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Woman Cries After Learning Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women (REACTION)

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In this video I react to Sasha Daygame's interview of a kind but deluded female residing in New York City. Here is that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312sbdaZVUo UPDATE: One of the black dudes at the end got the video taken down because Sasha included him without his consent. Here is his reupload with their faces blurred: https://youtu.be/X7gwEyDV_Ps NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2QaE8UG DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wUWkqv SNAPCHAT: https://www.patreon.com/yogioabs TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/yogioabs
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YogiOabs (4 months ago)
Updates: Yes, the original video was taken down, but not because YouTube hates people who question feminism. It was specifically because the two men who confronted Sasha when the woman began to tear and experienced a loss for words requested that they be removed from the footage. According to Sasha, they asked him to delete the footage following the interview. Sasha had to reupload the video, after it had surpassed 1 million views, just to blur those two men's faces, because they were seen in the original. I have provided that link in the desciption so you can watch the original video. This has two implications. This style of interview, or rather, interrogation, has threatened society. Sasha faced a lawsuit from a different feminist who felt embarrassed at her ineptitude at explaining her position. These two men felt similarly embarrassed. I plan to conduct similar interviews on this channel eventually. Now, for those who complain that I talk too much, this is a channel that provides commentary and criticism of feminism and female nature. Its goal is to understand male-female interactions and promote a healthier society, while questioning the widely accepted beliefs held by the general public and taught at universities. This reaction video is my most watched video by far. And what's interesting is that after I released it, the original video exploded alongside with this video, and at times had more views than this video (around 600-800k views). Before this video, his video had 17k views. So there is a benefit to making reactions that help the original video. If you'd like to get involved in helping spread the anti-feminism movement, the men's rights movement, and make society great again, consider subscribing and joining the newsletter, which you can find a link for in the description. Thank you.
Abraham Villalobos (5 days ago)
You still talk too much.
Malcolm Nadeau (1 month ago)
Do you realize that the video you're talking about has "violated Youtube's terms of service and has been removed"?
Clara Delphine (1 month ago)
Zen Dcruz Nobody is saying all men. YOU are the only person here who seems to be generalizing. I am talking facts not personal beliefs and ideas about men. Look at the numbers and you will see this has nothing do to with a generalization about ALL men as « dogs ». However like I said you are keen on stating that most women lie and falsely accuse men of rape: good idea blame the culprits, pity the rapists and abusers, for the sake of the tiniest percentage of cases where there has been indeed a false accusation. It is not the hobby of women to go around pretending to be victims just for the fun of it. How degrading and belittling is your image of women !!!! And you bring up the issue of suicide: well yes it’s very disquieting but what does that have to do with women ? Is suicide a real issue in the US and should this issue be adressed ? Absolutely! But in no way is it related to the issue of women’s abuse. And might I add that this was a very « stupid » comment: talk about violence against women> well men have an issue with suicide! As if these two things were comparable, there is no link...nothing more to be said
Zen Dcruz (1 month ago)
Its is highly stupid for this female to justfy anything she looks like character who says all men are dogs for few people mistake this type of female blames the entire male existence. Well the same goes for a female who uses false rape acquisition cases is recorded more than the actual female suffering rape will ruin a person life. These females misuse the law which is meant for the real victim. SO NOW MEN SHOULD COME UP WITH THE THING THAT ALL FEMALE ARE GOLDDIGGER. The females who actually are harassed abusived and sexually exploited is actually quite come forward because of the mental torure and depression etc to report it that is horrible. But a female who thinks they are superior than anyone just a third wave feminist who disgraces the every women who blame everything on a male. They forget the SUICIDE rate of male are way higher than females. These third wave feminist are disgrace to female. There are people who look at one side of the picture. Sad to see what the world has come too.
INFP Glitches (6 hours ago)
Iv come to accept my femininity. When I signed up on a dating website my about me was "I don't know much about sports but I want to be a cheerleader. Although I do take Red Rover Red Rover very seriously. May Day is my favorite holiday. I believe that nurture is underated and nature doesn't get the credit it deserves. Jars lids are starving me, the top shelf bullys me at least once a week, and idk why there is a genie lamp flashing on my cars dashboard. A lesson Iv learned with age is that the bait on my hook has very little to do with catching underwater snags" When I got inquires about my mental health or what I meant. I replied if they didn't understand the message in there, then the message wasn't for them.... maybe my expectations were kinda high for a free online dating site. IDK.
