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What Happened To The Late-2000s Dwight Howard Orlando Magic Team?

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Butters DK (5 days ago)
As a diehard Magic fan I must say you made a great video. That team was very good, and they should’ve kept their core intact after 09 Finals. Anyway that Dwight Stan interview was so horrible to watch though. Many people forget that this was the original team to jumpstart 3-point offense that we see expanded and developed today. Had they played with this team in the modern era of bball then who knows what would happen. Great video!
Butters /k/un (27 days ago)
I'm a Suns fan, and straight up forgot Vince Carter was a Sun
clashus (1 month ago)
This is kinda how the Bucks run their team.
Nicolas Rosario (2 months ago)
Simple. Dwight got hurt. After finals run .. Thats its.
Exciel Agoy-Agoy (2 months ago)
Hope that orlando magic can rebuild again..and win championship..
Marques Mitchell (2 months ago)
Ummm Kobe happened to them!
Super R (2 months ago)
Two words for you "Upper Management" .. that's all this really comes down to, either you have really good upper management or you don't, its the most vital component in sports yet its hardly ever talked about.. they made ALL the draft picks, in charge of ALL the scouting, make ALL the trade decisions, it can set your franchise up really good for about 10 years, or you can be set back for about 10 years.. Otis Smith, that's what happened to the magic at that time, he basically broke up an NBA Finals team, trading away an up and coming Courtney Lee at the time, then from there the bottom fell out, there was big talk of trading for Chris Paul that never happened either, A hall of famer like Dwight Howard neeever had good upper management in his prime to help build and keep a team around him, That squad that went to the nba finals in 2009 was as good as its probly gonna get
Harish Selvakamalan (2 months ago)
And now they're in the playoffs
Kayden Garrett (2 months ago)
at 12:32 he steps out of bounds and the lakers got cheated
Buh Buh (3 months ago)
Nice video!!! Who the hell is paying 200 hundred to see the Hawks and Wizards!?!? 😂😂😂
Great Singaporean (3 months ago)
Orlando tragic. Thanks to your Stan Van Gundy stupidity for put Jameer Nelson. Thus, the conspiracy of Nelson costed the Orlando title exist.
ace matthew ocampo (3 months ago)
I clicked to see where hedo is now
Officer Doofy (3 months ago)
Kobe happened and shattered their confidence
fel da don (3 months ago)
he became a faggot..
2:28 tye lue 😂😂
Asmosis Jones (2 months ago)
juwan howard reese gaines and ty lue were apart of that t mac trade for francis mobley and cato lol
Anime Is dope (4 months ago)
Dwight actually had a soothing voice back then he didnt look too bad either too bad he's gay
LPjunemark (4 months ago)
This team was special. D12,lewis,turkoglu,alston,gortat,pietrus,reddick,courtney lee and van gundy. If jameer did not play in the finals, i think they could push lakers to 6-7 games.
mon mon (4 months ago)
I loved that team on 2k
Jaylen Fairley (4 months ago)
Finaly the olando magic look forward to watching this
the rules change thats why howard cant adopt the new rules
Terrence PERKINS (4 months ago)
howard . hof more then melo look @ they resume
Terrence PERKINS (4 months ago)
a gd team
The JP (4 months ago)
Everyone would hurt his back if taken by the back often.... Im talking about a posting up play. Hmmmmmmm
Eddie Costa (4 months ago)
Always felt bad for DH once he hurt his back it was game over.... remember what a monster LJ was than he hurt his back and grandmama was done....I loved his Knicks run.... hated to see him retire....... do a video on the 98-99 knicks
Cameron Bailey (4 months ago)
What happened? He started fucking dudes 😂😂
Kwame Amparbeng (4 months ago)
I loved how you thoroughly did your research with no bias
Monk Amani (4 months ago)
STV Happened. With love Detroit.
