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10 Movies People Don’t Want You to See

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Text Comments (205)
Timoteo La France (7 hours ago)
I seen The Brave on a downloaded DVD. It was ok, didn't see the whole movie. I still might have that.
brianartillery (22 hours ago)
A small point: UFO's are real. A UFO is merely something flying, that cannot be immediately identified. Ergo, whilst not all UFO's are 'Flying Saucers', all 'Flying Saucers' are UFO's. The description 'Flying Saucer' is odd, too. Kenneth Arnold saw a flight of nine anomalous aircraft in 1947, whilst flying near Mount Rainier in Washington State. He described them as 'Crescent shaped'. Their motion in relation to each other, though, he described as being similar to that of "A saucer being skipped across water". Arnold made sketches of the craft, which are definitely crescent shaped. I've had the 'Pleasure' of seeing the Star Wars Holiday Special. It's bloody dreadful - except for one segment, which is the first appearance of Boba Fett, in animated form. And many years later, Hasbro made an action figure of that first Fett.
JohntechFL (1 day ago)
Blasphemy! The SW holiday special is quite possibly the best holiday movie ever created! Every Chistmas I gather around the sex box and share my food with Itchy and the gang!
rjgundy (1 day ago)
Aliens are real. And the government is lying about it. That’s not shocking...even for the Disney Channel. It’s simply the truth.
Dee station (1 day ago)
the fictional version of Germany? We are living the fictional version of western civilization.
July 24 Pictures (2 days ago)
Haxan is a masterpiece
Enmerkar0fUruk (2 days ago)
I'm still waiting for Ridley Scott's 4-hour version of Exodus to be released on blu-ray.
L Jaw (3 days ago)
pretty sure I saw # 10. Also AA intrigues me. Hmm...>_>
dixi junior (3 days ago)
The "Brave" is not that bad. The actors play well, the plot is interesting and the social message very strong. I have see it a long time ago, so I don't remember if the directing is horrible, but if I didn't notice anyting special at the time, it's probably not that bad.
Stan Ahriman (3 days ago)
Dons Plumb with Leo and Toby
Romega Vadquez (4 days ago)
Wow you really don’t know your history. The poles were killing and torturing Germans in Poland
CMFTC (7 days ago)
Check out Annunaki for your next list. Fully made movie banned for no obvious reason.
Ekim Yazici (9 days ago)
"Hexan is 'witch' in English." Hahaha!
Mister Morteggio (10 days ago)
Ah! Non me lo vogliono fare sapere? SAPPIAMOLO ALLORA!
CurryKingWurst (11 days ago)
“Häxan“ is the best movie on this list.
Steve Hewitt (12 days ago)
Can you do a video on who wrote the music for the Wish adverts? So I can hunt them down and kill them.
ouch wittz (12 days ago)
lawsuit hmmm or not being pyt in a 3 piece suit
David Mcmahon (14 days ago)
Memory is vague but there is a German film in the 30s where the actress supposedly actually had sex in the film, she then went on to become a very famous Hollywood actress.  At the very least, she ran around naked in it.  The studio or her husband supposedly bought up all copies of that film so it would never been known to the public.   Was it Dietrich?
emilee1963 (14 days ago)
I can't believe you didn't include The Day the Clown Cried by Jerry Lewis.
President Starscream (14 days ago)
also don't watch Transformers: the Movie, because its full of dirty filthy lies, theres no way Megatron/Galvatron could ever kill ME, the Almighty Supreme Commander Lord Starscream
just the tip? band (14 days ago)
conspiracy of silence sounds like a documentary that got shut down when they were made an offer that they couldnt refuse😩🍻
Jonny Klin (14 days ago)
Ancient Aliens is owned by the History Channel.. The History Channel's owned by Disney.. Disney's start-up was funded by the F.B.I.. Coincidence?
spriken (15 days ago)
In all fairness, UFO's are 100% real... UFO means you can't identify something that's flying, that absolutely happens all the time. Heck, there's times I can't identify what I find in the sofa! Aliens are what's debatable! (Unless they are responsible for the petrified objects in the couch, but I'm pretty sure the sofa objects are from my kids)
Tricia W (15 days ago)
Well I can honestly say that I've never heard of any of them.....and can't say that I'll even bother trying to find them online !!!
Michael L (15 days ago)
#8 = greed
surmatise (15 days ago)
Stir Whip Stir Whip, Whip Whip Stir!!! the cheesiness that is the star wars holiday special
Maria Kelly (15 days ago)
#8 Well, can you blame him?
