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Woman Cries After Learning Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women (REACTION)

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In this video I react to Sasha Daygame's interview of a kind but deluded female residing in New York City. Here is that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312sbdaZVUo UPDATE: One of the black dudes at the end got the video taken down because Sasha included him without his consent. Here is his reupload with their faces blurred: https://youtu.be/X7gwEyDV_Ps NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2QaE8UG DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wUWkqv SNAPCHAT: https://www.patreon.com/yogioabs TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/yogioabs
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YogiOabs (1 month ago)
The response to this video indicates that worldwide, people are *sick of the leftist agenda to turn everything we know upside down.* If you would like to help save this planet please join the MAKE SOCIETY GREAT AGAIN newsletter. Link is always in the description but here it is: https://bit.ly/2QaE8UG Sincerely, -YO
She might be a tranny
Julian Harris (14 hours ago)
This woman is just a complete and utter fool, and she actually proves that men are far superior to women not just at a physical level, but obviously on a mental level too.
azabigail1 (16 hours ago)
+Jan Jacob ... You are absolutely right. There are very misinformed, ignorant people in America. Unfortunately there are also those who would rather keep them misinformed and ignorant, so they can be easily manipulated, driven, and herded in the direction they need, or want, them to go in.
M. J. (1 day ago)
YogiOabs please don't call everyone "mother f*ckers" as it's rude. (What you do in your own time is your business). It takes away from your interesting content when starting this way.
Dave Wilson (2 days ago)
A faster way is to stick a fork in a light socket...
sh (6 minutes ago)
I loled at 'generosity of heart'
Henning Koenig (8 minutes ago)
Crazy_Feminist.exe hast stopped working [Cancel] [Ok]
Glorious Geek (16 minutes ago)
Feminists, you’re outnumbered. This is a numbers game and y’all consistently lose.
Rachel Vamvas (53 minutes ago)
BlackKNyT (53 minutes ago)
American army which is now the strongest will be first again but from bottom of the list when women enter army. Thank you lord.
Gerald Dileonardo (1 hour ago)
You guys just messed up her schedule, she was trying to cop some dope before her class!! Wtf!!
Dick Masterson (1 hour ago)
The Muslim part where we get offended isn't wrong but isn't true some Muslims get triggered some don't it depends on the person but the Quran is very clear about this it says that we are supposed to be very patient and suppress our anger
Wind Lady (1 hour ago)
The lady was perplexed because she was taken out of her mental comfort zone and suddenly challenged to reevaluate what she always thought was her reality. She was forced to think in ways she never thought before. Once people are set in their ways, it is really hard for them to shake off those chains.
Nolan Knows (1 hour ago)
Modern women have a degree of narcissism that is so intense as to be beyond measurement.
Gerald Dileonardo (1 hour ago)
It's an acting class!! She's practicing emoting!!
Gerald Dileonardo (1 hour ago)
She's using this as an exercise for acting, but needs work on it.
azure perite (1 hour ago)
When she keeps saying "Ya" in the cute voice after she gets done talking is aggravating as hell
Gerald Dileonardo (1 hour ago)
I get offered BULLSHIT twice a day at the news at 12 and at the 6 o'clock report!! THANK YOU NO THANK YOU!!
firebolt Enlim (1 hour ago)
She looks like the battlefeild V cover girl
Gerald Dileonardo (1 hour ago)
Daygame??? Really?? C'mon that ain't real is it , it's like ms.smith or Mr.jones
You’re generalizing, there’s women, then there’s females. I’m woman, hear me roar. An actual woman, not a little scared/offended by everything girl. 😂
Stevan (2 hours ago)
My guess is that these New York women are like that because a lot of New York men are submissive snowflakes maybe?
rey reyes (2 hours ago)
Great video!
bambi (2 hours ago)
To make up for men being strong and having upper body strength, women are actually more agile and accurate in combat. Their aim is a lot better than men. So technically more women should play more fps games than men lmao. They are also more evasive and aerodynamic. So idk why this woman is so offended. Just because men can do some things better than women doesnt mean women cant do some things better than men.
itsa jones (2 hours ago)
As a woman I can say I think women get waaaay too over offended by everything now days and God forbid you say a man might be better at something, ugh! Reason number 1 million I could never ever be a feminist! Lol personally I love men and I'd rather hang out with men than other women any day if the week!
bademoxy (3 hours ago)
5:30 "men are better at...." how about SOLDIERING or air traffic control or mechanical engineering?
brandi covey (3 hours ago)
Men are stronger then women but we are all special in our own way. She is being crazy ive come across women like this who just dont get it 😂😂
ted morris (3 hours ago)
A woman has no logic. This cunt was a trashy snowflake.