Phil 4 Real (4 months ago)
As a Magic fan, We could've beaten the Lakers in the Finals BUT Stan Van gundy put in injured Jameer Nelson and took out Rafer Alston when the vibe was doing just fine......FUCK YOU STAN!
akvalues (4 months ago)
Sheck Jesus (4 months ago)
This is the team that made me fall in love with basketball. Dominant big man with three point shooters surrounding him.... what a time....
ponypower8 (4 months ago)
Didn't the 1st ever NBA player who "came out" also play center for the Orlando Magic? If I remember right, his name is John Ameci. Huge coincidence that DH is also a former Magic center. Just saying.
igor (4 months ago)
They would work better in todays nba but theyd need a better point guard no disrespect to jameer nelson
AnthonyAnalog (4 months ago)
The REAL reason the Magic made the Finals was Rafer Alston. When less effective Kyle Lowry prototype Jameer Nelson went down w/ an injury and missed almost all of that playoff run, it was Skip To My Lou who not only kept the team running, but made all of the aforementioned pieces BETTER with his court awareness and timely decision making. And, once the Finals stared and Nelson rushed back from injury, SVG benched Alston again and got fucking WASHED by Kobe for it. That series should have been competitive, and would have been if Alston had been allowed to continue his incredible post season as the PRIMARY PG. #And1
Stoned Ape (4 months ago)
he started getting them cheeks busted
Lance Villanueva (4 months ago)
9:35 i thought it was dray green
slade slaya (4 months ago)
Alex Piña (4 months ago)
Turkoglu was with Orlando 2009-10 season, they let him go in 2010 offseason
Treven Totten (4 months ago)
This was by far my favorite team ever. Actually the reason i watched the NBA.
Mike Scott (4 months ago)
sooooo under rated this team was fun to watch play
Azreale (4 months ago)
Dwight Howard is gay that's why! Literally!
J. Halvorsen (4 months ago)
The wizards had trade override on for that Lewis trade wtf
LordSuper Gamer (4 months ago)
I’m a Magic fan and when Courtney Lee missed that open layup to win game 2 was hard to take, we could’ve equalized the series at 1-1 but we fell to 2-0 in overtime
micko (4 months ago)
oh yeh yeh
Walter Johnson (4 months ago)
12:32 refs cheesin
Lifu Tao (4 months ago)
The 2009 Magic and 2009 or 2010 Lakers need to be in the classic teams for NBA 2k20 !
kuyo86 (4 months ago)
they also fucked up when they had jameer nelson returning from a shoulder injury which he never full recovered from, to start over rafer alston aka "Skip to My Lou" who was balling at the time. smfh
Dominique Martin (4 months ago)
Man I loved that team. Also didn’t mention how crucial Jameer was to the team and how he was always a leader and pro after the team was broken up. Give my guy some shine! And I keep telling people those finals were a lot closer than how they are remembered. Glad you mentioned that
Asmosis Jones (2 months ago)
nelson cost them the 2009 title...
Derrick Rose’s Knees (4 months ago)
fuck hedo tho he’s a dictator’s pawn
NBA Live 2001 (5 months ago)
11:03 awkward
Goldfish Crackers (5 months ago)
That 09 roster was incredibly underrated. Makes me sad just to watch this video. The Orlando Magic have a history of making really bad trades and letting good players walk. Hedo and Rashard were just as vital to that team as Howard was
Goldfish Crackers (2 months ago)
@Asmosis Jones don't remind me... 😂
Asmosis Jones (2 months ago)
the 2004 magic traded t mac gooden varejao giricek and mobley for nothing ….its amazing how much they gave away
TheBestFighter (5 months ago)
Lakers fan here. But Hedo Turkoglu was always my favorite player on the Magic. Wish he could've won a ring
Justin Dean (5 months ago)
2013 Knicks. A lot to unpack with that team
aditya baradwaj (5 months ago)
Who else thinking about the bleacher report VAN GUNDY ISLAND video
Justin Harris (5 months ago)
2:00 right after the SeatGeek shout-out
Shoney Carpenter (5 months ago)
Man I got Hedo running point on my MyTeam dude is Steph curry. Magic should've kept him.
