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Back Palm (Tutorial)

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This was my earliest memory of magic, learn what had me rolling around on the floor for 5 minutes looking for a card that had vanished behind my ear. COMMENT, LIKE, FAVORITE and SHARE this video if you liked it! Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=howtoDisturbReality WEBSITE: http://www.DisturbReality.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/jarek120 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DisturbReality T-SHIRT: http://www.districtlines.com/howtodisturbreality E-Mail me at [email protected] Instagram jarek120 ------ Be inspired to learn. Aspire to disturb. ♥♣Rise Above♦♠
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Text Comments (129)
Tejas Sharma (18 days ago)
Thanks a lot man
Sebz (3 months ago)
How do i unbend my card
Righteous Kung Fu (3 months ago)
my finger arent that long lol
John Wesley (5 months ago)
Genius !!! ♠️♦️ Perfect !!! ♣️♥️ Like !!! 👍🏾💙
faht fak carl (7 months ago)
Is that pvc card you're using?
Shadow (7 months ago)
I understand how to do it slightly but if you look at 3:00 and if you put the speed of the video at it's lowest you can see how fast he does it which makes it even harder at least for me
Peyton Towner (8 months ago)
I watched a thousand that cam videos and they are impossible to do
LavaBlitz (9 months ago)
What was the music for that intro I thought it was 🔥
Raptor Jesus (10 months ago)
awesome tutorial and skills but that wubwubwubstep... XD
yuet yuen (11 months ago)
The intro music music is to loud, but good tutorial.
Mister Quince (11 months ago)
Everyone nowadays keeps searching for more and more tutorials on the same thing because they're not capable of doing the trick. PRACTICE PEOPLE DON'T EXPECT TO LEARN ALL COOL MAGIC IN A MONTH!
Kelen Gilbert (1 year ago)
where did you buy those cards?
Samantha Kresser (2 years ago)
I have ear buds in and my volume is on 4 and my brother who is across the room can hear you intro music
Whatever Youwant (2 years ago)
so fucking hard to stop it slipping or loosing grip
faZe blaZe (2 years ago)
I tried it and it worked like jack wilder
Palash Goswami (2 years ago)
how do u do it so fast. I need at least 3 sec to adjust the position of the card.
Panacea Placebo (1 year ago)
Lots of practice
Vincent Simone (2 years ago)
i can do it but it sticks out because im 10 so i have smaller hands than a 20 year old
Random stuff Guy (6 months ago)
Me tooo
mmonteforte18 (2 years ago)
Thanks man
The Aussie Bloke (2 years ago)
RIP when you're not left handed, and too retarded to reverse it
Samantha Kresser (2 years ago)
The Aussie Bloke same
Bowl Cut (2 years ago)
The Aussie Bloke same ):
SR kamikaze (2 years ago)
leron poh (2 years ago)
Hahahaa that's what my Uncle said to me
the great Zantack (2 years ago)
keeps slipping out of in between my pinky and ring.
ANTICHEATERS - fandansk (6 months ago)
youschtube (3 years ago)
Narcautics (2 years ago)
Shaun Laws (3 years ago)
have the same cards 😄
Jacob GoFlex (3 years ago)
My fingers hurt when I back Palm the cards
Allen Tiethoff (4 years ago)
When I try to back Pam any card it brands the hell out of it and kills the card is this normal?
clintmclintock (3 years ago)
@Allen Tiethoff I know I am really late... However When I practice I do it with the face of the card down, then up so it balances it kinda.
DJ (4 years ago)
Holy fuck your intro is loud and annoying.. Trying to watch a playlist of your videos and I get ear raped with dubstep every 2mins
Marwan Nabil (3 years ago)
+Dee Jay He's like Chris Angel but with dupstep
nighttaker666 (4 years ago)
The card just shows through my fingers
Jake G (4 years ago)
Make sure when you clip the card with your pinky and index finger that you clip the very edge of the card, the further you position it with your thumb the easier it is to clip the edge and the closer you clip the edge the less corners will pop out. But be weary of the fact you will sometimes lose grip on the card and it can fall out or one finger will lose its clip as you bring it around.
limpredator (4 years ago)
Keep practicing and one day it will not show through
Chata Sołtysa (4 years ago)
Ok, it's my problem, how can i hidden corners when my hand is open? 