Hal 9000 (3 hours ago)
The problem, is in how differently some people Perceive. An open minded, mentally happy & Not always Right kind on person, does Not think like the negative, victim mentality type.
Rob oshea (3 hours ago)
He would've saved alot of time if at the beginning he asked " are you a feminist?" Save your breath Sasha and I appreciate this video to men all over the world . These people are mentally ill and have some form of delusion!
Rob oshea (3 hours ago)
And the CUNT in the background yelling feminist rhetoric in the background needs to shut the fuck up!
Rob oshea (3 hours ago)
This is sickening how far this bullshit has gone ..men are better at EVERYTHING cunt they're dilusional ..she's just too stupid . And dude you who made this video . I think your one of the few left who gets it ..real men are are fading out and being feminized!
bboysoulzero (3 hours ago)
Why is the original video deleted?
James Kirk (4 hours ago)
No-one can make you angry, anger is upto you.
Steven Lovett (4 hours ago)
She should get in the ring and prove her strength. https://youtu.be/F59U2Rot0b8
Joel Maher (4 hours ago)
banderfargoyl (5 hours ago)
Yeah, men are stronger than women. And donkeys are stronger than men. The difference is men don't get offended when you point that out.
igor melomod (5 hours ago)
I have seen women covering thier eyes and letting go of the steering wheel when a cat jumped to the road... How are they expecting to storm normandy or see horrors of vietnam?....
Shes utterly insane, still 6 years old in her head. Its a distinct infantilisation disorder. She never grew up
ThePubBub (5 hours ago)
Is this video supposed to be ironic, or did that dude actually just 'mansplain' what 'womansplaining' is??
Klara Gorąca (5 hours ago)
Please don't say "women" but "sick feminist" or something ;-; not every women are like that
beautifulautumn1 (5 hours ago)
I am a woman, and I have to agree with you, too many women are incredibly entitled and arrogant. Sasha just spoke the truth. She can't handle it. She pretends to be soft and gentle but she's truly arrogant. I have had conversations with too many women (and men, may I add) like that. They pretend ro be lovely civil people until you dare to voice the "wrong" opinion. They are quite simply, draining to be around!
Ramzi Rami (6 hours ago)
You talk too fucking much
Der aller echte (6 hours ago)
Women are better than men... at cooking
Amirah Al-Wehbi (6 hours ago)
If women went on strike for a week, office phone calls wouldn’t be answered, children would just go to their dads, laundry and dishes would pile up and men would have to order pizza for dinner BUT, the world would live on and the men would man. If men went on strike for 3 days, the world would stop. Electrical systems, plumbing and sanitation work, farming, food production and delivery, construction and inventions would cease. Those are men jobs. The real important things that humanity needs to live well.
bademoxy (3 hours ago)
+Morten Larsen can you give birth?
Amirah Al-Wehbi (4 hours ago)
Flufflez x3 you sound like the woman from the video say “uh uh not ALL.....” yea we know that.
Amirah Al-Wehbi (4 hours ago)
Flufflez x3 lol don’t argue the minority of people. We are speaking in majority. Your argument fails in the majority of people ok?
Flufflez x3 (4 hours ago)
I dont agree. Those are more men like jobs but women also have jobs like that. Enough people in the world for not much to happen really. Same thing with stay at home dads.. They exist
Morten Larsen (4 hours ago)
Guess im a woman and man in one, cause i manage to all the things you mentioned that would happen if women went on strike.
Yvon-Sebastien Landais (6 hours ago)
Anything taken to the extreme causes problems, wether it’s sexism or gender-equality itself.
idi amin (6 hours ago)
skinny indian guy max 40kg talking about masculinity...he look more feminine than women
Yvon-Sebastien Landais (6 hours ago)
Even though genetically, boys may be stronger than girls, if a boy 👦 just sits down and watches TV 📺 all day and a girl 👧 is always doing exercise and sports, obviously the girl has a chance of being stronger than the boy.
Fuck sakes what you mean aproached agressive hahahaha fuck sakes you idiot what must you do to talk to a girl to ask a fucking question fucking throw her food,give her a car what must it take why can't you just say hey how are you wtf this world is lost god will never save us we are a doomed rase
Dino Do (7 hours ago)
Sjw no surprise from her reaction.
John Jones (7 hours ago)
When you review a video that gets taken down and now it's super sketch but you just gonna leave it up there and hope for the best. I see you Yogi. Stay strong brother.