Yung Hollywood (5 months ago)
I actually liked this team Dwight was my guy. I was young and dumb I actually picked them to beat LA. It should've went to 6 games of Courtney Lee made tht layup smh.
Brian Turner (5 months ago)
Early 00's basketball was more competitive
ACE 6 (5 months ago)
6'11 bottom 😂😂😂😂....🍆🍑
[sic] (5 months ago)
Can't believe this was a decade ago!
Svpreme Kai (5 months ago)
Dwight left that's what happened
Micah 144000 (5 months ago)
Kobe Bryant happened!
Hoops Pod Central (5 months ago)
Dwight Howard got traded, end of video.
William Lee (5 months ago)
If they stuck together for one more season but added one more star shooter, such as McGrady staying. I think they might have won a ring. Dwight at Orlando was amazing.
mad Jones (5 months ago)
Id just like to point out he's out of bounds at 12:32
MrZahsome (5 months ago)
Man, this Orlando team was a very well built team to complement Dwight's game and he looked dominant. If only he stayed with the Magic, might have had a better career than what happened when he left.
Wolt -o (5 months ago)
Do one of the Pheonix suns, led by Nash, Amar'e, Marion, etc
Abidal Jones (5 months ago)
Yall fools dont remember Rashard Lewis's contract
Asmosis Jones (2 months ago)
he got paid got a ring in miami and retired ...hes pretty chill..no one else on that 2009 magic team besides ty lue won shit [email protected] Jones
Abidal Jones (5 months ago)
@Brian Turner He didn't even play the last three years or so and the contract was so back loaded, it was like a baseball contract.
Brian Turner (5 months ago)
Hell yeah 120 million
Ellis Guerrero (5 months ago)
*"Hero" Turkoglu* left 🙄💔
Genxtasy 99 (5 months ago)
I remember that moment with SVG. ouch
Mr Swanky Blum (5 months ago)
Rip Dwight
Mike Sannitti (5 months ago)
Let's be real, they got lucky to make the finals when they did. Once they were there, it was obvious just how outclassed they really were.The reason why this team could never get to the next level? Dwight Howard himself. Nearly 4 TOs a game from a center, hardly any assits,he could only score within 7 feet of the rim, poort ft shooting. BUT if he isn't leading the team in FGAs, he throws a hissy fit.
Alex Serrano (5 months ago)
They were paying Rashard Lewis about 23mil a year did the Sonic's give him that contract?
ThelastJoke (5 months ago)
09:30 Draymond played for the Magic... never knew that lol
Lamont Francis (2 months ago)
Brandon Bass bro
Gavin Wood (5 months ago)
You should do a video like this but about the early 2000’s Pacers with Jermaine O’Neal and Ron Artest
brian thomas (5 months ago)
The Houston Rockets kind of had a similar strategy with their second championship team in 1995. They shifted Robert Horry from the 3 to the 4 and combined his 3 point shooting with Kenny Smith’s and Mario Elie’s and Clyde Drexler’s ability to drive to the basketball. Which gave Hakeem Olajuwon plenty of room to operate in the paint. Only they weren’t as dependent on the pick and roll and Olajuwon had better post moves than Dwight Howard.
Sofia (5 months ago)
Your next video can it be raptors and vince carter breakup.
justin idle (5 months ago)
me and ya mom gave a new meaning to inside out too
MyGuyKawhi6 (5 months ago)
When Turkoglu left in the offseason, he signed with Toronto, not Phoenix. Eventually he was traded to Phoenix
C.J Armstrong (5 months ago)
People forget how great Dwight was during this time in his career. The best center in the league at the time
Ruben Dari (5 months ago)
no talk of PEDs? #disappointed
TheBigFiz21 (5 months ago)
I remember that night Dwight got hurt. Some dude by the name of Ian Mahimi gave him a push on a rebound...seconds later, he's checking his back right as the Pacers took a timeout. Didn't look like a big deal then, but it got bad enough to stop his season. If he never had that injury, I truly believe they push the Heat to 7 games in the semis, win or lose.