Anie Anton (15 days ago)
if a flying object is unidentified, it's terrible to believe it is real. =_= (this is sarcasm btw. i hate that people think "ufo" automatically means extraterrestrials)
edan arevalo (16 days ago)
your cool dude
Esoteric Ministry (16 days ago)
Simon Whistler, that is a straight out lie. Poland knew they could get away with atrosities against German civilians. They forced the situation. Hitler tried to make peace countless times with Britain. Churchill was bombing civilian targets from the start and FDR was financing Stalin! Watch the documentary, "Adolf Hitler - The greatest story never told." Also, the "6 million Jews dying in Europe" first appears in Newspapers in 1913.
Esoteric Ministry (16 days ago)
Simon Whistler, that is a straight out lie. Poland knew they could get away with atrosities against German civilians. They forced the situation. Hitler tried to make peace countless times with Britain. Churchill was bombing civilian targets from the start and FDR was financing Stalin! Watch the documentary, "Adolf Hitler - The greatest story never told." Also, the "6 million Jews dying in Europe" first appears in Newspapers in 1913.
Ethan Sloan (16 days ago)
I've got a South Korean dvd of The Brave. It's not great, but it's certainly not terrible. There's plenty of potential, and it kinda makes me wish it had done better, because I get the sense that Depp would have learned from the experience and his second directed feature would be pretty solid. Alas, his ego is as strong as tissue paper, so he buried the movie and never directed again.
JJE McManus (16 days ago)
200 Motels Still being withheld by the Zappa estate
Richard Joyce (16 days ago)
Diana was murdered and it was coverd up, verry poorly, she was the only decent member of the royal family.
Björn-Erik Borg (16 days ago)
Häxan is pronounced hexan, just like in the word hex
Aaron Jones (16 days ago)
Youtube the home of the great... and home to a whole lot of not so great...
Kip Martin (16 days ago)
I'm sorry...WHO doesn't want me to see these? People? What people?
Atheist Orphan (16 days ago)
‘Haxan’ is actually quite good. As for the 1994 ‘Fantastic Four’ however ............
Atheist Orphan (16 days ago)
‘Happy Life Day everyone!’
Abserd O (16 days ago)
Hitler wanted world domination? Did he actually say this or did the British and other allies say he did? I only ask because I know he pushed for peace with all the superpowers and they declared war on Germany first.
C L (16 days ago)
South of Heaven, West of Hell is another one.
Rickard Zingmark (16 days ago)
"Häxan" inspired to "The Blair Witch Project."
Quick Dimwit (17 days ago)
Thnx 4 telling me bout homecoming. Gon check that out right now.
marcress (17 days ago)
You should make a Top Tenz list "Things we should know about Simon Whistler." Or maybe that would be more appropriate on your "Today I Found Out" channel.
Adrian Benningfield (17 days ago)
Anything showing the English acting like the Germans during WWII when they destroyed Ireland right
teoteous (17 days ago)
We are "unfortunate" to not have seen the Diana movie? What?
Oldenweery (17 days ago)
Thanks, Simon and Company. You seem to share my opinion of the "History" Channel's (I put the first word in quotation marks since so little of their content deals with anything that made history) favorite series. If you believe these quasi experts, human beings in ancient times were incapable of inventing or constructing anything without the help of "superior beings from outer space." Good list!
braintree2 (17 days ago)
I saw "Haxon" in a theater in Montclair, NJ around 1972. I found it mostly boring although there was female nudity so that helped.
Photon Neos (17 days ago)
Every1 here *Happy New Years of 2019* .
Lake Superior (17 days ago)
In 2012 Carry Fisher let me watch her copy of Star wars holiday special. It was painful to watch.
Lake Superior (16 days ago)
Oh I did that... Carrie. Um would you believe it was auto correct. Yes it was auto correct.
Atheist Orphan (16 days ago)
Lake Superior She wouldn’t like it that you misspelled her name though.
Sideshownicful (17 days ago)
The 1994 Fantastic Four is terrible... and yet is still probably the best Fantastic Four movie...
The blooded (17 days ago)
I still find it odd when in this day and age there are still people who try to believe in an unlimited area that there are not aliens. To me it seems to be up there with the same people that believe or still believe the Earth is the center of the universe and the earth is flat. It has been established that there are planets out there that have the same atmosphere. It would exceedingly unlikely that they do not have life on them. Time for people to let go of there arrogance and narrow mindedness.
Ryan Harger (17 days ago)
There is a world of difference between believing its possible for there to be life elsewhere in the universe and that aliens have/are visiting Earth and the government is keeping it from us. And while it's a statistically probably for life to exist elsewhere, there are far more ludicrous things that billions of people believe then that life has been and will be the only source of life. Humans rarely make sense.
