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Can Vine Videos Be Used To End Racism? | TMZ

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Text Comments (171)
rich whiteboii (1 year ago)
I dunno but how do racist people vote for obama ..........🤔🤔🤔🤔
TM (2 years ago)
Were all the same doesnt matter what color, gender, size, or your favorite vegetable. God loves every single human so we can all just chill in peace man.
Will Diaz (3 years ago)
one day it will stop i guys might think it wont but if u just believe and stand up for ur rights anything is possible
Nigga Please (3 years ago)
Get his fucking leg, Bach!
Khie Riva (3 years ago)
if vine doesn't get messages across it sure as hell got a lot of songs n stuff across
DanyulBean (3 years ago)
All these comments are hate like if you just came here to watch the video and not to hate C:
Clyneyy (4 years ago)
King bach is a fucking hypocrite, he is one of the worst on vine for stereotypes, fucking idiot 
ORION QUEST (4 years ago)
BD22UK (4 years ago)
Me and my friends get followed in stores aswell most of us are white, this is forcing racism 
afrobabe - (4 years ago)
There's white people there's rascism
Fatimah abdul-haqq (4 years ago)
+Gabriela Figueroa lmfaoooooooo I cant
Fatimah abdul-haqq (4 years ago)
+Gabriela Figueroa lmfaoooooooo I cant
Zombie Lemur (4 years ago)
Conflict, war, hate, saddness will still exist as long as humans are around
Blitz TV102 (3 years ago)
And that's why I hate the humans.
4everkobebryant (4 years ago)
PE47 (4 years ago)
what's considered racism today is nothing compared to 50+ years ago. todays racism is not even racism for the most part, people take everything the wrong way just to squeeze out some money in court
Jennifer Martinez (4 years ago)
I laughed way to hard at this
CreoleCommando (4 years ago)
WTF is "Vine"???
Arruba DansonTV (4 years ago)
Rascim will never end. Sad, but true.
Aj Hudson (4 years ago)
My favorite movie is Titanic because it's a movie full of white people drowning.
TM (2 years ago)
chill nigga
ORION QUEST (4 years ago)
Diego Vigil (4 years ago)
i liked Schindlers list because there was white people killing white people
Ty Lue’s Face (4 years ago)
idc bro
kwtpoliceman (4 years ago)
black ppl steal 300% more than white ppl thats why they keep following him XD
Favor Lingham (4 years ago)
That was funny
kalin goshev (4 years ago)
Всичко е немало тъпо вправо ще заспа
bran178 (4 years ago)
White people steal to lol
Alan Gramajo (4 years ago)
Hey look I'm on TMZ
bigzaddybre (4 years ago)
I can obviously tell that all of you guys are over 40 something years old because actually every single white person and black gets along with each other you guys are still living from I guess when you were younger and it's so sad because I am in highschool and I'm not acting like you all!! And every single black person when you see all these rude and hateful comments just school and shake your head because they want you to retaliate how society has made us to so like this if you did it because god knows your heart!! And it pure gold❤️ bye beautiful people love you all:)
hajira azizi (4 years ago)
Pandas are like this is stupid . Pandas are like , I'm black white and Asian lol
Jamal (4 years ago)
fuck all white people especially the white mans daughter
Pita Lampkin (4 years ago)
No. its only gonna trigger self hatred
Joke times (4 years ago)
racism will never end, not because of any specific ethnic groups but because of the way people think, the environment they grew up in; for example you tend to find that a lot of the older generation of people (without specification of ethnicity) tend to be more racist as they were brought up to think in a certain way about other ethnic groups. Follow me on vine guys @JokeTimes
Mistiria LovaAr (4 years ago)
Aleister Crowley (4 years ago)
If logical thinking cant stop racist people from being so fucking dumb I dont think vine can :p
Victor Sanchez (4 years ago)
Vine changed so much, all I see now is people thirsty for followers. And how can things get better if a lot of viners are always like "black people be like, light skinned people be like, mexicans be like, white people be like." 