INFP Glitches (7 hours ago)
Did you go to daycare as a child? Or did your mom/dad/primary caregiver stay home with you?
INFP Glitches (7 hours ago)
I'm asking because you seem to have a higher conscience and perception abilities. Many people understand that men and women are different but not many understand more or less even care about the endless profit (unfinancial if that's even a word). My guess is because there is no immediate reward that is tangible. But anywho already tell that you have amazing people skills, I feel like your interactions are not the typical manipulation(manipulation is apart of every interaction) but I sense you have a higher since of self then the average person. I have a hard time explaining things I often over explain making things more confusing. But any who from what I have researched children who attend a daycare have a harder time being selfless. And I'll spare all the details with that, Im just really interested and your childhood.... I'm not even 4 minutes into your video and I am intrigued by your authenticity.
Frosxbite (12 hours ago)
That’s why women think there always right lol 😂
DEVIANT KNIGHT (13 hours ago)
Trans atheletes have obliterated women in all sports. Guess her arguments all flew out the window
Ryan Ryan (1 day ago)
I think it's funny that women honestly think they are stronger then us men
Mr.Sandman 117 (1 day ago)
I think a lot of things you said in this video were for too broad an audience. Like saying "this is why you can't talk with females using logic"... That's a smidge too broad just saying 🤷‍♂️. Overall I'm fine with the video. I guess I'm the 1% the got slightly triggered by the broadness in some of your very specific statements. (I have lots of female friends that use logic on a daily basis. That's why I would feel "offended" by you saying you can't use logic with ANY females.)
Celine Obejera (1 day ago)
I'm one of those women who consider themselves as not that strong cause logically men are naturally stronger than women period, equality could be applied on different scenarios but on this one.
Elisabette Fermosa (1 day ago)
As someone who adheres to the four pillars of life (or that life ideally should based on), math, science, logic, and reasoning, I find it inept to infer that men are logic-minded and women are emotionally-minded and then to continue to tromp down the road of generalities (a stupidly, foolishly dangerous road to go down) by saying that she’s right that women are better at being compassionate etc. As a man, you get the benefit of never experiencing the first-hand vile behavior of women towards other women. You will always have second-hand information and hopefully an analytical outside perspective to conclude the truth of the situation. Everyone is selfish but if an individual, either male or female, loves something and sees him/herself in that entity, then compassion and empathy will be expressed. Please note the importance of language and the distinction between compassion and empathy because women will likely have more contact with others as the fields they occupy, including being a “stay-at-home mom,” are people-oriented as opposed to occupations dominated by men that are task, material, or number oriented. Example: there are more female nurses than male nurses as there are more male actuaries than female actuaries. The above perspective is brought to you from decades of experience of being raped financially, abused emotionally in a manipulated work environment, which inevitably led to loss of or the fear of losing one’s occupation and bullied socially on the educational front. Oh, and that one time when a female police officer physically inserted herself into me through my purple-plaid pajama pants. I shouldn’t have to state how illegal this but context is important: My friend left my residence, he forgot something, I ran after his car waving my hands, probably the length of the adjacent property, hoping he would see me. He didn’t, the cops did, they shown a stupidly bright light on me, they interrogated me, asking what I was doing, I explained the above. They demanded for my I.D. and when I said I didn’t have it on me, more angrily and aggressively demanded its location and I pointed to my residence stating, “Inside my house.” They cuffed me, forcibly holding against the hood of the car, and that’s when the female officer patted me down and physically violated me. Not that this should matter, but I’m 5’ 2”, 110 lbs and at the time wearing a U.S.A. navy blue sweatshirt, the purple plaid pants, and flip flops. Oh, and I’m a beautiful ethnic mix of Caucasian. Men have only hurt me physically, which, if I had to choose, would rather have than having my time raped by insecure females. Obviously I don’t want either and am currently learning general MMA-style fighting and hope to work my way up to Krav Maga. The women who are “shook” have some sort of naive, ignorant privilege. It’s amazing how socio-economics (as a topic) always seems to be the foundation of all conflicts. 🤔
Francine Harrison (1 day ago)
