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Trucking What should I ask a company before I come aboard?

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I just wanted to put this video up for me too we all need to have all questions together when applying for employment in Trucking .Trucking companies are ripe off artist will steal from you which ever way they can. I asked about my money and was told I read too much into shit it's all good though be proactive about your career
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Ms, MadKash (7 months ago)
@parteehard is there a email I could contact you at... I have a few questions as to your company's hiring policy of ex felons
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Not Your Average Trucker (7 months ago)
Fight the power ✊🏾
S B (7 months ago)
SO FUCKING TRUE!!! these sucka ass companies!! The companies will make sure you have all your money for the 1st month or 2 and then they start nickel and dime-ing and sneaking shit out your pay, FACTS!!!
Bob Wayne (7 months ago)
No beat box intro today? I need beat box introductions please🎤
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
+Bob Wayne 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Mandisa Konè (7 months ago)
🗣PARTEEHARD! Good to hear from you! Hope KDW and the bambino are well. Stay Safe
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
They are Fam thx for asking
shavais wright (7 months ago)
wassup PH you should do a series, calling companies asking for there pay, hiring areas, hometime, layover pay, speed of trucks, detention pay, do the train, and so on. That would be a great plan
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Jayallday (7 months ago)
Sad part is you ain’t lying myG !!!! Everybody get paid before the driver
Devin Jackson (7 months ago)
Wat up bruh glad u dropped sum
Jemika Newbern (7 months ago)
Port Wentworth Ga that my neck of the woods PH stay Blessed up I m working at Jimmy Deloach warehouse
Malik Houser (7 months ago)
Love how you keep it real that's why I would love to hear your insite on Celodon
Malik Houser (7 months ago)
What you think about Celodon I was thinking of going with them the terminal in Indianapolis I'm from newark my driving test in 10 days for my class A
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Celadon no good Fam
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Abilene, Prime,Roadtex
Malik Houser (7 months ago)
+shavais wright I can't they do hair sample only 2 months clean not smoking weed they want 6 month clean so it's either western express or Celodon guess I gotta suck it up till I get experience
shavais wright (7 months ago)
Malik Houser try Roehl
Country Truckin (7 months ago)
Celadon is horrible. They dont pay well at all, and you end up sitting waiting for loads alot
Curtis Jackson (7 months ago)
Parteehard bro!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😀🤑

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