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Our species, Homo sapiens, have only been around for about as long as a blink of an eye in terms of Earth’s history. It’s believed that the Earth formed over 4.6 billion years ago, and the first humans evolved about 200,000 years ago in Africa. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to [email protected] Other TopTenz Videos: 10 Animal Species That Would Take Over if Humans Died Out https://youtu.be/z4LpBP5pAuQ?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJK_bMEy0hjp9_kB0DUntF- Top 10 Life Forms That Would Survive Nuclear War https://youtu.be/5LsMcXNYjqw?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJK_bMEy0hjp9_kB0DUntF- Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-terrifying-animals-lived-alongside-prehistoric-man.php Coming up: 10. The Columbian Mammoth 9. The Ground Sloth 8. Gigantopithecus 7. The Cave Hyena 6. Smilodon 5. The Dire Wolf 4. The American Lion 3. The Megalania 2. The Short-Faced Bear 1. The Quinkana Source/Further reading: https://www.wired.com/2011/11/inside-the-columbian-mammoth-signs-of-a-woolly-cousin/ http://library.sandiegozoo.org/factsheets/_extinct/mammoth/mammoth.htm http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Columbian_Mammoth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djiPLoisyBE http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/mega-sloth-likely-on-humans-ice-age-menu-1.1143512 https://www.britannica.com/animal/Megatherium http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/sloth.htm http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2015/04/29/you-just-missed-the-last-ground-sloths/ http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/01/160106-science-evolution-apes-giant/ https://www.sciencenews.org/article/disneys-jungle-book-resurrects-giant-extinct-ape http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/species/c/crocuta-crocuta-spelaea-cave-hyena.html http://www.livescience.com/52589-super-predators-ate-young-mammoths.html http://www.u.arizona.edu/~mstiner/pdf/Stiner2004a.pdf http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20150722-lost-beasts-of-the-ice-age http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/mammal/carnivora/sabretooth.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/life/Smilodon http://www.livescience.com/1896-saber-toothed-cat-wimpy-bite.html http://www.livescience.com/6683-saber-toothed-cats-wrestled-prey-powerful-arms.html http://www.forbes.com/sites/shaenamontanari/2016/05/04/are-the-dire-wolves-from-game-of-thrones-real-animals/#5dae083ad2f0 https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/laelaps/dire-wolves-were-real/ http://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2010/05/08/the_american_lion_is_not_a_lio/ http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2009/05/18/venomous-komodo-dragons-kill-prey-with-wound-and-poison-tactics/ https://www.wired.com/2010/02/the-fearsome-short-faced-bear-gets-a-makeover/ http://www.abc.net.au/science/ausbeasts/factfiles/quinkana.htm
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Text Comments (2975)
TopTenz (5 months ago)
Hello everyone! We've been experimenting with a bit of a podcast for our Biographics channel (a few people were asking for audio versions so they can get Biographics while doing other things)! Fair warning: none of these are new biographies, but rather me having a bit more of a free form chat around the script. I'd love to know what you think, if these are useful, wanted etc :). Thanks, Simon. Links: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/biographics-history-one-life-at-a-time/id1450405839?mt=2 Sitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/biographics-history-one-life-at-a-time Website: http://biographics.blubrry.net/ RSS: http://biographics.blubrry.net/feed/podcast/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6N9PS4QXF1D0OWPk0Sxtb4 Trolled people: https://open.spotify.com/show/0JzjzwJcRqFZ3BcACtahh8?si=MG5HSm1oT0GTNm_r8_HQcg
Oliver August Miraeir (5 days ago)
TopTenz I don’t mean to be rude, but most animals are venomous, not poisonous. If an animal releases toxins when it bites you, like snakes (vipers, cobras, western hog noses). Poison is typically ingested, like with some frogs and mushrooms, or even the leaves of potato plants. There’s a saying that goes something like this: if it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous.
Rob Bleeker (20 days ago)
So....Do scientist have an explanation about WHY everything else grew to enormous size, BUT we humans seem to have kind of missed the boat on that part, in that time period
Ben R. (23 days ago)
You keep acting like human ancestors were some weak white guy on youtube speaking in front a camera lol. They were as strong if not stronger than a guerrilla back then and could hold there own with a bite force much stronger than a human has today.
ia tsarulashvili (1 month ago)
Lions are panthers but not all panthers are lions.