Feminism is what destroyed families feminism is what's destroying the foundation of this country feminism is from as far as I'm concerned the pit of Hell and this creature as far as I'm concerned she's a creature is beyond narcissistic and that's the spirit of females today they have the spirit of narcissistic Psychopathic self self that's all it's about you cannot reason with this thing you cannot talk to this thing and I don't blame you if I was a guy I would not be in the same room with this creature as far as I'm concerned that's what this thing is a creature and I feel show bad for someone that would ever have a child with this creature because you talked about how old my goodness that poor man would be in hell he would literally have to give up this child is his child because she would literally make his life a living pure hell narcissistic psychopath as far as I'm concerned are demons in human form that's my opinion and she as far as I say she's one of them
Francine Harrison (1 day ago)
This is a perfect example of why men want nothing to do with them and then they scratch their heads and going I can find them in my boo hoo and they're tired of being alone while you know that old saying you made the bed you lie in it while they're going to be alone not have had it man I don't blame you I have four sons and the bullshit that they've gone through with the females I'm going to he'll just watching my son's that I've actually made it with these creatures I have three grandchildren and the mothers directions are driving them insane the evil the evil crap that they're doing to keep their children away from my son's their fathers of these children these females actually believe that children don't need fathers and of course and Society are all on the woman's side that's why they could be arrogant that's why they could be narcissistic psychopath that's why they could have all this entitlement attitude because you got Society on their side that's the way it is men have no rights fathers have no say or rights and children aren't being protected a woman could kill her child in her womb and the father has no say and the ones that do keep the babies keep them from the fathers. I found out the hard way watching my sons suffer and I've seen videos they are the most miserable the more they have rights the more they can do the more miserable they are so miserable in their own skin they're angry the full of hate and because of their miserable lives they blaming it on men and it is the reason why they're so miserable it's because of men but they don't realize it's feminism that is caused them this it is feminism that has caused men wanting nothing to do with them
So let me get this straight: A woman who believes women are equal in strength to men cries and needs men to come to her rescue because she can't admit that she needs a man?!?!?
Henning Mykle (1 day ago)
Perfect! 👍
Fabulous Maximus (1 day ago)
I don’t think that you can’t talk facts with women, but I do know that there’s a lot of people that are wayyyyy more feely than others. If someone came up to me and asked me these questions; I honestly wouldn’t act like how she did. It was a lil weird...
Inferno ❶ (2 days ago)
She looks like she’s from Frozen
Andrew Hamilton (2 days ago)
The two gheezers doing the bit on the bikes! I've not seen a girl doing that.
ted rebel (2 days ago)
Alot of people were raised with "if you have nothing good to say, then say nothing". I fucking swear the look on her face was like "men are better at rape." I saw the compilation version of this video and I'm still pissed. And as a side note, men can gain 1-2 pound of muscle per month. Women can gain 0.5-1 pound per month. The population average is 105/100 in the males favor. That means even if you look at the averages, men will still beat women on average for "muscle stuff". Not to mention the labour division, where men to the VAST majority of the labour intensive jobs while women to the low strength jobs. Numbers, bitch.
Bill Demich (2 days ago)
Quit stopping the dam video. I want to form my own opinion. Ahh screw it you talk to much.
Why not just search the description for the original video?
Jeremiah May (3 days ago)
Dude, shut the hell up and show us the video, reaction not a documentary
vibhor Kryptonian (4 days ago)
I wanna punch that woman sooo haard that it will break the space and time barrier and tge whole timeline
aZz7eCh (4 days ago)
Who the F wants to see someone's 'reaction' to anything ... Get a life loser
Jeremy Bailey (4 days ago)
Its sad but i feel like im starting to hate women. If i ever get divorced i will die a bachelor. Women today are impossible to deal with, not all but most.
Melanie Maturano (4 days ago)
No problem with you dude I think you're cool. I do want to say however all women are not emotional basket cases. I am definitely not a social justice Warrior! I believe in true differences between men and women because they do exist! But be careful not to put all people in two separate groups because then you are doing exactly what they're doing!
bella ella (5 days ago)
Lol I love being small and cute and the difference between me and men. Hence, absolutely love strong muscular men and being completely wrapped in his arms. But that's me :)
Blaster Games (6 days ago)
OMFG she is dumb lol
Wilmarie Ramirez (6 days ago)
When i was in 7th grade there was this girl who always thought i was weak and she always thought i was stupid and she always thought girls where superior to us ,then something told me that if she wont stop she'l have to learn the hard way,then she got a taste of gender equality. Edit:im a nice guy and i don't like hitting girls and getting into fights,so if any girl is reading this if you start an argument with a guy try to avoid physical contact,staying out of fights when guys are involved is your best option,have a good day and stay safe.
