silkwesir (9 days ago)
@Harry McNicholas unfortunately, it's not (necessarily) lack of education. there are people trying to push this misconception, actively. since at least the early 1990s, maybe earlier. it's part of a strategic effort to shift political language.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Your lack of an education amazes me.  Nazis were Fascists who were extreme nationalists, right wingers.  The FreiKorp made up the initial membership of the party.  Hitler stuck in the word socialist to attract the German worker since the Communists were his main enemy.  Hitler convinced the German worker that the Jews were their enemy and not the rich German industrialists.  Any member of the party who might have socialist leanings was killed in the Night of the Long Knives.  Try getting a better education before commenting.
Woodchip (6 months ago)
Watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" for a balanced view on Nazi Germany. Also, at 9:30 - That quote, nothing he has said there is really "wrong". I think most sensible people would agree.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Wood sounds like what your head is made of
Jason Parkes (6 months ago)
Unprecedented? The communist purges killed more.
Harry McNicholas (3 months ago)
I think you are exaggerating since I can find nothing close to that figure.
tommy g (3 months ago)
@Harry McNicholas they absolutly are. The ukrainian genocide alone killed 10 million people and thats not counting war deaths or starvation in any other soviet countries in the early 30s before hitler really had any power. Or how about the 10 million killed with there scorched earth policy where they burned towns down so germans couldnt have resources when germany invaded citizens be damned. Or the purges of stalin and mao that killed millions
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
I was talking about the Nazis and the death toll in Europe.  You are exaggerating the death toll from communists plus the Nazis killed 65 million in just 6 years.  It took the communists 50 years to kill anywhere near that number.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Sorry you are exaggerating.  No the 65 million was the number the Nazis were responsible for in Europe.
Jason Parkes (4 months ago)
@Harry McNicholas Communist death toll is 100 million, plus i'm sure there wasn't 65 million people in the Belgian Congo.
108johnny (6 months ago)
It's probably for the best that Hitler hated the Jews: If he hadn't, he would have kept all the Jewish scientists that helped America get the atomic bomb first.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
You are correct.  Half the doctors in Germany at that time were Jewish and a large percentage of the engineers.
Lucy Erda (6 months ago)
RE: Your pronunciation of Mein Kampf - I've been pronouncing it wrong for years. This isn't the first time I found that your pronunciation was the correct one. I apologize for not speaking up sooner. The fact is, for me, your channels is the gold standard of great history and story telling. Thank you.
This was very revealing. Well done.
Michael Finnicum (6 months ago)
I am a direct descendant of knights templar Rodger Bigod you all except the man speaking have no value
Abserd O (2 months ago)
Michael Finnicum What is your definition of value?
Michael Finnicum (6 months ago)
Can’t wait for global flooding stupid America garbage
David Pridmore (6 months ago)
You say unprecedented but Stalin had been putting the Nazis to shame for years.
David Pridmore (4 months ago)
Harry McNicholas It is widely recognised that Hitler was responsible for around 11million non-combatant deaths, not too sure where your figure comes from? That number is about the entire population of France at the time. Admittedly if you extrapolate 11 million deaths to the length of time Stalin was in power, he would have likely won hands down, even factoring in that if he was in power for 40 years then the deaths would have slowed down considerably. Also, you could argue that Stalin was a direct inspiration and support for Maoism which after WW2 went on to exterminate a further 40 million+ in the name of socialism.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Stalin was responsible over his almost 40 year leadership of killing 20 million people.  Hitler anywhere from 52 - 65 million over 6 years.
chucky (6 months ago)
hmmmm... he had no mother that they had pictures of???
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Yes there are pictures of Hitler's mother and his father.
Osel Somar (6 months ago)
All I hear Jewish, Jewish, Jewish. The fact is that many more non-Jewish - mostly forgotten people died as a result of WW-2.
