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Company driver vs Lease driver (Parteehards Trucking vlog)

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I'm basing this on a comparison of me and my partner who both have over 2 years experience the advantages of leasing over company
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Bob Wayne (10 months ago)
Subscribed! 13 years pushing 18 wheels here. I watched some of the videos were you share some of the struggles you endured throughout your life. How you overcame adversity is inspiring. Nothing but respect 4 u.
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
Thx Fam I appreciate your support
Kaffinated Kowboy (5 months ago)
Keep it A1 BRUH. True facts do you FUCK urybody else
Jeremy Griggs (10 months ago)
It's not lease your renting a truck from the company usually forced dispatch for little money u get what's left over it's just a fancy scram
Sonuorlins1 (10 months ago)
Plus if was doing lease "purchase" his payments would be profit PLUS he would be paying off the truck... And most def problems come from excessive idling. And with a COMPLETE def clean out your truck would be back like new pimp... Stay safe outchea.
Tuna Tuna (10 months ago)
Jeremy Griggs (10 months ago)
Why would anybody lease from a mega carrier prime wants 1100 a week forced dispatch around 1:50 a mile company all day
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
I said that not all leases are good
Money mike Slick will (10 months ago)
Great video Ph
Trucking Review Channel (10 months ago)
Yes, sir the rite lease is out there. You will find it!
Dieseltherapy (10 months ago)
Nice crib
Really nice resort and good topic.👍🏾
Jo Gypsy (10 months ago)
Don't get confused, these lease checks are 1099 ...Uncle Sam has a surprise for him the end of the year.😁
Sonuorlins1 (10 months ago)
Jo Gypsy Yeah brah. And company driver ARE BUYING a truck. It's just they buying a truck for ANONTHER muthafucka. 👎🏾 Lol Stay safe outchea...
Jo Gypsy (10 months ago)
William Hollow (10 months ago)
1099 taxes are .15%. Not sure where your .40% came from. You dont pay on deductions also. Per deim helps a ton. Went from 30k owing to like 4300. You got to be smart and play the cards right. Nobody is paying .40% in taxes. 2500 take home is only $375 (15%) taxes youll need to set aside . Sill gonna net 2125. Ill tell you a bad week lease is 1k a great week is 3k+ a average week is 1900. After taxes still taking over 1600 a week after taxes. More than I could make running the same miles and loads company.
Jo Gypsy (10 months ago)
Sonuorlins1 are you leasing buy?
Sonuorlins1 (10 months ago)
Bad week take home $2000. Good week take home $4-5000. AND my truck is paid off in 7 more months. Think about that... Then $6500 a week take home... Company drivers cannot compare in NO way brah... 👎🏾
Jonathan C (10 months ago)
Me i think you are winning cause you have health insurance
Trucker Devon (10 months ago)
Tell yo boi to show you 4 straight consecutive weeks because I guarantee he is not doing that every week! I lease and I recommend doing a lease over company I just want you to get the full picture and not just the good. I made 3100 last week but won't get a check this week because I only made enough to cover my expenses...but I'm coo wit it!
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
True oh Fam I’m waiting and counting 😂😂
Yung Jay216 (10 months ago)
I probably would never lease from a mega carrier, I rather save my money and go too the dealership and put a down payment on a truck and lease it that way.
Ricochet (10 months ago)
You guys leasing, would you say that getting your home time is easier if you lease? Thanks, I am just now starting trucking school.
Ricochet (10 months ago)
I appreciate it, always good info on your channel 👍
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
A lot depends on the lease. You have good leases and bad ones your job is to find a good one that works for you Fam the best info I can give you
Savannah P The trucker (10 months ago)
Parteehard, I'm making 1500-2200 every week at Hirschbach...
Detroit 313 (2 months ago)
Local, Regional, Or OTR?
Gemini Confirmed (10 months ago)
You are brilliant......always thinkin'....you're on your way.
AMG PROPERTIES (10 months ago)
Truth !
Ray David (10 months ago)
So many factors in Company vs Lease . What is the comfort zone . No worries about finding loads / break downs . More money could be a risk . However u always have the option to try . Best thing is u have lots of experience. Good vid
mtpnyc (10 months ago)
Real spit PH there is no one way!and not every situation is for everyone!
King Devo (10 months ago)
I’m hourly doing intermodal driving no more than 400 miles a day working 63 hours a week and getting $1300. 200 miles from Chicago to Wisconsin 200 get loaded then 200 miles back. Home everyday. 1300 take home off leasing doesn’t seem like it’s worth it
Parteehard da trucker (10 months ago)
Like I said Fam it’s the right situation I can only speak on what I’ve seen

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