Jane Chap (6 days ago)
I seriously don't understand why women think they are as strong or stronger than men. I have had 3 older brothers one was on the skinny side but when he bulks it is really easy for him to grow muscle while with me it is really hard to grow muscles. (not that I bulk :) It is hard to be two opposite people in one body.
Mimi Brocco (9 days ago)
I Completely agree with you, but I kind of felt sorry for her. She has an adorable looking face and she looked heartbroken daamn😂
Kaizen Analyst (5 days ago)
Glad you could see that. She's in love with the interviewer and completely flabbergasted at the sudden and shocking strength of the connection. It's like all her ideology got blown away by a real boy meets girl moment. That's why it's a huge viral but no one's seeing it.
lotsofsparks32 (9 days ago)
She things women are better because she believes women have better abilities in some areas and men have none.
walker john (11 days ago)
The way she says "yeah" after everything she says. So smug. I want to fart all over her.
Andrew King (16 days ago)
Feminists have tried to steal the word strong and create their own vocabulary which is amplified by left MSM
Andrew King (16 days ago)
Omg what a pathetic girl! She has no idea about men!
sixtyton angel (16 days ago)
I like that big fucking zit right in the middle of her forehead.... Like a Cyclops.
sixtyton angel (16 days ago)
She's really stupid.
John Graves (16 days ago)
modern people are pussies
Ashish Goyal (16 days ago)
Crying is a natural Help-Save Me superpower these kind of women have. Pretty normal. So what?
Twostones00 (17 days ago)
She is NOT 31 or 32. She may be 20 years old. She is not typical of all women. She is bound by her emotions as are many women.
Jam baar (17 days ago)
My sister is like this she's very arrogant about women shame it's happening to our own families
Dina _ARMY (18 days ago)
Women can't run as fast as men cuz we have boobs
First And Last (18 days ago)
12:35 I loved seeing this lone Chad roll through on one wheel. Cracked me up a little
Antonio Banderas (20 days ago)
How do you suffer from a stereotype of not getting laid :D
Terrazine (20 days ago)
Are you really sure that was the reason she cried? Because physical difference between men and women, you can already distinguish that at early age. There is no way she didnt know that already.
Dean Walter (20 days ago)
She has a good attitude to become the next miss marval. Haha.
Kavan Newman (21 days ago)
If you’re a feminist you’re a sexist change my mind
franz cruz (22 days ago)
she is too emotional? nah she is in an acting class. she is just acting
DynamicHeatwave (22 days ago)
8:00 Imagine if the guy said you wanna put that to the test
Biscit Will (22 days ago)
She literally isn't empathetic or she would know what men are good at She literally shoots off the absolute worst lies a woman tries to live by,you DO NOT have more heart or warmth or empathy ...if anything women have dulled mens senses of these things because they have so little,all they do is use and lie about using an expect everything to go their way for existing
Yeetmister69 (23 days ago)
12:36 weeeee
Jade Harris (23 days ago)
If women were as physically strong as men then men would not have been able to have control over women through most of history.
Bao Nguyen (23 days ago)
Men are better at dying in wars too, you know?
Jean Wissinger (25 days ago)
I cannot believe anyone is this stupid.
Matthew Grice (25 days ago)
Fucking pathetic....
John Hiller (25 days ago)
Every single building women work in and live in were built by men. Let women live outside for a month and see how they look.
Daniel Rittegar (26 days ago)
A 6ft tall woman vs a 5ft tall man bouth worked out the same exted day for a whole year it is possible the woman could be stronger only because she is 12 inchest taller and that could be her the advendted
Mina Perocho (26 days ago)
My two-cents and general perspective on this matter: (please don't get offended, my sisters of the same species) I'm female but I accept the fact that men are physically stronger than women. It's a scientific fact. It's genetics. You can't argue with that. Women empowerment (for me) is when we women accept that we are what we are. When we accept the fact that there are certain things that we CAN do that men cannot and vice versa. When we acknowledged that there are certain limitations that ulitmately made the difference between men and women...that is real women empowerment. Accepting ourselves as women (note: not necessarily the lesser sex). (Gender) Equality (for me) is when both women and men acknowledged that there are limitations in certain aspects of our existence and that it's there so both sexes can work together and complement those differences for the revolution and progress of our species. We are made different (for reasons) and therefore the sooner we women realize that there are certain matter that we simply cannot always measure with men in a parallel manner (this definitely does not make us weaker), the sooner we can have a better understanding of the true sense of GENDER EQUALITY. I know this does not apply to the entire female species but there's still a big number out there.