D T (3 months ago)
ur partially right, more non Jewish people died in WW2 than Jews, however specifically during the holocaust the Jews were the most targeted. therefore the Jewish people lost a greater percentage of their "race" than any other nation. hence they suffered more than any other people group as a result of the war, the Chinese also suffered an incredible amount. all the other victims of the war (excluding minorities like gypsies and blacks, who were murdered) died as civilians or soldiers, few were targeted for extinction.
Madalin Grama (4 months ago)
Many more Russians died than Jews, it's quite true. Hitler considered Slavs as sub-human. That doesn't mean that the antisemitism wasn't real. Difference is that most of the Russians who died were soldiers that died fighting on the front. Most Jews that died were CIVILIANS and GERMAN citizens. And becasue of that the Jew killings were considered crimes against humanity.
Deus Vult Te Vincit (5 months ago)
@Harry Wentz Get your rationalization, however why complain?
Harry Wentz (5 months ago)
The point is 51 million people died and whenever World War II is mentioned almost all reference is about jews when there were plenty of other people in those camps as well. Jews were not even Hitler’s first target… Among the first victims of persecution in Nazi Germany were political opponents—primarily Communists, Social Democrats, and trade unionists. Jehovah's Witnesses refused to serve in the German army or take an oath of obedience to Adolf Hitler and consequently were also targeted. The Nazis harassed German male homosexuals, whose sexual orientation was considered a hindrance to the expansion of the German population. "Habitual" homosexuals were incarcerated in prisons; many were later remanded to concentration camps following the completion of their sentences. The Nazis persecuted those they considered to be racially inferior. Nazi racial ideology primarily vilified Jews, but also propagated hatred for Roma (Gypsies) and blacks. If we were to use numbers defining representation in the deaths from World War II, 6 million Jews (12%) were killed… Do you see 12% as a majority? Many others were killed and everybody else seems to be swept under the rug which is why some people protest always equating World War II with “the holocaust“ when millions more were killed in camps and otherwise. “The holocaust“ should be about all people killed rather than Jewish people only. That would be a fair representation of what actually occurred. It does not Minimize the horror or the amount of Jews killed, but puts it in proper perspective. That is the complaint.
Deus Vult Te Vincit (5 months ago)
@Mental Melonhead there are many books docus, etc. About mao or Stalin, i just said that ot has nothing to do with this video. Bet you didnt read that.
Robert Ostler (6 months ago)
So how is being jewish a nationality? Judaism is a religion. Not a race. One can even convert to Judaism. You cannot convert to being african or Caucasian. You can be Isreali. Idk maybe i just dont get it.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
People had a very different view of race at that time.  People from a country were considered to be a race from that country.  You know Japanese have tails right?  That is what I was taught as a kid.  My brother got into a fight at school because he insisted that Japanese had yellow blood. I made the little Japanese kid drop his pants to show me he had no tail.  I was so disappointed.
Steve Mclean (6 months ago)
Just remember, anyone who corrects spelling, pronunciation, dates, grammar and get triggered by errors is an arse hole. No idea why people just can't enjoy the video, if there is something wrong ... let it go! Just think of it as funny if someone bases a school / college paper on the information, someone somewhere is getting an F.
Veve Bluster (6 months ago)
I never knew about Albert Goerring
Steve Stolarczyk (6 months ago)
There were two rather strange statements. First: "Goebels suffered from significant disabilities stemming from contracting polio that lasted throughout his life...." How is it possible to have polio for your entire life? I don't think you meant to phrase it that way. Second: "You already know that the Nazi regime is notorious for having participated in aggressive military actions to... persecute identifiable groups...." Let's be clear about their goals. They were attempting to 'improve' the human race by assisting the evolutionary process. To do so, they killed anyone who would continue to weaken the race. That's why they didn't only kill Jews. They killed the mentally ill, homosexuals, for example. It's important to be clear about this or we might miss their ongoing legacy in modern Europe, where unborn babies with down syndrome, for example, are nearly all aborted. I appreciate that you touched on it in the second half of the video, but let's be clear about what eugenics really means.
