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Woman Cries After Learning Men Are Physically Stronger Than Women (REACTION)

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In this video I react to Sasha Daygame's interview of a kind but deluded female residing in New York City. Here is that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312sbdaZVUo UPDATE: One of the black dudes at the end got the video taken down because Sasha included him without his consent. Here is his reupload with their faces blurred: https://youtu.be/X7gwEyDV_Ps NEWSLETTER: https://bit.ly/2QaE8UG DISCORD: https://discord.gg/wUWkqv SNAPCHAT: https://www.patreon.com/yogioabs TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/yogioabs
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YogiOabs (2 months ago)
Updates: Yes, the original video was taken down, but not because YouTube hates people who question feminism. It was specifically because the two men who confronted Sasha when the woman began to tear and experienced a loss for words requested that they be removed from the footage. According to Sasha, they asked him to delete the footage following the interview. Sasha had to reupload the video, after it had surpassed 1 million views, just to blur those two men's faces, because they were seen in the original. I have provided that link in the desciption so you can watch the original video. This has two implications. This style of interview, or rather, interrogation, has threatened society. Sasha faced a lawsuit from a different feminist who felt embarrassed at her ineptitude at explaining her position. These two men felt similarly embarrassed. I plan to conduct similar interviews on this channel eventually. Now, for those who complain that I talk too much, this is a channel that provides commentary and criticism of feminism and female nature. Its goal is to understand male-female interactions and promote a healthier society, while questioning the widely accepted beliefs held by the general public and taught at universities. This reaction video is my most watched video by far. And what's interesting is that after I released it, the original video exploded alongside with this video, and at times had more views than this video (around 600-800k views). Before this video, his video had 17k views. So there is a benefit to making reactions that help the original video. If you'd like to get involved in helping spread the anti-feminism movement, the men's rights movement, and make society great again, consider subscribing and joining the newsletter, which you can find a link for in the description. Thank you.
Clara Delphine (1 day ago)
J Bagger Ok since you have been mentioning a lot of negative things about « third way feminism » I looked it up: turns out I didn’t find anything...I think perhaps all this time you were referring to « third wave feminism » ?! If you were...then this video linked below will explain the movement in a more neutral way, that might help you balance out your prejudices. And btw even if there was a correlation between high income and feminism...what does it matter? It means it’s easier for women of those classes to protest the conditions, but that doesn’t mean the working class is marginalized. Perhaps it simply means that a lot of working class women just don’t associate with the movement. And there is nothing wrong with that. And actually there ought to be a type of feminism for the working class women, as well as a « third world/global south » feminism https://youtu.be/dQKgJ1PJzBs
J Bagger (1 day ago)
+Clara Delphine Here's your third way feminism weaponized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFGHEZMSek4
J Bagger (1 day ago)
+Clara Delphine I'm certain you have plenty of labels you desire to apply to me. You already did, you labelled me a misogynist already btw, that was during your attempt to guilt trip me, didn't take. You also labelled me a couple of other things in order to avoid discussing the topic. Which is what you are doing now. Prejudices based on reality aren't prejudices, they are simply manifest reality. Are most western feminists affluent upper class and upper middle class women. Yes they are, how do I know this, from studies of whom supports third way feminism, shows a clear correlation between high income and third way feminism. Is it not a movement which is concerned about policing human interaction, it is the main emphasis of third way feminism. So it's neo puritanism and just like puritanism it targets the poor in order to gain power at the expense of other rich people using the tried and tested tools of the moral panic.
Clara Delphine (1 day ago)
J Bagger and you have failed to open up your views to different interpretations, instead you dwell in your prejudices. And who are you to tell me who I really am?! As far as I know you don’t know me, so do not label me, because I’ll have a lot of labels to put on you as well
soulless one (5 hours ago)
I hate when someone steals anothers video to try and make it there own and adds gibberish
The Battousai (19 hours ago)
I think her inability to name some better qualities of men, stems from not having a male role model/father figure in her life, to exhibit the good qualities men do have. Also, clearly she doesn’t have a a boyfriend or has experienced bad relationships. Really enjoyed your analysis of their interaction! *subscribed*
My only disagreement is that bodybuilding and weight lifting is healthy.