NBA FAN (20 days ago)
@Mina Perocho You say “   You have that belief that men are superior but I have my own”  It’s not a belief, sweetheart, it is a fact.    I have mentioned repeatedly that men can do everything on their own, whereas women cannot.   This gives the male title “superior”   There is nothing degrading about a woman being the weaker sex.  Neither is there any shame in not having the title superior over the male.    The fact that women are weaker compared to men is a beauty in itself.   It shows that women should be treated with gentleness and care.   This makes the female a special being.     You say:  If I have a list in my head and I'm counting then I'm no different than you, that deep inside I'm favoring women by enumerating things and therefore degrading men in the process, which I won't because I don't believe in that. I am not favoring men by confirming the fact that men are superior to women.    See, this is what you and the girl in the video fail to realize:     We are NOT trying to say men are gold and women are garbage.   We are simply stating the obvious that as the superior being, there is nothing a woman can do that we cannot do.     It is really that clear.     If women were equal to men, then they would need to measure up to the exact abilities we are.    To make this simpler,  a male is called a KING and a female is called a QUEEN.     If male and female were equal, why would they need to be called different titles instead of one?  Why not call both male and female a KING? MEN AND WOMEN ARE COMPLIMENTARY:   I think this is a loose argument.    Because anything can be complimentary to each other.    A dog can be complimentary to a human being, for example, and that wouldn’t mean the dog and the human being are equal.   They simply compliment each other, whether that be for companionship,  for safeguarding his/her home, while the  human being provides a safe environment for it.   Just because a woman is the weaker sex does not mean she is unimportant.    It simply means she is not the superior sex.    And if she cannot accept this, and if she feels she is truly equal to a man, then please show me how is she on the same level as a man is,  And since you also denied there is a God, I strongly believe this discussion is pointless as you have denied the Creator, why woudn’t you deny nature as well    !!!     Feminism  is truly a curse.
Mina Perocho (20 days ago)
@NBA FAN No, the reason I'm not listing a thing is not because I cannot find one but because it defeats the message/point that I'm trying to send across. I get that you think that way that men are superior to women by enumerating those things but those are not the only thing to consider. Those can be listed under the category physical and I agree that men are stronger than women that way, therefore, this argument is pointless because the other party already agreed on it at the onset. Notice my comment is in a way for women reminding those that are like the woman in the vid who fail to notice the obvious. And if your point is to try and convince me to agree with you well then all the more this argument will go nowhere because it's never going to happen. You have that belief that men are superior but I have my own, that while I acknowledge that men are physically stronger, that we are of equal importance in existence, one is not greater than the other. You have my views and I have mine. And yes, I would not consider the bible in this discussion too (not to mean any disrespect but) because I look and call it as I see it play out in reality. How life rolls, nature's pattern. You see men are dominant and can do more than women because you're stronger. I see both are equal because they are both important components of life, of existence (without disregarding the fact that yes, you're physically designed to be stronger). Let's agree to disagree because while I see your point, I will never agree to you viewing women as mere pet or nuisance...that is where this exchange went wrong in the first place. Ps. And another reason that prevents me from listing anything is because I don't measure it that way. If I have a list in my head and I'm counting then I'm no different than you, that deep inside I'm favoring women by enumerating things and therefore degrading men in the process, which I won't because I don't believe in that. I won't degrade men just to make women look good. No. I listed one but I try to look at it as objectively and not give all the credit to womenhood because that would not be fair. Do you see where I'm coming from? Your view is just too different from mine.
NBA FAN (20 days ago)
@Mina Perocho The reason you won’t list at least one thing a woman can do that a man cannot do for himself is because you cannot list one.   You instead will act like the person in this video denying that men are superior to women.    Did I say superior?  YES I DID!  It is a fact.    Put me in any category with a female and I will dominate her.   From left to right, it is a guarantee.   Can a woman say the same thing about a man?   If yes, in what way?    If you feel insulted that men are superior to women, then you have a serious problem.  Even Jesus Christ Himself said the man is superior to the woman  He did not say the man and the woman were equal.    See 1 Corinthians 11:3 “ But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” Women are the weaker sex.   The bible also calls them the weaker vessel:   1 Peter 3:7 “  Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.” Are you going to also deny there is a God just like you are denying men are superior to women?   I wouldn’t be  surprised.    This generation has taught our children to deny their common senses. Now, I did say women cannot build roads.    You responded back to say they are a part of the project.       You completely missed the point.   My point is that men can do all things on THEIR OWN, whereas women  CANNOT.   Therefore,  women need men; men don’t need women.   I see you tried to use pregnancy as your argument.  But I am happy that you quickly acknowledged that this is a 50/50.   Women need a man sperm in order to get pregnant and a man need a woman in order to bring forth his child.   On every other subject men dominate women, thus men are superior to women. You can’t say a man dominates you in 100 ways and you tie with him in just one way and still claim you and him are equal.     Life doesn’t go that way.