BasedGod Montymont (4 years ago)
No it wont cause people like him and jerry purpdrank vines are mostly about black stereotypical things...
theepicsealshow123 (4 years ago)
What's the vine called
Nebi Gebre (4 years ago)
The guys name is Rashid polo. Look him up on vine.
theepicsealshow123 (4 years ago)
What's the fine called
Jiwonsus (4 years ago)
Vine is the land of racism
Broken Dreams (4 years ago)
Vine is the most racist site on the internet. Fifty procent of the clips are about how people act different because of their pigmentation. It's ignorant and fucking retarded.
Tazz King (4 years ago)
There r better viners than bach now a days
Ambers Closet (4 years ago)
My boy Bach!! On TMZ...thats when you know you've made it!!
LisaC (4 years ago)
lanz doe (4 years ago)
Sha-Dane Went (4 years ago)
I've never experienced racism so I can't relate
thaaliaaa (3 years ago)
Exactly like all these people talking about this stuff and I haven't even experienced it "yet" idk
lilmario0 (4 years ago)
YES, lets end racism by creating more "things black people and white people say" to continue embarrassing each race and allowing the other race to mock the other. THIS IS THE WAY PEOPLE, WE ARE FINALLY GETTING IT. BTW.... yall see that white booty at the end though, not much but it looks nice though.  ANYWAYS #thingsWhiteAndBlackPeopleSay #whiteBooty   #LetsSetOurPeople1000YearsBack   #ThisIsSacasmInCaseYouWereTooDumbToNotice   
jakep1979 (4 years ago)
end racism?! it will only make dumb people lynch one another.
Karma (4 years ago)
Fuck vine bitch
fidel best (4 years ago)
racists peoples are crackers they must follow Hitler in the hell. they make me sick. they are always here to write racist comment against us fuck them
jowtag (4 years ago)
Watch he's wild n out its terrible he sucks
jowtag (4 years ago)
He kisses every celebrities ass just to hang out with them
Nero Gima (4 years ago)
so 6 second clips will end a system that has killed & disenfranchised millions. I've heard it all
I don't understand why people act like people that make vines are famous that's fuckin stupid
trent waiters (4 years ago)
IamLEGENDkb24 (4 years ago)
Wait!!.. so who are the two SLORES at the end of the video?????????????
Mohamed Ali (4 years ago)
He's Somali lol
101010101010 1 (4 years ago)
One of the funniest videos yet
Miguel Juarez (4 years ago)
They do that to me when I go to stores its cause he's young and without an adult . They dont trust young people its not racism at all.
cesar fly (4 years ago)
That vine from tmz was nice. Hopefully ends racism
Banks j (4 years ago)
Vine server would shut down, if they did a vine on racism against blks in department stores. lol It would be too many but what the heck. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. So the world can see what happens in America. lol
loopzoop (4 years ago)
how bout that guy curtis lepore who literally raped his girlfriend and still has millions of people supporting him? Or nash grier? A lot of viners are problematic, including king bach who perpetuates racial stereotypes in most of his vines. 
Marcy Olmos (4 years ago)
+BeyHive wow!! you are right!! Crazy shit didn't even know that
Io Diamante (4 years ago)
Its never gonna change that's why their just famous on vine cause on YouTube you can flagged or someone can comment on the video
Io Diamante (4 years ago)
Exactly what I'm saying vine is always gonna be racism, sexist homophobic
loopzoop (4 years ago)
+marcy olmos no , he admitted to it, his ex girlfriend too, jessi smiles, she was asleep and sick and he raped her, a simple google search and you'll see for yourself.
ThePhobiaCrew (4 years ago)
curtis and nash both white...both mentally fucked. seems like bach's comedic stabs at race arent so bad.
miggidymark (4 years ago)
Of course this "brother" thinks it can.....every video he makes he has his nose in between some white chick's ass.