AL (7 hours ago)
Will Millennials ever stop making up silly fake words like Manplaining and Womanplaining, it sounds ridiculous and better not make it to the dictionary like bling bling. But yes most men are physically strong than women in general. Say Hello to Testosterone.
Joe Ehrke (7 hours ago)
hmm science is actually kinda the opposite, it's just woman have a smaller frame, but pound for pound, the female body frame can actually lift more compared to body weight ratio than men.
Devin Dixon (7 hours ago)
There are logical women, they are rare but they are out there we need more of them please!
Lucas Andreiii (8 hours ago)
in brazil we just dont give a Fu.... about it
Dragon Ryder (8 hours ago)
Women are more toxic just to women than men in masculinity
caligsi (8 hours ago)
She was on her period
BigD (8 hours ago)
If men weren't physically stronger, we'd have female boxers fighting men for the title of heavyweight champion of the world. Because the line of feminists that would love to kick the shit out of a man on live TV in front of the entire world, would wrap around the world.
Souad Siab (8 hours ago)
Stop pausing
Maria Stevens (8 hours ago)
Absolutely agree with you, however you have put all women under one banner. We all have very different opinions and I don’t agree the lady in this report.
Maria Stevens (8 hours ago)
Hey there, I am not entitled and arrogant. This woman does not represent me. Equality for all not just entitled sjw feminists. I find feminism toxic. Men are better than women at certain things and visa vera. Great subject.
rs.rileyg (9 hours ago)
This videos a pisstake😂😂
Zack Miller (9 hours ago)
Where is the crying
glitchez (9 hours ago)
Yeah i agree, she has an insane look to her eyes.
James Conway (9 hours ago)
Trust me when I say that I understand. I grew up with two sisters. One used what God gave her to good effect. Natural talent, grace, intelligence, and the kind of power only a woman can bring to bear. But my other sister rejected everything that it is to be a woman. Going so far as to hate all men simply for existing. And blaming them for every evil that has ever befallen the world. Yet, at the same time wanting to legally change her name to that of a man, and then become one in body. Herein lies the paradoxical dichotomy. On one hand they hate us. Yet, in the same breath want to be us. And all that entails. To be fair I do understand and have compassion for the inner and physical turmoil women have gone through since the dawn of time. No one wants to feel inferior. Nor do they want to be reminded daily of their seeming physical inadequacies. It's a very uncomfortable and painful thing to feel. To know that no matter how hard you try. You will never be quite as strong, fast, or have the same stamina as the average man. This coming from a man who could never measure up to my own twin brother in all the above, because I was born with a very rare degenerative genetic condition. Who also happens to be a masculine gay white man. The irony isn't lost on me. That in many ways I can sympathize with women. Even though I've never been able to fit into any of the traditional groups. Not with the church even though I want to believe in God. Not with with the LGBTQ+ because I could never measure up to their standards. Nor live the same sad empty roles they "assign" for you. That being you're either a dominate "top", or a bitch who is a "bottom." I'm sorry, but I refuse to be reduced to such dehumanizing terms. As I have and will always believe in equality in all ways. Be that in love, life, or the workplace. So, I live alone. Having said all that. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I truly understand what it's like to be on either side. And even though I said this once. It bears repeating. No one wants to feel inferior. And I more than most know what it's like to have to come to terms with the fact that I always will in many ways. Truth is I feel like a lot of these problems could be solved if people just talked to each other. And really listened. If they did they'd finally come to understand that we all have more in common than they realize. Because we are all of us human. And that will never change.
Quazi Roberts (9 hours ago)
Nearly ever world record for men is much better than women's. Men are naturally stronger and smarter than women. It's in-built in history. Women will never be superior to men.
Quazi Roberts (10 hours ago)
Put the best female boxer on the planet against an amateur male boxer and he'll dust her. Genetics. Nature.
Diana smith (10 hours ago)
She is an idiot.
CatNact (10 hours ago)
You said it perfectly. Women are emotional creatures and that emotion replaces, denies logic so in her head she has internalized the conversation and topic and like some matrix/inception/dreamscape fantasy she has created a delusion in her mind of a non logical hurtful scene. This is what wacky world is being created inside the mind when a woman randomly cries to a situation that literally carries no threat of harm but is converted into this soap opera tragedy inside her head. This is psycho 101.
EnslaveBrownMan (10 hours ago)
I used to work in a warehouse where women were also employed. You're required to lift a minimum of 60 lbs. Almost all the women couldn't do it or asked me to carry things for them, side tracking me from my own work. I used to always question, if this is an equal opportunity employer, why do I never see women loading/unloading trucks and men aren't scanning/processing items? Yet, we're paid the same.