Mina Perocho (21 days ago)
@NBA FAN see everything on your list here proves that men are physically stronger than women, and that clearly is already agreed upon. But it's quite presumptive of you to even say that there are no women involved in all those things, surely you're not backwards enough to not acknowledge that there are women TOO in the fields of work that are responsible for all that you mentioned (except for #5). I'm not going to point out and enumerate things that women can do that man can't because I am not like you. I don't play that "my pee can go much higher than you", that's just for boys. I'm not going to fall for that, No. Here's just to show you my point in my very first comment. Childbirth--that's what women CAN do that men can never ever. The same way that a man's sperm CAN fertilize an egg to get a woman pregnant, something that a woman cannot do. See my point? They are complementary. All the examples you enumerated are all being acknowledged already but then again who are you to say that ONLY men did all that, surely there are women involved in there too. *And I would not insult you if you didn't do the insulting first. You are quite foul if you haven't noticed. You look down on women too much that it gives me this picture of insecurity somewhere in there. Don't be, you're well assured that you, as a MAN, can do everything right, right? Then be at peace with that, no need for degrading women just to make you look superior or prove a point. Blowing on someone else's candle won't make yours shine more. I'm not even saying that women are better than men. My first comment was not even about that so you won't get from me a list that would point that women are better because that is not what I'm proving in my first comment. You didn't even get my point in the first comment, that's why you attack me (and the women in general) so aggressively on your reply. I suggest you read it again. Have a good one.
NBA FAN (21 days ago)
See, you did not answer the question about: What can a woman do that a man is unable to do for himself. Instead, you responded back with an insult to claim that my ignorance is a curse. Let me list just a few things that you women cannot do that we men can: 1. Women can't build roads. 2. Women can't provide electricity ( the very street lights you see on the road.) 3. women can't build buildings 4. Women can't defend themselves without a tool against an attacker. 5. Women can't perform complete male sports ( but men can complete female sports.) The list can go on. But can you please list me JUST one thing a woman can do that a man can't? Please for heaven sake, just tell me of one single thing a woman can do that a man can't do for himself.
scar1323 (26 days ago)
I honestly did not know the things where this bad
Haley Jo Lambert (26 days ago)
I am 17 in a public high school and I know that men are biologically stronger than women. That doesn't hurt my feelings and it actually makes me happy. I'm not against a man being a man.
Ilona Beaard (26 days ago)
Btw..those woman are having the wrong label. Toxic masulinety is not real. What is real is men who have narsasism....that is toxic masculinety. Just like you have narsistic feminenity...that is toxic femininety. (Lol..do know that i am dislectic as can be.)
superultramegasonic1 (6 days ago)
actualy. demasculated men is where the toxicity is comming from. masculen men have logic gates and used what they know to back their desicions and actions. but demasculated men are driven by feeling. and they are usualy the ones that punch first and ask questions never. and make up majority of women abusers.
Ilona Beaard (26 days ago)
1) Men are better in controling there agression in combination with testosteron. 2) Men are fisicly stronger then woman 3) Most chefcooks are men. 4) Male dansers take the powerpart on them so that the woman can do here danse better. (When you see how male dancers need to flex there mussels in order to lift a female danser, you understand that male dansers are extream strong.) 5) Men stunt more in where men wil be death quiker then a woman. I love the battel of the sexes when it is done in a sportive way. I know that men like a fun game too. There is a big difrentce between sexes and that can be fun. I hate it that woman think that we are the stronger one's. Becouse when it comes to childbirth, then woman are stronger. When i was working in a garage as a woman (i am an assistent car-moncanic) the men where extream suportive to me as a woman. There was no female toilet and i just whent to the male toilet who has a toilet with a door and a lock. Genderneutral toilet on the spot. When i want to blow the mind of my partner, i just show real feminin quality's and that mind is blown. In the cargarage-world i could not get every bold on the car. I was realy to weak but there are great tools that helpt me. And if i could not do it and i askt a male co-worker...they turnd that bolt on fore me with no problems. In the cargarage world, a female hand is easy. I could go into cracks in the car in where the hands of my male co-workers are to big. Here too...i was not offended and felt welcome becouse i could do some things that male-coworkers could not do. Male co-workers where not offended too.