Steve Stolarczyk (3 months ago)
See, if he had said that, it would have made sense. And if you had just clarified the point, you wouldn’t have been a jackass.
ML Feathers (3 months ago)
The polio didn’t last, the disability did. Please don’t be so thick.
Arya1999 (6 months ago)
I'm Dutch, I learned about the Dutch Resistance et al at school and my great-grandad got locked up for trying to overthrow the Nazi-sympathising government. I only learned later how many Dutch people collaborated with the Nazis. The reason so many Amsterdam Jews died is that the council drew up a neat little map with all the Jewish citizens and was quite happy to give it to the Occupier.
Wade (16 days ago)
There were always more collaborators than resistors.
Ilona Baier (6 months ago)
the Jewish people in hitlers circle recall those of the Jewish community in trumpies cult. just an observation. any comparision between the 2 is in the mind of the reader.
Spooker Red Menace (6 months ago)
hey it IS the guy from today i found out... nice!
Chuck Biscuits (6 months ago)
Errr,... Hess was a ww1 fighter pilot, I very much doubt he needed much more than basic familiarisation with the bf 110 in order to flight it
Ingrid Dubbel (2 months ago)
Fly it not flight it.
Missing all my Marbles (6 months ago)
Chuck Biscuits except ww1 planes were abysmally primitive, sometimes controlled by little more than string (there’s a reason the pilots were sometimes known as 60 second men...because that was how long they’d last before crashing). Even though ww2 planes were still fairly primitive compared to today’s lower end two seaters, they were a massive step improvement in technology. I’ve both seen some of the really old string/wire controlled planes and piloted a couple Cessnas (admittedly as a student and I was never able to finish training because of family concerns)-the theory may be the same but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to make the jump from one to another without a crap ton of training. Not that I would dare try to fly now, it’s been far too long and I may only be able to remember how to use a couple of instruments properly.
mike wilson (6 months ago)
Hitler hated most whites, esp Slavs in the East and didn't think much of Southern Europeans either.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Hitler loved the Aryan.   Nordic.  The rest he considered vermin and only suitable as slaves.
Long Forgotten (6 months ago)
Pour German theology in the 18th and 19th century mixed with 20th-century gnosticism.
Bonnie Gail (6 months ago)
How about those birthing hips of hitler? Where is its Adam’s apple ?
Karl Meyer (6 months ago)
Wash your mouths out!
bubba pacha (6 months ago)
Look im in no way a skinhead...nazi...or part of any orher hate filled group. I have also loathed nazis for most of my life....until a mnth or so ago. I watched a very long...like 25 part documentary...and if even a quarter of that thing was true (which i feel alot more was true than that) we were all lied to horribly.
JohnnyV Val (3 days ago)
What documentary?
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Bubba.  You have a screw loose.
Lora Vipperman (6 months ago)
Great job guys! As a history buff I didn't really think this would be a video of things I didn't already know about Nazi Germany because I've read sooooooo much and watched sooooo many documentaries about them BUT this was all things I've never heard before! I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you for making this truly "fascinating"! 😍💓💓💓💓😘
Devin McLaughlin (3 months ago)
@D T party pooper
D T (3 months ago)
lol you can't know a lot about Hitler without knowing about Rudolf Hess, jus sayin
Nazis simply were called "Nazis" because it was the pronunciation of the first 2 syllables in German of the word "National." In German it is pronounced nah-Zee-ah-nal." Originally, any member of a nationalist movement was called so, but it funnelled to Hitler's NSDAP as they assimilated the others.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
The Nazis came from the Freikorp.  Ex German soldiers.  They were the ones who first filled the ranks of the Nazis.  Like all Fascists they based their philosophy on 19th century romanticism.  Will power over knowledge.