CinemaDemocratica (17 days ago)
GERR'buhls, not GO'buhls.
zenfrodo (17 days ago)
Two Star Wars things in the list. That says waaaaay too much about Lucas.
The Dark Lord Cthulhu (17 days ago)
The Christmas special was better than what Disney has done to it
Evil Sharkey (17 days ago)
The Dark Lord Cthulhu nothing can be as bad as the Star Wars Holiday Special, with that VR device grandpa Wookiee uses.🤢
George (17 days ago)
Movies top10s does not want to see , Simon. Whistlers gay porn videos ! But his straight porn videos are ok. ;p
Laura Kuhn (17 days ago)
What about "The Day The Clown Cried" Jerry Lewis.
Will Day (17 days ago)
The 102 movies made by silent film star Chubby Chadsworth (1867 -1979) exist only in my mind...
Mike Beglin (17 days ago)
Ol' Chubby was pretty old when your imagination finally let him die.
Eman Name (17 days ago)
The movies of late are sterilized, neutered and gutted of all depth and meaning. So most people are fine with them.. lol
Otokichi786 (17 days ago)
10. "Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland" (1995): So this is where Giorgio Tsoukalos got his "It's Aliens!" groove? 9. "Homecoming" (1939): Those dastardly Poles are attacking German-speaking people! 8. "The Star Wars Holiday Special" (1978): "Howard the Duck";) 7. "The Brave" (1997): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjNqlhPFc4Y 6. "H'xan" (1922): Witchcraft got the Silent treatment. 5. "The Fantastic Four (1994): Not-so-fantastic for a reason? 4. "Nothing Lasts Forever" (1984): A Turner Classic Movies exclusive? 3. "Unlawful Killing" (2011): The Princess Diana "accident"? Who says all documentaries are dull? 2. "Return of the Ewok" (1982): The return of "Howard the Duck"? 1. "Conspiracy of Silence" (1994): Washington D.C. Pedophiles! Another "dull" documentary?
Jedi Bunny (17 days ago)
Happy belated Life Day, everyone!
Solomon McQueen (16 days ago)
Happy Life Day!!! Lumpy's favorite holiday.
Jedi Bunny (17 days ago)
Mike Beglin ✨🤓✨
Mike Beglin (17 days ago)
Happy Life Day to you, fellow Star Wars nerd.
Mike Beglin (17 days ago)
@ Owain Shebbeare----Of COURSE it's made up! You didn't even watch this video, did you?
Owain Shebbeare (17 days ago)
What the hell is "Life Day"? Sounds liks Kwanzaa: made up claptrap
livey oone (17 days ago)
‘ Fatherland’ has effectively been banned from any future release on DVD / blu-ray by Hollywood
GB Lextasy (17 days ago)
Happy New Years 🥳
Jarrett Adam (17 days ago)
You ever heard of the Lolita Express??? Bill and Hillary have...
Data Banks (15 days ago)
+nosuchthing8 Indeed, Trump mentioned the owner threw "The BEST parties"
nosuchthing8 (17 days ago)
So has trump .....
Here For The Comments (17 days ago)
I don't wanna get Pizzagate on anybody or nothin', but... Hollywood allegedly already does stuff close to Conspiracy Of Silence. If we're to believe Cory Feldman. And I believe Cory Feldman.
Here For The Comments (17 days ago)
+GigawingsVideo Oh yeah. I guess it's just a media thing. Where there's cameras, there's kiddy showbiz. And where there's kiddy showbiz, there's kiddy diddlers.
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
Isn't that what happened to the Brits with BBC channel as well?
Tom Ives (17 days ago)
I've seen the Star Wars Holiday Special. My life expectancy is now 45...
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
Someone pointed out if the story actually focused solely on the tattoine bar part where Han and friends helped the bar owner to keep her bar open it will actually make for a better story.
GarethXL (17 days ago)
I'm surprised the nazi disney arthouse animation wasn't in this
alg11297 (17 days ago)
Simon, a Happy New Year to you, your family and the crew.
Frank McEvoy (17 days ago)
What about "The Day the Clown Cried"?
Jason (17 days ago)
lilcrooky (17 days ago)
"THAT WOULD GAVE AKSO BEEN IMPOSSIBLE" - Calling someone a jackass, then proceeding to write this. GG 10/10
Brandonio Granger (17 days ago)
I don't know about you guys,but I now want to see The Brave film.
nosuchthing8 (17 days ago)
Marc Barrett (17 days ago)
When I sat this video on my YouTube recommendations, I just KNEW The Star Wars Holiday Special would be mentioned.
fuzzzone (17 days ago)
Yeah. Because that was the thumbnail.
batmanfanforever08 (17 days ago)
Happy New Year.