Eli (5 months ago)
Dang if only McGrady had stayed....
CPGoat #3 (5 months ago)
another weapon to use against kids and old heads who disrespect Dwight's career
Trey Nixen (5 months ago)
Almir Celovic (5 months ago)
Used to be my favorite team and favorite player 😪
Bushra A. (5 months ago)
Dwight deserves a ring....still have my fingers crossed for him. 08/09 Magic fans where yall at???
DigiGod : Digimon Gamer (5 months ago)
this was my Favorite team back in the day. I got tired of the stupid Gms man once they traded oladipo
Brandon Martin (5 months ago)
The magic had no chance at beating the lakers. When your best player is only averaging 15 ppg, your team has no chance.
ear knees elbows (5 months ago)
Rashard lewis played in the wrong era if him and shawn marion played nowadays they would be scary
ear knees elbows (5 months ago)
Dwight gets so disrespected he’s still first ballot hof
Pickle Rick (5 months ago)
KG went from dpoy and probably best player on a stacked (but aging) Celtics squad to old big man who couldn't play the same game anymore because of his 09 injury. No doubt without it, Celts would have repeated against LA in 09, and possibly even threepeated in 10, but there are too many factors to be sure. Kobe might be known as 3rd/4th SGOAT behind DWade if that injury didn't happen. Maybe KG was just too old and played too much bball. Maybe it was gonna happen regardless. No doubt in my mind Celts would have taken at least 2/3 in 2008-2010 if not all 3.
Star Boy (5 months ago)
Still waiting for 2K to add them as a historic team.. and can we please have their player likeness on point like have them look the way they did during that specific time
Ben The person (8 days ago)
Young Dab-A-Roosa Barkley would also be on the 76rs
B. Rizzy21 (1 month ago)
@OrlandoMagicFan4Life EXACTLY why is 2004 kobe looking like 2010 Kobe? 2k just lazy in my opinion
CarloSpicyWeinr (4 months ago)
If they wanted to use the historic players likeness they'd have to pay all of them, not happening
bojo perez (5 months ago)
@BuilderPvPz OG he is the amythyst hedo card never misses from a step back 3
KelopZzz (5 months ago)
Same, Dwight and turkoglu are both beasts in 2k
letstalkbasketball (5 months ago)
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Harry Ortiz (5 months ago)
Magic have had some horrible GM's over the years.
Derrick Allen (5 months ago)
That Orlando team was tough, if thye kept them together they would have had a chance to get back to the finals in 2010, and with moves 2011 and 2012. Pietrus was a good defender, they had shooters everywhere.
chase Sharp (5 months ago)
Will you do a video on the Bill Russell trades that the Celtics made to get Bill Russell? Or will you do one on Pete Maravich or Wilt Chamberlain?
Russell Anthony (5 months ago)
2:00 guyss
Keywan Bernard (5 months ago)
Management destroyed this team in the summer of 2009 period.
Asmosis Jones (2 months ago)
mostly by letting hedo go...alston was replaceable since nelson the all star came back healthy who missed the east playoffs and they got jason williams to be a backup...lee wasn't that crucial and the bass anderson barnes signings replaced lees loss but hedo was irreplaceable even with vince carter
Bluecmu (5 months ago)
The reason why the Magic lost to the lakers was because jameer nelson got injured (shoulder injury). If he was 100% during that finals the magic would have won hands down.
Jay Ramirez (5 months ago)
Being honest too, this could’ve happen to shaq lol if he would’ve stayed in Orlando. Meaning having 1 player not adding much but just role players galore. Imagine after being eliminated by the lakers, instead of signing or w e they could’ve done better scouting on the draft? Make a full trade for draft picks to get another player next to Howard. Lock Howard up period and continue to build next to him

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