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Gag Reel! Day [9] vs. Jon Heder in Magic: The Gathering: Spellslingers

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In this week's gag reel, Sean and Jon discuss the omnipresent Magic: the Gathering judges who always watch over your MtG card games. And finally, as an exclusive: Jon introduces the new game mechanic, Apprentice's Dice, that could prove to change the way play Magic for ever. GLHF, everyone, and don't forget: Magic the Gathering is for winners. Don't do drugs, kids. Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (64)
Kirilli (4 days ago)
I love Sean XD
Waffles For Days (9 months ago)
Bring this show back
Grim Grin (2 years ago)
2:08 That Aqua-man bit killed me. XD
Default Oandores (3 years ago)
''As the Internet know, I've never done a single misplay twice'' I couldn't help but think about Lobber Crew.
Roman Penna (3 years ago)
I wish that was a new rule, I would go for all of the stacking :P
Kobra PL (3 years ago)
Love Jon Heder!!!
mackeymkay (3 years ago)
Those gurgling sounds at the end just feel like he's voicing the creature on the right from the other clip.
canebro1 (3 years ago)
The Internet is your judge and will most definitely pass judgement on anything and everything you do.
Joel Wallenius (3 years ago)
Anathema Nu (3 years ago)
Fart sounds should be a part of every spellslingers episode.
Regifeld (3 years ago)
This video has me wheezing.
Dm Gray (3 years ago)
Jon and Sean make a damn good matchup ^^ Double the dorky humour :D
kmal2t (3 years ago)
Shame on whoever edits this show. The actual episode was pretty boring, and you took out all of the great, funny stuff and put it in the gag reel? Cmon.
TheMan83554 (3 years ago)
Dammit Sean! You cause me to buy a Starter pack! My income has been screaming at me for the past 3 days! Curse you with a Thousand Counterspells and Bad Top Decking!
Matrix9224 (3 years ago)
Ravenft (3 years ago)
I love these more than the actual show!
Hi I am Ed (3 years ago)
Lost my shit at the aquaman part. Incredible.
jerodast (1 year ago)
I'm just sad that wasn't the whole episode.
Jakub Drabent (3 years ago)
I love how Jon has such peaceful voice, but and the same time is just awkwardly funny. I think we need more people  with atributes of funny potato like Jon.
Kyle Jones (3 years ago)
Confirmed by Day9, murloc expansion to MTG.
Loren Stump (3 years ago)
Ah, we finally get to see Jon having some fun. He seemed kinda rigid in the actual episode.
IceMetalPunk (3 years ago)
That voice, Sean...nothing sexier than a man with the voice of a cartoon cat with mutilated testicles.
mackeymkay (3 years ago)
+IceMetalPunk That description was even funnier than the initial joke. (I am a sick man, what's wrong with me? Poor kitty...)
Anders Franz Terkelsen (3 years ago)
Sean for Aquaman! Vote now! XD
fueledfire (3 years ago)
Jon sounded just like Hutch when he said "Still does it for me" lol
Excluded Layman (3 years ago)
I love the use of Tongue Dude to accompany Sean's closing noises.
Krisna Siv (3 years ago)
Anyone else thinking how awesome Spellslingers Live would be
IceMetalPunk (3 years ago)
+Krisna Siv (kastle09) That could finally be the Commander episode! :D
Mike Forgie (3 years ago)
You need to make more episodes. At least 2 per week!
Uldihaa (3 years ago)
Only a passing reference to the horrible, horrible things you did in this episode, Sean?
Adam Snyder (3 years ago)
Technically you cast, then pay costs; I thought Jon actually knew that.
Gerardo Arocho (3 years ago)
I think Jon felt awkward the intire time been there lol
Oscar Værnø (3 years ago)
My mouth hurts from smiling and laughing so hard! You guys (especially Sean) need to stop being so good at your jobs!
Esinol (3 years ago)
I love these gag reel videos of this show, really funny! :D
IceMetalPunk (3 years ago)
+Per-Arvid Land And even an upgrade from gag to full-on choking this time!
Per-Arvid Land (3 years ago)
+Esinol Yup, lots of gags in this one.
Manuel Pako Alvarez (3 years ago)
Hardly to believe, but this was more hilarious than the actual episode, I hope to be wrong, but that's what I sense...
wwaxwork (3 years ago)
+Pako misw That's what I was thinking, they left the funny bits on the cutting room floor. We like the silly keep it in guys.
Navel Warfare (3 years ago)
Mr. Heder, As you seem knowledgeable about these things, how do I get people to man my lana?  I can't find anybody capable.
Soulless (3 years ago)
Aquaman? Sounds more like a king of murlocs or something weird...
Redlius1 (3 years ago)
Shotgun Sean. Classic!
Tadd Awesome (3 years ago)
i love watching day9 burning production money :D
Natalie Lucero (3 years ago)
Ohhh I am in tears laughing! :'D
MrEds9 (3 years ago)
Those sounds of Sean at the end next to the Titansgrave monsters was perfect!
Poitisan (3 years ago)
yay, the sean-and-his-friends-show!
gregjarnigan1 (3 years ago)
Jon Heder is the George 'Goober' Lindsey of this generation.
MrTingles (3 years ago)
Shale Travis (3 years ago)
The farting sounds
TheCrosshare (3 years ago)
Are One Shot Plott and Shotgun Sean a crimefighting duo like the caped crusaders? Who's their archenemy, the refiller?
Shadownet Spy (1 year ago)
His archenemy is the blue man group. =P
TheCrosshare (3 years ago)
+mrgabest Kind of the point.
mrgabest (3 years ago)
+TheCrosshare Honestly, they sound more like porn aliases.
Aldermeer (3 years ago)
+TheCrosshare The Interruptor! No! No you may not! Stop! No! You may not finish that sentence! Nope! Nope! No! Negatory!
TheCrosshare (3 years ago)
+Bastiolo48 Secret identity Bana Mlue?
Rafael Borges (3 years ago)
George Sears (3 years ago)
One shot Sean: The Return: Multishot Sean
Vanessa VanDasselaar (3 years ago)
Gurgle grugggggle
Bastiolo48 (3 years ago)
Bastiolo48 (3 years ago)
+WojekSiren Ofcourse, homosexuals are gay.
Emperor Palpatine. (3 years ago)
+Bastiolo48 No homo, right? *plays Careless Whisper*
Bastiolo48 (3 years ago)
+peculiar Haha yeah, now that you mention it!
Almont (3 years ago)
+Bastiolo48 That goes surprisingly well with your avatar, actually.
Jaden Wheeler (3 years ago)
Love the Bloopers! Keep it up guys. :)

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