The Fandom Menace (2 days ago)
I love how her one 'compliment' about men she can come up with is a negative. It's like when people go to job interviews and people ask them what's the one bad thing about themselves.. and they say they're too hard working. Ah Millennials, gotta love their delusions. That's what happens when my generation raises their kids by giving them out "participation trophies".. you got them believing they can do no wrong.
Roxanna Mostatabi (2 days ago)
I feel sorry for women who get so triggered by masculinity. How has feminism convinced women that softness and receptivity and all things feminine are negative traits? Why is being smaller than men a problem? Why is being physically less strong a problem? The two sexes need eachother. Women need men’s strength and logic and bravery and men need women’s compassion, love and emotion. We need eachother. What’s the problem???
Bruce Cabella (2 days ago)
She is delusional or brain dead it's still up for debate.
Puknut (3 days ago)
Go look up the word stereotype bud, you have a lot to learn about women. Some women exhibit these traits. To say all women are like this is insane.
Johnpaul Kane (3 days ago)
New York was not always liberal dominated city there were actually a lot more masculine men years ago liberals couldn't build a city like new York you need tough men to build skyscrapers.not man bun flip flop fem boys
Johnpaul Kane (3 days ago)
Face of arrogance ?more like nut job
FPV stu (3 days ago)
You're a dick.
Trip Fontain (3 days ago)
Wish he would've asked her if men are equal to women.
Filipe Cardozo (3 days ago)
She looks so dumb. The way she tilts her head to desagree and think is just embarrassing
Snare-who (4 days ago)
Here are 3 things men are better than woman at physical strength, maths , and not being an absolute bitch
Cam Mewton (4 days ago)
it's like watching a robot short circuit
Trafalgar D Water Law (4 days ago)
Look this was my First time visiting your channel at first i tought you were a person that would research about a topic then speak about it. Yes I am a Muslim you can ask me about my way of life my believes you can even contradict me about it, I won't he offended, but when you Label Our Holy Prophet( SWA), who was born 1400 years ago with out any proof i will be Offended, If you went to Christian society and the first line you say to start an argument about Christianity is start taking crap about Jesus's I am pretty sure they will be offended, its the same for us Muslim too.
Faith Oconnor (4 days ago)
This dude sounds like an ass
Alex Amor (4 days ago)
Some women these days think it is sexist to say that men are stronger then women, it's not. It is sexist if some you assume a strong girl is weak just because she is a girl.
Pat Uskert (4 days ago)
This woman who never built or invented anything, is unable to vocalize the value of men in the world. This is a societal sickness. Men built the university she is attending, fought and died for the country she is living in, invented the microphone she is speaking into, and the automobiles and computers she uses, along with the electricity and other machines that give her the luxury of a life so easy she can take womens studies courses and work in a cozy office built by men.
MegaDarktor (4 days ago)
People nowadays are really starting to believe all those Hollywood idiocies about women being able to fight men twice their size and won, I met two young girls a couple of years ago who believe they could take down on in a fight. and they thought I'd probably have a chance against fighting one of them and I had zero against both, and we're talking about two 15 years old who barely weighs 130 pounds each... against a 6/3 280 pounds of muscle who used to train in martial arts boxing and who is no stranger to a street fight and never once lost, Ha!. You see how they are disrespecting men now because of all those cartoonish idiocies they've grown up with and believe to be the truth!
Jeff Gilligan (4 days ago)
Homo Muslim pussboy crap
Tony Rizo (5 days ago)
I guess that black dude thinks he’s tough trying to confront this guy. “Woah” so scared, go back to Africa you slave.
BOŽA 455 (5 days ago)
She is angel from outside, but devil inside..
Chuckie Gravesfield (7 days ago)
dude I fucking hate your hair
Logang 290 (8 days ago)
Us men protect women but most of u women like to complain so shut the fuck up and take what you get or u don’t get what you deserve and stop acting like your stronger then us and talk to us like u would be talking to your friend that is a. Girl and stop acting like everything we say is weird I love all women just not like the ones I just talked about have a good day
Mitchell R (8 days ago)
If women where as strong as men, women would have fought in combat along side men in every war since the dawn of time, only they haven't.