Stiven Last (4 years ago)
whats the name of the music that you use for open all your videos ?
Stiven Last (4 years ago)
thnx broo
cry pls (4 years ago)
Skrillex - Cinema
MasterCracker (5 years ago)
those cards are frkn cool!
Jordan Montgomery (5 years ago)
If you're interested in buying them, they're called a Black Scorpion deck.  If you go to amazon and type in 'Magic Makers Black Scorpion Deck', it should be the first result.
Mads Anekjær (5 years ago)
Walter akd Lourido (5 years ago)
BADHERO (5 years ago)
Meaty (5 years ago)
Radha Miniyar (5 years ago)
What kind of cards do he use
Enfermo Liguista (5 years ago)
the card es flashed!!! ULIKE!
justin du pau (5 years ago)
how did you did dat i got exact the same card in my hand
XzoltCRE3D (5 years ago)
It's a bicycle scorpion deck
gravyat2am (6 years ago)
where did u get those cards
Ash Ketsum (6 years ago)
What deck is this?
TemptedToClik (6 years ago)
:'( my hands are too small
Sean Bennett (6 years ago)
would you be able to put up a tutorial for the pivot card manipulation
Sippy Cup (6 years ago)
that deck you're using is my favourite wish i had it
takmaps (6 years ago)
do whatever makes you feel comfortable, Im right handed and I use right
1mpKiR (6 years ago)
Is it better to perfrom this with right hand or left hand? (for right-handed)
Zabee Zecter (6 years ago)
thx for all of your tut dude. i like the way u explain, btw do know how to back palm more than 1 card? the maximum cards i can back palm is 2 cards, and it doesnt look as smooth as the 1st card i back palm.
Co Raul (6 years ago)
Take a look at my channel
Hayes Phillips (6 years ago)
how does" I get my cards from amazon" get 4 likes?
Burgh (6 years ago)
I love your videos. I have learned so much from you.
Jack Noobhead (6 years ago)
What is the deck called( brand, name etc.)?
Allan Embalo (6 years ago)
Joseph Brimicombe (6 years ago)
is there a particular issue with the size of peoples hand because i am only 10 and every time i do it the card flies into my eye and really hurts
Disturb Reality (6 years ago)
I get all of mine from Amazon
Dai 大 (6 years ago)
Hey man, I LOVE the deck...where can I get it from (as in 'buy it')? Appreciated
MelvinDorkus (6 years ago)
Mix this with a color change, then minds = blown.
KC_14 (6 years ago)
Thank u so much. :D but wheres the playlist?
Bart Maas (6 years ago)
long and skinny fingers for the win!
Alex Flather-Brown (6 years ago)
hiya mine name is alex and im new to youtube i had an audition on brittans got talant the other week but their was this guy called dan dan the magic man and he wasbetter than me and i wont get through can u tell me some tips howto get out there
KC_14 (6 years ago)
Ok, if you could make a playlist of his videos for beginners then that would be great thanks. :D
KC_14 (6 years ago)
Hi man i'm sort of new to magic and quite young and by the time im 22+ i hope to be able to do what you can do. I just wanted to ask if there was any chance that you could create a playlist or mini series for beginners as i'm sure many other newbie's like me would appreciate. I love watching you do magic, as you make it seem so seamless. It would make my 2013 if you could do this and would be awesome.
- - (11 months ago)
KC_14 how's things going?
TheKingfr3nch (6 years ago)
will u have another contest for 25k subscribers
Texas.ONLY (6 years ago)
Can we see your deck collection
jTesch85 (6 years ago)
Hey man love the channel. I remember trying to learn this back in middle school years ago and being so frustrated because my hands were to small to do it. I love that you push Penguin Magic too. Came across it by accident and can't get enough. I have to ask if you've tried Oz Pearlman's Blindsided yet? One of my favorites right now because its really two effects in one.