Bob Jackson (10 hours ago)
If you think women are more compassionate than men, try divorcing one.
EnslaveBrownMan (11 hours ago)
What do you think would happen if all men disappeared from Earth? Genuinely curious.
j bluntz (11 hours ago)
iAM_TeNKo (11 hours ago)
She actually looks like she carries more muscle than him, a very bad example putting himself up against and equally framed Woman lol.
William Cullen (11 hours ago)
Wow. Look at all the down-votes. I must be a caveman because I did not see anything wrong. Ok. Maybe Muslim didn’t like the pedo reference.
Brenda Robertson (11 hours ago)
Ask her to go on the football field with one of the NFL teams see how long any woman last out there they are also better at climbing women can do it but we have to work harder at it men are more logical thinking women tend to go to the emotional part to the to the empathy parties she said and women can be very vicious I'm a woman so I could say that as a woman I found it much harder to work for a woman boss on the average then to work for a man of course it's different sets of problems I like that men and women are different that's what makes the world interesting I like that people are different how boring would it would be if we were all the same
Lisa Driggers (11 hours ago)
Nope--wait until you yell out "help"££, in a dark alley which do u think they'll send? The 300 lbs pure muscle bouncer or the 95 lbs bartender if it were ME, I'd WANT. The giant bouncer dude...face it love, women are NOT just as strong sweet little ❄!! Honey-read the bible, God's word NEVER changes, I don't buy into ANY of this garbage!! MEN are men and the head of the household. It's a godless life! What a SHAME these females are SO -- FIND A CHRISTIAN GIRL TO DATE & MARRY THAT WILL END THAT!
Brenda Robertson (12 hours ago)
Is this real I mean most women know that there are the differences in the sexes women are better at certain things men are better at certain things that's the way God made us
Lisa Driggers (12 hours ago)
HOW STUPID!!! Crying? As BOTH my parents would say: "knock off the crying or we'll GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REALLY CRY ABOUT." You know when I was 4 or 5 yrs old....
Blood Angel (12 hours ago)
It would be hilarious to see women compete men in some future Olympics where there is no division between genders. No more female Olympians after that...
dontknow4whyiwatch (12 hours ago)
I am a woman and I don't think like her at all. Men are stronger! I don't see what the problem is in saying that. They are much stronger. I think most are mentally stronger as well. I cry when I watch movies... sad movies, happy movies... men don't do that. Men are more driven, they have different life goals. You can talk facts with me :-) But not with liberal women.
Logan Flowers (12 hours ago)
Julian Harris (14 hours ago)
That girl has mental issues and needs serious intervention.
cnote frank (14 hours ago)
A, yo yall killed this vid
Eren Carter (15 hours ago)
Jeez, womansplaining, that's a first. Hm. Funny how that sounds more harsh than mansplaining. I thought I was outside of the loop on societal brainwashing but damn. The fact that I cringed at that means I have to do some serious thinking. Anyways, I feel like saying you can't speak facts with women is a bit off. I'd say with certain women or even as far to say most women. Great vid nonetheless.
ANDRADAE (15 hours ago)
I noticed you have indian blood (From india - not from latinoamerica).. So I would like to give you another point of view that maybe EVEN YOU can understand.. See, there is not much that people from india can say about "muscles" , " masculinity" , streng?... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME,,, ?? DO YOU HAVE A MIRROW??... FACTS: In the sports when men compite about streng , dominance , etc.. we actually dont see indians,,, GENERALLY.. indians have a contexure like you ( like a black woman or a latin woman in your size can beat you fast and ease).. NOW IMAGINATE YOU.. are in the street in your own bussiness doing actually something good foe the rest and a black male come close to you with a camera and ask your opinion about why ths indians have that weak contexture,your opinion about why you dont win a shit in box , martial arts, contact sports. ??,,,AT THAT POINT ANY ANSWER THAT YOU WILL GIVE ,, WE WILL TAKE IT AS YOU ARE A CRAZY INDIAN LITTLE BITCH THAT CAN NOT ACEPT THAT BETWEEN ALL HUMANS IN THIS PLANET ,, THE MALE OF YOUR RACE ARE THE LESS MANLY,, THE LESS ALFA,, AND THE WEAKER ONES.... PLEASE ANSWER ME WITH LOGIC..BECAUSE YOU SEE A LOGIC SITUATION OVER THERE ,, AND I SEE A GUY THAT I AM SURE DONT USUALLY GO TO BLACK OR LATINO MALES TO MAKE STUPID QUESTIONS,.. BECAUSE BY THE WAY,, IT USUALLY SHIT THEM SELF WHEN THEY ANSWER THEM THE SAME WAY THEY DESERVE... , USE YOUR LOGIC AND ANSWER WHY YOU SPEAK IN THE NAME OF MALES WHEN YOU ARE THE GAMA BETWEEN US AND,, DO YOU HAVE A MOTHER? HOW DO YOU LIKE A MAN RUINING HER DAY FOY SOME LIKES???