Mitchell R (8 days ago)
This is why women shouldn't be in politics
Daniel Brickmann (9 days ago)
Your video is amazing dude. You're not only giving the same biased one-sided crap that's all over the internet, you're taking the time to explain mindsets, situations and also how/why things came to be. This is so important! Keep up the great work
Jon Downer (9 days ago)
It’s funny that she’s trying to not too put men In a box , men are happy with our box , our box is fine leave us alone
Elbrus Bilgin (9 days ago)
Arguing with a feminist is like trying to catch a snowflake with bare hands. It's just pointless and huge waste of time.
Fathima Afroz (9 days ago)
Um, insulting the prophet of our religion is offensive. It's like insulting someone because of their race. Can't compare that with feminism.
kartik TYAGI (11 days ago)
"Look , I'm taller than you"... 😂😂 That fucking got me.... Although women's minds are based emotionally and mens' on logicality , that's why men run businesses and states...
Macy Drew (12 days ago)
Also, does no one else notice the sick wheelies in the background??
Macy Drew (12 days ago)
Bro I don’t like feminists, I agree they don’t make sense. Just FYI though, I’m a woman and I’m logical, I’m more logical than my boyfriend and most people I know. Overall though, neat video! Feminists are crazy. 😂
anthony perkins (12 days ago)
WOMANSPLAINING! yes, he said it. She really nothing to say....wow...yes you said WOMANSPLAINING again. Im glad you brought it up. All this MANSPLAINING that women are throwing around like its nothing. WOMEN are in DENIAL and that is all there is to it. Men will always be stronger than women...
james oshields (12 days ago)
Omg shut up gay boy . Let the vid play !
Clara Delphine (12 days ago)
Your critism is as far from being constructive: are men so insecure that they have to assert themselves through such gender biased, passive-aggressive interviews?! Does it reassure men to know that they are physically stronger ? Fine, but if that woman does not agree with that statement, then you should respect that. And, for you to say « women today are entitled and arrogant » is something you shouldn’t say with such vigour. Obviously, you’ve had some bad experiences but DO NOT generalize especially about something so personal, that is your own viewpoint. Moreover, to say that « she seems closed off to the idea that men are better than women » seems pretty natural to me. Our history has shown that men keep on being convinced that women belong to the private sphere, that we are helpless beings. Well, we are not. But if you want to reassure yourselves about your male virility: then just help, contribute to making daily lives safer, not only for the sake of women but everyone. It would have a much more useful, and positive impact.
Clara Delphine (10 days ago)
Big Cock I did not insulte you
Big Cock (10 days ago)
Clara Delphine why would I carry on a debate with someone who throws out insults with no evidence?
Clara Delphine (10 days ago)
Big Cock ???? I appreciate a good debate, but you « my friend » unfortunately have nothing interesting to say
Big Cock (10 days ago)
Clara Delphine but you’re the one sitting there writing paragraphs my friend :)
Clara Delphine (10 days ago)
Big Cock maybe but what does it matter ? Is it really important to acknowledge men are stronger physically ? Does it make you feel good about yourself ? Assures your virility?...gosh you may actually be really insecure
David (12 days ago)
she the type to burn your house down cause you aint wash the dishes.