《》CASTLE《》 (8 days ago)
@jester Facts!!!
jester (8 days ago)
@《》CASTLE《》 when I had my kidney stones, the nurse told me that she's had three kids and the kidney stones were worse than childbirth! I told her she had to be kidding and the other women in the room agreed that the kidney stones were worse!
《》CASTLE《》 (9 days ago)
Passing a kidney stone is more painful than childbirth...just saying
Elijah Lark (26 days ago)
Peter Surdo (27 days ago)
Where do people grow up today? Don't you interact with each other? Don't kids play together? It's pretty clear boys and girls are different. Young girls can be taller, run fast, climb trees, etc. but there is a point when "muscle stuff" takes over.
stepan kevin (27 days ago)
Jesus is the way, God gave his Son for us, which father is able to watch his son's death? But God did it for us, not because he loves Jesus less than he loves us, but because he knew that Jesus is the way, the perfect way. Jesus changed my life, let him do the same ot you.
Q Excalibur (27 days ago)
1919 - Men are strong powerful protectors 2019 - Men must be wet limp lettuces
Joy Skedgwell (27 days ago)
Men are better at being taller
Tom Mcfadden (27 days ago)
Being stronger doesn’t mean better. Being more empathetic doesn’t mean better. These are just empirically observable differences.
Tom Mcfadden (27 days ago)
What your witnessing in her expression is cognitive dissonance.
Shane Pye (27 days ago)
She is a meme machine. Kindergarten cop scene "Boys have penises, girls have vagina " cut to her triggered look. "Now that we have said some things women are better at, can you think of things men are"? Cut to her triggered look, with the Kill Bill Psycho music
Mike Higgins (29 days ago)
This is why our society is incapable of dealing with real problems. In the past men and women worked together to demand better working conditions and better economic conditions. Today we have people like this woman who can’t understand basic logic because they have been indoctrinated into a form of mental illness that you can’t understand. This women has been subject to a cult like indoctrination. Of course men are stronger physically. Some men are capable of significant physical activity. Some are not. That’s just simple reality. For example in actual combat situations during world war 2 on the Soviet front, men and women fought in the same battle fields. Because of the sheer terror of fighting in trenches and having bombs explode around them, the men had to take extraordinary chances to protect women on the battlefield. The men exposed themselves to more danger to protect women than they would have for other men. In Israel during the 1948 war, the men had to take greater physical risks to protect women. This is why even though Israeli women serve in the army but they are not placed in front line positions. The value of them in front line combat roles is greatly diminished. They have value but not as much as men in combat. The place women help is helping to search women in traditional Muslim countries. Where the women would feel uncomfortable with men searching them. In Iraq female troops helped to search female members of families. In Iraq there was another story of two female truck drivers hiding to avoid driving through an area that had been frequently used by insurgents. Had men done that they would have been reprimanded for cowardice. In combat you don’t have that option. In Afghanistan, there was troops marching with heavy gear up a mountain. The locals were laughing at the women in the unit needing help and straggling along as they were having difficulty carrying heavy equipment on a long march. This is common. Women like to use black and Hispanic men as an example of discrimination. But black and Hispanic men can carry the same 60 pounds of gear that a white man can carry. They have the same physical strength. Women are not the same.
monkeynumber nine (29 days ago)
Oh brother 🙄 How is this a surprise for anyone? My ex husband is emotionally driven, I am not. I can easily understand why men tend to avoid deep, emotional discussions. So annoying and pointless. He should've asked her to arm wrestle 😄
Hans Gopherfish (29 days ago)
9:27 Did she really just say "not all men"?!?! What a hypocrite!
Bob Loosemore (29 days ago)
She did NOT cry, but YogoOabs lied for clicks. Pity you can't draw watchers without lying.
Richard Gayler (29 days ago)
Well, the use of the word codependant has far too often been misused by most leftists psychiatrists and psychologists for at least 30yrs that it has become a complete and total negative for some women. But, it's in the DNA of all humans to seek out and be near other humans. That's why primitives gathered in caves, why tribes began to form, why villages were built, and why large populated cities now exist. Without those complimentary and codependent issues that all men and women have then homosapiens would have wiped each other out due to total cannibalism 100k/150k yrs ago. LMAO
Korben (30 days ago)
I don't think it's fair for those commenting that the interviewee is stupid. Now if we use the word indoctrinated, we may be more accurate. She certainly seemed more resonable than some reactions that I have seen in other videos on YouTube. Yes she cries, but perhaps that's just an emotional reaction to the realisation that her world view may be wrong...