Herman Munster (15 hours ago)
She says men are better at "guarding themselves" which is quite insulting, because that implies that men are more deceitful, or better at lying than women. When we all know, men and women are equally adept when it comes to deceit. There are enough cheating spouses of both genders to understand this. But I guess men are less likely to give a shit, especially if they are the breadwinner. Why don't women get a grip on their emotions when conversing with men? Why does a man have to bite his tongue when speaking to a woman? I personally understand why traditionally, men speak to women differently, as women are more emotional, and can be provoked in an emotional reaction for different reasons to men. But with all this feminism bullshit, and women saying they can do anything as good as a man, I am no longer concerned about women's feelings when I speak. They get it with both barrels, just like my male counterparts do. Until women, or feminists admit they are wrong about their idea that they are equal to men, then I will not change. Call me a chauvinist if it makes you feel better ladies, and I will reciprocate by calling you a "mysandryst".
Slavic Ace (15 hours ago)
I wrote this to TRIGGER this kind of people - https://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Masculinity-Raise-your-MAAM-ebook/dp/B07MXPKS5T/
Crywolf MC (15 hours ago)
*6.7K bobs vagene feminists disliked the video*
로이미나 (15 hours ago)
"Oh interesting"
Doris Frech (17 hours ago)
Very good video. I definitely agree to all but one statement. I am a woman and you CAN talk to me. You should not argue against stereotypes and use one a few sentences later.
Martin Petkov (17 hours ago)
Your laugh cured my mom's cancer
Dima Medvedev (17 hours ago)
Zero respect for men, 100% entitlement and constant bashing of men in the media and you reap the results. Compare to how they portray men in Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT9CNOOImM0
Jonathan p (18 hours ago)
No homo great hair
Ƥrσɱєthєuѕ (18 hours ago)
Subhuman cumguzzling -wahmen- cuntwhores are a bunch of fucking worthless degenerate pathetic useless weakling pieces of shit who can't do anything a man can..that's a fucking fact. We non-subhumans (men) build everything (Civilization) created everything like technology.. -wahmen- cunts are profoundly mentally fucking retarded parasitic whorės who can't invent something useful so their ungrateful asses leech on us 24/7/365 We men are biologically ( scientifically) smarter and stronger than these mongoloid braindead skanks..fucking suck it you lowlife abomination brainlet cumdumpsters. If scientists figure out how to create a useful artificial womb that replaces these degenerate baby factories for good..worthless cunts like that skank would be officially obsolete..after that we will purge these inferior subhuman vermin kind :) Enjoy shit while you can, gutter sluts.
Ƥrσɱєthєuѕ (18 hours ago)
Typical mentally fucking retarded mongoloid brainlet -wahman- cuntwhore. Fucking worthless subhumàn fuckholes are biologically and intellectually inferior to men and that's a fuckin' FACT. And with us there wouldn't be no civilization or anything intelligent..fucking cunts would still be living in the Stone Age.
Dima Medvedev (18 hours ago)
there are no biological differences between men and women ... yet, it takes her less than a second to come up with 3 things where women a naturally better than men.
schaddly (18 hours ago)
or we can go straight to the alternative with this lady... she is just plain stupid. "um, like, like, uh, sigh, (struggle for cognitive thought) um, like, uh..." the dude obviously chose the most intelligent woman in that area.
Szabolcs Szegedi (18 hours ago)
Video starts Instantly smashed subscribe
Kay Map (19 hours ago)
Men are better then women at being physically and emotionally strong, providing, protecting.. and i understand why that women find it difficult to see it, because the men that she interacte with on a daily basis are not that manly.. also in today's world, where women want to do everything by themselves, "don't need a man" logo, men became more femenine and lazy.. women should back off a little bit, and let men do their job. I know i have a bad english but i tried.
jeannie stanley (7 hours ago)
Kay Map great point— truth— they prefer girly men who are great clothes fiends/decorators— but will not defend the woman fr aggressors
Ivan the Vegan (20 hours ago)
Tino Moyo (20 hours ago)
One of those men is a South African actor
alittlestrength (20 hours ago)
She's all shook up.
thomas vess (20 hours ago)
This woman is what's wrong with this country..

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