Kit Kefner (12 days ago)
You talk way too much like a woman
Rebecca Harris (12 days ago)
I think women today have totally lost their minds! I love men! I am 56 years old and I love a manly man (my now deceased ex-husband was a manly man and I did love him and when he died he asked me to plan his funeral way beforehand! Why? Because he knew I would do what he asked me to do should he die before me; even through I never thought that would happen because he was younger than me.) ! A man that can pick me up (literally), a man that can protect me (even though I do know how to shoot my .357 very well and can hit the 8, 9, X on the body-form target), a man that makes me laugh (because they are usually the funnier sex), a man that will open my doors (not because I can't but because he cares enough to do it). These 20-30 year-old women today are missing out on the best things about men! That they are the protectors, that they do have muscles, they think logically and aren't usually a crying wimp (but yes cry at real-life deaths) when I need someone to think rationally not emotionally, and because when it comes down to it...we need them because if men go soft, so goes the protectors of countries, like America. So yep, God bless the soldier, the firefighter, the cop, and the other male-dominated fields...because I want someone who can save me, not wimp out because she made it into that specific field because equal rights! I had 7 brothers and no sisters, so I learned male logic a long time ago. Women, you better get your "Betty Crocker", "Mom at Home", "Women Loving Men", "Wear a Dress Or Skirt And Blouse", and "Let Your Hair Grow Long" (because who knew real men love women who act and look like real women???) Deal going back on or you will be the reason we are taken over in our country! I do not like feminists because they think they are just like a man...uh, NO. God made man and woman, but He made man first, then woman second. We are to be the one to walk by their side because we came from a rib, not his back nor his chest! If you let a man lead (duh, not 3 steps ahead of you, but figuratively) and take you with him by his side...you just may like where he leads you! Stop trying to be a man and be a woman; you may just like that men talk to you when they are in their 30's and you are in your 50's! I go out to eat and there will be men who just come and talk to me and my friends. Why? Because we are approachable. We look like women, we act like women, we are women. Keep wearing your jeans and t-shirt that spouts some ignorant Femi-Nazi thing on it and live a long lonely life with just you and your cats or worse you marry a Beta-Male because no Manly-Man would look at you twice! It bugs you when you see young men come up to us older women and you don't even know why! I wish I could show you pictures on here of where gorgeous young men just came and sat down with me or my friends and even my mom when we'd go out to eat. See the video of where men actually sang to us in Applebees because they wanted to (they sang beautifully...not like Top Gun, but pretty dang cool!)! You want to see a real man, act like a real woman! Oh and listen to them when they talk; hear what they are really saying...it helps a lot; you'll know what they really mean without having to analyze them to death or wonder if they like you!
Kendra L Love (14 days ago)
I have never seen a reaction like this to this argument in real life. Her reactions are so robotically creepy and she is EXTREMELY illogical. I'm thinking that she is mentally sick somehow. Unfortunately, not sure where she would get help.
Stephen Robertson (15 days ago)
Would of got beat up walking into ppl faces tryin to b a hero u n ya pops lol
Bdon (15 days ago)
Im laughing so hard right now and if you are a man you understand why
G D (15 days ago)
The greeting
Aliya (16 days ago)
I am a woman and I think men have more physical strength, have better logical thinking (thinking using facts, not influenced as much by emotions), coming to quick decisions (decision making), more straight forward.
Jason (15 days ago)
mens purpose is to protect woman. womens purpose was to support men.
peanut butter (16 days ago)
Her emotional mind was like Error cannot compute, questions are too logical.
Jason (15 days ago)
she forgot about facts
lieutenant Cohsmo (16 days ago)
Anyone saw the wheelie guy
Wize Guy (16 days ago)
You know how women dont know want... well modern feminism is a big display of that
whut o.o (16 days ago)
Feminism started off as equality amongst the genders, and now it’s just women looking for superiority over men. It takes a tear off a woman for white knights to come in and protect her even when she’s wrong and she knows it herself. Yes, typically men are much stronger in muscle than women but that’s how it’s suppose to be, men are good at certain things and women are good at their own things. Some women will use their sex as a reason to be superior and get what they want. Feminists now are giving out more hate then they are love and equality. Women can fight, learn, and do everything possible to try and become stronger then a man but in all reality men were created to be stronger and able to protect. Women are created to bear children and care for the future. Back in the day men would go off to war and PROTECT. to this day in some cultures men are educated to do everything to protect the women. Men are fighters, women aren’t. Simple. Now I’m not saying women can’t be in charge of themselves and become their own independent person but originally men are suppose to be stronger.
SWEDEN REACTS (16 days ago)
It is the same in Sweden! The girls are crazy in modern days. I wish i was that cool, i almost loose me my temper when i talk to this bitches.
Mike in Halifax (18 days ago)
Women will start to wake up when guys who have Transitioned to become girls win all the medals at all their sporting events. The wiring of our brains are quite different- male brains in fact do more processing in their neo cortex whereas women involve their limbic system and alterior brain more. So emotional and fear reactions are more likely w women. I am Fine w the rare case that is not in the typical box but let's stay real, men and women don't understand each other well because we are so different. Society is beginning to reward emasculate men and toxic feminist girls. But on the flip side, I have met so many awesome people on the right, I wonder what stereotypes keep men behaving timidly? Conservative girls are way more fun!
Leo Nards Bro (18 days ago)
New York women (especially) have been brainwashed. And these are the same women who end up single and complain they can't find a man.
