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P-Money & Scribe - Stop The Music

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From P-Money's album Magic City (2004) Dunno what happened to the original upload so Im putting this one up again. Sweet.
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Text Comments (63)
DigitalBuoy (3 years ago)
u arnt p money. stan rip off
真島 (6 years ago)
your mom is shitty rock
Dom Miller (6 years ago)
Braidian Sleigh (6 years ago)
I use to play this song over and over.. Thats how I learnt the words to this song.. This is the shit!! FUCK THE HATERS!!
Overwatch93 (6 years ago)
lol all the rap people think the rock ruins the song, i reckon the rock makes it awesome!!!
Braidian Sleigh (6 years ago)
OMG Ive been loking for this for ages!! NOW I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! :D Super happy right now!!
Claire Davies (7 years ago)
first heard this when i lived in Queenstown, NZ in July - November 2004 .... Good Times!
Scooter09forlife (9 years ago)
Haha yeah thats what i thought, reminded me of it.
toofbar3 (9 years ago)
Yes i noticed that, i always said that melody at the beginning and end sound like Diablo's, haha i thought i was the only one :)
fissuretitan (9 years ago)
yeah it does remind me of diablo 2
Teenuh Bear (9 years ago)
Haven't heard this for like forever! This is the shit! One of the Scribe & P-money music that I used to play on repeat for hours O.o
Rennz (9 years ago)
yea bro totally agree wit u ...FUCk THOSE HATERS...=)
JAy Dub (9 years ago)
Naw.. Scribe is the samoan who raps :) P money is a dj? lol IDK.. a beat maker.
musicalman1995 (9 years ago)
really i thought it was the other way round, i though p-money rapped...
JAy Dub (9 years ago)
Kim McCoy (9 years ago)
Chur NZ music
ganjah farmer (9 years ago)
i love it 2 XD
musicalman1995 (9 years ago)
who does what... does scribe rap? or p-money?
Staunch Monarchist (9 years ago)
Scribe ftw
Leah Wallgren (9 years ago)
Pretty much my favorite song.
Simon Cowell (9 years ago)
I live on the sunny coast!
Simon Cowell (9 years ago)
1.04 looks like hes gonna go rogue on someone haha
s1acker69 (9 years ago)
I remember listening to this song for like 12 hours a day...it was intense...it never got boring
Rachel D (9 years ago)
i love it
Rachel D (9 years ago)
Hamish Fraser (9 years ago)
poo n wee
Hamish Fraser (9 years ago)
jerry you seem like a complete fuck-o. come help me plunge, thanks one time i spread my buttcheeks on webcam, no joke
Sean Stakim (9 years ago)
same here i lived there but moved back to england...NZ is the best country in the world
Hamish Fraser (9 years ago)
i havent taken a dump in 3 weeks so shut up
MrVaepOr (9 years ago)
yea same, in Thames hes really cool. guy
prewind (9 years ago)
same here. i recall this song whenever it rains.
jacob barker (9 years ago)
scibe is one of the best rappers one love to scribe i hung out with scribe before he waz famouz aye he isz a sick kunt NZ wat!!
icbyspm (9 years ago)
damn i miss NZ, miss the food, rugby, music and the culture <.<'' lived there for 5 yrs..such a beautifully peaceful country
ben jamima (9 years ago)
dope track
Euan Blake (9 years ago)
Scribe is awesome, went to NZ in 2007 and loved scribe's tunes, p money too he is top quality. good effort with getting these videos up.
Craiguala4 (9 years ago)
yea but they sing for who they are and there proud of where they live. not the money.
Joanne Ward (9 years ago)
for NZ rapers to make it in the music industry & get better recognition worldwide they need to branch in the US & UK to make the big bucks.
Cellar Door (9 years ago)
He was such a good artist! His previous songs showcased his true talent, as a performer and as a song writer. His lyrics back then actually meant something! Now its just... "Its my sh** My sh**! Go back to the old days Scribe! ): Dont want to see your real talent going to waste...
Reece Johnson (9 years ago)
giddy goanna knows whats hes talkin bout sullija soudns as though hes got little man syndrome nd has been picked on all his life so cut him abit of slack
Nigelmalibu (9 years ago)
totally agreed
Waikikamukow (9 years ago)
the song that got me into p money
Hamish Fraser (9 years ago)
come to australia mother fuckers
oakden1991 (9 years ago)
finalcontactmuaythai (9 years ago)
dam i havent yheard this song in so long but it still sound fucking wicked
nichickmet (9 years ago)
im a kiwi (New Zealender) the music we produce now is nothing like what it used to be
disasta666 (10 years ago)
The guy actually playing the guitar in the song is Tyna, hes an MC from Wellington. =] But although you were wrong about who he is, you were right in saying hes awesome.
Wingman (10 years ago)
This song goes OFF!
tutawhio (10 years ago)
good idea because even most australians know it if they have been to new zealand:):)
iriwan (10 years ago)
anyone know the tabs for the solo? (3:10)
FirePrincess126 (10 years ago)
luv dis song, sum good old kiwi music. by the way does any body else think that pmoney looks alittle bit like chester bennington off linkin park??
taLLymaY (10 years ago)
they playd this at my wOrk teh Other day.. in PERTH.. lol its liek sooooo.. um wateva year i was 15/16.. :) sO much memOries :) yay p-mOney
justplainordinary (10 years ago)
this is da best eva
Brock Robo (10 years ago)
yess thats a fuckin sick song!!!
Aussie_Boi (10 years ago)
"Stop the Music Playing Loud"
ismellpoo83 (10 years ago)
Aussie_Boi (10 years ago)
Scribe Rocks Love the Song
Awweshit (10 years ago)
great song and vid love it and scribe respect bro
FLIPPYNMADZ (10 years ago)
i love this song im glad i remembered it again
P-MONEY (10 years ago)
Tyna Keelan
KovuJenkai (10 years ago)
Mean.......... Maori.......... Mean
Taylortheman11 (10 years ago)
Sweet vid

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