Jimmy Jericho (4 years ago)
These guys are so childish
cristy (4 years ago)
Can't stand his ass.
Pivotkid85 (4 years ago)
but that vine looks so fake.
Pär Sekut (4 years ago)
Vine is for people who can't even think of a proper sketch. They can only fill six seconds with... shit.
GreatestAlive29 (4 years ago)
all he does is perpetuate racial stereotypes, in every vine.
iMoonDoggiex (4 years ago)
+Tim J I don't think racism can end, we just have to accept that people are going to hate other races, mostly for no reason. I think the best we can do is make sure racism doesn't get out of control by teaching kids what really happened in the pasts instead of the watered down history that schools currently teach.
roronoa Zoro (4 years ago)
thats called comedy.
CJ Da Rapper (4 years ago)
It's because he is subject to the stereotypes and he makes content about what he knows.
ENT C (4 years ago)
+iMoonDoggiex Modern day cooning for people will not end racism.
iMoonDoggiex (4 years ago)
stereotypes are funny but if you take them seriously, you're an idiot.
Rasheed Palmer (4 years ago)
I prefer aftetdark vine tho
RoPiA AiPoK (4 years ago)
All TMZ videos hav a Racist aspect to their videos now
PfaceMedia (4 years ago)
no, draws attention to it, but at least it's funny usually
PfaceMedia (4 years ago)
Momo Shaker (4 years ago)
Bach is not funny
Devon Hampton (4 years ago)
this is what I don't get why r black people acting like there the only ones that get picked on by racial remarks there is other races that get picked on
thaaliaaa (3 years ago)
Devon Hampton, I know what you are trying to say, but its like when we were all learning about things like Jim Crow laws and segregation, we were taught that it happened to more of a black population ✋
OctavioTheOctopus (4 years ago)
I don't think thats the case, more like they know and can feel that they are the biggest victims of racism - .-
Devon Hampton (4 years ago)
yea true man if somebody is being picked on by the color of their skin they should speak up but it should never end up into a fight I wish MLK was back so he can show any race that fighting isn't always the answer words are more powerful than your fist
Banks j (4 years ago)
+Devon Hampton I'm like you,I may talk a lot of trash myself but racists remarks never bother me BUT  I'm not going tell somebody that is hurt by racist remarks not to speak up. I believe if somebody does something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable you shouldn't take it because its going to come out sooner or later anyway. Hiding how you really feel leads to big fights or something crazy. I believe its always better to get it out in the open, so the situation can be addressed IF you are bothered by it.
Devon Hampton (4 years ago)
+Banks j bro that's not what I said at all in that comment sure no one should get picked on there race it's not right but don't act like your the only person that get's picked on cause of your race I get called cracker or rice all the time by every single person but at least I know how to handle it mature not start a big fight over it which probably won't get you anything out of it just a night in jail which really isn't worth it either
powerturtlebusters (4 years ago)
damn that twerk was hot. gotta check this vine thing out now.
Presignify (4 years ago)
he was funny before, like in the days before vine was mainstream. Now ALL VINE JOKES are from Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter (rarely twitter because those jokes and memes are from Tumblr.)
Mark Pagan (4 years ago)
This is was so stupid. I'm done with TMZ.
bengwenken (4 years ago)
I hope racism ends one day, skin color really shouldn't matter.
matahdor (4 years ago)
hes one of the main reasons why black stereotypes still exist
Iman Shiman (4 years ago)
King Bach is not funny 
devodid (4 years ago)
Racism will never ever end............
ChocoftheCharts (4 years ago)
Lol I guess TMZ never watched his vines. King Bach is like the most ignorant user on there.
Lukedp 97 (4 years ago)
Theres no racism in the United States anymore. This kid needs to get the hell out of here. He belittles the real racial issues such as slavery and genocide.