Minnesota Fatz (17 days ago)
I know it's bs, or at least 99% of it, but I still watch ancient aliens all the time. It's still interesting and perfect for falling asleep.
Mike Beglin (17 days ago)
@ Minnesota Fatz----I like watching "Ancient Aliens Debunked" on YouTube. It's pretty interesting until towards the end, so you get a couple of hours of decent listening. Happy new year!
livey oone (17 days ago)
Minnesota Fatz same, I enjoy the history and visiting of unusual places, and just smile at the outlandish theories...
Jared Quinney (17 days ago)
This is really interesting
The Little Wanderer (17 days ago)
With how vast our universe is, we would be stupid to believe that aliens didn't exist. I watched Mystery Hunters as a kid and they frequently had videos on creepy topics and it didn't freak me out in the least. I loved it !
atimnie (16 days ago)
To borrow a quote from Daria, if aliens were smart enough to come here, they wouldn't be stupid enough to come here. If these alien civilizations are as advanced as some think, they would most likely have better things to do than explore less advanced civilizations on distant planets.
hardtogetnamehere (17 days ago)
Life has to exist on other planets. To many planets for it not to exist. Frankly, if Earth is the only planet with intelligent life, the universe made a huge mistake.
Ryan Harger (17 days ago)
+GigawingsVideo I didn't mention abduction, but the movie was quite clearly about aliens visiting Earth in spaceships.
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
+Ryan Harger There's no claim that the movie saying that aliens going to abduct you. It's just a movie that saying "Yes, aliens do exist"
Ryan Harger (17 days ago)
There is a difference though in believing life could arise elsewhere in the universe and that aliens have/are visiting us and the government is keeping that under wraps.
vixtex (17 days ago)
Love the Disney UFO film 👽
Mattteus (17 days ago)
The director of Häxan plays the devil in it.
Worqfis (18 days ago)
You forgot "That Hagen Girl". It was rumored that Ronald Reagan had every copy burned before the presidential election.
Brian Zajac (18 days ago)
I live the Star Wars Christmas special. We had to watch it in commercial arts class lol
Zack Sherman (18 days ago)
Conspiracy of silence Immediately made me think of Epstein.
Susan Robinson (18 days ago)
I am very surprised that, "Manos The Hands of Fate" isn't on this list! Or perhaps that should be on another TopTenz list...10 movies People Don't WANT to See! Especially after hearing the plot! I guess it can be considered a cult classic now. Thanks for the video, Simon! Happy New Year to you and yours, and I hope anyone who is reading this has a wonderful 2019!
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
It's not hidden though. People can still watch it on theater.
Susan Robinson (17 days ago)
+prismstudios001 Really? I love MST3K! I will have to look that one up! Thanks for the info. I hope you have a good New Year, wherever you may be!
prismstudios001 (17 days ago)
Susan Robinson The MST3K version is great....
writerpatrick (18 days ago)
The Star Wars Holiday Special wasn't a movie, it was a TV special. Birth of a Nation probably deserves an honorable mention, even though it's not that hard to find a copy.
HoshiSanada (17 days ago)
'Dishonorable' mention
Riutanharju (18 days ago)
Check this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_banned_in_the_United_States 😉
Capella1951 (18 days ago)
I've seen the Star Wars Christmas special - it's so bad, that you are cringing on each frame. I think Lucas and the whole crew had a bit too much of eggnog - it's hard to explain the creation of this masterpiece otherwise.
foxymetroid (17 days ago)
From what I heard, Lucas wanted a normal 3-act special. Variety shows were popular at the time, so execs had it changed to a variety show. The cast and crew went along with it, likely so that they wouldn't get fired and replaced.
TheGroundedAviator (17 days ago)
Now that Disney has the rights too it (in theory) do you think they'll release it?
lookijones (18 days ago)
Germans refer to their country as fatherland, not motherland
livey oone (17 days ago)
lookijones yes, and there was a movie from about 1993 called ‘Fatherland ‘ about an alternate history where Hitler won WW2, which Hollywood doesn’t want you to see, and refuse to release it on DVD or Blu-ray...
Grinning Studios (18 days ago)
“People don’t want you to see” this title....
J Scott Hatcher (18 days ago)
did Karl write this series? this all seems like a Karl kind of thing. p.s. nevermind there would be more ballocks referencing and what not.