Sarah-Anne Carney (1 month ago)
Im late to the game but very helpful
Merlijn de Graaf (17 hours ago)
Komodo dragons are venomous not poisonous. Right?
ORACLEofORBS (2 days ago)
What if this guy drew a black line on the center of his head? He'd be a dickhead
ORACLEofORBS (2 days ago)
Simon said HOMO
MelanedriphTV (2 days ago)
Everything was bigger back then. The ozone layer must've been exceptional in those times compared to today's pollution.
Galland 34 (2 days ago)
Thought I'd just tell you how struck I was with how similar you looked to the ape.
Robin Lilly (5 days ago)
Primitive man: 'Look at the size of that sloth! I must kill it out of existence!'
madbear3512 (6 days ago)
That ain't nothing I have 3 cats at home that weight 3 ton apiece
blafiman (7 days ago)
panthera does not mean it is A panther
Panzerkampfwagen 1 (7 days ago)
So Columbian Mammoth tusks were meant to “fight off predators?” Just like the tusks of an African elephant right? 😂
Jonathan Miller (8 days ago)
Prehistoric man? WTF No it’s more like 10 dangerous creatures that lived with Biblical men n women.
Shane Mahpar (9 days ago)
You described an animal as “poisonous”. The proper word is “venomous”. And yes, there is a difference
Peter Griffin (6 days ago)
But is there a verb form for venom? I would argue a venom poisons you
Javier Carrera (10 days ago)
What about killers ostriches
Christopher Granger (10 days ago)
Because of “weather changes” their habit changed 🤔 just my personal opinion but habitats around the world have always changed even before mankind started deforestation and other harmful for wildlife endeavors. I think things such as the ice caps are simply shifting to new points as some countries report record high temperatures and others are starting to see temperatures drop.
phillip james (11 days ago)
The best thing to do was keep a low profile and hunt during the day!
parisn1fan (11 days ago)
Is there still any question that aliens obliterated all potential threats on the planet for our profit?
The joker 00 (12 days ago)
Still don’t believe we all started in Africa
REALin TEAL (12 days ago)
The Earth isn't even 10,000 years old according to The Holy Bible
REALin TEAL (12 days ago)
@The joker 00 read the lineage in Genesis.
The joker 00 (12 days ago)
REALin TEAL show me where the Bible says that 🤔🙄I’ll wait for ur response
whistle blower (12 days ago)
This completely debunks climate change... did all these animals polluted the earth till they became extinct ? 🤣
Stephen Jennings (12 days ago)
Creature: 14 feet tall 5 inch claws 3.5 inch teeth..weighs 2.5 tons Humans: hold my tree sap
steve storie (14 days ago)
do to popular belief humans did not come from Africa they most likely came from Asia and Siberia there has been evidence that there was tread between two separate groups that out dated the women found in Africa by at least 4000 years but it has been removed by the thought police...the remains were found in 1991, i remember in less than 24 hours it was wipe for the media and general public... why reasons... reason i know but will not share on this platform
Ben Nightingale (14 days ago)
Komodo dragons are VENOMOUS
JRInTroy (15 days ago)
With all the giant animals, why no giant men
O V H (17 days ago)
Ur a sexy nerd
Paddy .Cook (17 days ago)
Why are you using commas instead of decimal points?
Joseph F (19 days ago)
Were ancient humans in Africa bald like Simon tho
Shawn Durnell (19 days ago)
Bigger animals? Yes. Scarier animals? No. We're still here and they aren't. We're a walking plague that wipes out whole species without trying. What other species can claim that?
Argha Deb (19 days ago)
They missed the T. rex .. lol cause men n Dino had a great bond
Rob Bleeker (20 days ago)
So....Do scientist have an explanation about WHY everything else grew to enormous size, BUT we humans seem to have kind of missed the boat on that part, in that time period
Serger Macintosh (21 days ago)
Thomas Gideon (22 days ago)
Darned industrialization killing off all these animals through climate change!
Kilava1231 (23 days ago)
man I want to see a Quintana
matador521 (24 days ago)
Nice to hear "became extinct" rather than the illiterate "went extinct" that is now so common.