MrSmashmonkey (30 days ago)
The removed the video for violating terms of service. Ill Have to find it on bit chute.
med ray (30 days ago)
I can't stand for dumb and crazy American women like that. No wonder most American women are single moms and broke hos for life.
Ahmed Mesbah (1 month ago)
its not womensplaining but cuntsplaining
PlayoffL36ron (1 month ago)
indian's can't get laid? there is literally a billion of them
SuperN0IS3 (1 month ago)
Imagine being so emotional that a simple fact makes you cry. Next -woman cries because of gravity
xavier zae (1 month ago)
Not tryna be that guy but basically the majority of white women are like this.
oO Fogman420 Oo (1 month ago)
Ill break it down women- estrogen.... Men-testosterone.... Men are naturally stronger pretty fucking simple
justme (1 month ago)
I married a big white masculine man! 🙌👌🤙💪
Malcolm Nadeau (1 month ago)
Here's that interview, uploaded again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7gwEyDV_Ps
Master Zideon (1 month ago)
“I’m very curious” lmao gtfoh
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu (1 month ago)
I think the issue is a sort of terminology safespace thing. Sjws think that its the way forward to change the right way to speak. Like actually police peoples vocabularity to make everything more “positive”. I don’t think they even recognize at all that censoring peoples voice is actually wrong. Its like they’re protecting people or something.
Jenariel Illenia (1 month ago)
YogiOabs, you don't need to speak to all women on an emotional level. Some women are very intelligent and can even dominate a logical argument. Take Candace Owens for example. This woman is just a brainwashed stooge without an independent thought in her brain. And it's simply a testament to our broken culture. People need to wake up and learn to think for themselves. Question everything until you can verify it in some way for yourself.
Her Sons & Arrows (1 month ago)
What if she never had any positive male role models and really doesn't know the strengths of men.
Stewart Ibrahim (1 month ago)
When did she cry? Click bait!!!!
RedShift (1 month ago)
Why do they think testosterone is used so frequently by pro athletes. It's just pure ignorance.
Leonardo352 (1 month ago)
This is hard to watch
Chrome Child (1 month ago)
No real man wants to date a feminist or an SJW. No morals, no principles, all emotion, no logic. I can't think of a single SJW or feminist that I've met that wasn't a complete asshole, and I've met too many for my liking.
deadass tacos (1 month ago)
Ima be the one girl to be straight forward about this We arent built like men are XD we carry the child and teach future generations and that's about it I mean sure with enough work we can be almost equal to men physically but in the end we arent going to be as strong as men,they are genetically built to be the ones providing protection and doing hard work as it's been for centuries,on top of that men are more connected to they're instinct as a human or "thinking with they're gut" which is why we were made to be more emotional,each gender balances each other out and works together for the betterment of humanity
Binks Webelf (1 month ago)
Him: “Men and women are different.” Her: “You hate me, and I’m lower than a bug! Are you gonna rape me? AHHGH!”
Shadez Salvatrucha (1 month ago)
As an ex Muslim I can say that not all true Muslims get aggressive a proper Muslim will always debate you and have a peacefull conversation to change the way you look at them and open your eyes to who they really are but those who act or claim they are Muslim will always get aggressive due to the fact that they really can't explain as to why prophet Muhammad was not a pedophile but more of a caretaker/gurdian during the Muslim war between each other many kids were left homeless hungry and no one to look after them someone had to step up and be a gurdian
MMKKK 999 (1 month ago)
Stop ruining the video by saying your dumb opinion. I want to see that thot cry haa
Edward Alexander (1 month ago)
As a balding man, I must say...you have some fantastic hair lol haven't watched the video yet, but I'm grape jelly right now
Luna of Nashoba (1 month ago)
I agree with you but please don't say you can't talk about facts with women. I would love to talk to anyone about facts. My feelings were hurt by that because now it's like your saying I wouldn't understand it if a man spoke to me. If you can use turns like feminist or sjw please do.
Mike McNiel (1 month ago)
Omg science
A2 Oneblood ! (1 month ago)
This woman is a moron
S_Jay (1 month ago)
Feminism is one of the greatest cons. It’s an orchestrated divide and conquer. A war of sorts. Mainly to weaken the non elite classes. End of story.

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