Peter Enis (18 days ago)
I've rarely met a woman, who wouldn't agree on the general differneces between male and female. Maybe its a matter of the area/education you come from. For me the educational system in the USA doesn't seem to be implemented well in most parts. Cheers from Switzerland
julijakeit (19 days ago)
Strangely, I just got a book recommended to me discussing that women are actually as physically capable as men and even can supersede men due to estrogen! What a bunch of nonsense. So far, no professional female athlete could compete in the same field, that's why there are different men and women competitions.
Thepug master (19 days ago)
I like you're take on this video brother!
Red Fox (20 days ago)
Women are good at giving me a blowjob
ProJanitor (20 days ago)
This is what happens when peacetime lasts too long.
Špela Ribič (21 days ago)
I don’t agree that women always think emotionally, I know a lot of men who act on their emotions and women who ignore their emotions. But yes women are probably more feminine and men more masculine but it’s not all of them
Carol the Crazy Camper (21 days ago)
You could be saying " this is how you cant talk to a liberal, snoflake women." Conservative women know men are physically stronger in general.
SuperMerlot (21 days ago)
This woman is an actress or has mental issues
Bad StarWolf (21 days ago)
Duh.. Lol, men are stronger, faster and have more stamina than women since the beginning people just have to learn biology. But men were desing to hunt animals, build, and more I mean men can always surpass women on science and mathematics is history, Men build society. But no women are not more compassionate women this days are more heartless men have more empathy. Women are good at raising children and taking care of the family I mean this is just the way its been and always has been. We cant lie to other people about this and if you dont belive me then just look that the findings we have been studying this for centuries.
Jeronimo Cumming (22 days ago)
the original video got taken down lol
I hate Vegan (23 days ago)
Nature made woman to take care of the babys and take birth in general but some species are not made like that
Nisha Rajah (23 days ago)
I have a jar in my kitchen that I cannot manage to open since months.. Girls men's physical strength is useful! Accepting it will make your life easier. LOL
Andrew Parker (24 days ago)
Do you think 50 of her could take on Hafthor?
sarah (24 days ago)
Why would you even be mad that men are physically stronger? Doesn’t upset me. Women have higher emotional intelligence. We know how our actions and words will influence the emotions of others. And generally I would say women are a little bit more compassionate .. but thats not the biggest difference. Men like to handle things and women like to handle people. Both men and women can be evil in character but evil women often cause more pain. Also, there are a lot of women hating assholes in the comments. Calm your tits gentlemen.
McReaper 76 (24 days ago)
All I think About is the youtube buffering
Lebron Fitzgerald (25 days ago)
Men are better at tough love
Nashton Snarr (25 days ago)
Men rule YEAH!!!!!🏋️
gabriel Rivera (25 days ago)
Alright everyone think about this. How would he know what’s going on in her head? Not to mention every conclusion he drew was based off a stereotype involving feminists. This is very stereotypical. Maybe she doesn’t actually believe men are physically stronger than women but she doesn’t dumb down men at all. Like this guy is literally saying do not talk facts too woman. Like what stfu?
gabriel Rivera (25 days ago)
12:49 Hey this YouTuber seems very sexist. Like he can’t stand women having different ideas. And then claims all women are alike. This guy doesn’t even make sense.
gabriel Rivera (25 days ago)
12:40 he says it’s womansplaining because she wants to find a word that equalize men and women. That’s not what womensplaining is. Lmfao
gabriel Rivera (25 days ago)
The girl doesn’t really want too engage in this convo and it seems y’all are just trying to make something out of nothing tbh. Like how you expect women to change if all your doing is just talking shit when she a has a wrong idea.
Matthew Blake (26 days ago)
if u try to find out more about the 2 persons in this video you will find the reasons why is this happening... Sasha was abused by his mother and the other person has father issues. So they both want to destroy the opposite sex. Sasha also has to work on him self..he is dead inside.. yes that woman is damaged but he is not responding to her pain at all...he is a robot. https://youtu.be/1npsLv8ClZc?t=68
just a guy (26 days ago)
8.3k triggered sjws
Leero2000 (26 days ago)
Great video, very proffessional
Steven (26 days ago)
Men are better at building houses and cars and roads. We're the best at every sport of every kind.