Andrew Downs (6 years ago)
im doing a magic trade on my channal and if you subscribe i will give you a free trick from the trading and you can pick
nPuddingG (6 years ago)
i prefer zach's method
CryptoWin (6 years ago)
Also from me a magical new year from Belgium
tobydewarier (6 years ago)
happy, magical new year. grtz from Belgium
KeybladeScar (6 years ago)
I learned this from Jeff McBride like a year ago lol
Karol Lincoln (6 years ago)
cool, thx
TRIAX115 (6 years ago)
love the vids man
Goldskull621 (6 years ago)
Man I love ur tutorials and I was actually able to get a girl friend by doin th sealed with a kiss trick (I didn't reveal it) but yea I want u to c If u will come to my school in Berkeley heights nj thx for everything bro and have a good one
DoctorNoven7 (6 years ago)
Hey man, you came to my school in michigan last year and i asked you for your card, if you remember me. well i just wanted to say how cool that your channel got so popular in like a year! nice tutorials as always, if you ever come back to michigan you should for surely make some videos here at the malls and such! Also, come check my music out if you have some spare time :D
Luke Bellamy (6 years ago)
if you want a good explanation yes
wh1te5had0w (6 years ago)
You can't forget about patience; sometimes I feel like throwing the deck of cards that I just dropped on the floor out the window but when you accomplish what you set out to do and succeed ... there's nothing more magical that that tingling feeling of joy.
soracardexpert (6 years ago)
Absolutely it is.
Sameena Aleezay (6 years ago)
It does but you need to keep at it. You're not gonna get it in one day. Three p's of magic Practice, practice and practice!
Doubleflip Majic (6 years ago)
Best teacher ever I am 12 years old I started magic from about 2 months and learnt a lot of tricks from you ambitious card , 5 card routine ,Sybil cut and I now do Assad 6 packet Sybil your my best teacher !!!!
Gasp Gasp (6 years ago)
Is your dumb commentary necessary ???
krulboon (6 years ago)
3:52, are the sound effects necessary? -.-
Large Lad Charles (6 years ago)
how many new decks do you buy in an average month?
Иван Иванов (6 years ago)
And where can I c use it properly?
Robert Paulson (6 years ago)
Just inflate a baloon, press it against ur palm and release the valve and push! very simple trick
Ilija Teklić (6 years ago)
The song is by skrillex my cinema ;)
MagicianMilo (6 years ago)
CONTEST / DECK GIVEAWAY ON MY CHANNEL :) Also Learn free strreet magic for beginners and experts N happy new year and I might do another contest
MagicFan619 (6 years ago)
And can u post a video how to do pressure
MagicFan619 (6 years ago)
I like the songs at the end of ur videos what's the name
saf agsag (6 years ago)
freak fingers xD
Gandalf (6 years ago)
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!By the way, I requested a tutorial for the back palm:The summons where heard and the prayers were answered ,THANK THE HEAVENS(and Evan...).HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
keviv1692 (6 years ago)
Amazing tip I really liked the idea of pulling out a card out of someone's ears!
UNTHINKABLE (6 years ago)
This Is Very Unthinkable... :)
magicalmohawk (6 years ago)
I've been starting card manipulation with Dan Sperry's manipulation series but he doesn't go very in-depth with the actual back palm technique but this vid helped me. I highly recommend his manipulation series on Theory11. Only $10 per volume and there are 3 volumes total.
Joseph reynolds (6 years ago)
best video I have seen on the back palm thank you :)
SychoAirsoftSquad (6 years ago)
Rahh 1:45 he's quick as fuck.
Ryan Tham (6 years ago)
Vads Gaming (6 years ago)
André Guizelini (6 years ago)
JEBAGRAFF (6 years ago)
Try getting a big pimples on your finger so there are no windows
Chris ( ICTM ) Sargent (6 years ago)
I always thought that was how criss angel did the motorcycle trick..... This video helped me a lot.. Thank You

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