Lillithowl (6 months ago)
At 3:40 that's Eva's sister Gretl (Frau Fegelein) not Eva.
ladycplum (6 months ago)
FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! She sort of looks like Gretl, it's hard to tell from the angles, she and Eva looked a *lot* alike
Robert Brown (6 months ago)
Now called Democrats.
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
No Trumpers 100%
dynamiths86 (6 months ago)
'I purely love my country/race/nation and don't think the others are inferior' is the bread and butter of every nationalist. You buy into the myth that created said country/race/nation and pledge allegiance to something that you had no choice in being born to. I ask you then, why not pledge allegiance to humanity as a whole?
Phil T (23 days ago)
Have a Like, friend.
John Doe (6 months ago)
The 2nd stanza of the Dutch National Anthem is, "We are a German people. We are of German blood." 😑😑😑😑😑
Sareth (4 months ago)
No, it isn't. :P
Anthony (5 months ago)
All that hypocrisy! While I hate Nazis, can't they at least get their racism right?!
notsosilentmajority1 (6 months ago)
Your videos are always very well done and usually relevant to the title. This particular video seems to be more of a Jewish promo than 10 odd and fascinating facts.
Robert Folkner (6 months ago)
Hess was guilty of a war of aggression? So was Dubya. Incidentally, “waging aggressive war” wasn’t illegal before Nuremberg and in fact it still isn’t. As a count in the indictment it was quite simply ex post facto law trumped up to have another count to hang the defendants with— literally.
ladycplum (6 months ago)
@Perry Dowd No problem. WWII and Nazi history is a passion of mine.
Perry Dowd (6 months ago)
ladycplum That's something l didn't know. I'll check it out. Thanks mate.
ladycplum (6 months ago)
@Perry Dowd Well his son Wolf-Rudiger thought the British killed him and made it look like a suicide, to silence him about Britain's supposed underhanded behavior and military secrets during the War, right up until he himself died.
Perry Dowd (6 months ago)
ladycplum Sorry mate, my bad. l got a bit confused there. I remember when he died there were all sorts of rumours going around. It's not like old guys die after all.
ladycplum (6 months ago)
@Perry Dowd I know you didn't mention conspiracies. I brought it up myself for the hell of it.
Jimmy Smith (6 months ago)
Great Video.. Well Done..
who create GOD? (6 months ago)
eva was also jew
Hank E. (6 months ago)
Gobbles wasn't the only man to marry a Catholic woman. Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion married an older woman who was wealthy and a Catholic! Hence, Roman Catholicism controls Islam.
Hank E. (4 months ago)
@Harry McNicholas Yes, Hitler was Catholic and evil as well! The Pope too is evil and Hitler was the Pope's puppet!
Harry McNicholas (4 months ago)
Most of southern Germany was Catholic.  Hitler was baptized and confirmed a Catholic in Austria.  He became godfather to Goebbel's 6 children.
Hank E. (6 months ago)
Should be no surprise that Joesph Gobbels had a Catholic background. After all, WWI and WWII were both Catholic wars (via Jesuits control of any and all countries of the world -including the educational system, the political world, the intelligence agencies, like the Gestapo and Geheime Staatspolizei, MI15, MI16, CIA, FBI, CIA, NSA, Stasi and KGB and so on) against Protestantism! The Catholic Church wants to control the world (a repeat of history) and can only do so if they destroy Protestantism. And unfortunately, it is have been happening . . . and has only gotten worst since the Jesuits/Catholic Church got their bank . . . the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States in 1913/14 . . . which helped to fund WWI and then WWII. And the Federal Reserve Bank is controlled by the central bank of England (the Bank of England) which is controlled by the Knights of Malta . . . linking it to the Vatican.
Bernie Poncik (6 months ago)
*"Goering, Albert Goering. As you see, all of the paperwork is in order and these are not the Jews you are looking for." Jedi Master Level 9.

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