Fabian Moye (25 days ago)
A guy actually found a direwolf it killed his dog he filmed the thing looked like a small moose running around like a dog
catpainblackudder01 (26 days ago)
You missed out my mother in-law, a mere glimpse of her is truly terrifying....
Afro Atheist (26 days ago)
No, thanks. 😊😊😊😊
Lt. Cmdr. Scott (26 days ago)
Why is my ex-wife not on this list?
Tristan Wolfe (28 days ago)
None of these animals as terrifying as humans.
Franklin Archambault (1 month ago)
use feet and inches stupid this is not europe
Johnathon Sasser (1 month ago)
There is no such thing as prehistoric man! Only pre flood man!
Nicole Brown (1 month ago)
I'm so glad all those things are extinct hs
Nicole Brown (1 month ago)
I've always wondered if the huge front teeth of the "saber tooth tiger" actually served a purpose or if they just got in the way
Humberto Zapico (1 month ago)
Gigantopificus and his friends should have known about climate change.
DARK TIDES (1 month ago)
You would think he would know the difference between venomous and poisonous
joeuser771 (1 month ago)
please PLEASE get a different host. Toptenz lists are interesting but Simon looks like a hipster and sounds like he' s trying to fight hiccups all the time
James Royal (1 month ago)
You know ,I've been listing to theories on how these giant animals went extinct, I think they ate themselves out of food and there off spring were eaten ,either by others or by them selves and finally starved , they just eat and were eaten so fast that they finally could not reach maturity to reproduction, just my hypothesis
Haer85 (1 month ago)
How do they know what they hunted ???
Bruce Welty (1 month ago)
@3:58 coyotes?
Ninjamaster77 (1 month ago)
As the bald guy said "it is believed" but it hasn't been proven.
jeffery williams (1 month ago)
So how do you know all of this? I guess we're just suppose to believe you, lots of us will. These are the same people that still believe Obama can change the tides of the ocean if he wanted to.
Fatal Ritte (1 month ago)
Thanks for pointing out even more extinctions guided by the hands of humans... The wars and the killings on the news everyday makes a bit more sense now.
blackittysamurai (1 month ago)
They can't have been all that terrifying if we hunted them all into extinction.
Sarah-Anne Carney (1 month ago)
They died out but I'd sooner believe a distant primate relative may be hidden from society than a solitary creature with a looooong life span. Ps. You would make a fantastic news presenter. Id clock in at 6 every evening to hear your posh voice.
Bobby Harper (1 month ago)
Spear throwing humans were quite formidable.
Ayava Kyavata (1 month ago)
Now we've won and the only thing we have left to kill is ourselves.
J A (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention the O'Donnell Rosie. One of the world's most vicious land creatures that resembled a cross between a sloss an elephant and the hippopotamus. It had a nasty habit of singling out men of that age and trying to devour them. She was only defeated when the men and women grew tired of her same old too and just simply Ignore her
David MacLane (1 month ago)
True human beings only began 6,000 years ago in what is now southern Iraq, with the creation of the first man...Adam
kickinbackinOC (1 month ago)
Simon, your knowledge about the first modern humans occurring about 200k years ago is very "dated"! (pun intended) There is more and more evidence being discovered that shows modern humans have been around for many hundreds of thousands of years. Civilizations rise and fall cyclically, over many hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. Archeological findings that don't fit the text books will get you fired, lose your tenureship, earn ridicule and ostracism. Ther old guard doesn't want to be proven wrong, and their text books thrown away. So archeology has become more of a religion than a science, and many provable facts are being ignored. Check out Graham Hancock's excellent, scholarly work on this subject.
Thrillz Terry (1 month ago)
VSauce headass
Tom Larson (1 month ago)
what about Man-bear-pig ?
Jerrol Hale (1 month ago)
Laughing coyote lol still great and informative vid
Robert Gadling (1 month ago)
Ayden O'Shaughnessy (1 month ago)
In heaven I hope I get to see all of these things
JOE Bozza (1 month ago)
😳This guy can talk😳
Inna Haapa (1 month ago)
A funny aside, the "kana" in Quinkana means chicken in Finnish. I was immediately waiting for dinosaurs after Simon said the name.
Buster Hymen (1 month ago)
1 prehistoric woman
終極神卡 (1 month ago)
Matthew Santoro really went downhill
corturia (1 month ago)
so what your saying is the columbians had that north american pipeline going few hundred thousand years ago,only it was mamoths back then,sneeky columbians who knew!