IronBahamut (18 days ago)
"Johnny Depp almost ruined his career" Well 20 years later he's managed to
Charlie Spencer (14 days ago)
He isn't ruined at all.... Just because of a movie franchise gets rid of him? He could make 15 more Tim Burton movies or whatever he wanted.
wimpow (17 days ago)
I would like to be as ruined as he is.
Keith H (17 days ago)
Not really.
lagitanavderoscio (18 days ago)
This video shouldn't be seen. I agree with number six.
David Kennedy (18 days ago)
The last one sounds like a blatant cover up. A documentary made about exposing a ring of paedophiles in positions of power would be dynamite for whoever made it (and no doubt make money) so how could this be anything other than a major cover up!!!
Eoin Sweetman (12 days ago)
@Quick Dimwit over minimalist make a fool of these idiots.
Quick Dimwit (15 days ago)
+Davvy Jannes 🔧
Davvy Jannes (16 days ago)
+Amateur0Visionary Must admit, at least dimwit was quick, as advertised. They went from a 3 word sentence, to a 2 word sentence, then skipped the one word sentence altogether and just walked away. Wish all trolls acted that way.
Amateur0Visionary (16 days ago)
+Quick Dimwit that was an honest question. Are you unable to respond? Unwilling? Have the new world order reptilian islamic globe tards mark of the beasted your tongue as well as your forehead and right hand? Do you need assistance?
Quick Dimwit (16 days ago)
+Amateur0Visionary Silence, beast.
Irvin Chadwick (18 days ago)
You omitted the Day the clown cried by jerry Lewis...
Solomon McQueen (16 days ago)
Even he(Jerry Lewis) wished that it would never be released...ever.
lagitanavderoscio (18 days ago)
Happy New Year's Everyone! - in twelve hours.
lagitanavderoscio (18 days ago)
I did a report on Walt Disney in school. He was a real person with an interest in aliens, and maybe, a nazi as well.
Amy Sternheim (18 days ago)
Money, money, money.........
lagitanavderoscio (18 days ago)
+Amy Sternheim Why would they have one?
Amy Sternheim (18 days ago)
Not a nazi, but a sympathizer. He hoped his parks would only attract white people. Wonder how he'd feel about the annual LGBTQ days at the park?
Jamie Coville (18 days ago)
How on earth did you miss The Day the Clown Cried? That should have been #1.
Jackson Brown (18 days ago)
I saw the Disney UFO show as a kid (Maryland) and I didn’t freak out in the least.
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
Yeah, that era people still skeptical about aliens.
Brian Corvello (18 days ago)
What about "The Day the Clown Cried"? Look it up.
atimnie (16 days ago)
Life is Beautiful is everything The Day the Clown Cried tried, and failed, to be. It was, by most accounts, an uneasily uneven balance of comedy and drama, the comedy being not that funny, and the drama being overhanded. It should only be viewed, when it eventually _can_ be viewed, by those with a morbid curiosity for the fantastically bad.
Brian Corvello (17 days ago)
+GigawingsVideo True, if Life is Beautiful was any indication. But what I meant was, it may not be "bad-controversial", but just "bad-looks-like-something-even-Nicholas-Cage-rejected", if you know what I mean.
GigawingsVideo (17 days ago)
+Brian Corvello I think it can be shown in current situation when we actually more open to this kind of movie and nazi atrocities are well known. Back then there's still a lot of nazi sympathizer even after WW2 ended.
azn1011 (17 days ago)
they've made an entire video about that on their Today I Found Out channel
nautifella (18 days ago)
Far more worthy of being #1 than anything that actually made the list.
Gamma (18 days ago)
Haxan is still a better movie than what is available today.
Gamma (17 days ago)
+wimpow Great movie, truly'epic'.
wimpow (17 days ago)
Talking about old movies ... these days I saw in TV "War and Piece", from 1956. What a gigantic great movie. I don´t want to say that movies today are bad, but nobody does "epic" movies anymore. The dialogues, the drama, the cavalry charge from Napoleons troops ...
Christel Headington (18 days ago)
Happy New Year, whenever it happens. where ever you are.
TheGroundedAviator (17 days ago)
+Skeletormon key And from New Zealand!
Skeletormon key (17 days ago)
+TheGroundedAviator 1 hour to go. Happy new year from the UK :)
TheGroundedAviator (17 days ago)
Been nearly 12 hours for me!
Skeletormon key (17 days ago)
Happy new year to you too!!!!!
angry american (18 days ago)
Hell yes bruv 🇺🇸TRUMP2020 🇺🇸USA#1
Maria Kelly (15 days ago)

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