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Trucking The money is in the Trailers

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Say what you want feel how you want the money is in the trailers wherever you go you see big companies with trailers sitting waiting for the bag to drop Be sure to like,share,subscribe
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v twonine (7 months ago)
Anonymous Trucker (7 months ago)
Now ima rookie trucker right. So how is the money in the trailers. How do you know when its loaded coming and going . I know you you can put a tracking device on it but how do you know what commodity you have and how much its worth .. When you are not moving it yourself? 🤔🤔
Bob Newhart (2 months ago)
That's why paper work exist.
Ray David (7 months ago)
Great content 👍
I totally agree PH!! Great video....Be safe!
BruhBigRig Hudson (7 months ago)
That was A+ game Kinfolk. Salute!
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
Trying to get to Vegas
Mandisa Konè (7 months ago)
🗣PARTEEHARD!!! Be safe out here’s.
Allayah Smith (7 months ago)
If u every make to altanta bond warehouse with a Hershey load I would like to chop it with real shit besafe sicker free
Zzrsnake (7 months ago)
Your eyes are officially open.... The money is truly in the trailers
Big Daddy (7 months ago)
I agree , that's why you see a lot of lease trailers , if it wasn't money in it there wouldn't be so many lease companies
Royal Skinner (7 months ago)
While they got us getting truck like we doing something.
Zzrsnake (7 months ago)
Ricochet (7 months ago)
Funny you mention that because down the road I live on someone just bought an empty piece of property and they've just been rotating empty reefer trailers on it.
sandra kitwana (7 months ago)
Happy Thursday Bro, Stay safe out there. XXOO.
New Life Trucking (7 months ago)
Your dropping a very secret information pH this is apart of my coming plan
rashad281 (7 months ago)
Hey what's up big brother did you get a go pro camera
Parteehard da trucker (7 months ago)
I've been had 2 gopros

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