Robbie McGill (1 month ago)
Hyenas/coyotes/hyenas ???? make your mind up, utter drivel scientific gibberish !!!
summer2000ss (1 month ago)
Talking about prehistoric animals using prehistoric(imperial) measures.
Luke Miles (1 month ago)
How come bears, Cats and Crocs are all millions of years old and didn’t change much except for size but humans are only 200.000 years old and have changed drastically over time?
Jason Kellogg (1 month ago)
I wonder if prehistoric man felt entitled or if they realized they had to make their life happen.
They actually felt entitled to make their life happen.. that's why they felt entitled to kill off anything that was big and scary and could kill them.
Richard Waid (1 month ago)
Check Komodo fact. Just like all things with a mouth there’s varying levels of bacteria. The real effect of a Komodo bite is the anti-clotting effect that causes bleeding and no wound closure thus allowing steady blood loss infection to set in when the animal lays in bacteria infested pools of water for relief weakening it to the point of helplessness. Then the Komodos converge for the buffet.
Jan Edmunds (1 month ago)
So interesting. Thanks
frankienphil (1 month ago)
Those are Not Coyotes. If there is any Old World animal that you could call a coyote it would be the Jackal.
Big Deuce (1 month ago)
I showed this to my cat Nothing happened
Ken Lompart (1 month ago)
Quinkana Dundee just wouldn't sound right if you ask me.
Jenny Gray (1 month ago)
How did you get your facts
danlittlebear (1 month ago)
Never heard of a laughing coyote…... so uh, is it 30 coyotes in a pack or hyenas? I will venture to guess you meant to say the latter
Robert Patterson (1 month ago)
Thanks cueball, even a caveman can do it. Brought to u by GEICO👍
Arnel Samson (1 month ago)
most terrifying animal.... thats MAN
Woltemade (1 month ago)
Haha, using the term evolution as if we're so sure we can prove that... Nevertheless an interesting video
Chris Zablocki (1 month ago)
Mario Simoni (1 month ago)
Wow all these animals seem angry and pissed off. More juvenile clickbait.
Bryan LaSala (1 month ago)
Venomous not poisonous, vemon is injected, poison is eaten.
R. Whitaker (1 month ago)
So the Flintstones probably had a saber tooth cat as a pet for real.
Kin Hamid (1 month ago)
Who would win? *All of history's most fearsome beasts, designed to kill you in every way?* *OR* *Some grabby grabby bipedal bois*
Big pimpin (1 month ago)
They all died out because of global warming
VoiD (1 month ago)
I hope my S8 evolve to S10
大天狗 (2 months ago)
Scary? I'd eat them, They outta be afraid of me. I see protein for my weightlifting/bodybuiling routine.
Linda Beezy (2 months ago)
Interesting video! I would like to see a similar video that discusses animals that lived in the water during the same time periods.
Dj Kees (2 months ago)
They probably did hide
Vilhelm :D (2 months ago)
why are all cool animals extinct
Joe S (2 months ago)
I thought Komodo dragon just have a deadly bacteria in there saliva. Had no idea they had a venomous bite.
Sand Man (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as a Pre-Historic man. We know Man's history since the very beginning of his creation, you guys just dont accept truth and prefer to believe in foolish evolution.
MrMarkovka11 (2 months ago)
At last someone who said what I was thinking. This entire video is pure imagination. It exists only in some people’s mind, like this egg headed guy 🥚.
Sand Man (2 months ago)
@Mark G. History isn't science and neither is evolution. 😁
Mark G. (2 months ago)
Dude, the Bible is not a science book, more like science fiction.
oggy jack (2 months ago)
Basically, creatures in Ark Survival Evolved.
asdasdasd asdasdasd (2 months ago)
Just want to point out, the lizard is venomous, not poisonous.
alexander arkum (2 months ago)
I've been watching videos of animals eating other animals alive for some so I gotta say that those giant hyenas are a scary possibility
Fuchs (2 months ago)
So Colombia existed at that.
rj zander (2 months ago)
3:15 wait did he just say because of weather changes this animal died out how could it be weather changes when there wasn't any cars or carbon issues back then are they saying global warming could happen on its own without the interference from man

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