Steven (26 days ago)
Is this you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dQSLIOMBgY
Space Boi (26 days ago)
No one: Feminists: *KILL ALL MALES*
Denneska (26 days ago)
Great video.
svetoslava angelova (8 days ago)
Being in my feminine energy I can tell you two things - 1) everything good in my life comes to me when I embrace my female nature 2) Men are stronger than women they have more strength than us and this is absolutely normal because man are created to (do, compete, compare, conquer, fight, go to a war, protect, provide, invent, make decisions, lead, build empires, run business...). I wish more women were honoring the masculine power in men by: Allowing them to help. Don’t competing/ comparing/ arguing with them. Don’t criticize them. Respect/ Be grateful/ appreciate them...
svetoslava angelova (8 days ago)
nightjar if you tell me that the motherhood is pale and depressing in comparison to “all the fun stuff men do” ... than I have nothing I can say to you ....
svetoslava angelova (8 days ago)
Ivv Iv They are stronger and they have more strength but why I wrote energy don’t ask me ...probably I was in hurry and misused the word. Regardless this doesn’t change my opinion. What you said is absolutely true women have a lot of energy. I will edit the word energy with strength. Thank you once again.
Ivv Iv (8 days ago)
They are stronger, I'm not sure that they have more energy. I mean, I'm not really energetig person myself, but the most energetic people I've met in my life were women. Some women can be so hyperactive and able to do so many things in one day that sometimes I'm not sure they are even human.
nightjar (25 days ago)
Looks like men get to do all the good stuff. So what's female nature, then? Sounds like it must pale in comparison. If someone out there tells me it's to have babies and breast feed, then I know I was right. How depressing.
Ali_ _A (26 days ago)
13:56 his mansculinity niqqa ur a virgin 100%
Ali_ _A (26 days ago)
Why Tf am I watching this honestly episode 876 on why this is in my recommended
Jason Heilinger (26 days ago)
Do people like black women???
Sweet Bread (26 days ago)
Even men are better at being women xD
Nathan Babarovich (27 days ago)
Ok silly girl, why in the olympics dont men verse woman ? Why in boxing don't woman fight men? Why when a woman hits a man they think they shouldnt be hit back..........stupid
Gaelle McG (27 days ago)
Her reaction.. well she looked like the deer in the headlights.
Ai Lynn (27 days ago)
Why was she looking at his lower abdominal area? Stronger at that area. Gosh... So dumb
SneerfulDust (27 days ago)
Female are easily emotionally compromised
Bubble Tea (27 days ago)
Men and women are different. That's true. But sometimes men take it to far, acting like the only thing we can do is work in a kitchen when that's not true. Because if it wasn't, we wouldn't have been given an education. That's my opinion tbh. And no I'm not a feminist, because I understand about men being stronger than women. But like I said, men test women's ability a bit too far. Let's be honest. You're not pushing out something that's the same size as a watermelon🤷 if you understood that pain, you'd understand that women are strong at some things and it's not always us in the kitchen.
alpha omega (27 days ago)
i dont think we can extrapolate this to society with any intellectual honesty because she's obviously extremely slow or acting
LEMONS Patusky (27 days ago)
Even from a fair perspective that not right or left, they are still wrong
Young War (27 days ago)
Yeah, yeah....yeahh...
Young War (27 days ago)
What are women better at than men? *answers multiple answers right away* what are men better at than women? *dumbfounded and insulted*
Swedish Otaku (27 days ago)
Saying all women are bad at logic I’m not sure I can agree with, need more data. But it sure is more likely that a woman is bad at it. I know that from experience.
Swedish Otaku (27 days ago)
Your way of pronouncing women sounds wrong...
Swedish Otaku (27 days ago)
WTF is bad with the word strong? It’s very black and white when you clarify that it’s physical strength.
Swedish Otaku (27 days ago)
WTF she thinks women are as strong as men? Not only do men do more physical stuff we also have the genetics of it.
Axel Coltic (27 days ago)
Yeeeeea used to want to have a family. According to my mother, aunts and every other female in my life im probably fucked in that department with the quality of woman in my generation. But hey! Better alone than with someone like this right?
Thomas Atkinson (27 days ago)
Its amazing how being retarded is becoming the social norm at these Universities

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