Mark Holmes (4 years ago)
King Bach things vine can end racism when all of his vines depend on racial stereotyping...
Okay (4 years ago)
all he does is do vines about black stereotypes and set his people back 100 years. he's a joke
ML Mills (4 years ago)
+SAGE GOD MADARA What the fuck?!? That makes no sense!! Not every black person is from Africa dear. Skin color has nothing to do with it. If I was called African american that would be an insult. I am AMERICAN the only AFRICAN AMERICAN is from AFRICA do you get it? Same for whites. White people can be AFRICAN AMERICAN too.White people who come from a specific place are know as the place they come from DASH American. You guys are so confused it's almost sickening.
King Koenigsegg (4 years ago)
+ML Mills african americans have different shades but your skin color isn't exactly BLACK!!!! smmfh 😒
ML Mills (4 years ago)
+SAGE GOD MADARA Um..no it's both -_- last time I checked I'm not from Africa dear. I'm black.
King Koenigsegg (4 years ago)
+Okay no shit lol! Ik dumbass he is obviously not from america or is currently living in america! But if you do live in "AMERICA" you refer to black people as african americans!
Okay (4 years ago)
+Sage God Madara African AMERICAN. Not all black people are from America. 
Super Dee (4 years ago)
Hhhhh king bach
African Warrior (4 years ago)
King Bach LOVES his Jordans
Kegs O (4 years ago)
TMZ got vine now ...
J (4 years ago)
wait white people steal wtf??
heartwise (4 years ago)
steal more thank black people you just dont see it on the media
Omari The People (4 years ago)
who give a shit
Omari The People (4 years ago)
Yes they do it too wtf??
Michael Tyler (4 years ago)
Racism jokes are usually funny when a non whites does it 
Pär Sekut (4 years ago)
Don't engage abubu. He is a black supremacist and doesn't like black people who date non-black people.
UK King (4 years ago)
+Sakazuki Gensui so yes
Michael Tyler (4 years ago)
its my fiancee 
UK King (4 years ago)
Are you fucking the white girl in that pic?
Of course the jew steals the wallet smh tmz you racist
Candace O (4 years ago)
Rick's not Jewish. He said it in an episode of TMZ.
Yannick S (4 years ago)
-king BACK! Wassup ma man, tmz here! I was expecting an "It's Ba"T"ch not Back"
Lana Tiane (4 years ago)
KING Bach...Love his videos!!
iRuckiz (4 years ago)
that tmz vine was hilarious
maurice del taco (4 years ago)
He only makes fun of white people it's not funny
ThatOneFunny Kid (3 years ago)
Nope. He made one vine on the stereotype that blacks love chicken. And some are just not the least bit racist. Just funny. Take a joke
OvO crew (4 years ago)
im white and I find it hilarious I've revined like 60% of his vines
400 SW (4 years ago)
+coldoustiderightnowtho wtf???????? it will never end until this motherfucking word is damn outta this world! This word has history! This word is not just another insult!
coldoustiderightnowtho (4 years ago)
+Meghan AS If people didn't get offended by 'racist terms' then there would be no fuel for racists to get people angry. It's a stupid cycle. Just don't feed the trolls. 
coldoustiderightnowtho (4 years ago)
+ThePhobiaCrew Any 'racist word' that causes someone to act violent will only cause more racism. It's not smart to empower those words.
Zuri Frazier (4 years ago)
Videos like this just prove the point that TMZ's opinons shouldn't really be taken serious especially when it comes to serious topics. 
YP S (4 years ago)
lol white people steal to xD
Civ5 Gandhi (4 years ago)
Just don't go " Nash Grier " style of Vine.
MrStepoon Man (1 year ago)
I just watch that TMZ Video TOO
Civ5 Gandhi (4 years ago)
+God Trinity No thanks, Gandhi.
Keenan Wu (4 years ago)
Civ5 Gandhi (4 years ago)
janessa grande (4 years ago)

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